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WD My Book Desktop External Hard Drive 10TB $129.84 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


UPDATE: Many users are reporting cancelled orders due to a pricing error

Amazon have now started emailing to advise of the cancellation and are giving $30 vouchers per order. You can check your coupons here. For the record my order of 3 was cancelled and I received the $30 gift voucher too. The drives would have been great but I'm also pretty happy with this compensation. Congratulations to anyone who gets their order delivered.

Insane price for the 10TB WD My Book external hard drive. Limit to 3 per customer, and remember to use cashback. I grabbed 3 for $389.52 + Free Delivery with Prime.


Auto backup with included WD Backup software and Time Machine compatibility
Password protection with hardware encryption
Trusted storage built with WD reliability
USB 3.0 port; USB 2.0 compatible
3-year manufacturer's limited warranty

Note on prices above $400

Some people are seeing prices over $400 and the item being listed by a different seller. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as cookies, account preferences or perhaps they are not logged in. You can append ?smid=A4XRJ8S0WXSO0 to the URL or by using the "Other Sellers on Amazon" widget to choose Amazon US as the seller.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Ah damn, just saw the cancellation through the app but haven't received any email. What a tease that was!

  • +2

    Time to move on with my life :(

    • yes.. :)

    • Here here, you can cry on my shoulder. I'll do it on your lap.

  • Didn't get an email but noticed my order was cancelled.

  • +5

    I can confirm that I've been credited $60 for my two cancelled orders. Very nice.

    • +1

      Lets say 24k clicks are potential buyers x $30. Amazon has made losses of $720k for their error.

      Might as well sell the damn thing at loss rather than face 24000 grumpy customers LMAO.

      • As much as it annoys me, especially after them sitting on it for 3 days, what is anyone going to do? Stop buying from one of the largest shops in the world?
        Besides, it's not that bad an outcome. I mean, if I see any opportunity to go greed hard on the Amazon chat for more I will, but a $30 gift card for a minor inconvenience is better than I'd get from any of my local shops.

        • Good gesture is better than nothing I suppose. AT least they tries to win their customers back.

          And if compared to ebay… Amazon is the sky, and ebay is the 5-10% poop.

      • They will still likely turn a profit after everyone's next order or two. This is probably their biggest price error to date by volume, and I'll take $30 bucks any day over the middle finger that you get from most other price errors.

      • That’s 24k users that are going to buy something with the voucher, and many will buy something much more than $30 worth. Compare that to them continuing to sell the HDD where they were probably making a $100 to $200 loss and I can’t see how it’s bad business.

        Half of the people ordering on Sunday were doing so fully expecting and hoping theyd get a voucher as it was acknowledged it was likely a pricing error. $30 exceeds what most were expecting too.

    • +2

      $30 gift card sitting in my account now too, unfortunate to miss out on the deal by good on them for giving such a great gift card for the error.

    • Can confirm also $30 gift card applied to my account

  • Can confirm .. got $30 credit. No email though

  • +2

    Yep got my $30 too.

    Now time to buy something like the Seagate 5TB Portable HDD as a consolation prize?

    Comes to $144 after $30 discount.

  • Yep $30 on my account.. thanks op it was worth a shot

  • Ditto. Cancelled & $30 credit.

  • +11

    Oh wow $30 giftcard expired on 22 May 2029.


    Take a note, ebay.

  • Yes my 2x orders have been cancelled. $60 gift cards in place.

  • +5

    And those people who called earlier only received $10/$20 hahaha. Take this as lesson don't be a party popper

    • +2

      They'll probs get the $30 on top of their $10/$20 (source: experienced this on a different deal)

    • +3

      party popper

      Dude I tried to show you what that means but here you are again, sigh.

      The term you're after is party pooper.

  • +6

    Just got the $30 as well. What a ride Ozbargain, and lets be honest - this was probably the best realistic outcome.

  • Mine got cancelled too but i got a 30 gift card so oh well.

  • +1

    Ayyyy $30 gift card boiss

  • +2

    Just got the email too confirming cancellation and credit. Slow for such a massive company but a serious show of good will.

