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[Free] 90 Days Visa-Free Entry to Brazil for Australian Passport Holders


Australian passport holders travelling to Brazil for business or leisure will no longer need a pre-arranged visa from June 17 2019.

Currently, the visa charge for Australian passport holders is US$44 (~A$62) to obtain an e-visa, while applying by for a visa by post or in person at the embassy is $216.

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  • Omg that’s an amazon deal

  • Have many people here travelled to Brazil? I've watch too much liveleak and just 'general streetview of Brazil day light robbery youtube videos' to think it's a safe place.

    • I’ve heard Brazil be described as the tropical Russia of liveleak.

    • its a third world/developing nation. Not sure if you have been to one, but as with most there is virtually no middle class, you are either rich or poor and the poor are desperate.

      I haven't been to Brasil. Im sure the videos you have seen highlight the worst of Brazil and I would stick to tourist places unless you had a guide or knew someone on the ground. Regardless, you need to be vigilant yourself and separate your valuables and be wary of what you say and how you act.

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      I've spent a bit of time in Brazil, Santiago is a pretty dangerous place (highest murder rate in the world I think back then) and I haven't been out much there, but Rio D'janero is a great place. I partied a lot and put myself in some pretty risky situations and nothing ever happened to me. A friend of mine who was with a whore, had a guy knock on the door of the hotel room and try to stand over him for money, he told the guy to f#ck off and that was the end of that.

      There is lots of whores, I was out for dinner with my then GF and there was a whore with tiniest dress that didn't cover the tinniest g-string blowing kisses at me (that's how they do it over there), my gf didn't like that.

      This is pretty surprising as Brazil is not that easy to get into, when I flew in my company had someone meet straight off the plane (almost at the skybridge) and escort me through immigration etc as they have a lot of problems with people clearing immigration.

      • Have you been to Brazil or Chile? Or both?

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          Both, I worked on a cruise ship that went from Rio De Janerio to Santiago including Antartica, Uruguay, Faulklands islands.

          In Rio De Janerio I never got to see the Christ the redeamor statue, I was always too hung over to go out during the day.

          • -4 votes

            @DisabledUser143859: So you worked "on a cruise ship".
            Cruise ships are usually in water.
            Brazil is in land. Cities of Brazil are in solid ground.

            By the way, how was Antarctica?
            What "city" of Antarctica was the safest in your opnion? ? ?

            PS: I have been in Bali too. Mongolia is a great country. Saw it in the brochure … at the airport. I know, I read it. Just ask me.



              @LFO: Have you looked at a map? The cities I mention are on the coast.

              Try googling up south American cruise packages, there is plenty around that have a similar iternary to what I mention.

              Or if you really want I can send you a copy of my old crew ID and you can look up the itinerary for that ship at that time.

            • @LFO: You are a total moron.

    • Spent a month or so there a few years ago. There are places you don't want to flash cash, but I partied pretty hard and nothing happened to me. I'm only 170 cm, so it's not as though I'm an intimidating guy. Just keep your wits about you and don't be an idiot and you'll probably be fine.

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      Stayed there for about 1 week in Rio and Sao Paulo in 2016. Had my phone snatched from me on the street. Three English guys from the same hostel I was staying told me they got robbed of phones and wallets on the street. Witnessed an old lady being snatched wallet on the Copacabana beach. Heard a guy from the same hostel was robbed at gun point in the night. All others happened in the broad daylight though. I have to say, Rio is the worst city to go. Old town and beaches in a cloudy day are the worst areas of Rio.

      • I was in brazil for 4 weeks in 2014. Rio and Sao Paolo were cool. Nothing happened to me but it is a dangerous place.

        Iguazu is freaking awesome. Went to Paraty to pass some time too. I wouldn't travel there alone as a woman.

        Also i thought i paid like $100us for the visa. Good deal but I'm not in a hurry to go back.

      • Dude, you've seen more [email protected]$ than I have and I spend the best part of decade there!!!

        Rio is freaking awesome, still wanna go back. Sao Paulo is cool in a Melbourne kinda way i.e. it's cool but you don't wanna stay there long. Plus lots of traffic which makes moving around the city a pain.

