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Sony WH-1000XM3 | 20% off B-Stock (Open Box Units, in Silver / Black) $316 (Usually $395) + Free Shipping @ Addicted to Audio


Only whilst stocks last, limited quantities only - get in while you can!

Item being sold is classed as "B-STOCK" which is a open box unit which has been repacked, full warranty included.

Ozbargain exclusive deal!

Maximum 5 per customer

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    Used? Ex demo? Returned?

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      No used items, but a mix of box damage and checked items which are repacked.

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          … for needles.

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        • Are they from Columbia? heh

          • @fedaykin: Columbia (name): The historical female national personification of the United States of America, and a poetic name for the Americas

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            @fedaykin: You might be thinking of Colombia :)

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    (Usually $395)

    When was the last time you sold the repacked ones for $395?

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      If anyone is to purchase these without the code they are at $395 - which is everyone not on Ozbargain!

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    ANy chance for a deal on the brand new/unopened ones which are also the same price as the "b-stock", as advertised ($395) on your website?


    • Unfortunately no, sorry.

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        So it's a different item to what's available for $395, as advertised in the title?

    • JB Hi-Fi has new ones for $395

    • Hi OP,
      I have the same question, my wife just bought this 2 days ago from you guys at $395 while not knowing that I am an ozbargainer.

      She said that she believe the item is not b-stock while paying $395.
      After what you’re saying above I have my doubt.

      I will send you a pm with details if you don’t mind to check.


  • Is the sound quality on these any good? I listen to FLAC music and am thinking about buying.

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      They get good reviews. But if you're a FLAC fan bear in mind these are Bluetooth so you'll be compressing/sending the sound over Bluetooth anyway.

      • Yes, I'd probably still use a cable to connect, so bitrate isn't an issue. Just wondering if the sound quality would be comparable to other headphones in the sub $1000 range or I'm paying for the noise cancelling and tech?

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          These support APTX so lossless is fine.
          But you're paying for noise cancellation and portability and if you run these with a 3.5mm cable they're going to sound like shit since it'll bypass the onboard DSP. Similar price range checkout sennheiser hd6xx's.

          • @ClintonL: AptX isn't lossless. AptX HD is closer to lossless (which they also support). Depends if you use iPhone. No AptX or LDAC on iPhone. I don't have Android but I think LDAC is supported by Android now? It's the closest to lossless (and didn't need a Qualcomm chip so I wish Apple would get on board……)

            Why would you want the DSP if you were cabled? No DSP won't sound worse. Do you have experience with this device or is what you're saying baseless? Why would Sony make them sound worse when plugged in with a cable? That does not. Make. Sense.

            • @bteq: I meant aptxhd when i said that. But yeah it has LDAC.

              This is an active headphone, it has an onboard dac with dsp. This is what makes them sound acceptable. When you're running them cabled they're being run passived and this bypasses all the tech you paid for. And yes i did own these and i know what i'm talking about.

              EDIT: You probably won't take my word for it but here you go. This is a flaw with any active headphone.


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                @ClintonL: LDAC > aptX HD, and is the best of the codecs at the moment, something like 996kbps with 24/96 compared to 576kbps with 24/48. Having LDAC makes these pretty much the best headphones to use over Bluetooth with a compatible Android device (and AAC’s 320kbps 24/48 is compatible, which is the best iPhone can do).

                Using the cable doesn’t prohibit you from using ANC, but it’s true it bypasses the DSP (and sounds worse for it). Also, when the DSP is on, LDAC is disabled, and the stream becomes more lossy.

                I use these with Tidal HiFi on a Pixel, and they sound great - not accurate, but clear across the frequency range, with accentuated bass. Using my more accurate headphones afterwards makes them sound less whole, more tinny.

