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Free 90 Day eBay Plus Trial


It appears that the Free 90 Day Trial of eBay Plus is back. This is not targeted, unlike the previous 6 Month Free Trial.

Easter 2019 Promotion – Free 90-day trial

The terms in this section 8 apply if you sign up for a free trial of eBay Plus for the first time between 8 April 2019 and 30 April 2019 (“90-day trial Offer Period”).

eBay users who have previously cancelled or completed their eBay Plus free trial and are no longer a member of eBay Plus can re-join as a paid member via the link

By signing up for a free trial of eBay Plus during the 90-day trial Offer Period then you agree to be subject to these eBay Plus Terms and Conditions as amended as follows:

All references to “30-day trial” are replaced with the words “90-day trial” throughout.

If you cancel your eBay Plus membership during the 90-day trial period, you will incur no fees or other charges for the membership. You will continue to receive all eBay Plus benefits until 30 days after you initially signed up for eBay Plus, at which time your eBay Plus membership will end.

All other terms in these eBay Plus terms and conditions remain unchanged and applicable.

eBay Plus cops a lot of hate, but I have personally found it very useful. Don’t forget you can disable the automatic payment via PayPal to avoid any future charges.

Please note: This promotion is for accounts that have never before received a free trial of eBay Plus. If you try to sign up using an account that has previously received a free trial, you will most likely be charged the annual fee ($49), as per the terms.

Original eBay Plus - Unlimited Deliveries & Returns on "Plus" Items for $49 Annual Fee Deal Post thanks to syba.

eBay Plus

  • Free delivery and free returns on Plus items
  • Double flybuys points
  • Exclusive deals
  • Premium customer service

Terms and Conditions
Frequently Asked Questions

I believe the issue below has now been fixed, but for reference:

Credit to aushades

For those that are getting the "Unfortunately this promotional offer isn't available to you" message, try signing out of eBay, then whilst you are signed out, click Activate Offer from the promotional page. It'll ask you to sign in, and after you do, you can specify you payment method for when the trial finishes and then complete the sign up for eBay plus.

Mod 3/6: See this comment regarding incorrect charges.

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  • +4

    I've received my May eBay invoice and noticed I've been charged $50 for eBay Plus subscription, the subscription that was cancel by eBay for signing up for a second trial their system allowed.

    Charged and no service, not to mention I did not sign up for it.

    I live chat eBay and got the charges reversed 'within 24 hours'.

    Take note and check your invoices! Pretty poor form from eBay. Thanks mods for reopening comments.

  • +10

    Confirmed. Get 3 months and then cancel straight away. My other acc buy with $49 buck and receive the voucher on 3 April already.

    • +2

      what voucher

    • +9

      PLEASE BEWARE! Hello I'm new to OzBargain but signed up because I don't know where else to warn people - just in case my experience can help others or in case there are others who have had the same experience, please don't let them take advantage of you. EBay charged me for the free trial without authorization. In fact I cancelled the trial within minutes after signing up on April 21st when I realized the COLES $49 free delivery is only for Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Everything was fine until I was charged $50 the following day. Just got off the phone with them and they said its a "glitch" and over 200 users have complained about this issue (unknown how many users have been charged and have not complained). The worst part is when I insisted they refund me ASAP they told me within the next few days they will reimburse affected users with an ebay voucher of that amount! I don't know how this is legal though I will keep calling to have the full amount refunded back into my account but it's already taken over 2 hours to get this far (1 hour on support chat before telling me they're facing an "ongoing bug" that tech is working on and they can't see my account details so I need to call in + 1 hour on "special ebay plus phone support" with several department transfers that couldn't help me). If you face this issue call the ebay plus number, hammer on any options until you get the "speak to rep" option, then don't waste your time speaking to the person who answers (the number is misleadingly labelled as a dedicated ebay plus support line which its not), tell them to transfer you to ebay plus. Hopefully this helps someone.

      • +3

        Same thing happened to me. They sent me a message.

        Dear eBay Plus member,

        We are contacting you because you recently signed up for a $49 paid membership of eBay Plus however did not take advantage of the Free Trial offer.

        As a courtesy for joining the eBay Plus program, you will be provided with a $49 coupon to cover the cost of the first year of your eBay Plus membership. This coupon will be available for use on purchases of $150 or more. The coupon, applicable code and the terms and conditions for its use, will be found in your My eBay dashboard from May 6th.

