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[Club Catch] $15 for Catch Connect 102GB 90 Day Plan (New Sign Ups) @ Catch


$15 first 90 days for Club Catch members signing up to a new service on 102GB 90 day Catch Connect plan before 11am 16/04/19. Recharges $119. Activate SIM within 30 days.

What you get

102GB data allowance
Charged per KB
Your data allowance of 102GB will all be available from day one
Unlimited standard national talk & text
Unlimited voice calls to 1300 numbers
Unlimited standard national MMS to mobiles
400 standard international mins to 32 selected countries*
Plan Expiry: 90 days
Recharges $119
How to purchase and activate your plan

If you are a Club Catch member, sign into your Club Catch account to receive the discounted price of $15.
Add the Catch Connect Prepaid plan to your cart and complete check out (the discounted amount will appear in the cart). You will receive your Catch Connect welcome email within 3 business days of your purchase.
Your SIM card will be dispatched separately to your delivery address within a few days.
Once your SIM has arrived, follow the instructions on the welcome letter to start setting up your Catch Connect account.
Register your credit card details to complete the SIM activation. At this point you will also be given the opportunity to bring (port) your existing number, alternatively you will be issued a new number.
Note: You must activate your SIM within 30 days of purchasing your plan or by the date advertised on the promotion (whichever is earlier). You can disable credit card auto-recharge on your Catch Connect Dashboard.
Terms and conditions
Offer only available to Club Catch members signing up to a new service on the 102GB 90 day Catch Connect mobile plan before 11.00am 16 April 2019 Sydney time (unless withdrawn earlier). $15 for first 90 days and after initial purchase, recharges $119. Not in conjunction with any other offer. Activate SIM within 30 days.

You must activate your chosen prepaid plan on catchconnect.com.au within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised on the promotion (whichever is earlier). Additionally, you must activate your Catch Connect SIM card within 24 months of purchase, otherwise the SIM card will be cancelled and any credit associated with it will be forfeited. Not transferable or redeemable for cash. You must be aged at least 18 years to purchase a prepaid service with Catch Connect.Yeah

Referral Links

Referral:  onhunt or random (2399)

$10 credit to both referrer and referee's account after first purchase.

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  • +2 votes

    Good deal for those where the Optus network is preferred.

  • +1 vote

    They don't have a catch club trial, right?
    Still $6.5 to get access to this offer isn't too bad.

    • +5 votes

      Club Catch sign up is a minimum of 3 months so it's $19.50


        Good point, had no idea. Thanks!

      • +4 votes

        It used to be 3 months, but I had no problems signing up for one month only recently. They confirmed via email I will only be charged for one month. I don't think they've updated all their T&Cs yet, but when you subscribe now, they say nothing about a 3 month minimum like they used to.


    so i can use for 3 months for $15 and then cancel? / not auto renew?


    Nothing still beats kogans deal $4.95 for 41Gb for 30days so $14.85 for 123Gb, yes you will need to activate 3 times but you get more data at the end.

  • +1 vote

    I’m really happy with catch mobile. Stupid me forgot to turn off auto recharge and they refunded me with out even a fight.


    Is it possible to port in a number from another network which is registered to someone else on my own ClubCatch account?
    I still want the number to be registered to her name but using my Club Catch account.
    Thinking of doing this for a relative of mine, she has her number with Lebara atm.


      Sure is, mobile plans purchased from Catch are not tied to an account (it’s different if you purchase from Catch Connect directly).

      If you buy this plan using your membership, once you receive the SIM, activate it here and create the Catch Connect account using your relative’s details if you wish.


    is there any over use data charge like optus and amaysim $10/extra gb?


    Club Catch members , free sign up?

  • +2 votes

    If anyone else is wonder Kogan are passing out free SIM cards again.


    Thanks OP! Bought one with the monthly, will unsubscribe after getting the SIM


    NVM: you need to add the cost of Club Catch membership to the plan cost

  • +7 votes

    It's $5 for 90 days or a total of $11.5 for 90 days.

    How? I just did it at 8pm on Wed 27Mar2019 by simply clicking on the REFERRAL LINK at the start of these comments. That gives you and the referrer (no idea who that person is, but thanks very much!) a $10 store credit AFTER your first purchase.

    So, if you JOIN Club Catch then add the Club Catch membership to your cart and pay for it, $6.5 and then you have made your first purchase! Right?

    Then you can search for the 102gb plan and then you add that to your cart and then when you pay for it, the $10 store credit is automatically applied and you check out and pay $5.

    I just did it and paid $6.5, and then paid $5 and the Sim card is on its way to me. As well as my "membership" whatever they're sending me is kinda irrelevant, because I got what I wanted.

    Additionally, at $119 for 102GB, it's $1.17 per GB. If you do it for this $11.5 for 102GB, it's a bit over 11 measly cents per gig.

    Over the year, it's 90 measly cents per GB. ($11.5+(3x$119)) = $368.5 then divide by 408GB and you get a tad over 90c. I did the maths.

    Plus the Club Catch can be cancelled immediately. And if you have any troubles, just cite the T&C do not say any minimum term, and they'll help you kindly. But you've got a month, so have a good think about what else you want a discount on. I need a new salad bowl, and guess what? They have cheap salad bowls! Win-win!

    No need to reply. I only joined this forum to share my number crunching with you. Plus you get 6h40m to talk to anyone overseas. Just pick a number and dial it! Ha! You never know what else you'll get for your measly cents! Ha! Good luck. Ciao!

    P.S. You have to click on the link above - onhunt or random (2162) to make it work. Seriously.


      Thanks for the explainer! My issue is that when I enter the two referral codes provided (onhunt or random (2162)), I get an error saying the allocation for those codes has been exhausted! Does anyone have a referral code they can share with me? Is it still a $10 store credit on sign up?

      • +1 vote

        I just clicked on the link and it went to the join page and the code is like a random code generator; different each time in that field of the join form. Maybe you need to clear your cookies for the site or your cache or summat.

        Hope that didn't spoil it for everyone but my explaining it out in plain English…

        Good luck everyone! ☺

        Just go to the catch sale of Calvin Klein men's sleep pants and the referral link for random (2159) should work. You can buy the pants if you want but the point is, buy the membership and your next purchase you'll get a tenner off it automatically. That random random person is doing some good work to help us get a better discount, so just take a look see for the random person. Best


      thanks! worked for me. How long did it take you to receive the sim card?


        Worked for me too :)
        Ordered Sat 6 April, arrived yesterday Wed 10 April.

        FYI I clarified with CatchConnect online chat staff that the 16 April date listed on this deal is the last day you can purchase it. You have 30 days from date of purchase to activate (so can be after 16 April).

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