              • @ClintonL: It's not using the 3.5mm cable that's the problem. It's running them switched off in passive mode without the internal amp (and maybe DSP). Seems if you have them switched on but cabled they'll work fine with no loss of quality. I'm assuming the ADDA is 96/24 given they support LDAC so should still sound better than Bluetooth. Should be a good option for FLAC if the main priority is the ANC but with reasonable sound. I assume cables in active (switched on) mode all features will still work?

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              @bteq: LDAC is available on Android phones only after a certain update, which only certain model Android phones get.
              Read up on it if you need details.

            • @bteq: And Graviton. You guys seem to know what you're arguing about - I got a question regarding sennheiser HD 4.50BT - in regards to using a cable or listening over bluetooth.

              Would you expect sound quality to be better when playing high quality files, such as FLAC, via the cable compared to that over bluetooth? Also, what about if I was using the LG V30+ with the HIfi DAC? Would this improve listening via the AUX cable.

              Im very tempted to buy the V30+ for the sole purpose of the hifi DAC. But I would hate to buy and see no improvement in sound with my HD450s

              • @ninnypoop: Would like to know this too

              • @ninnypoop: It should be higher quality as long as the headphones don't have an ADC that converts the signal back to a lower quality signal than what you're sending from the hifi DAC. It should be at least marginally better than Bluetooth but it's not clear how much better.

        • Seems like they're king of ANC but not sound quality.

          "Still, if you need a headphone right now, and you have about $350 to spend, I would still recommend the Audio Technica ATH-ANC900BT over the Sony WH-1000XM3 for sound quality. Not only is the ANC900BT more detailed, but it doesn’t require a ton of control through an app – it sounds great right out of the box."

          "the mids suffer from the over-extended bass"

          "At times a bit tinny, the highs on the XM3 constitute a very mixed bag. There’s a decent sound here, it’s just been compromised by the rest of the sound profile."


          • @bteq: Kicking myself for missing Audio Technica sale at JB last Wednesday now I know this. Was 40%

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              @bteq: Yeah but the anc on those are apparently terrible, why even bother. Seem overpriced to me

        • As ask reviews say, the sound quality is good for NC headphones sub $500.

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      These have LDAC support, so if you have an android phone with Oreo or above, you can go to developer settings to enable a maximum of 990kbps. You can also monitor whether LDAC is active via the sony headphones companion application. Highly recommend, great sounding (a bit on the stronger side for low end though, but still clear), great anc, great battery life (up to 30 hours), great comfort, usb c with fast charging. If you have an android device these are the best on the market.

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      They support the LDAC bluetooth codec (which requires an android phone or Digital Audio Player which supports LDAC codec) which can achieve CD quality wirelessly on Normal & Quality priority modes.

      But overall Sound Signature may be quite average, which can be remedied partly with the EQ in Sony App, but these headphones have been designed with Noise cancelling as its main function so there will always be a compromise.

      Disclaimer: I considered purchasing the same as you in the past, as wireless lossless headphones. But decided to wait until more models were available with LDAC codec. Another current option for better audio quality (LDAC sans NC) would be Audeze Mobius which uses planar-magnetic drivers (the price is still too high waiting for price to come down).

      • Looks interesting, although only 10 hour battery life

        • It says that’s with 3D audio on, if you turned that off possibly a bit more (~13-15 hours is my guess).

          • @thebadmachine: Hmm….. I'm super keen for a new set to upgrade my Senny 4.40. I don't want NC as it makes me feel weird, so I want to focus solely on really nice warm sound. Really tempted to try B&O PX but many people mention quality/warranty etc. So hard to choose a good set of wireless cans haha

            • @onlinepred: B&W PX comfort is also poor according to reviews, clamping force is very strong (sore jaw within the hour), and earcups are small and oddly shaped, so can be odd feeling unless you have certain ears.

  • +3

    Hmm, Wonder why the have to open them to “check” them?

    • +18

      To make sure if they are still there

      • Should never have stocked Heisenphones.

  • All accessories included and accounted for?