  • Now that we all convinced ourselves we really needed a new HDD, a lot of those $30 coupons will be going toward new portable drives.

    What's the best value?

  • I was one of first to order, but still had it cancelled and received a $30 voucher. Thanks Amazon, I'll wait for a Paperwhite special.

  • Wow thats a pretty generous gift card. Appreciate it Amazon. I dont feel too bad about my cancelled order now 😁

  • Got my cancellation email also. Knew this was most likely going to happen, but still disappointing.

  • Received email regarding cancellation and $30 Voucher as Compensation.

  • +1


    We're contacting you about your order #xxx. We recently discovered an error that caused the following item(s) to be displayed at an incorrect price:

    WD My Book Desktop External Hard Drive 10TB.

    In this case, we're unable to offer these items for the incorrectly posted price. Therefore, we've cancelled your order(s) for these items, and you haven't been charged.

    At any given time, despite our best efforts, a small number of the millions of items on our site may be priced incorrectly. We're very sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

    To help make up for the inconvenience caused, we've applied a $30.00 Amazon AU Gift Card to your account. Your Gift Card balance will be automatically applied to your next eligible order.

    Amazon Customer Service

  • +1

    Got email and $30 credit too. Purpose achieved 😀

  • rip pricing error, but credit tho worth

  • +8

    lmao… i actually made 3 seperate orders of 1 each and they gave me $30 for each order… now im sitting at $90 credit in my account lol…. this is better than theactual deal! as i had no use for 30TBs hahaha

    • wtf you genius LOL

    • On the same account? I'd spend that quickly before they realise.

      • +1

        yeh same account lol

        22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-FVCC) $30.00
        22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-ZPCU) $30.00
        22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-JKLX) $30.00

        • +1

          LOL, I did exactly the same! :P

          Your Gift Card Balance: $90.00
          Add a Gift Card
          Upcoming Gift Card Expiry Dates
          $90.00 on 22 May 2029
          Gift Card Activity Page 1 of 1 (3 total transactions)
          Date Description Amount
          22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-WEC2) $30.00
          22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-FCC7) $30.00
          22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-RHCE) $30.00

          Amazing. Well done Amazon. :)

          • +1

            @nish: I did the same, but cancelled two orders as I thought I will honour them all.

          • +3

            @nish: Oh No,, $150 ??? :) , thanks OP,, no complains

            22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-2xx) $30.00
            22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-3xx) $30.00
            22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-Cxx) $30.00
            22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-Gxxx) $30.00
            22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-Zxx) $30.00

  • +1

    bought a Prime Membership for that and now my order just been cancelled.

    • same here… so only got 23aud

      • +3

        Go and cancel your Prime membership, you then can select to go to the end of your paid up month, or cancel right away and get the $6.99 back. I just did it just then and got a full refund of the month of Prime.

        • I don’t get it, isn’t the first month free anyway? Why they charge you $6.99

          • @roofyapple: Because most of us on here have already used our free trial on previous Amazon deals…

        • Thanks for the tips, tried just now and can only get $3.5 back…

          • @siuol: When did you sign up for it, just for this deal? Had you used any of the Prime membership benefits at all?

            • @Porthos: it was on the day when this deal came up. No other benefits were used

              • @siuol: Hmm weird. When I cancelled just before I got the email from Amazon which did say

                Since you have not used your Amazon Prime benefits, we are refunding you $6.99 which includes the full membership cost and any applicable fees and taxes

                What did your cancellation email say?

    • FWIW, I did the same thing. Contacted Amazon support and they agreed to cancel my Prime (seems like they just cancel the auto-renewal since I still have Prime until the end of the month) and refunded me the monthly Prime fee.

  • Just got my cancellation email :(
    Lucky mofos, those of you who ordered and had it ship. I ordered relatively late and was scheduled to ship 2/6.

  • Cancelled and got $30 credit per order


  • $30 gift card, well that was worth it considering I probably would not have used the hdd anyway lol

  • $30 credit! Awesome!

  • mine got cancelled..

