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Samsung Galaxy S10e or Huawei P30 $199 Upfront on $65/Month for 12 Months @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi all,

JB has either of these fine phones for $199 up front plus $65 per month on a JB/Telstra 12 month plan.

Expires Sunday

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      Wow never realised that until you mentioned it. I assumed it would be the same rating as the p30 pro :(

      • IP53 only
        Unfortunately I do a fair bit of rockfishing so my phone sits in my lifejacket

    • What's ip68

      • Water resistance.

    • Ip57 is still good enough for an avg joe.
      5 - dust may enter but will not interfer with device working
      7 - good in water upto 1 meter for 30 min

    • Is that really a dealbreaker for some?

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    Did anyone have luck with Telstra to throw inn international calling, at least a few minutes

    • This is a JB plan not a Telstra plan

  • Just signed up to the 12 months boost deal.. dam

  • Anyone has any luck on haggle 10 bucks off the contract?

    • Just chipped in this deal, ported from Vodafone. Apparently, it's considered a BYO plan.

      • So you got $10 off the contract per month?

        • I got $10 off as port in credit, yes.

          • @jazattack: What did you ask for to get it?

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              @JDKC: Just asked for the $10 port in credit. First got told that it expired in March some time but I said something along the lines of "plenty of other people seem to still be getting it" and they apologised and added it to the plan. Just be polite.

              • @jazattack: Thanks very much! Will try the same thing so fingers crossed!

    • I got it by asking politely on chat, the rep took long verifying stuff, but he applied it without any arguements

  • Excuse the noob question as I haven't been on a post paid plan in so long. Does the port in have to happen on the day? Or can I purchase the plan and phone but port in later when my prepaid (Kogan) plan expires?

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      They will process your order on the spot and require you to port in on the day. My number was ported over from Kogan in less than 5 mins.

  • With 50mbps unlimited plan at home, really don't know what to do with 60gb..

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      Prepare to be amazed when you leave the confines on your home…

  • Note that Coles has 1000 flybuys bonus points on "Ultimate for home" and "Ultimate Teens" gift card purchase. I think these GCs are valid at JB.

    Question - Since porting doesn't happen on Sunday, can we complete the transaction by just submitting porting request? Since Monday is holiday, the actual porting may complete only on Tuesday. Will that be ok?

  • Anyone in Sydney want the phone but not the plan and want to split the deal?

    • yes im interested. I just need the phone.

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    My summary of the deal

    There are many right and wrong info in the comments so I though I do a quick clarification for you all

    The plan

    The deal is strictly for S10E and P30. With P30 you will qualify for the $200 Gift card offer. The S10E is not locked and the P30 is a generic dual sim version.

    The plan DOES NOT come with POM. You can add that with 24X7 chat for $10. You can also ask them about the port in credit as well while you where there. It seems they must have so many people asking for it and they just gave it to me after they checked the port but remember they don't have to give it to you.

    The phones

    I got the P30. Having use a P9, S9+ and a Mi8 I still thing its software needs further work and for many people it need some get use to. Samsung wins hands down on the software. So if you are tech savvy enough and want a free phone then P30 is the one to go. If you want something simply works, don't care about telephoto lens and the $200 gift card, then go for the S10E.

    For the bean counters

    Going price for the S10E is about $800-$850, P30 is just over $750 with the gift card priced in.
    The plan is worth about $50/month
    So you can work the formula either way you should still come out with very convincing numbers.

    I feel I have to say this again although I commented before.
    Not worth the risk if you simply thinking of scoring a free contract by selling the phone. To convince people to buy from you as a private seller is not as easy as you think. You will have to go another 10-15% down from the above mentioned number before people are interested. I had tried sell once in Gumtree and people are so stingy I end up keeping the phone. Finally there is the risk of fraud and if you are unlucky, you lose it all.

    • Great summary bud.

      Right now, the definition of POM is escaping me, what's it mean again?

