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Mercury Hard Cider 355ml Bottles $11 Per Slab of 24 @ Dan Murphy's (Members)


Was stocking up for the long weekend on DM website and found a good deal.
Must login as DM rewards member and select case from the drop down menu.
When you go to cart you need to change from pack to case.
I chose click n collect and picked up from my local at Chadstone 1/2 hour ago.

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    Looks like glitch only works in VIC, WA and TAS. Works for every store in those states I have tried. Cannot get it to work in QLD, NSW, SA or ACT (comes up $48.00, save $7.99) for any store.

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      But can be changed to shipped if store set to another store!… the issue being that it's likely to be cancelled!

      • Correct. I'm in QLD, set store to VIC, selected 2hr shipping via Sherpa, had it delivered to my door in just under 40min from placing order.

        • Nice one… I'll be out so couldn't do short shipping but hoping the order doesn't get cancelled!

        • Got my 1st order delivered yesterday - 2nd one was cancelled! Cheers!!

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    When do we have an Ozbargain party?

  • I am seeing 48, not sure how you got it for 11

  • You mean $11 for six pack I think?

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      If you follow the OPs instructions, this is how it appears at checkout;

      1 X Mercury Hard Cider 6.9% Bottles 355mL (Case)
      Promotional Discount:-$40.99
      Total paid:$11.00

      Edit: Just picked mine up. 4Γ—6packs. Woohoo!

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    I will say, this is probably one of the worst ciders about flavour wise… I think I paid about $20 for a case as part of another deal here. Kind of like they've taken cheap, stale apple juice then added ethanol and sugar.

    BUT at 6.9% it gets you drunk REALLY fast. If you drink it VERY cold over lots of ice, you can taste it a bit less.

    $11 is phenomenal for a 24 alcoholic drinks of any kind though, so still a +ve vote from me.

    edit: I'm seeing Member offer of $11 for 6 too.

    • agreed! not the best tasting stuff but it packs a punch

      • Yep and following from that, OPs instructions are correct. It comes out as $11 for 24 in cart.

    • Goon

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      I like it. I'm not normally a cider drinker. After reading your review I was expecting something gross. But it's quite nice on the palette. Very smooth and sweet.

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      I agree. Terrible cider, far too sweet and tastes like its made from concentrate. Only good if you want to get smashed.

    • Don't know about the bottles but the cans taste great

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      taste is subjective, I dislike many of the cheap ciders, but this I liked

    • I never throw up when drinking. This stuff made me violently ill after only 4 or 5 cans. Tastes alright, but really hard on your guts.

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    I just ordered 4 slabs for $44, on my way down to pick it up

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      Honoured at my local dan's v. happy. Thanks OP

  • Haha I was going through this going 'what is this guy on about' as I had to flick between it a couple of times before it showed as having $40.99 taken off the price. Good find vmilosh!

    Edit: This is what people should see if it works -

    • I can't make it work. Is DM rewards the normal free membership or is it another level?

      • Nah it's the normal free membership. Just add it as a case, then go to the cart and play around with changing it from case to pack to case etc and it should then show the price change and comes up as a $40.99 discount.

  • Just got a carton of 24 for $11. Cheers OP!

  • Got a case for $11. Will pick-up after work and see if they honour it.
    (Most likely a glitch as its $11 for a 6 pack)

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    Not working for me. Not sure why not.

    • Did you read first comment?

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        That comment that has been pinned now was posted almost 20 mins after Jawanzar posted this.

        • Oops! You're correct. Haven't noticed a pinned comment before. Good to learn.

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    Looks like they have fixed it grrr

    • Yep. Definitely not working for me, no matter what I do.

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        I add a pack at $11 and it goes into cart as $12!.
        THey've over corrected… go back!.

        • Yup me too. Can't figure that one out.

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    Still alive. I just put through 1x case

    • what browser did you use?

      • Bought it through Shopback and paid using GC. I've just got the tax invoice

        • Well I got the SMS to pick it up but when I went to the store, they said it's out of stock. They will fulfill my order and give me a buzz when it's been delivered to the store. I could see on their screen that the staffs were able to see the price that I paid for it but they didn't say anything. still

  • $7.99 promo discount for me…1 slab $48…followed instructions..

    • same here

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        Worked it out….it's location based…set store to Chadstone Vic, then change the order to be delivered - it will keep the $11 price BUT you can change the shipping address.. Shipping will be an additional $6.90 so $50 or so for 4 cases delivered….assuming it's not picked up and cancelled…

        • Thanks will give it a go :)

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          Tried it - worked like a charm …..
          Now we wait to see if they honour it

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            @chrisie: Got cancellation sms's for both orders I made claiming RSA as the reason!… I did get shipping notification prior to that so with any luck one made it through!!

