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Samsung Galaxy S10e or Huawei P30 $199 Upfront on $65/Month for 12 Months @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi all,

JB has either of these fine phones for $199 up front plus $65 per month on a JB/Telstra 12 month plan.

Expires Sunday

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    I am on the tesltra chat now, I started the chat direct from the page that is offering the $10 discount and was told I can get it straight away.

    The page is:

    Scroll to bottom where it says chat.

    My chat confirmed the following:

    You've chosen the Mobile Medium BYO Plan $69 at per month for 12 months.

    •It Includes 30GB + 30GB Bonus + 10GB online bonus of data at uncapped speed Followed by Peace of Mind data capped at 1.5Mbps for the remainder of the month Plus Unlimited Wi-Fi data at Telstra Air hotspots in Australia.
    Includes unlimited calls, texts and MMS to standard Australian numbers .

    •It includes unlimited international calls to 15 eligible countries: Bangladesh, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, UK, USA and Vietnam

    • The total minimum cost of your Plan is $828.

    then I asked about the $10 to bring it to $708 and confirmed following:

    Yes, that's right. We base it to the standard rate $69/month but no need to worry, you'll sure be receiving the $10 credit per month.

    NOTE: early termination is now $414 but that might change as it dosent factor in the $10 discount as yet.

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      FYI: Person I chatted with was Victor Adrian.

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      Legend! I did exactly as you suggested and got changed to the $59/month deal with more data and international calls.

      Totally wasn't expecting this deal to get any better!

      • Jump on live chat and ask for port in credit… $49 per month!

    • WHAT? PRETTY MUCH $708 FOR P30? such a great deal..pretty much around $650 for outright when you minus the ozbargain prepaid sims

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    rang JBHiFi and they said the S10e promo has been updated to 24 months with a $700 credit.

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      Much happier on 12 month plan to be honest.

      • yes

  • Anyone interested in taking over the BYO plan from me? I only wanted the phone and have no need for the sim card.

    • just pay the early termination for $390 mate.

      • Don't think it works out to be quite the same if you chose the S10e - no $200 credit

    • If you want to reduce your monthly spend, convert to the $69 BYO Plan with Telstra, gets you 70GB, and then ask for the $10 port in credit. $49 a month. :)

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    I got the P30 Pro for $449 yesterday ($250 discount) cos they were out of stock of the P30. Really lucky!

    I just Spoke with the Telstra Chat. The lady said they only do the $10 port in credit on the $89 plan. Wouldn't budge.

    How are people able to get it down to $49? Any Tips?

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      I got the $10 port in on the 65/month plan. No luck on the 69 (59/month) plan down to 49 though.

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      Just insist and ask to chat to the supervisor then the manager lol

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      Be polite and mention that when you were in store they said you were eligible for porting discount.

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        I also tried to get $10 port in credit but two people i spoke to said I already got the $10 discount on the $69 plan down to $59.

        Wouldn't give me another $10 port in credit even though they said such credits are given. They said couldn't give credit on already discounted.

        Should have told em but I am from ozbargain, discount on discount is expected!

        Anyway happy with my p30 deal, just hopefully I can get $200 gift card.

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    At the same cost noone still stupid enough to get s10e

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    Tried twice and failed to get port in credit. Was offered to go on the discounted $59 large plan. Can anyone confirm if there will be any cancellation charges upgrading from the JB $65 BYO plan to the Telstra $59 large plan?

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      No cancellation charges but get them to confirm that in writing during the online chat and save the chat transcript

  • kudos for the heads up on this deal OP! i am a long time sim hopper for the past few years, contract plans never looked enticing to me.. but when i saw this (plus i wanted an upgrade my iphone 6) i had to jump on! thanks again mate. i ended up going with the p30, something different.. most of my friends have samsungs, plus the $200 was a good incentive.
    im currently chatting with tesltra now.
    BTW: anyone have good recommendations for good quality cases for the P30? I have been rocking an Otterbox, so anything similar would be great, thanks in advance if any help :)

    EDIT: Awesome, thanks for the inspiration to all those in this post who motivated me to contact telstra via online chat and ask for a better deal. Like some others, i was able to upgrade to the current telstra plan of 60GB/m for $59/m on a 12 month contract, coupled with the $10 port in credit, taking it down to $49/m for 12 months, with 60GB a month, plus PoM (piece of mind) data, and he did mention unlimited international calls and texts in chat, but i think that may have been a typo, either way im not phased.
    So basically, $69/m plan with 60gb/m data, get $20 credit so it will be $49/m for 12 months. And i was lucky enough to get this done on my first chat with telstra.
    I was probably lucky, but if you are having trouble getting them to help you out on live chat, (like someone earlier mentioned) it doesn't hurt to be (extra) nice to the live chat people you are talking to. Remember your please and thank yous, and often use their given name when talking to them (with a capital letter and correct spelling, seriously, it helps!)
    if anyone else needed extra help i have a copy of my full transcript, good luck though. and congrats to those who got onto this monster of a deal, thanks again OP and everyone else :D

    • Could you please send a copy of your transcript? Cheers

    • Please share your transcript? Thanks.

