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6x 28-Day amaysim Renewals of 1GB Unlimited Plan (New Customers) $4.97 @ Groupon


Cheapest yet. $4.97 for six 28-day renewals of amaysim Unlimited with 1GB per 28-days. Works out at just $0.83 per 28 days. Apply code LAST50 at checkout. Ends Monday. Enjoy :)

(1) New amaysim customers only, (2) Redeem voucher before 14th April 2019, (3) Activate SIM before 24th April 2019.

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Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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  • Basically giving it away.

  • omg. purchased it last night for $7. [email protected]#$//**

    • Cancel and re-order lol?

      • How to cancel it?

        • Cancellation policy in the FAQ:

          Can I cancel my purchase?
          See our refund policies of the following types of deals:

          For all our Local voucher deals
          All of your Vouchers (unless otherwise stated in the Fine Print section) come with a “cooling off” period of 7 business days, during which we will be happy to look into your refund request as long as the voucher has not been used. After that 7 business day period, we will not be able to provide a refund to your original payment method, but please feel free to contact our click below to conact Customer Support if exceptional circumstances prevent you from using the Voucher.

          Option 1: Call 02 8311 4370 as described in "No, I still need help".

          My experience:
          Over the phone the gentleman said it will be escalated as he cannot cancel it now and will respond in 7 business days.
          Unable to give me a reference no. at the time of the call but promised to send an email later. Took his name.

          Option 2: At checkout before making payment a "Livechat" icon should be at the bottom right of the screen.

          A couple of years ago I did manage to cancel my order via Livechat.

        • Terms for this Groupon..No refunds for change of mind. These aren’t covered under the usual refund policy in the FAQ. I spoke to them through live chat for one Amaysim purchase previously and they wouldn’t refund. They got back to me a few days later and offered me a credit to use for other Groupons.

    • +7 votes

      Bye bye Bacon & Egg McMuffin

  • Port out port in ok

  • Stupid question from me…if I'm just buying all 6 for myself..then I need to activate all before 24/4, how is that going to work?…

  • Bit stingy with the data considering I'm using Telstra prepaid for 5 bucks that includes 8 + whatever bonus they decide GB, was 22GB extra, now 17GB extra … on top of 8GB.

  • Oh damn I just bought 1 last night

  • Stop making these cheaper TA…cant buy and realise its dropped in value….its against OzBargain spirit :(

  • I went to it via Cashrewards, really hoping for the extra 10% off to protect my downside price risk.

  • Does this stack up with referral?

    If i use referral to open an account and then use the voucher? So it could possibly last for 8 months?

  • Next offer they'll be paying us to use the service haha

  • There we go. This would be the cheapest or very close to that :)

  • I am on amaysim atm can I port out to another provider and port in the same day to amaysim using this deal thanks

    • Some companies have a policy stopping you from doing it. I know Kogan told me I could not do it within 30 days (because I tried). However, they did make an exception. Talk to Customer Service.

      • I have a few numbers currently active on the Amaysim 2.5GB 4x renewal plan offer from back in Jan.

        They all exp in May, but looking to forego the rem. month & get this offer by porting out to Kogan then back in to Amaysim.

        Would this work if I do each step a few days apart (within 30 days) as long as I get it all done before 24th Apr?

        Could anyone that has had success doing so within the time this current deal has been active chime in?

        I know Kogan told me I could not do it within 30 days (because I tried).

        Was this going…
        * Kogan > Other Provider > Kogan OR
        * Other Provider > Kogan > Other Provider?

        • +2 votes

          Yes, no problem doing this. You just make sure you leave enough time for delivery of the sim cards. Amaysim have no problem with you porting away from them and then back again straight away to be a new customer. All you need to do is use a different email address when signing up. Everything else can remain the same.

          You could also order a free Telstra SIM now. Delivery is normally next day. And at the same time go to Woolies or Coles and buy an Amaysim SIM for $2. Then when the Telstra SIM arrives, port to Telstra. As soon as you are with Telstra, go on Live Chat with Amaysim and say you want to sign up and port to Amaysim with the your voucher code and the SIM you just bought. Use a different email address in the sign up as I mentioned earlier. They will activate the SIM and then port your number from Telstra. The porting from Telstra to Amaysim should take a couple of hours at most.