        Travel to the northeast of the country and you'll see why the Brazil is so famous for its beaches. I love Australian beaches but I think they got us covered in that department. Plus there's always PLENTY to see (know what I'm sayiiiiin')

    • If American high schools were a country they would be Brazil

    • I travelled there 3 years ago. In Rio I was almost pickpocketed twice but managed to fend them off. Otherwise it was fine.

      You just have to be extremely vigilant and be mindful of your surroundings and don't wave cash or your phone around.

    • I believe in the early days Portugal only sent its men over to Brazil, so Brazil is largely a population of mixed race people. Dare I say this could explain a lot.

      I read an article about how the southernmost part of Brazil is 95% white and rural, the farmers there would like to form a separate country in fact.

      • you are tremendously mistaken the judicial and prison system (few prisons) in Brazil has not been so strong against crime that explains the high insecurity

    • Went here in 2007. Loved it. Keep an eye on your belongings in certain areas in Rio. I travelled to Favelas, the city and beaches no issues anywhere. Generally people will leave you alone if you leave them alone.

    • I've been there, without a visa. If you go to Leticia, Colombia. You can go to Tabatinga, Brazil. No borders, just a sign that tells you where you'll cross into another country. Brazil felt more organized than Colombia. They had people sweeping the streets, a military base & uniformed people walking around.

  • Didn't a Brazilian UFC women fighter punched the living daylight out of a would-be robber during daytime in Brazil? Can't imagine the safety prospective

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    Get shot n shit nah f dat

  • This visa was introduced before the FIFA World Cup and Olympics and used to cost $160 USD.

    After the world cup, they introduced the e visa at the reduced price.

    No suprises to see this gone now.

  • In Brazil, there're just two kinds of people. Robbers and off-duty cops. Atleast thats what I learned from https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsE_m2z1NrvF2ImeNWh84mw

  • Time for a brazillian wax…

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    Good for cheap Coke but don't bring any back to Oz due to strict policy on carry-on items.

  • Just came to read the cotton wool brigade comments about how dangerous it is there…so far, not disappointed

    • A lot of them haven't been there meaning they became experts on Brazil by consuming the news so they're completely misinformed about the world.

    • +1 vote

      Maybe, but I'm completely fine with erring on the side of caution and having Brazil be on my list of countries I'll never visit.

  • I totally forgot about the Brazilian visa requirement when I was travelling around South America. I booked my flight's home via Brazil and needed to change airports within Brazil. Luckily the Olympics were on and the immigration officer gave me a warning and a 14 day pass. I only needed 4 hours.

    I think that's all of South American now that can be travelled without a prior visa. Well, Apart from Suriname but I didn't even know that place existed until recently.

    • Australia is still chasing ~50,000 visa violators a year that arrived on a plane and preemptively imprisoning the ones that arrived on a boat in an expensive overseas privatised prison.

      For some reason none of the fools screaming about "Where is the money coming from" whenever healthcare or pensions are bought up are saying anything about it though. Maybe they don't know about it?

      • I understand most illegals (over-stayers) arrive by plane. I agree; seems something terribly wrong with the system when the obviously poorer boat illegals get housed on islands, yet the fly-in illegals get it cruisy here and a free return flight if they are ever caught. No wonder Australia is seen as easy and soft.

        Meanwhile homeless figures rise and many genuine Australian pensioners struggle to survive. Maybe I am wrong, but wonder why similar housing cannot be built for the homeless, providing them also with safety, medical care and basic essentials until they have a chance to get back on their feet.

    • lucky for you….sounds like a great trip

    • Last time J checked, Paraguay still required a Visa on Arrival for Australians.

  • Just checked there is no need to pay for visa when you have russian passport.

  • If anyone’s been watching the news, perhaps this is one way the Trump of the Tropics is opening up Brazil for business!

  • Wonderful. For those asking about safety. Yes you should be concerned. They're completely unabashed about daylight robbery. At Rio- I just escaped after walking two blocks from beach to hotel. confronted one skinny kid who then called for his gang. I gave the the gang of thieves the bird as I was escorted into my hotel. Visited the favelas. That actually felt safer as laws were inforced by gangsters. Travel as a group and you should ok. Absolutely awesome country to travel.

