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Computer Alliance 20% off Storewide @ eBay


Have the heads up from Adam at Computer Alliance that this promo is going ahead.

Starts 10am AEDT March 28, ends March 31. T&Cs here. Postage is $15 flat rate (not per item), or free with eBay Plus. Enjoy :)

Max discount of $1000 per transaction, max 3 transactions, up to a max 10 items per transaction.

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      I am staring at a VC239H at the moment on one of my home machines.

      I use large 4k screens for most work, but for more casual use and the odd game i personally like a modest sized 1080p screen and the ASUS has surprising decent colour accuracy and generally good and consistent image quality. I have a old 5DM3 camera and the usual L series lenses to go with so can be fussy with image quality, but don't find the ASUS much inferior to my more high end panels for a bit of casual photoshopping.

      The others are top brands and I would expect them to be also good value, so you probably can't go wrong with that list, but have not personally spent any time using them.

      Basic LCD panels have improved hugely over the last 10 years or so. The cheaper general use panels are underrated and perfectly fine for most people and use.

      …I remember paying $3k for a 21" Viewsonic, err, maybe a few years back? Yes. A few, or so. OK, I'm old. It gave me a nice suntan as well. It could run at 1600x1200 and not be too blurry though, awesome!

      I think we are a bit spoilt at what a couple of hundred $ can buy nowadays.

      • I currently have a LG 24" and want to upgrade for 27" LED with Free Sync ( >100 Hz). Any recommendations for best value for money?

      • Hey thanks, your input is much appreciated.
        looks like I pretty much cant go wrong

      • +1

        My lady has a cheapish LG TN panel sitting next to my ageing Dell U2412 IPS ultrasharp, and it's almost as vibrant.

  • This make for a great price on the 34" Ultrawide Acer Predator X34P but still undecided if I should save $200 and go for the slightly lesser 34" Acer XR342CK

  • would love to see a samsung evo 970 500gb m.2 ssd in your listings

    i could only see 1TB which is overkill for me and 250gb.

    • +1

      Just ran out of stock of the 500s. Our purchasing guys have a large batch coming in but not sure when they will arrive. We don't generally list gear on ebay that we don't have in stock

      • good to know. thanks. could you advise how much the 500s will be listed for? if it comes close to that price after the 20% discount i would consider jumping on that deal.


      • Just out of interest, have you guys considered doing group buys? I'm sure there'd be enough Oz Bargainers out there (and others) who'd commit funds to group buys on occasion for various things.

        Ie. 970 EVO 500GB, or 970 Pro 500GB, or 16GB / 32GB Kingston DDR4 3000Mhz dual channel kit.

        Could have something in a newsletter to say there's a 1 week timer on group buy, then have a different tier system for if you get x amount of sales, y amount of discount?

        Could be advertised on here too as an "upcoming sale" sort of thing.

        I know I for one would love to take advantage of a group buy for some M.2 EVO 500GB (not EVO plus though) as I'll be looking for at least 4.

        Keep up the great work though. You guys are on my short list of PC spares vendors.

        • +21

          Doesn't practically work for IT sales, especially at retail volumes.

          I think I'm getting known for my behind the scenes explanations of how stuff works in our industry and some people seem to appreciate the point of view, so maybe I should expand on that a bit.

          If you want to take the Samsung SSDs as a example, we won't generally receive a better price just for buying say 1000 extra drives, we already expect the best price and buy volume from manufacturers in given categories that provide that to us. We also sell at very thin margins, so its rarely possible to reduce prices further for "group" buys. Also consider that organizing many different people to make small purchases also has costs compared to one buyer taking the same number (where we might shave a little bit off due to the lower cost of sale).

          To some extent the best deals work the other way round - supply opportunity driven. We will sometimes receive a opportunity to buy a larger than normal number of a certain product at a better than usual price, and if we think we can move those extra numbers given we can then set a lower retail price, we go for it. Sometimes it works out and we sell them at a modest profit (always my market insight takes the credit). Sometimes we get stuck with the extra volume and have to clear them at a loss (purchasing guys fault. Every time. They have no idea and just like buying stuff). The key factor is our position in the market to receive those opportunities and our ability to recognize a good deal vrs a distributor clearing junk. You can see how soliciting a better price based on demand for a particular product at a particular time may not work.

