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Free Speed Boost for Existing Telstra Cable Customers (In NBN HFC Areas)


Telstra has given a free speed boost to any existing or new Telstra cable customers.

I've gone from 55Mbps/5Mbps to 115Mbps/5Mbps. You may need to power cycle your modem for it to reflect.

Reports are stating that this Free Speed Upgrade may only apply to customers who are

  • Living in areas with NBN HFC rolled out / in construction
  • Living in areas with NBN but are unable to be migrated from Cable to HFC NBN due to technical limitations

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    I have access to the Telstra retail portal and the cause is due to delays in migration over to HFC NBN:

    From 1 April we’re putting a temporary stop sell on Telstra Cable customers migrating to nbn HFC. Due to delays we’ve decided to temporarily stop migrating customers. TRR consultants in SA and WA should continue to migrate customers as they don’t face any delays.

    Advise customers:

    They will receive a $0 Speed Boost until they migrate
    Due to long lead times it is best for them to remain on Cable at this time

    • Telstra Cable onto HFC migrations 0-12 months RFS (except TRR in WA and SA)

      If customers are between 0-12 months RFS, advise them that due to long wait times for nbn appointments it’s best for them to stay on Telstra Cable
      Let them know they’ll receive a $0 Speed Boost to 100mbps while they stay on Cable
      If they insist on migrating, you may proceed with an override - see below

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        I got the speed boost and NBN is not available here. Not scheduled until 2020.

    • So this "deal" is only applicable for VIC/NSW(ACT)/QLD (and TAS if they even got a cable rollout)

    • Does that mean they will extends the date of network shutdown?

      • I sure hope so, I really don't want to switch to the failed network (NBN). Upload speeds don't really bother me much.

    • Worked for me in Fitzroy, Melbourne.
      And I don't think there is any NBN in our area yet…

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      Does that access allow you to sell me a Telstra Cable service in a nbn HFC RFS area? Please? I'm dying here I just want my Telstra Cable back.

      (backstory, moved from one place to another, the second place couldn't get Telstra Cable due to there being no tap, nbn did the tap upgrade and called it RFS)

      • 115 down is so much better than 94 down. I'm staying on Telstra HFC until we're forced to switch in November. I use download speed more than upload.

        • +1 vote

          It’s not only that but there’s no such thing as CVC congestion (obviously not being nbn and all) and the general routing performance is unbeatable. Incredible responsiveness for complex websites and mobile apps.

    • What about existing customers already paying for the speedboost? Do we no longer have to pay the extra cost for speedboost?

      • I spoke to Telstra online chat and got the fee removed for the premium speed boost I already had. Now easily the cheapest and fastest unlimited cable you can get in Australia. Which most people prefer over the NBN anyway.

  • thanks for this, i'm about to sign up!

  • +34 votes


    April fools?

  • 10/10 April fools joke Telstra!

  • At 115mbps why would you even want NBN?

    • At the moment, cable's upload bandwidth is terrible. I remember reading something about the new DOCSIS standard improving that though, but I never investigated the details.

    • Definitely going to being holding off migrating to NBN when it's at my place.

    • One word. Congestion.

      • Been on cable for a while… i do not want nbn … i have no idea why people care about upload speed. Ive rarely experienced bad congestion for me.

        • 5mbps is a decent upload speed.
          20 is incredible though if you use cloud backup!

        • +18 votes

          i have no idea why people care about upload speed

          cloud backup, home web servers, remote access to home network for maintenance or admin, sharing files stored on a home NAS, …

          • +10 votes

            @newdad: Working from home too.

            I often work from home and being able to upload files back to works server for others to access in a reasonable time is important.

        • So everyone should base their opinion on your solitary experience of no congestion?

        • Because some people actually upload things perhaps?

        • I was on Optus cable, had 100mbit/s but shocking upload, talking like 1mbit/s. ( Never had congestion issues though)

          Wasn't a huge problem, but uploading stuff was obviously slow. Sending files, seeding torrents, uploading to cloud services sucked. At that speed, it's 2-3 hours to upload a single GB.

          I now have Optus HFC. Download speed is about the same. Upload speed is 30-40mbit/s.

          • @ILikeBargenz: optus doesnt have NBN HFC does it? I have Optus cable and recently switched to NBN which was FTTN. i was told only Telstra cable at the moment can do NBN HFC?

            • @lonewolf:

              optus doesnt have NBN HFC does it?

              Probably one of the areas which has Optus HFC and Telstra HFC (to which the Telstra HFC is used for NBN HFC as Optus HFC wasn’t fit for purpose).

              I’m going to assume they’re using NBN HFC (previously Telstra HFC) but with Optus being their RSP.

            • @lonewolf: Yes, that's correct. Optus is my service provider, but HFC uses Telstra's old cable infrastructure. Optus cable is no more, (although the line is still connected to my house).

