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Dyson 248407-01 V7 Cord-Free Handstick $319.20 + $12.82 Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


For those looking for a Vacuum Cleaner!
Free click and collect or $12 for delivery!

Original 20% off The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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  • Without knowing anything about Dyson vacuums but am in the market, is this one considered to be good? I see many different versions of the same version (V) and don't know the difference.

    Can anyone provide some insight?

  • I have just bought the v7. Its a great unit for the price. Im well seasoned in the dyson department and I think its a great little unit.

  • Should I go for this one or xiaomi Dreame, cheers

  • They have the v8 origin too. $480 after 20% off. It’s 50% more $ but not 50% better so v7 is a better optiin IMO.

  • Does anyone know what the difference is between this V7 Cord-Free and the V7 Motorhead? I had a look at those links posted earlier but can't figure it out. I've seen the motorhead on sale recently for around $360 from myer and bing lee eBay. Good guys currently have it for $599 before the 20% discount, compared to $399 for this V7 cord free version. What on earth is the difference?? (other than the colour).

    • HEPA filter.

      • Oh ok, I see what you mean. That big blue thing as per this link https://www.quora.com/Does-the-Dyson-V7-Cord-free-have-a-HEP...
        You'd think Dyson would note this as a feature on their website?? I compared all the specs between the two on the Dyson website and it never mentioned this. I can just see it in the photo and that's all

        Does it actually make much difference? For example is it worth waiting for the Motorhead to go back on sale, say $360 for arguments sake, as opposed to this one for $319?

    • Here's a great summary from another deal (c/o user O O)

      • Thanks mate. Do you think the HEPA filter is worth the extra money? Going off recent sales, probably about $40 worth

        • The HEPA filter is a second filter that captures allergens and expels cleaner air. It's important for people with issues like asthma and allergies. So it really depends on how sensitive the people in your household are.

          If I were buying the V7, I'd probably buy the Motorhead with HEPA filter.