          • @Rodo: Good to know. Appreciate the info. Thanks & cheers!

            • @grab_ur_freebies: If you are interested, I have just gone through this transfer just now. I am now waiting for my number to be transferred to Amaysim.

              Amaysim > Telstra > Amaysim

              Delivery of free Telstra SIM was 2 days. Transfer to Telstra took 30 min. As soon as transfer was successful, went on Amaysim Live Chat. Took 30 min to get it sorted with live chat as they initially told me to sign up for 1GB plan. This did not work. Then signed up through link in Groupon voucher. Only need to use different email address. Needed to verify my ID. Then after I clicked start number transfer in my account, live chat then linked the number on the SIM card I had bought with my account so that my mobile number will work on this SIM.

  • umm.. anyone getting

    "Something went wrong, please try again or contact us on Live Chat"

    after selecting voucher

    • You don't use "voucher" as the payment method (presumably this refers to the kind of voucher you get when you buy $30 of credit and add to your credit balance). Enter in PayPal or credit card instead.

      • How do you use it then? Bit confused. Thanks! :)

        • Buy Groupon code. Go to Amaysim and register as a new customer. Enter Groupon code in the "promotion code" box and select Paypal as payment method. Should go through and Amaysim should send a SIM to you.

  • Don't need one, but for that price…. Can always act as spare SIM.

  • I was a past customer probably 4-5 months ago, can I buy this offer? As I will be porting the same old mobile number..

  • I don't understand these SIM deals (yet).
    Why would people go thru hassle of porting in then out? Plz explain what you guys use these deals for!
    Unless you're a genuine person that wanted a different company that's all I can think of.

  • Thanks OP - just bought this. Perfect as I am using more data than my current plan allows. Will use this in my second Sim slot for data for next six months and simply switch back to normal Sim for data when it expires. Love dual Sim phones!!

  • Thanks for your great share OP, bought one.

  • As usual, expecting 10% sitewide discount on groupon and 15% groupon cashback from shopback/cashrewards on sunday

  • The thing is I don't have an amaysim Sim card how to get one to use this deal?

  • will i get problems porting from optus to amaysim as they use same network.

    • The porting process may take a few days, when I ported from Virgin Mobile to Optus around 9 months ago, from the day I 'activated' the Optus sim, it took them 7 business days to transfer my number from VM to Optus.
      You are better off porting to a free Telstra sim and immediately porting to Amaysim sim so that it'll be instant/within a few hours since it's to a different network (like Optus -> Telstra -> Optus (Amaysim). It's up to you.

  • Bit the bullet, bought the bargain and activated with Groupon. I hope they ship it soon so I can activate the service!


    Anyone know if they charge excess data after the 1GB is up.
    And can you cancel the monthly renewal straight away, so the 7th month doesn't renew. Unlikely, but as it's all paid for it may be possible.

    • $0.072/mb or $10/Gb

      I'm in that bracket of using about 1.5Gb every month. Have to look at a plan that will suffice.

    • No, they don't charge excess data usage. I'm on prepaid and almost always go over the limit every month.
      You have to leave auto renewal on until your final recharge. Plan will turn into pay as you go with it off.

  • I went from amaysim to exetel, (both on Optus) took about 20hrs including overnight but I 8had to call them twice to activate my VM as I couldn't manually by trying it via the 321 set up. Annoying as it's my business phone and it looked bad when I missed calls with no personal voicemail! Exetel plan is great for $8.99 per full month (not scummy 28 days) , unlimited talk/text and 2GB data!

  • When do i have to use this by? As in the sim / renewals? I have a couple of other plans / credits i need to use in the next 6months.

    • It's in the post :)

      (2) Redeem voucher before 14th April 2019, (3) Activate SIM before 24th April 2019.