    • I couldn't find many decent cases. There's a couple different sorts of Spigen branded cases up on ebay which look really good. Got the shockproof one for $16.99. Also worth pairing it with a 9H rated tempered glass screen protector to save your screen. There's a company called maxshield on ebay that sells decent ones for not a lot of money.

    • Hi, can you PM me your transcript please, tried twice already but they won't give me a port in credit for the $59. Thanks

    • Hi, would be awesome if you could PM me a copy of the chat transcript!

  • How to make sure they have correctly applied the $10 port in credit onto your account after the upgrade to $59 plan? Is there a way to check this?

    • They would have sent a new estimated charges pdf. That's what I got in the past when they've applied it.

    • You can always just jump onto Live Chat and confirm the credits they can see applied on your service.

  • So has anyone actually cancelled and confirm payout is only $390?

    • I thought I replied to this already…

      Mine is $411

      But why would you want to?

      I Will close off my other account and use this one since its the best

      My other one is $49 for 30-40 GB and

    • I’m going to once I receive my gift card just to be sure. Payout figure drops daily. Currently sitting on $387.90

      • I have a weird double payment in the first bill of $80 then $49 per month

        So will need to query that

        • Payment or charge?

          • @unity1: well its just on the first bill but its only been a day or two so Will need to see

            • @AussieMark: There is usually a pro rata charge for the first month and the next month charged in advance

              • @unity1: yeah i know that but it says $49 + Pro rate of $40 - discount

                $80 for first month… even at pro rata makes no sense… its charging me $80 for the first 3 weeks of the month and then $49 per month lol

                So its double charging

                I will chat with them

                • @AussieMark: Yeah get in touch with them. They usually fix billing errors with minimal fuss.

  • Anyone else still waiting on their port ins to be completed? Signed up on Sunday, moving from Vodafone… still no luck!

    Unable to pick up my handset until then!

    • +1

      I signed up on Sunday in QLD and porting happened on Monday noon. Since it was holiday on Monday, I went on Tuesday and picked up the phone. Your porting should have been done by now. Better call/chat Telstra or visit store and sort it out.

  • Ok I too was successful with changing the plan to $60 Peace of mind plan which came with $10 discount. The 70 GB offer is over and it's only 60 GB now. When I asked for port in discount, she referred to the $10 discount which I had to tell that it's plan discount and not port in discount. She checked with her support and immediately applied the port in discount of $10 pm. So now the plan is $69 for 60 GB, POM and International calls to selected countries with $20 total discount - so $49 pm.
    Now time to cancel my horribly slow and unreliable TPG broadband for which I am paying $60 pm!!

    • I've tried a few times but failed. Do you mind PMing your chat transcript please?

      • Sent you via PM.

    • Hi could you please PM me the transcript too? Would be most appreciated

      • Sent.

        • Cheers mate :)

        • Can you pm me as well

    • Could you PM me your chat transcript too? Having the same issue. Cheers mate.

      • Unable to PM you. Just follow the tips provided by others while chatting with agent.

    • Hi, tried twice and never got to $49, can you send me your chat transcript please? Thank you

      • Doesn't give me option to PM you. Just follow the tips provided by others while chatting with agent.

  • Just FYI for those who recently signed up on the 24 months contract, you are still able to do the same (i.e transfer to the $59 plan plus a $10 credit) and miraculously restart the contract terms at 12 months. Good Luck~!!!

    • Source of your info??

  • Changed to $69 ($59) plan just then but was told 30gb +bonus 40gb instead of 30gb +bonus 30gb?

    • When was that? Right now on their website it's showing 30+30 (over the weekend it was showing 30+40).

      • Right before the post, around 5 hours ago

  • Those who have successfully upgraded to the $69 Plan with $20 discount, do you get the "Minimum Ongoing Monthly Costs" showing on your Order Estimate as $49? Mine is showing $59 despite Live Chat agreed to allow $20 discount Not sure if I should chase that up now or wait till my next Bill to confirm if the other $10 credit to show up…. My initial Plan upgrade over the weekend was incorrectly processed for 60GB instead of 70GB too and they have only just fixed that up for me.

    • +1

      My order estimate shows up as $49 - both the plan discount & the port in credit are individually itemised on it.

      • Thanks Tyrx for the screenshot. Just unlucky for me it wasn't processed as agreed for me via live chat. Mine didn't have the Go Mobile Plan credit. So, had another chat since and was promised to have the other $10 credit put on. Let's see and I shall report back.

