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[VIC] Free Admission @ Islamic Museum of Australia


Tomorrow The Islamic Council of Victoria are having open days at many of their mosques, as they have for the last couple of years. As part of this they are also opening the Islamic Museum of Australia for free to the public. As they note, gold coin donation is welcome but not required. It's normally $12 for adults and $10 for concession.

They will have the following activities:

Guided Tours: 10am, 12pm and 3pm

Meet and Greet Bachar Houli, Richmond Football Club: 1 - 2pm

Ramadan Lecture by Ismail Davids: 11am

Kids Activity - Build Your Own Mosque: 11am - 2pm

Book Reading: Aneesa and Jamal go to Masjid: 2pm

There is also a sausage sizzle for a gold coin donation.

There is more information here about the open day and mosques that are participating in the open day.

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    Since nobody has posted a review I'll do it!!

    It definitely isn't always free. I took some kids here a year or two ago (I'm a teacher) and I paid under $10 per kid because I brought in like 10 of them.

    As for what's inside, I was hoping to compare it to the museum next to IMAX at CBD. When I went, there weren't that many artefacts or whatever you call them up for show.

    A lot of interesting things to read though but it's more about Islam in Australia rather than Islamic history (eg. Ottoman empire etc.)
    So for example it talks about Muslim Indonesians trading with aboriginals hundreds of years ago etc.

    It took me 40mins to go through everything and if it's free I defs would go with my family.

    • C'mon now, the Melbourne museum is backed by Museums Victoria which the state Government pumps ~$100mil every year. Can't expect them to have interactive showcases.

    • DeafMutePretender on 16/03/2019 - 22:10 Comment unpublished. (Inflammatory)
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      This is possibly the only really relevant comment here. I award you 1000 internet points @epkh!

      As noted, it's probably not a reasonable expectation to compare it to the Melbourne Museum, but still good to have feedback. I've biked past it dozens of times (it backs on to the Merri Creek trail) and keep on meaning to drop in but never get around to it - will try to do so tomorrow.

    • Didn’t realise Indonesians traded with Australians way before the European came. Wonder why they didn’t try living here.

      • Hmm maybe because they respected the Aboriginals as humans and not monkeys living on a uninhabited desolate land. Just my guess.

    • Though it is unfortunate what happened in NZ, but this is not deal but an advertisement, All the religious places such as Hindu and Buddhist Temples, Churches and Gurudwara have free open days. Shame if it is ever charged

      • The deal, was for free entry to the islamic museum, which is usually charged.
        Yes, free open days is just added on advertising.

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