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Vodafone TV - $72 Delivered @ Vodafone


Back in stock. Down from original price of $144.

Below info are taken from last year post.

FTA TV tuner (can record to USB)
Inbuilt ChromeCast (has been working great with Kayo)
Quality bluetooth remote (dedicated app buttons / tactile buttons / play and pause / numeric pad etc)
2 year local warranty


Review (USB recording added since review)

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  • Not as fast as a Shield TV but a great second option

    Would buy over Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra

    Yep - does 4K and HDR

    Remote's good

    Mi Box is crap compared to this

    Dunno when Oreo/Pie are coming

    Tons of info: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/3kwv7jj3

    • I have both the chrome cast ultra and the Vodafone tv and can suggest the chromecast ultra is rock solid and is better for stability. The Vodafone tv sometimes loses its stream. Nonetheless, great value device.

      • Thank you for sharing. I have a Chromecast 2 but wanted this for the x265 compatibility. I was expecting it to be as good as the Chromecast Ultra.

        • It is not as good as a CC Ultra - No way, no how.

          As a TV box, with native apps, Plex and Kodi it works very well.

        • It’s just beautiful how quickly the ultra responds and plays media, especially noticeable when you come from an older device.

          I remember thinking it was a lot of $ when I bought it, but now I’m glad I did. Fully worth it!

        • Have you had a play with this and gotten usb recording to work?, can't seem to get it going..

      • I too own both, and would say my experience is the same. Chromecast ultra is far more stable, video quality is superior (Plex and Netflix) as it does much better frame rate switching and bitrate selection.

        For some reason Plex on VTV has issues for me. Frame rate looks off (framerate switching).

        I think HDR10 doesn't function correctly because there's some horrible contrast issues (GOT s8 dark episode was unwatchable) this was both through Plex and Foxtel now, but perfect though CC ultra.

        Having said that, my VTV is still my go to as it's just a nice android tv experience. For shows, YouTube, clips that I'm not fussed about the best video quality, it does the job.

      • Also have the CC Ultra, cannot fault it since I got it. Flawless 4k streaming and buttery smooth using Plex. Also great that you can control everything from your phone

    • "Mi Box is crap compared to this"


      • Unstable since Oreo update, needs a hard reboot each time I use it, lost support for Dolby Digital plus, remote unpairs, etc. etc.

        • Never had those problems

          • +6 votes

            @gimme: I’ve always had a problem with it not waking from sleep with the remote, and it’s a widespread problem. Always unplugging to get it going again, now it sits in a box. Prefer the Voda TV for that reason alone, plus the remote is better.

            • @jwh: The new mi box has more buttons

            • @jwh: I have exactly the same issues with my Mi Box as jwh. And the sound keeps cutting out when playing Dolby Digital sound. I haven't turned it on for months now (if I do, it crashes and I can't switch it off).

            • @jwh: This problem is fixed for me in the latest update. I used to hook it with a smart socket and set on automated routine. not any more. but if one doesn’t have any android apps v box, i would recommend VTV if has local stock.

            • @jwh: I have two of Mi Box's and also faced this issue.

              The trick I have found is to turn the tv on first and if not already, switch it to the connect HDMI channel.

              Once the tv is on the Mi Box never fails to turn on.

              This is the same with both of my Mi Box's that are connected to two different TVs.

        • That's OS not hardware, will be fixed soon. Remote doesn't unpair for me

        • Vodafone not supported any more so won't get new OS so it's like buying an ipad 2 with old OS or buy machine with Windows 7

        • I can confirm I have the same issue. Every time I use it I have to unplug then re-plug in the cable for the Mi Box to work

      • The Vodafone TV Box has an ethernet port. The Mi Box doesn't.

    • Not as fast as a Shield TV but a great second option

      You're comparing this with a product that is three time it's price.

    • Does it work with other BT mice / touch keyboards ?