  • That's good $30 voucher didn't want the 10tb hdd anyway and my 4tb portable for $89 went through ok.

  • +1

    Got a $30 voucher as well.
    If you plan to use cashrewards or similar, the voucher voids it.
    So if your planned cashback is > $30, try and use the voucher on something else first.

    I had $1 credit left from an old voucher and did a large order…it used the $1 credit/voucher and I wasn't awarded the cashback :-(

    • I'm not following you. I need a real life example.

      • If you order from Amazon with a credit voucher cashback will not be paid.

        • +2

          I thought they changed that?

          Cashback is only payable on order value (excludes taxes, shipping and packaging costs) and as of 6th May 2019, is valid on orders paid for with gift cards

          • @Autonomic: Sorry no Idea. I was just translating the convoluted statement above.

  • Mine cancelled as well and like the rest got the $30 credit. Was hoping I could use that to pay for a yearly Prime membership but sadly wouldn’t let me.

    Signed up for 1 month of Prime for the free shipping for this order, went to cancel it and was given a full refund of the $6.99 for the month so I’m pretty happy with that. Didn’t cost me anything in the end, but would have loved that 10TB to finally backup my server and wipe it fresh!

    • You mean, started a chat and asked for a refund.

      • No, just went through the cancellation option for Prime (on their website/app) and it gave me the option to either change it a yearly membership (and be credited the $6.99 I’ve paid), continue with the month and not be charged after that, or cancel it immediately and get a full refund of $6.99 for the month I’ve paid.

        This only works though if you haven’t used the benefits of the Prime membership (which I only signed up for the free postage for this deal).

        • Nice, didn't know that. Mine didn't have that option, probably because I cancelled it before this order got cancelled.

  • Cancelled but $30. I'm not even mad.

  • +1

    So if you bought 3 in one order you get one $30 only? Wow Lucky I made 2x 1hdd orders….

  • +10

    Don't really see why so many people are complaining about the order being cancelled.

    You'd be deluded to think that wasn't a pricing error. Amazon has every right to not sell it.

    Instead, we should all be happy that we got $30 credit for free. If anything, this further emphasises (IMO at least), how good Amazon's customer service is because the second I saw this posted on Ozbargain, I knew there was literally no downside to me ordering 3 as I would either;

    • Get 3x 10TB drives for a cracking price. Could easily sell one and make the other 2 effectively free
    • Have the order cancelled, but have the peace of mind that Amazon would never take my money until after they've shipped the item. Not to mention the possibility of Amazon credit.
  • Damn was hoping for the best… bought my NAS last Thurs in the PHOENIX deal and had bought some WD Red but cancelled the order when this much better option arose. Guess it's back to the drawing board on that one

  • Whoever got them shipped, bargain of the year, mine got cancelled sadface.

  • Cancelled but got gc .. luckily made 2 orders so 60 bucks… next time ill know ill make at least 10 orders .. not angry cause i was after the gift cards lol

  • I actually placed two separate orders for this and got two gift cards of $30 each. Anyone ordered 3 drives separately and got 3 vouchers :p

      • Me too :P

  • Cancelled..lame

  • +1

    Nice, $30. Wish I made seperate orders for multiple vouchers.

  • Got mine cancelled and $30 credit

    I signed up to prime just for the free shipping but in my terms it was a cheaper shipping method. Amazon recommended me to sign up for prime on checkout too now I’m stuck with prime for a month

    Oh well

  • +2

    For anyone who got more than 1 voucher on the same account I'd suggest spending it quickly. People who ordered multiples but got only 1 $30 voucher are likely going to complain and the jig might be up on your multiple vouchers. Just a thought.

    • Already used them

    • +2

      Doubt it. The vouchers there as an act of good will. Taking that away doesn’t accomplish that after they already stuffed up, and it doesn’t help those that only got one voucher.

      • yes, if they take away the voucher after they give it due to their stuff up…

        that would just make the customer even more angry..

    • Can you use the multiple vouchers on one order? I only got one order through and so got one voucher anyway. Anyone complaining about multiple vouchers has a massive case of sour grapes.