          Little known fact - retail is one of four divisions for CA. A large part of our staff are in managed services nowadays as www.abtechnologies.com.au + we do quite a bit in corporate and education. We have clients who have steadily bought 100s of millions of $ of gear from us. Individual orders in those areas are often in the seven figure range and in some respects they can be seen as "group" buys where one entity such as a corporate head office or government department organize the purchase of hardware and services to many sites under a single agreement. Even then the bottom line prices are not necessarily much different from the best retail pricing you will see.

          I suppose the difference with large buyers isn't price as many people assume (or not just price, or course its a factor) its expectations for service, support, and quality assurance (consistency) that most retailers can't achieve. Our service level for retail customers are in part influenced by those larger and demanding clients — large organizations simply would not buy from us if we could not look after them on more than just price, and you could say that's part of our culture.


          • +1

            @Computer Alliance: Hi Adam,

            Thanks for taking the time to go into depth on the subject (and share a little insight into the world of competitive margins).

            Impeccable service from you guys whenever I've ordered, keep up the fantastic work you do (both you and the rest of the team).

            Thanks for keeping in touch with those of us who scour Ozbargains too. Top marks.

  • +5

    Have the heads up from Adam at Computer Alliance that this promo is going ahead

    When I grow up I want to be an ozbargain influencer.

  • Any good ram 3200 pricing? I have 2 slots free.

    • @Computer Alliance

      I have
      G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory

      I don't understand why each brand had many sets of 3200 under diff names.
      What should I match this with?

      • A big part of that is the CL number which is also speed. The 'timings' or latency of the RAM vary (how many of those 3200 cycles per second they take to do various things) - the main of this is the CL number, or column address strobe. This is a basically how long it takes in clock cycles between when the ram receives an address and when it and starts providing the data from that address. Since it can then sequentially read from that address the CL doesnt matter until it goes to a new address.
        I guess you could think of it as ping for RAM, and the MHz as your download/upload speed.
        The rest of the model difference is mainly aesthetics - heat spreaders, RGB etc

        If you want to know more than that very rough explanation there are heaps of articles about on RAM timing, though some will go pretty deep

  • +1

    Any free-sync monitor?

  • Any recommendations on a 4k 32" not for gaming - (Drafting and design)?

    32" LG 32UK550-B 4K UHD
    32" Samsung LU32J590 4K LED Monitor

  • Any recommendations for laptop for 14yo for school ?

    • -1

      A 14 year old school?

  • any good ultrabook can run dual linux/windows deal
    any good laser duplex scan printer deal?

  • Im looking at this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Netgear-VMS4230P-ARLO-Pro-2-Wire...

    but only few months ago it was way cheaper https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/418596

    Just wondering if anyone will know if the price will go down that far one day after discount

    • Arlos are a bit all over the place at the moment, retail prices very much change with each purchase depending on the price we can negotiate. Note there is a cashback on the pro 2 camera kits at the moment (from approved retailers only — which includes us).

      No idea what will happen with prices over the next few months.

      • yup I know about the cash back but just surprised on the price jump within a short span of time

        maybe i'll buy the 4 camera one and sell off the cameras

      • Do you have the cashback link? The link I found doesn't mention you on the valid retailer list.

        • They somehow missed us on the original website setup. Can't say we were impressed. They then added the "other" category to fix it, so basically thats us for this promotion.

  • One of the few best retailer stores in eBay who do not jack prices and have discounts. Others just give excuse of sharing the discount share with eBay. Their service is second to none as well which I used couple of months ago for my PC.
    Highly recommend them.

  • Out of curiosity, how does the agreement work with eBay. Eg. if it's 20% off, does the store and ebay take a 10% hit each?

    • They share the costs, yeah. Only the site wide sales are fully paid for by eBay.

  • +1

    New NAS incoming, thanks

    • Which one are you after?

      • +2

        Synology DS218+, been waiting for a decent price as they don't come on sale often. Got a 216se it does a great job but a bit slow.

        The 218+ at 391.20 And free delivery with plus is the cheapest I've seen.

        • Sounds good!

          Would you happen to know if it's good for Plex, particularly for 2k or 4k content?

        • bugger, i think you've just made me pull trigger on this. Was looking at a NUC to do similar things but might go this instead

          • @Leonidas: My ds216se pretty much just has my files backed up and then sickrage+couchpotato and an Emby server, then a raspberry pi on each TV with Kodi.