        • i have no idea why people care about upload speed

          Guess you don't video conference friends. With 100/40 NBN you can do that in Full HD with a decent frame rate. Try with Optus Cable at 30/2 or anything else that's less than 5-10Mbit per sec.

      • I hate to break it to you, but NBN won't solve that, especially with Telstra.

    • So you have the choice of providers instead of just Telstra?

    • Upload. Congestion.

    • Yup Most people on NBN will get congestion whereas cable users will get higher speed as people move to NBN.

      Most don't care about upload unless you are hosting something at home or use huge amount of cloud services.

      We only care about download speeds

    • You’ve conveniently only shown incoming speeds.
      Which means you know one of the answers.

    • Your upload goes from 5 to 40 Mbps. Backed up to the cloud years ago, took weeks @2.5mpbs. Dont need to do that again. Am staying with Telstra cable as long as possible.

  • Proof of fool please

  • The only thing Telstra gives for free is shit support 😂

  • Brilliant! Just signed up and they offered me 24 months free!

  • Hasn't changed for me.

  • I think it is an automatic upgrade. I just checked last weekend and it was 100MB download. I am in NSW Castle Hill area

  • We're getting 0.03mbps on Telstra ADSL2. No joke. Rather than fix it, they've been saying 'wait for NBN to reach your area soon' for almost 2 years now.

    Pretty sure 0.03mbps is half of the 56kbps dialup speed we had 20 years ago.

    • I was in the same situation a few years ago. Was easier just to move house! I'm on 55mbps FTTN now - still not great but better than nothing

  • Got the speed boost.. thanks op

  • Worth noting that nothing has been officially announced by Telstra. They could just be testing. I wouldn’t make a purchasing/contract decision based on this information.

    Edit: Information above clears it up!

  • +1 vote

    So if I am currently paying for speed boost I should ask them to deduct it from my bill….?

    • I'm guessing they'll either credit your bill for it or change you to the $0 one. I'd probably have a chat to them to make sure.

    • Telstra haven't announced it's free. On my account, I can still add it for $20.



    • +3 votes

      Telstra won’t ever recommend something that will save you money.
      They have KPIs as they’ll put that always first.
      If you go to a store and prepaid is the best option for you, they will try and get that number on a contract.

    • When I first signed up years ago, I asked for the speed boost for free - as it was a major part of my 'decison making'. I've kept it all this time, when I renewed I wanted it free again and they obliged. Threat of leaving the service.. little did they know I wasnt really keen on moving to ADSL2…

  • i had my speed boost removed from my service over night in February. I will be interested to see if this is related to this or if my speed boost will be re instated.

  • Telstra can't supply speeds they offer on nbn in my area I asked for 100mbps and got 28 Mbps when I asked what's going on with my 100mbps I was told that's the maximum I can get on the nbn, so how are you supposed to get a speed boost? this is just a Telstra fable that goes with there terrible customer service,Government also wasting $60 billion on this nbn.

  • I'm in an NBN FTTC area (switch on date next year) but currently have Telstra HFC and can confirm I got the upgrade this morning as well.

  • 55Mbps!!!!!!

    I'm on Telstra's ADSL2+ and I get night time speeds of 1.7Mbps….

    Not sure how I can complain, their not known for their service.

  • Your move Optus HFC!


    just to add some further information as well, not specifically applicable to this post, but customers can now get offers that were previously "online only", in store

  • Already have a speed boost with Telstra,can I have another boost boost?

  • Is this for cable or nbn?

  • How do you boost the boost?

  • I think this move is a big mistake. Imagine everyone on cable getting 100Mbs for free now and when they move to nbn, the speed drops to 50Mbps unless you pay a $30 premium.

    • True this, it’s gonna piss a lot of people off. Even NBN 100 doesn’t reach HFC cable download speeds. can’t believe Australia is the only country in the world to downgrade its internet smh

      • Thank the LNP and anyone who voted for them.

      • +12 votes

        If you're on fibre, like the NBN was originally going to be for 93% of residences, then Labor's plan was to offer faster plans than 100Mbps. Which are available right now, you can order 250/100 but at considerable cost compared to residential plans.

        With fibre there was also a complete upgrade path, to be installed as needed, from the current 2.5GPON system to 10GPON (4x faster) and then to NG-PON2 (16 times faster), just by changing the boxes on each end of the fibre. There were even spare fibres on each run, so the faster speeds could be offered on a spare fibre, and the rest of the area could stay on the same fibre didn't need to change their boxes unless they wanted the higher speed.

    • yeah I've been paying $78/mo for 100Mb down and a 1000GB limit for 3 years or more. When NBN began the rollout Telstra initially told me don't even bother changing to NBN because nothing will beat that - and now the area is cutting over 18months later, they just repeated they can't match it. Said I'd have to pay 90$ if i wanted 50mb, and something like 120$ for what I have now. And that was after pushing them and going through disconnections team, and two different chats and two different calls with different people. Now on aussie broadband for 59$ a month for the 50Mb plan… haven't noticed a difference and now saving some money.

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