        Enjoy the benefits of your new eBay Plus membership:
        • Free delivery on millions of eBay Plus items
        • Free returns on all eBay Plus items
        • Double flybuys points
        • Free delivery to select metro areas on orders over $49 with Coles on eBay (https://www.ebay.com.au/coles)
        • Access to exclusive offers and deals
        • Premium customer support

        For more information about eBay Plus visit https://www.ebay.com.au/plus.

        Thank you,
        The eBay Plus Team.

        No I don’t want a voucher and need to spend $150 to get a free trial. I just want my money back. It’s ridiculous that I did sign up for the free trial and they said I didn’t.

        I talked to them and they will get back to me. How’s yours?

        • +3

          Best thing to do is raised a dispute with Paypal. You'll get the refund into your account within 2 weeks. No need to call Ebay.

        • +3

          I think I could live with a voucher, but a $150 minimum spend requirement for THEIR OWN mistake?! Can they be reported for this? Surely it can't be legal.

          • @khell: I don’t think it’s legal. I signed up for the free trial and in their generic email to all affected, it’s indicated that I did not sign up for the offer. Ridiculous. Yup? $150 minimum spend and a voucher. That’s great service recovery. They were so reluctant to refund. I’ve spoken to 3 customer service officers and nothing is done about my refund. Terrible.

            Thanks nightelves, will take your advice and raise a dispute with them.

            • @Mooks06: Can’t seem to dispute this on the website. It’s not about a seller or buyer. It’s direct with eBay.

              • @Mooks06: Are you sure you're on PayPal's website, not eBay?
                You can dispute any PayPal charge. eBay will be too lazy to respond and you will be automatically refunded.

                • +1

                  @ssquid: @ssquid Drats. I input my credit card details on eBay while signing up for the trial. It wasn't through PayPal. Think i better call up eBay again.

        • Hi sorry for the delay, didn't seem to get any notification someone replied to me. It's still ongoing with eBay but I've called my credit card fraud line and reported it. They were great but they said it will take up to 90 days to get a resolution, but they did give me a temporary refund in the meantime. I'm sure I could live with a voucher too but why would I have to when this is a fraudulent charge, the error was solely on Ebay's part. The $150 minimum spend is just further proof of the underhanded way in which eBay has been operating. Let me know how you go with it. Wishing you luck.

          • @ebaypus: Hey there.. no worries. eBay finally refunded the amount to me. I explained why I did not need it and told them to cancel that voucher. They acknowledged that I was still part of the 90 day trial. I hope everyone who's going through this won't let eBay push them over. Glad you got yours sorted out too.

  • +18

    This worked for me even though I'd already had the previous 90 day trial. My account did not have an active plus sub.

    • Also worked for me (I had previously signed up for eBay plus free trials).

  • +17

    Hard to know what’s more appealing from Ebay; this or the 3% off promo. Either way unbelievable deals for Ebay Australia customers 😳🙄

  • Thanks for the heads up on cancelling auto payments via paypal. Cleaning up my permissions now!

    • +2

      It's a good idea because eBay's cancellation procedure cannot be trusted.

  • +5

    I signed up and cancelled straight away can't see the value in it personally but gave it a go.

  • +7

    Just about the only thing I've gotten out of it is free shipping from Computer Alliance.

    • +1

      Haha this was my thoughts exactly

    • +1

      Firstchoiceliquor has $15 min spend for free delivery. But I don't buy often enough. Good for boozers though.
      I can't see EbayPlus surviving as is, seems just a greedy scam to me.

      • I had no idea. They charged me for my free trial after two days and now refusing to refund me but will send me a ebay voucher for the amount :(

        • +1

          It sounds unfair. Is there an ombudsman for places like Ebay that motivates them towards honesty?
          TIO works pretty well for the phone industry.

          Or reverse charge your CC?

          The more times people push back, the better we're all off.

          • @DisabledUser264934: Thanks for the advice, that's a great idea. I will call my CC provider tomorrow morning.

            • @ebaypus: You didn't use PayPal?

              • @ssquid: No, thought it was fishy as well since my ebay and PayPal were linked so got on the chat with an ebay rep and they provided me a link and told me I needed to enter my card details to avail of the free trial. I signed up for the free trial while they were literally on the line and I saved the transcript, that's why they were (reluctantly) willing to refund me and eventually stopped trying to force me to accept a 50 voucher with $150 min spend. It's still ongoing since they claim they have to hold my money longer before it's possible to release the funds.

  • +3

    Thanks op! Signed up and cancelled

    • +1

      Did the same haha

      • Did the same for that COLES $49 free delivery but seems it's only for Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Won't use the other benefits since I rarely use ebay but they did charged me for my free trial the next day! Then told me they can't reimburse me the funds but will send me a voucher for the amount, boo ebay.

