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QUSUP 5-Port 60W USB Wall Charger with Type-C PD 60W $30.59 + Delivery (Free with Prime / $49 Spend) @ QUSUP Amazon AU


This deal from Easy Money is now a little cheaper as a Lightning Deal from Amazon:


Deal finishes at 4pm. AEST

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    Was going to buy a figure 8 cable
    But imagine that it comes with one.

    Bit hard to tell from pics ?

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    How does this compare to Anker and Bototek?


      Anker doesn't have fast-charge USB-A port, this one does.

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      Assessing them on their brand pedigree alone:

      • Anker is an established brand with a large product catalogue, where QUSUP seems to be a no-brand whose only other product is an aromatic diffuser.
      • Bototek, whilst also likely to be a relative no-name when compared to Anker, at least sell a larger range of electronic products than QUSUP.

      Whether this information is useful or not in making a purchase is up to you, but I generally tend to avoid first generation products due to the likelihood of inherent design flaws.


    Could have saved 6 bucks if I waited 48 Hours later.

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      Did you not go through "shopback" when buying on Sunday to get the 12% cashback? That would make this $31.68 after cashback, $2.15 more than the $29.51 now after 3.5% cashback.

      I also ordered Sunday, maybe cancel if poss and re-order to save few bucks lol.


    Can anyone tune in how to cancel an order from Amazon if item still has not shipped?

    Ordered one of these on Sunday and Tracking status is "shipping soon". What to do now and how it works?

    Help much appreciated, cheers.

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      If you go into Your Account > Your orders, a 'cancel order' button should appear.

      If this is not appearing anymore you may want to write to the seller.


        Thanks. Had a look before asking question here and could not see the cancel order,

        can only see tracking in yellow and archive order in grey below. Looks like too late and I will just

        "suck it up and move on" Have to not fall into the trap of "ORDER ANOTHER BECAUSE IT"S SOOO CHEAP" lol

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          I've had the cancel button not appear, but as long as it's not 'shipped' already you should be able to talk to amazon live chat and have them cancel for you

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            @aragornelessar: Hey, thanks for the advice. Contacted "live chat", said it was too late as order was already prepared

            and about to be sent out, told me I could do a return later somehow ( did not read those details ),

            told them to just send it and asked for a price adjustment as it's on flash sale today and got a $5 Amazon credit.

            Happy with that result.


    What is the advantage of using this over a powerboard? I feel like I'm taking away the option to charge non-usb devices if i get one of these…
    (I only have 1 free power-point behind my PC at my desk).

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      Well if you were to have a power board with 5 individual chargers, then you'd have around 0.5W idle power draw as compared to 0.1W, also be bulkier and depending on the loads, would be less efficient. Also, not just USB, can power anything 5V, so for example if you had a 5V powered switch plugged in, you could get a USB->DC cable and free up another power-point.


      In your case either stick to the power board option,

      OR keep using your power board AND plug this into one of the 240V sockets on the board AND have BEST OF BOTH.


    Will this be able to charge my macbook pro (2016)?

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      Yes, according to the product description:

      Universal Compatibility:
      2018/2017/2016/2015 MacBook
      2017/2016 MacBook Pro
      iPhone XS/ XS Max/XR /X (Require a USB-C to Lightning Cable)
      Samsung Note 8/ S8/S8+
      Google Pixel 2/Pixel/Pixel XL
      Nexus 5x/6P
      LG G6
      Huawei Mate 10 etc

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    Just completed a live chat on Amazon and got $5.00 credit to cover the different on previous deal.


    Thanks, cancelled previous order and got this one :)

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    QUSUP sounds like a number plate off of a candy pink 200sx with chrome wheels from 2002 haha


    Just received mine, started charging my IPhone XS via USBC to Lightning connector … it works perfectly so far, first time PD Charging this phone so a little excited lol


    Hi guys, i also received mine today and found my packaging seal already broken. Upon testing it to charge a pixel phone and iphone 6s (tried both QC3.0 port and regular port), i found that while charging and using the phone, if i use my finger to scroll up or down the screen and hold my finger on the screen after scrolling, the screen starts to "flicker" up and down. I then switch to my trusty blitzwolf again trying on both usb ports and it does not happen. Can i please get some feedback from others if they theirs are the same or i have a faulty unit? Appreciate the feedback.


      I have the same issue… not sure how to fix


      Yes can confirm there seems to be an issue with these. Typing a txt while plugged in it goes nuts at times. Looks like a dirty power supply causing interference to me. Probably why they were so cheap… Might send it back.

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