      • Peace Of Mind

        • cheers mate

    • What's this port in credit? I signed up yesterday after being on potus prepaid for over 10 years so I'm not familiar with all these other possible offers

    • I agree gumtree has lots of low ballers, so while it would be hard to get a free plan out of this deal but if one sold the 10e for $600, the Telstra plan with 60gb ends up costing $15 monthly which isn’t too bad

      I guess 600 should be achievable on gumtree, no guarantees tho :)

      • The entire plan is costing me $88.
        I got the plan down to $49 with the $500 card.

        • Is it JB hi-fi or Telstra giving the discount

        • How did you get the plan to be $49 with the $500 card?

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            @18: Live chat to Telstra to confirm $10 port in credit.
            Signed upto $65 plan.
            Upgraded to $69 Large Plan (current promotion has $10 discount making it $59)
            Add on port in $10 credit.
            = $69 -$10 - $10
            = $49

            • @TomGum: Thanks for the response. Do you have any links or anything for the $10 port in credit? I've talked to 3 different live chat staff and they all have never heard of it before and hence, can't apply it. Any tips, or is it just a draw out of a barrel?

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                @18: I just spoke to someone on online chat and they did the $10 port in credit and also added it to my other account which is 6 months in on a 24 month contract

            • @TomGum: 12 or 24 months plan? Currently this is a 12 months which is making it attractive.

              • @ktks: 12 months :)

                • @TomGum: Thanks. Got the $59 deal but failed at getting port in credit. Will need to try again tomorrow. Better get in quick as the plan was supposed to be Sim only plan.

            • @TomGum: New to telstra so please forgive the questions.

              You signed up to $65 and upgraded to a $69 plant that is actually currently a $59 plan
              Then got $10 off per month for the life of the plan as you had ported?

              How does the 65 plan differ from the 69 plan?

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                @harpie: not OP but that's what I got to when I spoke with Telstra live chat this morning. Went from the $65 byo JB Hifi plan to the $69 BYO plan but with a $10 + $10 discount per month so $49/month.

                Data went from 60 gb to 70 gb per month and I have peace of mind data and international minutes included which wasn't included with the JB Hifi plan.

                • @akan28: did you get a $500 giftcard? or know what OP is talking about?

                  • @Bowchkawowow: the $500 card sounds like the other promo going on at JB hifi.

                    What I did was:
                    - Signed up to the $65 Jb Hifi Plan for 12 months and paid $199 upfront for the P30
                    - spoke to Telstra Live chat about getting the $10 port in credit/month
                    - they offered me the $69 BYO plan (currently on promo for $59) and added another $10 discount per month to get it to $49/month

                    • @akan28: Can you provide a reference?THanks

                    • @akan28: Thanks for the workaround. Could you kindly enough pm your live chat script, pls?

                      • @OrigamiRabbit: all I did was ask about getting the $10 port in credit and then the agent said he could offer me a better plan which was the $69 BYO plan (on promo for $59) Telstra is running right now and then, without me asking, added on the $10 port in credit that I had initially inquired about.

                      • @OrigamiRabbit: same please

                    • @akan28: Managed to upgrade my plan to the $69 plan (currently $59 offering 70GB per month, promotion expires 06/05), howoever didn't manage to get the $10 off per month. Will try again tomorrow.

                      • @chsua10: I tried to do both at the same time and they wouldn't budge. One or the other. I chose the $10 off as the extra 10GB and POM data doesn't phase me too much.

                    • @akan28: can you or anyone else that got this deal via chat please send me your reference number or chat transcript thank you!

                    • @akan28: How to make sure they have correctly applied the $10 port in credit onto your account after the upgrade to $59 plan? Is there a way to check this?

                • @akan28: Hi what did you ask them to upgrade please, I would like to do the same, I've already got the $10 port in credit applied

            • @TomGum: Can you provide a reference?

            • @TomGum: For an additional ref point I also had the same experience. They did call me again later to get the account number and the original carrier for documentation purpose. I thought it's strange to for Telstra has to ask this info given porting already completed with the same info supplied at the JB Hi-fi sign up

              • @CoronavirusVaccine: Could you please provide some kind of reference or live chat transcript? Would be much appreciated.

                • @jazattack: Same please

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          What $500 card?

  • What's involved in the porting? Just grab a sim card from woollies for $2 activate my number then go walk to jb?

