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Xiaomi Dreame $283.85, Mi Robot $313.95, Toilet Seat Pro $424.95, Power Bank 3 Pro $66.99 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Greetings everyone, Gearbite have dropped the prices this morning on the following items to coincide with the 15% off deal.

The Xiaomi Dreame is the cheapest it has been so far, previously a minimum of $299. This model comes with an AU plug in the box.

Shopro / Gearbite have also put the AU plug on their website for $0.01 + $7.98 shipping for previous customers to take advantage of if you previously purchased with the CN plug.

There have been plenty of positive comments so far for this vacuum from users over the past few deals, see some of the reviews below:

Gearbite have also completed a comparison video Here against a Dyson V8.

Gearbite have also dropped the Mi Robot Vacuum to sub $315 again, I have used this vacuum for the last 6 months and can say that it has been my best purchase for a long time!

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1st Gen for $313.95 Delivered.

Other Items:

Xiaomi Whale Spout Smart Toilet Seat Pro:

Gearbite have recently acquired stock of the new Xiaomi Whale Spout Smart Toilet Seat Pro for $424.95 Delivered.

This is a redefined Xiaomi Toilet Seat and comes with the AU Version Package included.

Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000mAh USB-C Two-way 45W QC3.0 PD Fast Charge for $66.99 Delivered.

These are local products with a 12 month warranty, they also have an excellent returns policy if necessary.

As always, enjoy!

15% off 9 Sellers (Min. Spend $50, Max Discount $500) @ eBay

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • +1

    How does the Xiaomi Dreame compare to the Dyson models? Would the equivalent be a V8 or something like that?

    • I believe it was compared to the V8 in a review. If you search ozbargain, the review was linked in a previous deal.

      • Here is the review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGxbl9ZYL1Y

        Its also in the OP

        • +1

          That doesn't seem like a legit review. More like advertising.

          • +1

            @videoman: That's not meant to be a review, just a comparison video. The reviews can be found by users in previous deals, as per the 3 linked in the OP and others also.

    • +2

      One thing I don't like is how the brush head can't rotate 90 degrees each way. Unlike the Dyson which can rotate each way plus bend up and down. Makes it impossible to vacuum under my couches. so I've had to bring home the V7 and take the Dreame to work. Also found the flexible extension tool very useful with the Dyson which this doesn't have. Suction wise the Dreame is better than the V7. I prefer the handle opening system of the Dyson over the clip release on the Dreame. Also no carpet brush yet…

  • +1

    Omg that Xiaomi toilet is cool. I would have totally bought that for my bathroom Reno that’s just finished 😭😭😭😭

    • +1

      It's only a seat. You can still buy it

    • I have this toilet seat and it's not exactly the best. Not very comfortable (you feel like you're falling of it all the time) and not a good fit for my specific toilet bowl, despite me triple checking all the available dimensions for it prior to purchasing.

      But in general the anti-odour and bidet function are incredible. The air dryer doesn't really dry completely and I barely use it. I really want one with an auto seat lifting function like some of the expensive washlet models have.

      • Nice feedback. Does it look a bit dumb not fitting right? Does PowerPoint look daggy?

  • +5

    Any love for the second gen Mi Robot vacuum? Cheers

  • Pulled the trigger this time, Lets hope its all good lol

  • I wish Xiaomi had a Australia depot or something to send any warranty claims to. Would make be feel safer purchasing their items.

    • +6

      All items we sold will cover by our 12 months warranty.

      • Can confirm gearbitw have amazing warranty

      • GearBite any deals on Air Purifiers?

    • +1

      @spectator Xiaomi will be opening depot in OZ by mid/end of 2020

      • +1

        very cool, do you have a news article for it?

    • Can confirm they have amazing service. We sent in a vacuum bought past our 12 months and they still looked at it and cleaned it for no charge.

  • Is that a complete toilet, or just the seat?

    • Smart Toilet seat only.

      • Do you guys selling the standard version? Not the pro one?

        • I prefer the pro seats, less messy and easier to clean up

          • @spaceflight: Is it easier to install compared to the standard one? Hubby's not very handy so I've been putting off buying the standard one.

    • +1

      Add to handvac and you have a portable toilet. With a Mi Robot vac to clean up any accidents :)

  • +1

    Damn could have saved $10 on the dreame if I waited a week. Great vacuum regardless!

    • You are not alone, mine was literally delivered 35 mins ago!

    • Initial thoughts?

    • +4

      $10 LOL

  • +6

    Hey Rep. When is the carpet head coming out? Any idea how much it would cost?

    • ……so this vacuum doesn't suck carpet???

      Bought one already….😱

  • anyone got any feedback for the dreame collecting dog hair?