            Gonna switch to Plex with this one as the old one couldn't handle it but I prefer it. See how the Pis go, may have to swap them out for something else

            • @Soluble: So with my current setup, I've just got an external HDD plugged into a Mibox, the files I download run fine on that, so am I right in understanding if everything I download runs on this fine, there's no need for a NAS for transcoding and can just get a low end one to run a plex server?

  • +2

    Any NAS's bargains?

  • +1

    Ive just notice now everything i'm watching now has changed to 1 available only hmmm🤔

    • Yeah, I'm also watching the one GPU that I want sitting on 1 stock… Zzz

      • +1

        CA usually do this to stop scalpers buying them all up in one hit, as the item sells they are usually restocked.

        • I hope you are right.

  • Does this apply to all items in stock for computer alliance?
    For example this is available at computer alliance https://www.computeralliance.com.au/razer-blade-15.6-144hz-i...
    but not on ebay computer alliance?

    Also this can't be used instore to get 20% off right?

    • +1

      ebay only. Most in stock items are on ebay, but we don't list out of stock product and also reserve some, mainly low stock products, for our regular sales.

      • Saw that you had only 1x 2066 i9 model on your ebay.. you don't happen to have any deals going with i9-9960x?

  • for those waiting on ebay deals specially on the %20 deals they usually adjust their pricing according to %20 discount so you pretty much pay the same thing for 950 out of 1000 items :)

  • How come nvidia shield is price jacked before this offer it used to be cheaper as per https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/428120 it is now showing as 349???

    • +10

      I'm not going to get into every comment from people who don't understand how pricing is set (feel free to read comments from me across prior sales), but I will allow myself to get drawn into this one to provide facts.

      Price was set at $329 late last year and was increased to $349 on Feb 10th, the current price. Not exactly a recent change! It was cheaper for a few weeks in December when we bought a large number of stock at a good price, and while promotions were running with the manufacturer which related to a short term discount. When we ran out, the price came up.

      We are keeping a few around at the moment (exactly 4 of the linked model in stock right now in fact), not trying to sell them in volume and don't expect that will change until we receive a good reason to buy volume.

      • +1

        Thanks for clarifying

  • Hi CA rep, I was wondering if there is any Samsung 970 Pro m.2 512GB left? Missed out last time :/

    • Very few 970 pros available in recent months and no 512 or 1TBs in stock right now. Officially they are a current model, but the new Evo Plus seem to be dominating instead and availability has been a issue since late last year.

  • Any GTX 1660 on sale ?

  • Any VDSL Modems for FTTN?

    • What would you guys recommend ?

  • Hi, wondering which b450 motherboard I should get for a Ryzen 5 2600x (preferably under $110)

    There are 7 B450 Motherboards that will be under or around $110, which one would you recommend?

  • Any 1TB Samsung 860 EVO SSDs (2.5")?

    Couldn't find them on your Ebay site.

    • No stock.

      Plenty of the cheap QVOs, which seem to be the standard now for SATA. People wanting faster drives go with M.2 nowdays and while on paper the QVO version might be less reliable and a touch slower than the older model 860, I think in practice no reason not to buy one if you want a SATA drive. We have very few faulty samsung SSDs of any model and on a SATA interface you are not going to notice a speed difference with typical use

  • Any chance a XB271HU will be listed?

    • XB271HUA is up there, no stock of the other model.

  • any reco's for a good 2070 or even a 2080 card with this discount….probably worth taking the step up to a 2080?.

  • Haha wow, and now the others have lowered their JACKED prices to prepare for this sale.

    • +4

      One reason ebay loves us, pressure form us keeps everyone elses prices down!

  • Hmm…
    Synology DS918+ $799

    Yet they sold 8 since the start of March for a price of $719?

    • Not sure but it's still $80 cheaper than the $719 and the cheapest price on the market that I can find.

      Actually is it possible that there was a 10% off code being used to hit the $719?

      • We have had them a lot cheaper (pre discount anyway) but essentially stopped selling them in volume a while back and price has come up since. Amazon and others were selling at a price such that it just wasn't worth us buying volume in and bettering it for retail sales so we moved some focus onto other products (most of our NAS sales are through our managed services division and tend to be more high end units)

  • +1

    Please bring the ACER 27" Predator XB271HU to this sale, pretty please!


  • Hmm wanted to get a hdd, but discounted price is meh compared to msy if you don't have ebay plus For free shipping.

  • Hmm motherboard and fans I had saved just disappeared. Hope they come back on for the sale… Looking to get quite a few upgrades when the deals go live :)

  • +1

    can I buy now and pay later with this code?