  • +15

    Didn't use my last free trial at all. Don't think I've used my Shipster trial at all either.

    • Looks like you don't online shop enough :-)

      • +10

        Haha, well the thing is that I do, which kind of highlights how useless both of the services have been for me. Shipster's $25 minimum spend really kills it.

        • Online orders of heavy and bulky items from Chemist Warehouse mean that my free 12 month Shipster trial has already paid for itself many times over.

          • +1

            @CacheHunter: If you don’t mind sharing, what kind of bulky items do you tend to purchase from chemist warehouse?

            Pure guess from your username: nappies?

            • +1

              @Member 0230: 1l bottles of sanitiser, osmolax (kids with bowel issues), nappies, …
              I usually get prescriptions near work in the city, so anything that is heavy, large or inconvenient to be able carry home on the train easily.

  • It says "Try it free for 30 days" to me

    • Me too.

    • +6

      I found.
      It says 30, but click through and it will say 90 days.

  • +3

    I did it previously this year and I saw no real benefit whatsoever. I'm not gonna bother with doing another free trial and having to remember the last date before I get charged.

    • +4

      You can cancel instantly, it'll still last the 90 days.

      • +2

        Are you sure?

        If you cancel your eBay Plus membership during the 90-day trial period, you will incur no fees or other charges for the membership. You will continue to receive all eBay Plus benefits until 30 days after you initially signed up for eBay Plus, at which time your eBay Plus membership will end.

        This term says you only get 30 days from the day you sign up.

        • +4

          just signed up and cancelled straight away, says my trial ends in 91 days (have previously used two free trials on the same account, this one still worked)

        • +1

          8/4/2019 today
          Trial ends 8/7/2019.
          I just clicked on the cancel option and it says

          After 8 July 2019, you won't be able to enjoy all the benefits of eBay Plus

          So, I'm going to cancel it now and see how good it is / isn't

    • +1

      You can cancel immediately after registering. The only benefit I can see is that some eBay plus items will have free delivery. So you don't have to pay shipping fee like non-eBay-plus members.

      • +1

        The next time you do one of those, log out and check what delivery is for non plus members. I'm sure it will be free delivery.

        Every item I've checked as a plus member, is just free delivery if you're not a plus member. They just retag it as plus if you're a member.

        I also did a comparison in an earlier thread and the numbers of listings of plus and free delivery were similar, but actually slightly higher for free delivery (I believe accounting for foreign sellers who wouldn't be labelled as plus because it's AU only, but still offer free delivery).

        Summary: ebay plus doesn't give you any extra listings with free delivery.

        • +1

          Wow, that's almost like false advertising. Get this, I signed up for the 3 month free trial and they charged me for it the next day. Called to find out what happened, they said it's a glitch with hundreds affect yet they can't reimburse me the funds but will send me an ebay voucher for the amount!

  • +14

    A terrible subscription product that skewed the marketplace. Hopefully eBay gives up on it.

  • +5

    Worked for me even though I had a previous trial that ran out in Jan. Plus page says "Your trial ends in 91 Days!" - Nice work OP!

    • I remember someone else signed up to multiple trials. They cancelled their trial but it charged them anyways. Support simply said it was against TOC to sign up to multiple trials.

      • +3

        No charge on sign up and I've cancelled the Automatic Payment via PayPal. Not fussed if they turn around and cancel the trial.

  • Finished a trial just 2 days ago, not able to sign up for this new trial on the same account due to “technical difficulties”.

    • I had this and found I just needed to add a different payment method.

  • +4

    i signed up and cancelled straight away, honestly think Ebay plus is a colossal waste of money but for free ill take it :D cheers!

  • +1

    Signed up and cancelled, thanks OP!

  • +9

    Another "F U!" from ebay to people who accidentally paid for this terrible product.

  • Thank you OP. Renewed and then cancelled. :)

  • -1

    I'm not getting it :(

  • +1

    Confirmed working as a second trial.

  • +49

    Good stuff, I had a previous trial which has since expired and this one worked fine too!

    To cancel:

    Top left link on Ebay Plus next to where it says "G'day xxxxx".
    Middle left of screen that comes up click 'Edit Membership' and a pop down menu will come up to cancel. Click that.
    Click yes, then reason "too expensive" (or whatever you like).
    Confirmation pops up that membership expires 8th July…. excellent.

    THEN log in to Paypal (if you don't want Ebay having authorisation to debit your Paypal account without your permission every time).

