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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 i5 128GB 8GB Platinum Bundle (Includes Keyboard) $1169.10 @ The Good Guys


Comes with the type cover keyboard in the bundle. Just bought one myself.

Cheapest I've seen so far. Cheaper than the last deal anyway:

Don't forget to stack on cashback (e.g. 1.4% from Shopback) and eGiftcards (e.g. 3% from Macquarie Marketplace). Note that TGG online store only allows a maximum use of 2 gift cards per checkout.

Original GOOD10 deal

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  • even better if you can get your hands on discounted TGG gift cards from rewards programs

  • Very tempted to get this and use the SD card to expand my storage. Shame they can't charge via type C.

    Has anyone had much experience with using these as a tablet? From everything I've heard it sucks.

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      I use mine for tech work while in the field, works great for me when I am checking over a network on configuring a router and there is limited space to sit down, the touch interface works perfectly fine for me.

      All really depends on your use case I guess.

      • Works great for me as a tablet. Does take some getting used to though if you're used to an iPad and such.

    • +1

      Depends on what you are using it for. For everyday work it is amazing but if you need video rendering etc then its not for you.

      Its way better than the new macbook pro at my last job and love the touch interface.

      I don't give a shit about usb c charging. Magnetic connectors much better.

    • It dominates the Ipad in every way. I gave my ipad away and never looked back. Just being able to run Windows programs makes it worthwhile. I have owned the Surface 3 and SurfacePro 4.

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    I have one for work and does not like it. Will not connect well with monitors if you wish to expand your screen. Resolutions will change automatically. If you will lock your computer and log back in then all your open windows will be resized and scattered. It is company wide issue and will never recommend surface pro for work purposes.

    • +1

      I love my surface. The form factor is great for use. I'm not sure of any laptop connected to external monitors that don't move open windows around if your monitors auto sleep….

    • I agree, I've got an SP3 and everytime I bring it out from sleep the windows are scattered… I've just accepted it… but definitely is annoying! Other than that, Surface Pros have been awesome for me. I'm still running an i5 SP3 and don't feel its worth upgrading becaus eit still runs awesomely…Not sure how I'd go with the 128GB.. THe 256GB has been excellent.

    • That's rough.

      I have one for work too & use it with a docking station running 2 large monitors (+ the Surface monitor makes 3).
      It works well, I can lock/unlock with no problems at all.

      (but, you're right about the dock/un-docking…happens to me too… I think it is unavoidable when adding/removing monitors)

    • I have a surface pro 6 and have never had this experience.

  • +1

    I had a Surface Pro 3 and while it looks sexy and lightweight, its not the most robust of machines. The final update which stopped the type cover working (google it) was the final straw.
    I ditched it and bought a used Thinkpad X1 Yoga. The Thinkpad is miles ahead in ruggedness but of course its also bigger and heavier.
    I won't be going back to a Surface Pro anytime soon.

    • +1

      hahah I jsut wrote the complete opposite to your experience…. I've dropped mine a couple of times (on a plane) and everythig still works.. I'd say 4 years is pretty good for robustness.

      • Yeah I got about 2.2 years out of my surface 2 and then another 2 years out of my surface 3 (free replacement when surface 2 had issues). Then I dropped it and shattered the screen… :(

      • Also dropped my SP3 256GB a number of times and it's still going.

        For what i use it for it does a fantastic job and while i wouldn't mind something with some more oomph, i don't really (can't really) justify it.

        Ultimately +1 vote for the SP range form me.

    • Completely opposite experience here too, drop it few times on tiled floor, just only minor scratch. Well build design, if its a iphone, crack screen.

    • +1

      My sp3 i7 keyboard sometimes work sometimes doesn’t work, also does not connect well with external monitor with genuine ms adapter. Fan noise is killing me regardless what I do. Called the support, not much help. Thinking to upgrade to sp6 with fabless design, shame on no usb C in 2019. Why Microsoft, why??

  • strangely I paid it through paypal and it charged for the device, but it said that the payment has failed on the goodguys website…

  • I have SP3 128 gb, it still works great. I would recommend this over Ipad anytime as this does everything the Ipad does plus what a laptop can do.

  • Wow that's a good deal, even if it is 128. I got my Surface Pro 5 8/256 a year and a half ago for 2K with the keyboard and Pen on the Student Discount. If you add the Pen to this it's still like 500 cheaper.

    The Pro 6 are meant to have much better battery lift too.

  • Been using the SP6 for about a month now for lite work duties on-the-go, use a Lenovo Thinkpad T470s for heavy work. The SP6 is fantastic as a NotePad (using OneNote) with the new Pen, and light PC work, browsing and YouTube. Boot times are fast and its extremely responsive, the keyboard is really nice you too and the touchpad surprisngly good. I don't dock mine though, prefer to save files to Onedrive and then use my laptop instead.
    Definitely recommend it for light users or for wanting a lighter yet fully functioning PC + Tablet on the go.

  • Tempted but the small SSD size is a let down, is there an option to get a larger SSD for this?

  • Another option if someone want to buy an "ipad but runs window10"
    I just got this recently at HN: Microsoft Surface Go - Intel 4415Y / 8GB / 128GB SSD at $698 - 10% = 628.2
    One more thing, Surface Go has one USB Type C.

    Good for me to take note at uni, surface 6 is good but a bit too big to me and I already had a laptop and a desk.

  • Is this the latest surface pro?
    Looking at either this or MacBook Air … decisions decisions

    • Not sure about you, I am a PC user and work place recently issued mac pro - really " hate" it….

  • Stared at this deal all day and when I go to click n collect, they're all gone!

  • you dont get a pen with this package…

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