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20% off 97 Selected Sellers @ eBay (Max Discount $300 Per Transaction, Min $50 Spend)



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Addicted To Audio
Amber Technology Clearance Store
Appliance Central
Appliance Giant
Apus Auction Express
Australian Camera Sales
Bestart Australia
Camerastore Australia
Click Depot
Custom Home Theater
Cut Prices Gadgets AU
Digital Cinema
DOMAIN AIR Online Store
Domain Appliances
Dell Australia
Eastlakes Electronics
Exceed Australia
Factory Refurbished Outlet
Flora Livings
FTC Computers Online
Futu Online
Gadget Express
Gecko TV Stands and Mounts
Global Export Online
GraysOnline Australia
Home Online Superstore
Hover Board Shop
Instyle Hi Fi & The Interior Store
KG Electronics
Kong Computers Australia
Lappy King
Life Style Store Pty Ltd
Matchbox Australia
My Phonez
NAPF Electronics
NES Printer Supplies and Services
Nice Lena Store
No Frills
Outlet24Seven Online Shopping Store
Oz Electronics Inc
Oz Office
PCMarket Computer Outlet
Phone INC
Pro Light and Sound
RE Definition
Shopping Express Clearance
Side Kick Mobile
Super Sports600
SOBRE Smart Living
Supreme Homeware
Suunto Australia
Sydney Electronics
Tech Mall
TechFast Australia
Treasure PC Online
Trinity Connect
UltraStore Australia
VideoPro Australia
American Boss Deals
Sports GPS

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  • +13

    Ebay competes with eBay. Amazing

    • +6

      Ebay competes with eBay. Amazingon ;)

      • +7

        I actually found something to buy on Amazon.com.au - only took 3 months. All the good stuff is still on amazon.com and they wont send most of it here :(
        eBay is a little more established here and more variety. I wonder if that will ever change.

        • +30

          What really activates my almonds is when the product page says "this product ships to Australia" but when you go to check out it says they don't ship to Australia.

          • +1

            @umexcuseme: Yeh the whole "Cannot ship with third party seller" BS. Was it like this before the GST thing?

          • @umexcuseme: Yep, and Amazon surely can fix this as they specify only Amazon sold stuff can be sent to Australia.

          • +6


            activates my almonds

            Haha nice

        • +1

          I've found the same to be honest. I've bought from .com over the .au site. I found one item that was marginally cheaper on the AU site, however the item was only available in black (I needed white to match my ceiling). Long story short, the item was sold by Amazon and not a 3rd party on the .com platform (au one was a 3rd party), and after speaking with Amazon they stated any amazon sold product has worldwide warranty so I would still be covered/protected under their returns policy. + in my eyes. Ended up purchasing from the states for only a few bucks more to my door. Handy bit of info to know I thought.

          But yes, I'm with you on the use of the au site. Definitely an anti-climax post it going live here. 👎

    • lul :)

  • +1

    Could someone post a search link please

    • broken

      • +6

        He said search link not your heart

    • Deal hasn't started yet

      • 23 likes for a sale with no start time or prices…..

        • +2

          It's the second line on the page….
          Offer Period. This offer commences at 10.00 (AEDT) on 24 April and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on 30 April 2019 (“Offer Period”).

  • Sony store not listed

  • +1

    When’s computer alliance coming back with a 20% I wonder…

    • +1

      last time they did %15 and said %20 not viable anymore because of the exchange rates and overal dropped prices.

      • +1

        They did 20% about 2 weeks ago?

        Edit: Close to a month ago now, but still https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/446894

        • I had hoped to get a HEDT 2066 CPU (I9-9960X) during 15% off sale, but at this rate it's cheaper to get it from PCCG. Not all stocks are loaded, and with them being stupidly busy answering comments and picking / packing goods, satisfaction of specific requests is rare.

  • +3

    Max discount $300

    • Is this the new norm? They were $500 at one point weren't they?

  • +6

    Rubbish sellers….
    Basically sellers like BecexTech and other overseas companies with a massive Australian Flag on their ebAy seller profile to signal they're Australian lol

    (with the exception of Dell)

    • +3

      Most of these sellers are Australian owned and operated.

      • +32

        National Garage rep here.

        We operate out of Albury, NSW. You can actually see the shed we run out of from the Hume Highway when you're driving past Albury, although with the 45+ degree heatwave we rocked in January I think I would have preferred to be somewhere overseas that was colder…

        • +3

          Cool story - but I only looked at the list OP gave and dont recall your business name there…

          I see other AUSTRALIAN companies here lol….never seen so many red flags and alarms…oh Wait!
          If they have the world "AU, AUS or Australia" they're australian companies, my bad…

          Australian Camera Sales
          Bestart Australia
          Camerastore Australia
          Click Depot
          CONSOLE MATE

          • +4

            @frostman: Sorry mate, we're in the other 20% sale on at the moment - Was checking out the comments and thought I'd reply :)

      • +1

        I would call you bluff if I was to go through each and every company in the last, but anyway I have no time.

        • +2

          You would be wasting your time, at least 50% are based in Australia.

          • @doweyy: "Based"?

            So if I rent a warehouse in Switzerland and import trash from overseas to sell to the locals with a nice big Swiss flag does that mean i'm a Swiss company?

            These online shops provide you warranty that's not worth toilet paper, because their headquarters and operations are all offshore,
            they have a minor (token) presence here for shits and giggles..

            • @frostman: More common than you might think. I know a 30 year old that has been making Tasmanian whiskey since the 1800s

  • +1

    Anyone kind enough to provide a search link?