        I also got charged a small "Plan Contract Cancellation charge" as well but the chat operator could not explain it to me and suggested that I wait for my next Bill to query that. I wasn't expecting a cancellation charge for doing an 'upgrade'.

  • Managed to get my plan to $45/month $20 discount on the $65 JBHIFI plan with same inclusions don't think ill ever use the 60gb - but first month is $65 asked if I could get the discount for the first month as well but refused brings the total to $560 amazing deal!

    • How did you manage $20 off?

  • This is great deals…jbhifi always have these kind of deal? Will it happen again for MAte 30? Will join if happen again …

    What's up with tesltra deal?

    • Good deals from JB hifi are quite rare. This one is probably the best deal from JB because it gives you additional $200 gift card from Huawei.

  • +1

    Couldnt decide between $250 with the hotels ($50 bonus)

    or $200 to spend at woolworths (gift card)

    Decided to go with the hotel card since I am overseas next month and it works at Hilton, Marriott etc

    • I thought hotel card works only in Australian hotels?

      • dont think so…

        I searched the website before I made a decision and could book New zealand and other countries

      • +1


        Top Hotels
        Select a city to see hand picked hotels.

        478 in

        626 in

        293 in

        633 in
        Gold Coast

        1267 in

        1741 in

        1194 in
        New York

        2065 in
        Los Angeles

        4093 in

        2071 in
        and hundreds more!

        • +1

          Good stuff! I might pick the same.

          Still waiting on email from them, they said "upto 10 business days" and its only been 5 so far.

  • Has anyone received their wish e-gift card.

    Received the code on Friday and it said email will come through in 20min but never did.

    • +1

      I also made the selection on Friday and still waiting. Emailed the organiser and they said it could take up to 2 business days so we’ll prolly receive today/ tomorrow.

    • I redeemed the code on Friday too. I just received their email said that the delivery of your eGift card can take up to 2 business days from when you finalised your selection. In your instance, your eGift should be received by 14th of May 2019.

    • Received mine this morning.

  • For those who have redeemed promotion and have gotten the email about it being approved and will be given further instructions on how to redeem the gift card, it can take up to 2 business days. How long do you have to wait till you’re given further details it’s been more than 2 business days since it got approved.

    Then after you have redeemed your chosen gift card how long will it take then?


    • The Woolies GC was pretty much instantaneous

      • What about from the claim to the email about the redemption? Before you choose your gift card

    • Chose the woolies gift card on saturday morning, still waiting to receive it.

      • I chose the hotels for the $50 bonus (250 in total).

        It's been like 5 days for me and still waiting.

  • Promo claimed 5/5/2019 5pm

    Redemption code received 10/5/2019 5pm

    Selection of giftcard made around 10/5/2019 5.30pm

    Giftcard received 15/5/2019 11am

    • What's name of sender of giftcard on the email. I entered code and chosen giftcard also on 10/5 and received nothing

      • +1

        Sender email was displayed as "A1 Rewards" with email address noreply @ acquireone . com . au
        Initially found it in my junk folder.

        • Same here, was in my gmail spam folder

          • @bargrin: god thank you haha

            first email didnt go to spam

            but the actual gift card did !

  • Redemption email was in my spam folder, but woolies wish card was received instantly once redeemed

    • My hotel card took about 4 or 5 days to arrive

  • Managed to call up and get the $10 credit applied to all the numbers I ported. Didn't want to push it changing plans as well, like some people have managed. They have changed that large plan too to 30 + 30 now rather than 30 + 40.

    • Okay….so went on chat again to see if I could do the change and they got a bit smart. Said since I'd already ported to telstra, if I "upgraded"/switched to the new $59 plan, I would lose the $10 port credit, since my plan is already with telstra. So no chance of me getting it down to $49.

  • I just went on live chat for the 4th time asking for $10 port in credit.

    Looks like 4th time is the charm cause guy said ok will apply it manually so now plan is $49 a month.

    What I did first was to ask if he aware of $10 port credit, if he knew which plans it applies to and then if he can apply it.

    After he confirmed all that then I dropped that I ported in 10 days ago and didn't get my credit. He said ok will aplly it

    Happy as now with a deal i was already pretty happy with!

    • so you changed to the medium plan at 59 with the 30 plus 40gb bonus? but without the port in credit? And then just got the credit now? hmmm wonder what my chances are of keeping the port in credit and switching. $5 savings over 3 plans is still a decent savings over 12 months. can you remember the name of the person you got on chat?

      • My plan is 30gb + 30gb + 10gb
        So 70gb for $69 - $10 - $10 port
        So $49

        I first spoke to Glenn Mar on the chat for the port, he agreed but apparently he didnt put it through correctly, so went back to chat 3 days ago. New person saw note on system and updated the port, guaranteed I got it even though cant see it till next bill.

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