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Free Samsung 10000mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack (Valued at $59 RRP) with Health Check @ Samsung (Eligible Samsung Members)


This is my first post, so please forgive any mistakes and happy to get advice on improving the post.

So I was just browsing through the Samsung Members App and found this deal. All you have to do is get a free health check done (hardly takes 5 mins) on your Samsung phone at any Samsung store (would recommend booking an appointment to reduce wait time) and you get a free Samsung 10000mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack worth $59 RRP. This is applicable for eligible Samsung Members, so please check if it is applicable for you (possibly only AU stock Samsung phones).

I have a S8 phone, so I would assume anyone with S8 or higher should automatically be eligible for the deal.

Hope it helps. Cheers

Found this on the homepage / dashboard (bottom section) within the Samsung Members app. Didn't have to browse in the app.

Mod Note: Based on comments, it appears to be devices older than Samsung S8 and newer than Samsung S5. Samsung Members app is required.

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  • Not available on note 4

    • Note 8: Zip, Zilch, Nada.

  • If only this came out a month earlier before I gave away my S7edge :(

  • +1

    "to make sure you're device is running smoothly" …

  • Not showing up on my Note 8.. hmmm

  • ‘Visit any Samsung store today and get a free health check to make sure YOU’RE device is running smoothly’. Yeah. Sounds legit

  • I've got an S7 but cannot see the offer.

    Do we need to sign in to the app to see it?

    Can someone take a screenshot of the home page so I know which part of the app I should be looking at?

    • I have S5 and wondering the same thing.

    • Requires the Samsung Members app

      • Yes, I've opened the Samsung Members app but cannot see it.

        Hence why I'd like to see a screenshot of this offer.

        • Look at OPs picture, that's it.

        • There's a screenshot here

        • I did not see it as well then click on benefits link on the top and managed to see it on my S7

        • Make sure you use the Play store version of the Samsung Members instead of the one in Samsung app store.

  • Not on my Note 3 or Note 8

    • I could not install the Samsung members app on my Note 3, so i take that as a NO!

  • +4

    Thanks OP, just picked up one. Loads of people doing the same in the Sydney CBD store, presuming most to be ozbargainers!

    • Yep! I was there about 40 minutes ago, saw a couple of people getting the powerbanks

    • On the train from Parramatta (which refused to do the check) to the Sydney Store. I wonder if they'll have stock left when I arrive…

    • How was your health?

      Did they offer a battery upgrade?

      What else did they do for you?

  • I seem to be eligible but the app says "no slots" when I am trying to book an appointment.

    • +1

      Just walk into the store, no appointments necessary. Probably might have wait for 10 or 15, depending on the queue.

    • +1

      There is a > arrow to go to the next 5 days. Keep scrolling until you find a slot

      • Thanks. Eventually, booked for next Thursday. Fingfers crossed it is not too late and I won't waste my trip.

  • +1

    Got an old broken screen s7, the battery pack would probably be worth more than the phone…

  • +1

    Just went in to the one at TTP, don't need to book or anything. I have an S8 but the people in there said that you would be able to get it with an S9 as well.

  • Got an S7, says no.

    • Have an S7, got the offer.

    • +2

      My S7 said no, closed it, tried it again and it said yes

  • Can't see for the A8

  • How lucky….was in city got my powerbank :)

    • How long does the check take?

      • Hardly 5 mins once the staff serves you

  • +1

    I have s8 dual sim import, not sure if samsung store gonna honor it. I'll probably check it out tomorrow

    • +3

      Same here - I will be going to the Samsung store today (just before closing time of 6pm), I will update here on how it goes

    • +1

      Can you report back? I have the same. I don't know why they wouldn't…..it is a Samsung device after all.

      • +2

        nope doesnt work - just went to a Samsung store and they specifically say it doesn't work for international models because they have to run a diagnostic which could brick the phone - their exact wording
        I doubt that is true but I guess it is their way of clawing out of giving freebies to non AU Samsung buyers

        • +1

          Thanks, save me time to go to the store.

        • Do you have an AU firmware flashed on your device?

          • @DisabledUser193539: Nope, no idea how to do that. Does it make a difference though? Other comments said they check imei, so I guess it won't matter.

    • I have a s8+ dual SIM from HK. ( I have flashed the AU firmware though).
      Went to TTP store in Modbury, SA - was asked if I just wanted the free battery pack or have the health check as well. Did the health check - got the battery pack - in and out under 5 minutes
      Looked at making a booking online.. Had no availability, but just went to the store.. 3 CSRs all free.

      • You might be lucky that the staff didn't try to check whether your phone is Australian or import. Anyway, good for you.

        • I still did the health check, so they got the IMEI and everything. So they would have known it was an import.

    • Would not accept imported S8

  • +7

    Rocked up to Samsung Parramatta, and they refuse to do the health check on the spot. Asked me to make an appointment.

    • +6

      Who the heck would neg this comment? RichardL is conveying his personal experience. Negger, do you think he's lying?

      • Yea ikr so silly from them.

    • Same with Melb Central.

      • Yes same here, have to make appt. Booked for 2 weeks later…

    • No luck at Parra store. I even had a booking (for next week), and the snobby customer service told me to come back next time. Asked to change the booking as you can't do it online and was told it was booked out.

