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Aberlour 12YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml $60 (Free C&C) @ First Choice Liquor


Great price on this popular whisky. Normally $98 at First Choice Liquor. Enjoy :)

$92.99 at Dan Murphy's

Thanks to doweyy for the free delivery code Free Delivery has Expired

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  • how do you get it down to $55 mate?

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          Sorry I was probably thinking of the 10YO. Doesn’t come up on their website but my store has sold it.

    • I get this wholesale price through the Australian distributor. And they sell it at $59. So this is a good deal for retail.

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    Use "FREEDELIVERY" to get it delivered :)

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      Thanks heaps. Added to OP :)

      • Does this mean that this code will not exclude cashback due to the otherwise usual exclusion
        If a coupon code is used that is not listed on Cashrewards

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    I am clearly a million miles from being an alcohol connoisseur but I tried this stuff- 3 bottles worth- not all on the same day- and I found it to be very bland. Is that what "smooth" means?

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      I can't say this stuff is bland. Sherry is prominent. Are you by chance used to drinking sherry or peat bombs? What do you normally drink. Out of 3 bottles of this stuff I've only had one bad bottle

      • Nothing pricier than JW Red, Teacher's, Absolut etc.

        I like my firewater to burn.

        • You might like Monkey shoulder and Dimple.
          I will say this one is smooth over the ones you said taken you are not mixing it with coke.

    • I do agree with you on this… Having tried A'bunadh or Glengoyne Cask strength (even though they are on a different price bracket), this thing is really bland. I rather get a Glenmorangie 10yo or Talisker/Laphroaig 10 (if you like peaty whisky).

      I still have this bottle sitting the the shelf for long time.

  • i like the stuff called 42. very smooth. but i prefer my alcohol cheap as i mix it.

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      I like it cheap too, so I just buy $5 bottles of wine. They’re fine.

  • wonder if DM will price match this ?

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      Support the Other player in the market- Dan's have got a lot of price creep on their lines.

    • Buy from them taken shipping is free.

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    Great deal OP - looks like my friend will enjoy this

  • Don’t forget cash back.
    3.5% Cashrewards
    3.5% Shopback

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      Support Local cashrewards if difference is less like this.
      (I use both.)

    • You sure that FirstChoice will give cash back if one of their promotion codes is used to purchase?

  • Thank you. Big fan of this whisky.

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    page down? :(

  • This is awesome, I normally pay around $80 for this at Liquorland

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    Great price but having tried this before not really a fan of this drink. I drink straight or with a hint of water or a couple of ice cubes. The after taste is very medicinal like ( Like drinking a cough syrup) and unless you mix it with Coke or Ginger ale(Recommend this over coke as it reduces the after taste) I wouldn't recommend this to someone who drinks like me.

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      Are you sure you didn't have a bad bottle? I don't get a medicinal finish on this. This scotch is best neat imo

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        Are you sure you didn't have a bad bottle?

        So I spend $60 and have a risk of getting a bad bottle?

        Is that common at this price point with whisky?

        Non drinker myself but like to buy scotch, if I get a good deal, for my dad

        • Yes, the reality is that no two batches will be exactly the same. Differences in barrels will affect the taste of the whisky during the aging process for instance

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            @djevoultion: Difference in barrels shouldnt cause a medicinal taste. Having said that i didnt have that experience with any i have had. Maybe a case of everyones taste is different and a 'medicinal' taste to one person may not be for others, or in this case heaps others.

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    we need a'bunadh on sale.

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    you da man TA. bought.

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    Thanks for the post OP. Have been wanting to try this brand for a while.

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    This ain't bad, usually like my whiskey peaty but once in a while I'd sip on this. Bought one thanks OP

  • First Choice doesn't deliver to NT.
    (profanity) Why doesn't anything good happen to the NT !

    • NT is endowed in other ways.

  • If I was to buy this as a present. How long could I keep it stored for?

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      • Really? I figured if it was aging in its barrel then time is not a problem. But in the packaging bottle is the same?

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          Barrel is for flavour. Bottle is forever (unless oxygen is able to sneak in)

          • @railspider: i have 10 years old Hennessy xo which taste almost like water because when bottling standup the cork going to be dried up and alcohol evaporated.

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              @NoRice NoLife:

              1. Always lay a corked bottle down so the cork remains expanded.
              2. The evaporation though the barrel is the 'angels cut'.
              3. Ironically, the older a whiskey gets, the less alcoholic strength it has…so it gets 'smoother' and you pay more…In fairness, more complex flavours extract from the barrel and someone has had to store it and watch it for 12+ years. So you are paying whiskey rent + wages
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                @tunzafun001: Hi, whisky isn't like wine. Don't lay it down or the whisky will be in constant contact with the cork and erode/damage it.

              • @tunzafun001:

                Always lay a corked bottle down so the cork remains expanded.

                Many corks are now synthetic so don't need to be kept wet like natural cork.

              • @tunzafun001: i dont think its a good idea to store whiskey for more than 5 years. they are not invented for long storage.

    • Years, but not forever.

  • Compare to Glen Grant?

    • More sherry notes. Less vanilla.

  • The site has crashed….

    • Working fine for me on the mobile

      • It's working now. Bought 2x and hopefully not too shabby.

  • Went all the way to paypal payment and then now it says delivery not available for this. Might have to do click and collect.

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    Slightly cheaper on their eBay store with coupon if you have ebayplus

    • Damn, just ordered through cash rewards. Would have preferred cash discount instead! + for visibility!

    • What coupon?

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        3% off with PLACE or buy 2 with code PATCH

    • Sold out on ebay store now :-(

      • Back in stock

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    Prefer highlands myself but grabbed a bottle to try. My bro loves the lighter speys and what not so might treat him to one too. Cheers TA.

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    Ordered. Cheers OP!

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    Thanks OP, ordered one - normally a cognac drinker but look forward to trying! Cheers

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    Just a tip If you sign up as a new customer they send you a $10 voucher usually within 24 hours. Makes this an even better bargain at $50. Deal should be up for 14 days so plenty of time..

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      Can confirm. They sent a voucher a week or so ago and was able to use the code they sent me. It's $10 min $50 spend

      • Free delivery ends today though :(

        • You can't stack codes as far as I'm aware

        • Yep. Still free click and collect.

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    Sick deal! Thanks TA!

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    Thanks OP - grabbed a bottle - great price!!

  • TRY THE 16-year old.

    Yes it's twice the price
    Yes it's hard to get,
    but it kicks the A'bunadh's butt

  • Thanks OP. Got the last one at the Duncraig WA store. Went to purchase more online but it's now showing as delivery not available.
    The guy at the store said more stock is on the way.

  • This is a great whisky, particularly if you like Speysides. I don't know why the price has increased to $90+ in the last 12 months.

    The 10 YO used to be one of my favourites. Still sad that was discontinued.

    But at $60, this is a great price for the 12 YO. I bought it yesterday :-)

  • I reckon I bought it from Dan last year @59.95, why is now over $90 :(

  • Thanks OP - I got 2.

    I love this drop. Very easy drinking.

  • Great price, Got my local Dan’s to price match this and they happily did!

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    $59.95 per bottle at Dan now.

  • Is anyone else still waiting for stock arrival?

    • I called today and they are still waiting for stock to arrive … its been a 2 week wait.

      • I received mine yesterday (15 April)

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