  • -1

    Deal lasted less than a day? That sucks

    • Huh? Deal hasn't even started yet. Are you sure you're looking at the right deal?

  • I'm currently building a new computer and I'm looking at getting a new gpu, should I get the RTX 2060 or RTX 2070?

    • +1

      I had the same thing, I heading over to rtx 2060 for budget reasons, seems like 2070 is roughly 10% more performance but with extra 2gb vram for 100+. extra

    • +1

      RTX 2060. The RTX 2070 is 10-15% better at a cost of 40% higher ($655 vs $471). Should also mention that unlike the 2070, the 2060s aren't binned. The $655 2070 is power limited (hit perf cap so you can't clock as high or cannot provide sufficient power to remain clocked as high) as it is not a binned chip and may not be able to sustain a high average clock (which effectively nullifies the usual reviews).

      Binned vs Unbinned Performance differences: https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3386-nvidias-secret-gp...

      Meta-analysis of reviews regarding performance of RTX 2060 relatively (scroll down to bottom for chart): https://www.3dcenter.org/artikel/launch-analyse-nvidia-gefor...

  • Hi rep, any GSkill TridentZ-RGB 2x16 3000 or 3200 kits please?

  • Moved into a new house, and WIFI isn't reaching all areas. I think mesh would suit me better than an upgraded router, but not sure. Any advice, and recommended deals on either?

  • -1


    It is now 9:51am (Melbourne Time) and when i apply code "PCA20" i get a response "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later."

    I have been testing out the cart for the past 2 hours.

    Am i mistaken in reading that the sale starts at 7am 28.03.2019?


    • Where are you reading that? Both the deal and T&C's of the sale say that it starts at 10am AEST…

    • 10am

      • On the OP it read 7am till 9pm 31.03.2019. Maybe my clock settings for the page was incorrect.
        It is working now.

  • 500GB Samsung 970 Evo PLUS M.2 SSD for $143.2 and free far cry new dawn, not bad!

    • +1

      Yeah I just bought one. Cheapest on Staticice is $165 plus shipping.

  • Hi Adam,

    I'm having trouble adding items to cart and you seem to be the only seller I'm having this trouble with. Do you ban specific users from buying from you?

    • +2

      Might just be the volume going through, we saw 100s of orders in the 1st min and many per min still coming through and I have already seen situations where stock has sold out while people try and run it through the checkout

      I will note though that we do block people in some situations. Its mainly if they make it obvious our policies do not match their requirements or we think they are being unreasonable in some way. eg people who return open/used gear because they decide they don't want it, and then argue over a refund. Another recent one that comes up occasionally, someone bending pins on a mainboard and then refusing to take responsibility and instead insisting its a warranty fault (be careful when installing and removing CPUS!!!).

      To be clear for Ozbargain - we accept back sealed product on change of mind for a full refund for up to 30 days. If its been open/used, its not in original condition that means we need to resell it as open/used at a discount and we expect the person to take a partial refund with the difference a usually small amount that at least mostly covers the cost of reselling as open. Typically we still refund 80-90%. I don't think thats unreasonable. I don't mind when people disagree with our policies, but it does mean you should not buy from us. I am constantly amazed when people tell us we suck for XYZ reason, then get upset when we don't want to sell to them again!

      Of course sending back faulty gear for a full refund / replacement is never a issue.

      Final point, we are talking maybe one every thousand customers gets blocked, its pretty rare. Most people seem to appreciate what we do and think our policies are reasonable.

      • Totally agree your policy and I did return a partial order a few months ago, however I did return the products sealed and wasn't notified of any problems with the returns or the potential consequences. If you don't mind looking into it, my ebay name is nubbbbix, otherwise no hard feelings :)

        • +2

          Interesting. You were on the block list. I can see you returned a couple of things off a small order but they were sealed and I can't see anything there that would get you blocked. There may have been something else in communications that set up a flag for the guys, but i have unblocked you in any case.

          Please make sure you only buy gear you intend to keep.

  • Damn, the gigabyte 2060 PRO went out of stock over night. Any chance it will be going back up? I need those extra sweet sweet heat pipes.

  • Picked up a Crucial BX200 240gig SSD for $39 - Score!!

  • If I was to be stupid enough to buy a 2080 or 2080ti, which one? All this talk about A chips and power delivery is utterly confusing.

    What is a vanilla 980ti realistically worth these days for resale?