      They had like 4 guys standing around doing nothing, just staring at me. No customers at all.

  • Got the offer for my s7 edge

  • Does anyone know if they would care if my s8 screen is cracked? Not sure if that's a healthy device

    • +1

      maybe that's the point of the check - hey look your screen is cracked. Not healthy!

  • +2
    1. Asked for proof of purchase (I didn't have it)
    2. Checked if it was an Australian Stock
    • Which store was this?

      • Sydney, Bondi

    • @kulakula did you still get the powerbank?

    • Please respond

  • what is the health check and does it take long?

    • +4

      Sydney Bondi didn't do any check. Enabled Developer mode and checked IMEI number or some shit. Kinda Dodgy. But that was it. Takes 15 minutes to process the offer.

  • +1

    The perks of only having one Samsung store in the state: appointments are fully booked out till next Tuesday :(

    • +1

      Actually 2 stores are in the state ;)

      • Ooohhh hahaha completely forgot about Joondalup, like many other Perthers :p

  • Not available on my S10e
    gives a message we do not need to lure you, you already spend too much money on us

    • +2

      A phone that's a few weeks old most likely doesn't need a health check though..

  • Got it from Sydney CBD store today. Didn't have to book an appointment, but had to wait for 20-25 minutes.

    They ran the diagnosis and found issues with the battery. They also offered to replace it under warranty. So I got the powerbank and will get a new battery for free :)

    • Wait is now up to an hour.

    • How long have you had the phone? Is it under 24 months?

      My S8 would be on the 24th month. Wonder if they will do a battery upgrade. But most likely it's not far enough gone.

      • +1

        My S8 under 24 months. Battery is not very bad, it lasts a day (barely). I didn’t ask, they just offered to replace it.

    • Nice of them to be proactive and replace. Does it lose its water-resistance?

  • Hope they have plenty of stock since the offer doesn't end until mid April..

  • I don't see it with Note 9

  • -1

    The Battery provides
    ~60% efficiency at 5V 2A
    ~30% efficiency at 9V 1.67A
    ~23% efficiency at 12V 1.25A

    So its terrible quality basically.

    • thanks kulakula… you saved me a trip to local store, and the time of "not sure if they will provide the powerbank"

    • Is that written on the box?

    • A lithium battery is about 3.6v so the higher the voltage you need the less 'efficient' it will be because of conversion losses.

    • Where did you find this info?

      • +1

        The back of the box gives these figures.

        Normal typical 6300 mAh (5V 2A) 31.5 Wh
        Fast typical 3100 mAh (9V 1.67A) 27.9 Wh
        Fast typical 2300 mAh (12V 1.25A) 27.6 Wh

        The powerbank is 10000 mAh with a nominal voltage of 3.85V. P=IV so 3.85 x 10 = 38.5 watt-hours best case.

        If we go off the watt-hour ratings:

        Normal typical is ~82% efficient
        Fast typical (9V) is ~75% efficient
        Fast typical (12V) is ~72% efficient

        • -1

          Apologies, I don't understand the math for this science. I just directly converted the number.

        • I'm confused about what these mean.

          Fast typical 2300 mAh (12V 1.25A) 27.6 Wh, does it not mean that if charging at 12V 1.25A, it would only have 2300 mAh capacity?

          • +1

            @victorheaven: Yes. Basically, the lithium battery inside the pack has a nominal voltage of 3.85V (4.35V fully charged). Circuitry boosts the voltage to 5V, 9V, or 12V depending on what device is connected. No circuit is 100% efficient.

            Most batteries are better at supply low power for long periods of time rather than high power for short periods of time. This is taken into effect when giving the "typical capacity" ratings.

    • +1

      But it's still worth 15 minutes to get a freebie :)

  • Tried it on my S7 but unfortunately don't see the offer :(

    • I refreshed and found it, also s7.

      • How do you refresh? I've closed and reopened and it's still not there. Wondering if cause this was purchased overseas

        • Most likely.

  • +25

    Glad that the post seems to be helping people and that I was able to contribute for the first time instead of just checking deals posted by others ;)

  • Doesn't seem to show up on my S7 might be because i have a S10 already registered on the same Samsung account or because it's an import

    • +1

      It's the latter.

      I have an S10 also and got the offer on my S8.

  • @OP

    Should probably update it saying only AU stock Samsung phones are being accepted for this offer.

    • Yup agree my non AU S7 did not get this offer

  • +2

    It's this battery pack for those interested

  • +2

    Make sure you install the Samsung Members App from Google Play instead of the Samsung Store. It didn't show up on my wife's old S8 from the Samsung Store, but did on the Play version.

    • It showed up for me on my S8 from the Samsung Store.

  • Do you think it's possible to show up with 2 samsung phones and get 2 powerbanks?
    As I have two with offers

    • I showed up with my wife after work on the way home to the samsung store without any appointment. She has s7 edge and i have s8 plus. We both got the powerbank after they ran device health check. Took 1 hr overall i think including waiting.

  • Samsung Galaxy s7 eadge is eligible?

    • Should be, check eligibility in Samsung Members app

      • On mine now and cannot see it?