  • Code doesnt work anymore with Xiami DREAME

    • +1

      mine does

    • Same here. Want to buy it but this coupon is not working for me.
      Haven't purchased anything on ebay recently.

  • mine shows as 339.95 - pix15 code of 15% (50.09) Total is $283.86 not not $288.96

    • +2

      Good find, thank you for that, have updated the title now.

  • i'd wait for the toilet seat pro XR next year
    you don't want to feel left out when all your friends have the latest

    • How different is the Pro XR gonna be?

  • +1

    Could you please recommend the best location to install the power to for the toilet seat?

    • +1

      Less than 1.5m away

      • Thanks, the power lead on the left or right hand side when you sit on it?

        • Depends on what toilet you have.

  • +1

    Carpet roller?

  • Code: PIX15
    Error: This code can't be applied to your order.
    Trying to buy: Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Laser Distance Sensor NIDEC Motor Global Version
    Pack: Vacuum AU $369.35

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just ordered another MI Robot Gen 1, the 4th for various family. Great little things.

    Edit-1: I take that back, the order didn't go through. Ebay redirected me to some crap page to validate my phone number and eventually now it wont let me apply the code again! Ugh.
    Edit-2: Website is being retarded. Logged in via Android APP and successfully made the purchase with PIX15 code.

  • damn it… just got my $299 dreame vac… oh well… its a pretty decent unit, the main head has a bit of a mind of its own though but once you get used to it, it sure does the job

    • Mate, how does it perform on carpet, considering it has just a soft cloth roller and no direct drive

  • Hey rep, any upcoming deals on yeelights or the rechargeable sensor lights? Waiting on them.

  • Code doesnt work

  • +1

    Any deal for the second gen?
    like this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/418370

  • +1
  • Thanks OP. Bought the Dreame. If as serviceable at Robot Vac then will be very pleased.

  • Does the Xiaomi Whale Spout Smart Toilet Seat Pro come with an AU or CN plug?

    • AU plug, all Australian standard(Special design for Australian Market)

  • what about the carpet roller?

  • Bought one mi robot almost two years ago and love it
    Just bought one for mum this time
    Thanks op

  • Did not work in my primary ebay account. So created a new one with my secondary email and it worked. Thanks OP.

    Hope this is as good as our Gen 1 robot. I love Xiaomi!

  • -1

    Scariest part about the "Dreame" is where it says "Powered by samsung lithium batteries". Hope they are not from the Notes that used to explode. :D

  • What about the carpet roller head?

  • +1

    Just got one, too. If RoboRock (2nd Gen one) goes down to around $450, I'm gonna get that as well.

  • Finally caved and bought one, our old Dyson V6 getting a bit long in the tooth.

    Looking forward to it and please rep, let us know when the carpet roller head available 😊, I'll review the machine when we get it.


  • Oh also, anybody here have a 3d printer and would be willing to print an add on for the Dreame so you don't have to use the trigger? (Saw a you tube clip on it)… If not, another sale item perhaps?

    • Just bought the Xiaomi Dreame too, been on the market for a Dyson or something for the last few months.
      Peoples initial reviews seem pretty positive.

      Yeah, just need something to be able to hold the trigger down now!

    • maybe try an elastic band

    • 3D Printer pattern:


      Can someone sell these on ebay please haha!

      • +1

        Is the trigger spring really strong? So your finger will get tired?

        I think that 3d print is over thought.

        I think a C shape clip that would fit over the front of the trigger and the back of the handle.

        Blutac? Electrical tape.

        More destructive, drill a hole in the side of the trigger and push a pin through it.

        • Yeah true, but they are more temp solutions, you've got to think practical (especially if you're not the person doing the vacuuming) and reusable.

          I wouldn't want to drill a hole in it either but good thinking. Hmmmm a zip tie might work! (Eg pull trigger down, slide over, then slide back to gap to turn off).

          On to the review…

          Ours arrived today (thanks guys, very quick delivery time! And can't with au plug), and having owned a Dyson V6 past three years, really impressed with this thing.

          It has terrific suction and the battery is great, the roller works really well on hard floors and carpets, second setting was more than adequate. The main attachment with stick is smooth and handles cleanly and nicely under chairs and around the house.

          It's pretty comfortable to hold and not too heavy. As a nice bonus I feel it is quieter than the Dyson and you for don't get that annoying wind in your face. The trigger was easy to use and not dissimilar to other trigger based vacuums.

          I used the bug head on our mattress and OMG do yourself a favour everyone and use it yourselves on MAX. Amazing what it pulled out!!!

          The bin was easy to empty, all came out pretty easily with a little shake.

          It's a nice modern looking vacuum, the space like futuristic white is a nice touch.