            • @evanssm2jp: Just checked my phone , got the same message as you - here's hoping one of yours will get delivered and also you get a refund for that one.
              Let me know

              • @chrisie: 4 cases arrived yesterday! 1 out of 2 ain't bad - the 2nd order was cancelled!

                • @evanssm2jp: Great to hear, what a win . You must be over the moon. Did you also get a refund for both orders ?

                  • @chrisie: Just the one but 4 cases is plenty and at $50.90 a steal! very happy…now to drinking them!

  • Just paid $11… still working!

  • Still working, first add 6 pack to a cart and change to the case from the cart, should work

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    πŸ‘ just worked but forgot Cashback πŸ‘Ž

  • Worked fine for me

  • Oh dang I love this cider too!

  • Still working just ordered another

  • Still working!

  • Just picked up my $11 carton. Stoked.

  • Just picked up the carton. Yeah.

  • I just redeemed the offer. Paid 11$

  • Worked fine for me in WA. Got pick up ready confirmation too

  • Worked for me too in WA, thanks OP

  • legend - thanks heaps

  • Shouldn't be marked as expired, worked for me. Thanks OP!

  • Just ordered then :) Still working

  • Still works for me.

  • I am trying to get two slabs delivered. See if they cancel the order the day after like cellarmasters did!

  • Damn, I can’t get this working. I even drink this cider. It just keeps reverting back to the original price.

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      choose a store in vic/wa/tas….change to delivery and discount applies.. it seems to be location based…

  • Still working for me. Perth

  • Not working for me

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    Thanks OP, got two for pickup on 11th, lets hope they honor it!

  • Yeah, worked for me. See how we go…

  • still working, awaiting pickup approval - bought two, hope it goes through!

  • Definitely not expired. As per above I set the site to chadstone but got delivered to Adelaide. Said it might take an extra fee days to come from Interstate wherefore but I can live with that of they honour it. Thanks op.

  • shop out of stock - select pick up next week, they'll probably not honour it.

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    I think they changed the stock of all stores near me to 1 pack whilst they try to fix the main problem….

    • Yep im getting the same, can only add one 6pack for pick up.

  • Went to go pick up and was told they're not honoring it, system error.

  • Not working up in Qld. Set to Vic but still adding in as $17 for 6 or $50 something as case when changed…won't even show the $11 rate for members!!!!

    • Hi Ben Kenobi. It did the same thing to me, but then I used the link op provided and it took me to the discount :-)

  • Picked up nov use by date πŸ‘ definitely cheap booze week with free wine cheap cider just need beer 🍺

  • Working in WA, thanks :)

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    Thanks OP! Got 4x cases delivered for $50.90

  • Yeah, has to be Chadstone and max four cases.

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    worked for me. Waiting on pick up txt.

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    It just worked for me. Let's wait for it to be cancelled!

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    Worked. Thanks op, looking forward to my cheapest hangover

  • Still working. Just ordered a case for pickup. Waiting for the SMS
    Supposed to be a 30 min pickup

  • Got a slab. Yeah baby

  • Got a slab in wa. Just got the SMS to pick up within 5 mins

  • Ordered 3 cases from Oakleigh South VIC.

    • damn I tried oakleigh and missed out :( enjoy!

  • Worked for me! Will go pick it up asap

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    Thanks so much OP. I just ordered 4 x slabs with delivery for $55.90. I did get a message thought to say "Heads Up" Your order has been randomly selected for a security check and may be delayed by 15 minutes!! I do hope they honour it. :-)

  • Wow…Friday sorted

  • I purchased 2, got a pick-up confirmation.
    Ready for pickup now…

    Was wondering if they will hold until tomorrow or cancel it once someone realizes they made a mistake?

    Can't really be stuffed going into town at the moment for just one thing…

    • Was on the phone with dan murphys rep and he was saying don't cancel the order but wait for the text. They will most likely honour it if you got the pick-up text. Currently waiting for my pick up text. How long did it take for your pick-up confirmation?

      • Sorry for the late reply,
        It took roughly 10 minutes for the pickup confirmation.

        I decided to pick them up straight away rather than risk cancellation!

  • Thanks OP, order 2 cases delivered $28.90. Hope it doesnt get cancelled

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    Bloke packed a 6 pack only saying it must be an error. Showed him the transaction and picked up a slab

  • +1


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    doesnt work anymore :(

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    Just ordered and recieved a pickup confirmation for 2Γ—24 slabs at doveton store in melbourne. Cheers to Op!

  • I can't even get a six pack for $11. It keeps showing $12.

    • Depends on the state. Ones with the drinking container tax will be $12

  • I all. My local store is Bunbury W.A. Perhaps change your store to that one. Then use the link OP provided. FOllow OP's details and then change the pickup to delivery. Then put in your delivery address. It should work. :-)

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