      • but i got confused because it says 6 renewals? how does that work if its just activating a sim? is the renewals automatic one after the other? so basically like saying its 6 months?

        • is the renewals automatic one after the other?

          Correct. After activating/porting your number, your account is setup in their database for 6x consecutive 1gb renewals one month after another for 6mths. So you can't choose which months you want to do it.

  • Question:
    The last time I purchased an Amaysim deal I lost the first month because the countdown began when you BOUGHT it - not when you first activate it. Something like that anyway. If you activate this on the 24th (or 23rd, whatever)… do you get the full 6x 28 days from that day?

    • The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I raised a complaint and they reset the clock.

    • Based on comments on other amaysim deals and some personal experience, a SIM is activated if:

      • you buy it using a credit card, or
      • you verify your ID

      And even if it's activated when you bought it, as long as you start using it within 10 days, it will auto-reset so you don't lose any days. And of course there is the option to raise a support ticket to ask for a manual reset.

      With this deal you are buying a voucher from Groupon, so the first point shouldn't matter. Therefore, don't verify your ID until you want to activate the SIM and you should get the full 6x 28 days.

      • Great - thanks. :-)

      • Correct verify your ID only when you want to activate the SIM.

        I ordered an Amaysim SIM a couple of weeks ago. Then a couple of days ago i wanted to activate it. i went to my account and the first step i needed to do was to verifiy my ID. Straight after doing this the activation process started immediately. I was not even given a change to do anything else. The screen said something like your ID had been successfully verified and the activation of your SIM is now underway.

  • thanks op!

  • With referral and 1FOR1 code you get 3 months for $1. That's $0.33 a month.

  • I knew if I hung tough I wouldn't have to pay that rapacious $6.97 rip off price.

  • I waited a day thinking I'd get the 15% this price. Someone else even mentioned the same thing I was thinking in the Groupon 15% off thread. But only this one applies.

  • Does "redeem voucher before 14th April 2019", and "activate before 24th April" = before midnight on those same dates? Or do they mean before midnight on the day before (13th & 23rd)!?

  • Was anyone able to use a referral when purchasing this deal ?

  • Oh noooo missed out

    Will it get restocked?

  • Hi,

    I got this error when putting the Groupon Voucher Code into the Promo code. I tried both the Groupon Voucher Code as well as the Security Code, both gave the same message. Any one else encountered same problem?

    "Sorry, looks like the promo code you’ve entered isn't valid. Please check the code and try again. "

  • One does not need to use the given redeem url to buy the sim card from amaysim. What's even better is if you use a friends' referral link to buy both of you will also gain a $20 credit towards the sim account. Of course when you pay for the card you still use the purchased redeem voucher to pay for the SIM and 6 renewals.

    • When you order a sim with refferral, it does ask you for the plan immidiately ?
      IF your already in a lan, how can you input he voucher from groupon? also it says it needs to be a new user account.
      Once it was from a referral, isnt it it is already and existing account ?

      • Hi thanks for replying. No clicking from a referral doesnot mean a existed account at all. Yourself is still buying a new sim as a new user.

  • Damn missed out looks like I am going to have to do the 1FOR1 deal for now until the next cheap deal. Passing on Vaya as they use scummy tactics like overcharging you and billing you false months.

    Not worth chasing it up and honestly don't know if I can now as it was more than 2 years ago.

    Need a cheap mobile plan within 9 days or I'll just go kogan or boost mobile but honestly don't need the data.

    • 1FOR1 also expired

      what now?

      • No idea either stick with kogan or try boost mobile.

        Amaysim have a as you go mobile plan that lasts 365 days and you get $10 starter credit so maybe that also but I might need a little bit more than $10 credit.

        Wish there was a $3/month plan maybe for just calls and texts within Australia or something.

  • I have had this for a month - expires tomorrow.
    Have set to Bpay so will not auto recharge - but how do I get my next month?
    Does it happen automatically - as it says expires tomorrow
    If I try to add the voucher code I used to amaysim to renew - it is too short ?

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