  • Born and bred in Rio de Janeiro…. it is a bit more dangerous now, went to visit my parents 3 wks ago and it changed a lot. I didnt take public transport as they All drive through some favela… so uber only. You dont wear anything to draw attention to yourself, like gold, dont walk and talk on the phone at the same time…. you be ok :) ive been robbed before, when i was ateenager but never again… but beautiful place to visit. Also Bolivia, uruguay, paraguay are beautiful

  • I am Brazilian and I was born in Rio de Janeiro.
    Brazil is brilliant in several ways. But they have many problems at the moment and violence is one of worst.
    Brazil is not a third world country. It is a developing country. Although they have been developing for 500 years. Lol
    Brazil does have a middle class and I was one of them. Too many poor and too many rich people as well. Brazil is big with 200+ million people. Brazil is also very strong economically for the world.
    It is not like some poor countries like you may see in Africa or even south east Asia. In some places you will feel you are in Spain or Portugal. The bad places you don't need to visit.
    Tourist places are ok and you have many of them to visit. I recommend always travel light with no much money, expensive stuff like watch, camera etc. If you have a cheaper mobile, take to Brazil with you.
    The tropical president is from the far right wing and he suspend Visa for some countries, including Australia, to help with the tourism.

    If you are convinced to travel to South America, go and visit Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls and if you want a yellow fever, visit Amazon as well. Lol

    If you can wait a few years, I would recommend. It is a bit of mess due a political crisis between right and left and this instability created more chaos on everything. Poor poorer, violence never been so high…in summary, Brazilians are really pissed with everything and that is why the elected the Tropical Trump or Brazilian Pauline Hanson.

    If you need to know more details, feel free to contact me and I will try to help.

    • +1 vote

      Just get away from Rio and Sao Paolo and it should be fine?

      Like South on the border with Ag and Paraguay where the fall is…or higher up where the Amazon train is..

      I went to Rio and witnessed robbery on NYE on the beach and also Sao Paolo was crowded and uber tried to rob me (not literally but took a very loooong highway to d airport that costed almost twice)


    Go have some Barreado

  • What is some nice unique to Brazil only local cuisine you should try that you can't get anywhere else and what is usually a good way to tell if an area is safe or not.

    Always wanted to travel Brazil but would probably go solo unless there is a good travel group anybody knows about and would honestly not mind sleeping somewhat cheap but not on the street and try some local bites and sight seeing areas maybe.

    I heard something about whores also.

    • -1 vote

      Barreado (not everywhere have it)
      Also caipringa drink (made with cane sugar whisky)

      • Barreado (not idea what you meant haha).
        Fijoada = feijoada
        Caipringa = caipirinha.

        Nice try though =)


      I went to Rio, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, and the immense falls on the Southern border (can't remember the name but very famous)

      Rio and SP visit will not end unless you either get involved in or witness incidents.

      Other parts that I went were good. I think somewhere around Curitiba I was in a train that went through Amazon and the driver said on PA that please be seated and don't stand near windows as there has been shooting recently!

      But, the falls and surrounding were peaceful.

    • Picanha all the way.

  • Number one tip for Brazil is to find some Brazilians in Aus to get your reais before you go: the ATMs in Rio's airport are literally criminal, with something like a 40% conversion fee.

    • As an ozbargainer myself, I use my Citibank plus or ING in ATMs from the bank "24 hours". Never had a issue.

      • No, that's not the issue at all.

        I was literally charged USD in place of reais. It's not a 'fee', it's an extraordinary conversion robbery.

        • Sorry for your experience. Believe or not used to be worse. Nowadays the convertion is not as bad if you use ATM from the bank called "24 hours" and you use Citibank Plus or ING card.
          Credit card is widely accepted every where you go as well. But you will need cash to buy your alcohol drinks on the beach. Yes, Brazilians can drink in public places like beach. But please don't drink too much caipirinha and then try to swim. Lol

      • Same and there are plent of Atms in Brazil that are free and give you current exchange rates

    • Here in Melbourne you find currency exchange shop where sell Brazilian currency

  • Delivery kills this deal for me

  • Caiparinha- made from sugar cane rum 🤠