  • +7

    Two tins of ebay spam today.

  • +5

    Hesitant to upvote or waste any time on these eBay deals. Probably come the start time and they forgot to mention it is targeted to 150 of the 2 billion eBay members

  • Thought Techfast was not going to participate in these 20% off deals anymore

    • They have increased prices slightly. Been after the Ryzen 7 2080 Ti build. Last time it was posted as $2,499. It is $2,699 now.
      Luke mentioned it is hard to sell at those prices. Would have been still really good if the max discount was $1,000.

  • +2

    No First Choice Liquor - No Deal

  • +2

    97% off 20 Selected Sellers @ eBay

  • +26

    First time trying to generate one of these links so hopefully this works ;-)


    • Thank you!

    • +3

      Yeah nah, no bargains found.

      [works though 😉]

    • Thanks for that, seems a few sellers aren't coming up in the search though for some reason?

    • Can you try for the other deal? Thanks

  • Still some good sellers In There, might find some thing worth buying tho if they dont price jack.

  • Any of these sellers got Sandisk Extreme Pro MIcro SD by any chance? Does anyone know?

  • Why I have PLANTS20 on my ebay but not this one?

  • any bargains or is the usual ebay spam ?

  • Looking for citizen watch band, no luck here.

  • +3

    Any deal for Nvidia Shield TV?

  • +2

    DCXpert are great for camera gear and they don't price jack as far as I know.

    Free overnight startrack shipping on all orders too.

  • +1

    What is the minimum spend required? I can't seem to find it in the T&C… trying to buy a 64gb microsd card and code doesn't work.

    • +1

      All good! Found it on the banner,
      "20% off* Tech
      Save on Sony, Bose, Samsung, LG & more at selected retailers.
      Use Code PCLICK*Ends 1/5. Max disc $300. Min spend $50.T&Cs apply."

      • +1

        This really needs to be in the post title

      • well done., i was looking for that too when trying to buy a memory stick, went to buy 2 and still no joy.. should be in the title

  • +1

    luvyourphone increased the price of Iphone XS max 64 gb from $1489 to $1679. oh well, still okay with price, but seriously its not 20% then..

  • +2

    It’s been a long time since a decent Sony WH-1000XM3 deal was posted.

    • Agreed. Here was hoping there were some XM3s in this deal but alas, no luck

      • Or Bose QC 35 II….

  • +1

    HP appears to now have an official eBay store. Since below only shows last one unit left therefore posting this as a comment for anyone interested.

    HP Laptop 15 (15.6", 1366 x 768) E2-9000e, 4GB, 500GB 5400 rpm $279.2 delivered.


    Although this is no pavilion but I have had good run with HP. My current HP laptop has been going strong for last 11 years.

  • The search link is not accurate. It does not include all stores (e.g. K.G. Electronics)

  • +1

    Jack's back and it is not John Farnham.

  • If anyone is interested, DJI Osmo Pocket is $479.20 after code

  • DCXPERT is the eBay presence for CR Kennedy who is the official importer and distributor for Sigma Lenses.

    All the lenses I brought through them came with full invoice and official warranty.

  • +2

    Thanks! Grabbed a 55P7 for $735 delivered. Very happy. Much appreciated!

  • +3

    Thanks OP! Purchased a Dell 34 Inch U3415W UltraWide Monitor for $535

    • Why did you choose this over the Samsung for $516 out of interest?

      • Which Samsung model? I found this to be the cheapest in my search. And reviews are great.

        • It’s the SJ55W

          • @cc23: Oh thats a VA panel.

            • @3zzy: Do you have the link for yours taking it that it must be IPS? I’ve only seen the ‘refurb’ ones of the dell.

              • @cc23: Yep, I bought a refurb but for 535 its a steal considering it still retails for just over 1000 (RRP is 1500). https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-34-Inch-U3415W-ULTRASHARP-21-9-ULTRAWIDE-CURVED-3440X1440-60HZ-Monitor-HDMI/283398908909?epid=210496387&hash=item41fbe42bed:g:zCkAAOSw-sNcd2l9:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!3160!AU!-1&frcectupt=true

                • @3zzy: Ah cool, good to get your input. I’ve been deciding between a few ultrawides this wasn’t even on my radar

  • Search link broken

  • +1

    Was going to buy a Wacom CTL-4100WL/K0-C Intuos Small Bluetooth Black. Cheapest found via search link was from BeStart Australia for $166.35. However it's $149 on Wacom official Australian site https://buywacom.com.au. And StaticIce search revealed over half a dozen PC outlets including MWave Australia selling the same unit for $129.95.

    Jack definitely lives on Ebay!

  • Any good Apple Watch 3 deal?

    • The search link has been posted in the description.

  • Hi,
    I wanted to post this deal. But I can not. Hopefully someone can post this as this deal is better than the previous deal we had.

  • They have removed the stores for the eBay page.

    How disorganised are they?

  • +2

    PJACK is more accurate.

  • +1

    Messaged a iot.hub question. Before they answered they increased the price. Do not buy from them, all these ebay sales are trash…

  • Is Allphones Online included in this promo or not? When I click on the T&C it shows Allphones (see screenshot here), but I get “This code can't be applied to your order” when trying to apply the code to an Allphones item, any ideas ?? (eBay support is offline at the moment)

  • Is there a way to search all the stores that are running the program? I have saved up for a 2080 and 65 Oled but seems not going to have a win this promotion