    • Yes

  • Hi guys, I’m currently with Telstra and want to grab this deal. From my understanding, Optus and Vodafone don’t do porting on Sundays. How do I get around this?

    • Are there any other telcos other than optus and voda?

      • Yes, but I’m assuming all the other resellers don’t do porting on Sundays as well

    • Maybe ask JB how they will handle it as they are the ones that made the deal valid till the end of Sunday.

      • Going through this right now. Port failed yesterday and they won't release the phone without confirming the port went through. Still waiting for a response from them.

        • Ahh good man, let us know how you go. Which telco you porting from?

          • @Arcticfox: They cancelled my previous port and did it again to a new sim. Went through pretty much straight away.

        • I am currently with Optus. Can I still up today, take the phone with me and port over tomorrow? Or even go and pick up the phone later in the week?

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            @The General: Yeah you'll have to pick up the phone once the port is finalised.

        • This happened to me yesterday. Went into store at around 4:30pm and port on the system didn't go thru when they closed 530pm. I received email from telstra with details on the order straight away and Port confirmation finally came thru email at 6pm and Phone wasnt released until today.

    • Did you manage to port out? I want to get the P30 but I'm with Belong and would prefer to keep my number :(

  • Will I be able to port out from an ALDI sim? It's telstra I think…

  • Anyone else jump on this deal today experiencing number porting issue? JB staff won’t finalise the order before my current SIM turned SOS.

    • Same here. So annoyed. Won't have the phone until the port in is complete. Flying overseas tom. Can't claim trs.

      Had a few customers who signed up yest in store today, complaining about the Port ins not being done correctly

    • +2

      No porting on Sundays.

      • I wasnt too fussed abt the port in. Gonna be overseas for the next few days. Trs is a bummer.

        Go overseas in two weeks again. Need to claim then and put the phone up for sale.

        Was gonna buy the P30 pro online today, but since they stuffed my order process, she matched the online price in store, which was nice of her.

      • +1

        I thought the same but was ported this morning after issues yesterday. They cancelled the port and tried porting to a new sim and it worked.

  • +1

    I was able to port out of Woolworth mobile yesterday successfully even though it was a weekend

    • Excellent. Am also with woolies so wondered if this was an issue.

  • JB staff told me porting works on Sunday with their special channel. Finger crossed Amaysim won’t halt me too long.

    • Also having issues. Went early morning and still waiting. Amaysim prepaid too. :(

  • Just ported from Optus today, took about 10 minutes

  • There is a once-off JB Hifi Mobile BYO charges? Did you guys got that waived?

    • How much is it?

      • Is there such thing? I didn't get charged

      • it is $60.81.
        It shows up in the Telstra email saying the amount will be charge in the first month.

    • Never heard of such a thing in the whole process. One P30 ported from Optus

      • did you get a Telstra email "Here's an estimate for your order"

        • The email i got is "This is an estimate of the minimum costs for this order", then it shows $65 per month

          • @chsua10: No extra line with Once off charges?

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              @spiinl: Yes there is, but that's just a pro rata cost for the remainder of the billing period until the first normal bill. For example, I ported on 4 May, and the next billing cycle is 5 May to 4 June. So the one off-charge is to cover the 1 day period of the 4 May.

              This is a billing adjustment in terms of timing. Not a real extra cost.

            • @spiinl: No, only Ongoing Charges which shows $65

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    Why does this deal not have more votes? Seems like the best mobile deal in a long time

    • It's only been up for a day and expires at the end of today

      • The queuing at JB yesterday was not pleasant. Having said that I don't blame them. I have a lot of sympathy for the JB staff who said he was flat out for the whole day and didn't even have time for lunch

  • has anyone tried upgrading their existing telstra plan with this offer ?
    I have 4 months of contract left with Telstra and happy to pay the remaining device payments to jump on this deal.

  • I'm already existing customer, can I Port another number or just for new customers only with port in? Cheers

  • Don't know if it's bullshit but the staff told me that the person that did $99 for the p30 got fired today and they got a memo about it

    It was meant to be for staff only

  • Doncaster is doing P30 Pro for $699 instead of P30 because they're run out of stock.

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