          The only thing I wasn't overly excited about was there is no spot for the charger to auto insert (you have to remember to plug it in to make sure it charges, unlike Dyson which just click and forget)… Buy that's the only gripe. The attachments are fine and all do their job from a quick run.

          Apart from the plug auto insert (seriously third world problem let's be honest), really happy we got this vacuum, it has terrific suction, comparable to high priced Dyson (for a much lower price tag) with long run time without compromising quality. It's surprising because I always thought nothing would out perform a Dyson, I'm happily mistaken.

          Thank you

          • @MToTheFrame: Hey thanks for the review.

            Sorry never owned Dyson either.
            I do not understand when you say "auto insert". Trying to understand the function you are describing.

            I read another review something about the swivel he disliked. Something about not 90 degrees.

            Can you vacuum under the couch okay, about 12cm gap from the floor?

            I am thinking of buying before the deal is over in a few days.


            • @fredk1000: Ah just for the docking station, where you click it in to charge, you've manually got to insert the cord.

              With getting under couches, it got under mine fine (but to go to say 50cm, I would say you would have to bend down to help guide it in).

              I recommend it, packs a punch for a great price (and I feel it's kicked V6 out of the park for a very similar price tag).


              • @MToTheFrame: Oh I see, the docking is more of a holder without metal contacts to charge. An you need to plug in the cable separately.
                Seems a bit inconvenient.

                Just another question, are the cordless vacuums are designed to replace the corded vacuum or to supplement them? ie. is there a need for the corded vacuum anymore?


                • @fredk1000: Given the quality and battery longevity of cordless vacuums these days (and the frequency you're likely to vacuum with a cordless) I see corded vacuums becoming redundant, even for large homes.

                • @fredk1000: Hi

                  I got mine this week and opened it today.

                  Mine has the charging contacts on the dock holder, just plug it in and it charges.
                  On the right side of the dock is the socket for the power cable.
                  I still do not get what you mean by auto insert if this is not what you are talking about.

                  With the trigger, the spring action is very weak so I do not think your finger will get tired holding it in.

  • thoughts on Xiaomi Gen 1 vs Gen 2 robot. Is the later worth the extra?

    • Yes, better mapping, navigation and additional mopping feature. The Gen 2 is one of the best robots around, everyone I know who has one swears by them.

      • If I dont want mopping….better go with gen 1??

        AFAIK the motor fan used is the same.

        • If you have no need for mopping and have no mixed flooring Gen 1 could be a good cheaper option I guess. You'll need magnetic strips to mark the no go zone though where as the Gen 2 you can do in the app. The Gen 2 is just a better unit with better suction, lower noise, bigger dust bin and carpet detection.

          • @Sainter4Life: wow…u can do app to set no go zone in gen2? didn't know that…will try it tonight
            thanks for the heads up

  • Tried to buy the Mi Robot, but received "This code can't be applied to your order." when trying to apply PIX15. What's going on?

  • So I've got a USB-C laptop… I'm guessing I'm only meant to connect your the USB-C port on the power bank to make full use of Power Delivery right? Is there a specific type of USB-C to U-CSB cable I'm meant to use?

  • Can you block areas for the robotic vaccum to not go into without using magnetic tape (like digital no go zone in maps). Hear people saying it is in the s50 and others like the 360 s6

  • Thanks! Just order V9 from Gearbite after GeekBuying cancelled my order and I saved over $50!
    Is it really AU plug and with a AU plug adaptor?

    • It's really AU.

      • Nice! Looking forward for it!
        Much better than my GeekBuying purchases, quicker, local stock, AU adaptor instead of EU/US one!

  • Just ordered the Dreame :) Do you have any more stock of the M365's? Or better yet will you be stocking the M365 Pro and if so when?

  • My Dreame doesn't charge at all, looking at the post from Feb another person had the same issue. They really need to step up the quality control.

    • Only one flashing dot? I have the same issue.

      • 0 flashing dot, all the dots remain dim and nothing happen

        • Mines not charging but 1 dot showing low battery /no battery

          • @suudo: Does it have some sort of warranty you can claim ? Or are we just better off getting a Dyson because of better warranty and reliability ?

            • @earth worm jim: I just got it, so will let you know how it goes, hopefully just faulty charger. But vacuum was pretty good until it ran out of battery.

  • I am thinking of getting one also.

    Where do I specify I want an AU plug?

    • +1

      The Dreame will automatically come with an AU plug

  • Damn it, just bought the vacuum and looked at the above comments of not charging the vacuum after. Can the gearbite rep pls confirm if this is a known issue? Is the vacuum having issues with the charging? Also, is there a carpet roller coming out soon? Would you be offering the carpet roller at some discounted rate to your early bird buyers please (doesn't hurt to ask nicely)? Thank you

  • Bought the Dreame. Here's hoping it's good!

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