    Click on the Settings wheel (top right next to log out).
    Click on Payments (2nd menu from top).
    Then Manage Automatic Payments.
    Click on Ebay on left then cancel automatic payments with them to remove any authorisation from them.

    Hey presto all sorted.

    • +2

      Damn thanks for the PayPal Payments part. I've never been to this screen before, I see a bunch of "eBay Australia" and "Netflix", can't tell which is which tbh… Time to investigate

      • +7

        In my opinion its hidden. It's not clearly shown in an obvious part of PayPal, and you have to dig into "settings" of all places to find it.

        I cancelled all of mine a while back. I don't like the idea of a vendor being able to debit my PayPal without authorisation for each payment.
        My list included Dominos, Tech Buy, Myers and other retailers I never gave permission to have permanent authority to.

        • +2

          You would have given authority to them, but it happens in a sneaky way.

          For example, when one (irrationally) buys from Myer and pays with Paypal, there is a screen that looks similar to the standard Paypal payment screen, it actually is the direct debit authorization. You are not paying on the spot, you are giving Myer authorization - and they still may DD on the spot, but the authorization stays. The difference is there, but it is easy to miss at a glance.

          I personally don't shop at such places that have these deceptive and underhanded policies.

    • +2

      Thanks UFO.

    • +1

      Thank you UFO and Thanks OP.
      Just got one and cancelled the membership as instructed for peace of mind.

    • +1

      This should be a permanent sticky somewhere!!!

    • +1

      UFO— thanks, man— done & dusted!

      As a side note—- those w/Paypal, be sure to tick the button that shows ALL "active" accounts w/permission to charge you via Paypal— & cancel them! There were a couple I'd forgotten about.

    • I just followed your instructions and ended up with this email, "We’re sorry that you no longer want to use eBay Plus. Your eBay Plus membership will end on 20/04/2020."


      • +1

        You must have bought a 12 month subscription and not a 3 month one. Nothing to do with my instructions unfortunately.

        • Yea, I realized this morning. They don't make it obvious. Clicked on "activate offer" instead of "start free trial".

          Thanks anyways :)

    • Thanks Mate!
      Presto!.. and it's done. :)

    • Thanks UFO. This deserved more upvotes

  • Anyone know when this promotion ends?

  • Is PayPal automatic cancellation is ok or need to cancel in eBay account as well ?

    • +2

      Cancel from Ebay plus setting, not Paypal

    • Paypal authorisation doesn't get removed when you cancel Ebay Plus.

      You need to remove that authorisation manually, otherwise it'll just sit there pre-authorised like every other vendor you give authority to (see my post above). There is no reason to give vendors blanket authority to debit your Paypal account forever into the future.

    • Just cancelling Paypal was enough for me after my last trial.

      On the day that ebay tried to debit the renewal fee they sent me an email saying that my paypal payment had been declined and that they had cancelled my Plus subscription as a result and inviting me to resubscribe to continue receiving the benefits of ebayPlus.

      • The only problem with that newdad, is that the T's and C's of EBay Plus clearly state that unless you cancel your membership directly with them, the cancellation of any scheduled payment doesn't absolve you of that obligation to pay. They can then chase you for the $50 fee later on because you technically haven't cancelled the membership with them.

        Much better to cancel with Ebay Plus directly, AND remove any authorisation for them to debit from PayPal.

  • +2

    wtf why do I pay for this?

    • +3

      If you are actually seeking an honest answer, is it because you are easily influenced sheep.

    • You don't. General consensus is that it's close to pointless

  • Thanks Op, renewed and cancelled. Cheers.

  • is this available to those who already claimed trial?

    • +2

      Yes. I had a 90 day trial last year. I've got another one now.

      • sweet signed up again. Damn wish I had this last week - could have got free postage

  • +2

    Nice, worked even though I’ve signed up for 2 trials previously!

  • +9

    There is no value in ebay plus..

    Most of the discount are lately on front page ie 10% off code on $120 minimum spend..

    I haven't seen much value on ebay plus except the occasional seller that has free ebay plus shipping

  • +1

    Good deal to kick off the week OP. Thank you. Signed up and cancelled immediately. Got 90 days free trial on existing account.

    • He he.. thanks for the idea :)

  • Hardly worth it anyways!!!

  • worked great thx

  • It's a trap!

  • Didn't find the trial all that useful last time around. But still, more than happy for another 3 months to see if I make use of it enough to justify the annual fee - thanks op!

  • Would this work in existing paying account or I must cancel the subscription before I can try this 6 months trial?

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