      8GB storage is pretty small - can you download videos to a USB drive via ADM/streaming video apps ?

  • Bought one of these a few months ago when they were posted at $72, such great value. Been really happy with it for Netflix and Plex, both in my home office and using it when travelling.

  • As a Chromecast I have found it quite buggy, lots of frame rate issues etc. (albeit inconsistently, but more often than not).

    It is a great device though, Kodi runs very well on it.

  • Cheers OP. Been waiting for this to be available at this price again. Ordered x 2

  • Can someone help? Is this better than the mi box 3/S? I have a 3 and my only complaint is damn wake issues.. need to unplug it from the wall for it to turn back on :(

    • Every feedback/review I have read said this is better than MiBox 3.

    • Buy a smart wifi plug and control the plug with Google assistant?

      Or just replace the Mi box lol

    • Speed wise no remote wise yes (although its quite big coming from a mi box) wake-up issue non existant.

      Keep in mind that this doesn't run the latest iteration of android tv.

    • It has a built-in TV tuner, Mi box does not have.

  • Does this have blutooth?

  • +15 votes

    This is not a bargain. It was still $72 last week & the weeks before it.

  • Does this also work with streaming service apps other than Netflix, such as Stan, Prime or Foxtel Now etc?

    I know I could cast Stan to it, however I like the idea of being able to do away with another device and just use the Vodafone TV remote.

  • Everyone says this is good, but slap vodaphone on anything and it already hurts my ass.

    I don't really need one of these, but kinda want one. Should I just but the shield? It seems old to me, is it still really so much better than everything else?

  • I know there is a HDR switch in setting, but I couldn't enable the HDR with my TV

  • Just checking out - says something about the Vodafone service - just confirming, you don't need a Vodafone account / service / plan to be able to activate this do you?

    EDIT: found the answer in the previous OZB thread about this product. All good. Not required.

  • People who already use Vodafone TV, what apps do you have installed on it?

    • Kodi and Plex for kodi are the two apps that I have installed and works really well..setting up IPTV from AliExpress was very easy on Kodi with m3u file option. Works well with my ethernet power adaptor and wifi. Due to some reason I haven't been lucky enough to get the Amazon prime working on it after trying about 10 different apks suggested to ozbargain and whirlpool..you can also use multiple bluetóoth devices at the same time so I have been using remote and my headphones at the same time while watching some sports late night…works well with very minute delay in headphone sound/picture.

    • Apart from the standards (Netflix, Stan, iView etc) I also have tubi and myTuner running as well. tubi for weird old TV shows and movies, and myTuner for radio shows from around the world. Oh, and the Ted app as well.

      I had trouble with Kodi because it was difficult to get the associated media data to stay off the Vodafone TV, which meant it ran out of space very quickly. Plex is much easier to put artwork and info and pull that from an external drive.

  • I have a vodafone tv, mi box and a shield. They are pretty much ranked in that order for speed.

    If geek bench is to anything to go by the vodafone scores ~450/1400, mi box ~650/1800, shield ~1500/4500

    • You rank the shield last? Really?

      I don't believe anyone that owns a shield would rank it last from this group.

      I do think the Vodoafone is great value though, but nowhere near as capable as the shield which can also be used as a Plex server not just a client, which is a huge advantage for this who don't want to buy a NAS or have their pc on all the time.

      • I think you misunderstood the order my friend!

        • iI don't think they (crazy person) are to blame for the misunderstanding as normally you would present rankings as 1, 2 then 3 or at least if you present them the other way 'round you make it clear. In the example above the units of speed measurement used are also missing only to add confusion!

    • Guys give me a break it was 2 in the morning :D

  • Does anyone use the TV tuner feature on this? Does it pick up the HD channels? My 2010 Panasonic Plasma only picks up SD channels.

    • Yes it does, at least in my case it actually did better than my Samsung TV.

      I now see more channels in the list than when tuned using the tv.

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