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Lebara Mobile: Small 180 Days Plan (70GB, Unlimited to 20 Countries) $95 | Large 180 Days Plan (150GB, 45 Countries) $145


For New and Existing Customers
With Data banking and Data gifting
Offer ends midnight 31.07.2019 Extended expiry to August 31.

How to redeem 180-day offer?
For new customers follow 6 easy steps to activate and get the offer:

  1. Buy a $2 Lebara SIM at your nearest retail store.

  2. Visit www.lebara.com.au/activate.

  3. If you wish to port your number, don’t forget to tick the port-in option.

  4. Follow the activation steps with your ID details.

  5. Select the Small or Large 180 Day Plan on SALE.

  6. Click activate to start using the Lebara service.

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  • Many calls dropped in last 2 months. Used to be good network before.

  • Was descent before, Became real crap in last few months.
    Won't recommend. Most of the times only get voice mails instead of calls due to one bar reception only that too across the Sydney.

    • +1 vote

      Do they use voda network? I have noticed the poor reception of my Kogan mobile in last 2 months.

  • Sms says sending and fails. Calls to asian countries and NZ sometimes does not go through. All started last couple of months

    • -1 vote

      Hi there,
      Please call us at 126122 and our team would e happy to resolve the issue for you.

  • +2 votes

    Time for top ups. Pay with 28 degrees card to get $50 Myer gift card.

  • Does Lebara support volte?

  • Wish they had medium plan on sale :( will have to look at Boost next month.

  • How is this offer compared to Catch Connect's offers? Here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/468659

  • Switched to Boost few days ago from Lebara.

    With Boost, clarity of calls was way better than Lebara when dialling internationally to countries such as HK, China and South Korea.

    There were certain international numbers I couldn’t call with Lebara, raised a support ticket but they never got back to me about it. I have no issues dialling these numbers with Boost

    • I'm seriously considering boost as well. Boost's 12month 80GB for $150 is much better value than this deal compared to small x 2.

      I am missing anything else, I know lebara now offer international roaming but it looks like boost offer it without any data. In reality I just want to be able to receive texts for authentication purposes. If I can just load up $5 on boost do you know if that is enough and it doesn't expire. Looks like lebara $5 only lasts for one day, but maybe you can receive texts wit no credit.


        For Lebara, as long as you have some sort of credit on your phone, you can receive calls and texts, and as long as you dont pick up the phone or reply to the text. You won't be charged. Hope that helps

  • Boost 150 dollars plan is having 1 year validity with 80GB data. International free calls to 25 countries. Bonus is Apple music streaming.
    Lebara 95*2 is 190 dollars for 1 year with 72 GB data. International free calls to 20 countries.

    What am I missing here?

    Ok just found that one year plan is on sale @145. Guess I was missing that.

    • There's a few flaws in your logic there. 2 * 70GB plans is 140GB, not 72GB. Also, $145 is for the large plan, not a one year plan. Perhaps it might be an idea to read the posts before commenting on them. :-)

    • Is the sale on boost finished?
      I can only see it at $150.

      BTW,I'm already with Lebara but considering switching once my credit expire. Been having very bad quality local calls in the last 2 weeks or so. Especially when the call goes past 10 min

  • Offer now extended to Aug 31.

  • No calls to India in small…:-(

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