    • +1

      Yes all included, as per the check!

  • I have these and use them on macOS. Unfortunately I can't get them to connect using high quality audio while also using the built in microphone. As soon as I open any software that uses the mic the quality drops to that of a poor phone call.

    Apart from that they work great, when the microphone is not in use it will connect using APTx.

    • thats some issue with bluetooth that plagues all headsets i have

    • From memory its due to bandwidth problems with bluetooth 4.0 (Most phones have 5.0 so no problem), i.e. desktop or bluetooth adaptors will play music fine but not enough bandwidth to use mic/speakers at same time w/o audio quality loss.

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    Is Addicted to Audio going to have a EOFY sale? I'm after some headphones.

    • +1

      We will be on a few but not all items

      • Thanks for the reply. I had some Hifiman he400s in particular in mind

      • Would that sale be on in the very near future OP? I am looking at purchasing my STAX end-game. Will they be on sale seeing as the new MK2 L-Series is coming out soon?

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    Hmmm.. I've never purchased "open box" for high value items like this.
    Tempting… but the price is only $50 better than brand new when on sale.

    Can you please tell us more about why they've been opened?
    (i.e. what do you mean by "checked items"?)

    Thanks OP.

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    They have full warranty so should be ok I assume ?

    • +2

      Yes full warranty.

      • And theyve never been used, right?

  • Damn… missus has given me a hard $300 limit

    • +3

      travel in the near future and claim back 10% GST!

      • -1

        What's the point in claiming the GST, don't you just have to pay it back when you return to Australia?

    • Travelling soon? TRS

    • +32

      Ask her nicely for your balls back. And then buy the darn headphones.

  • Any idea if the NCH is going to be stocked on release?

    • If you mean Bose NCH 700, when they are released they will most likely be retail price.

    • Yes but they aren't due in Australia for a little while!

      • When is that going to be?

  • Do you provide a tax invoice with GST charged for TRS purposes? :)

    • This I am interested in too.
      One for me and one for the partner :)

    • Yes no worries at all!

  • +8

    How many of these items do you have? If a lot, I'm wondering why the hell you open them all to "check" or how come so many boxes are damaged…

    • There is still some left but not a lot - we sell quite a few in general.

  • Op any plans on returning to ebay in the near future?

    • Not at this stage but can't say for certain yet.

  • Awesome!
    Was waiting for a good deal on these.
    The ldac will suit the NW-WM1Z i got from you a few weeks ago to make flying more enjoyable and switch to IEM's once I'm off the flight.
    You really got me addicted to audio :P

    • You're kidding, right?
      You dropped $3500+ on a Walkman (the NW-WM1Z) but you were waiting on a deal to save $79 on the headphones?

      • Walkman was on sale as a package deal with IEM's. Got it during the mothers day sale so saved quite a bit.

  • how long with shipping take?

    • *would

      and btw would B-stock be eligible for TRS?

      • If it comes with a tax invoice that's all that matters

    • +1

      Generally overnight for metro areas!

      • If I order tonight am I likely to get them on Friday?

        Sunshine Coast (QLD) so pretty metro by most definitions.

        If I can't get them by Friday it's no problem, just means I'll have to get them delivered to a different place I'll be at next week.

  • Got a pair of these from the 20% off Sony ebay store deal ~$320, listed as "seconds" but seem faultless and no box damage. Good headphones

  • +1

    Grabbed a silver set for the wife so she stops using my black set.

    Hopefully they are as advertised

    • I'm sure if there's any issue A2A will look after you. It has full warranty.

  • I'm convinced.
    I work in IT and really need to screen out distractions when I work.
    Thanks heaps, OP.

    • I tried them but want to go with better sound and comfort over NC. Most of these cut so much sound out by being closed headphones anyway.

  • +2

    Most likely returns from buyers. Amazon are due a price cut for these soon.

  • +5

    Surprising amount of upvotes for an opened product hmm

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