expired [XB1, PC] 3 Months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (Live Gold, Game Pass + Game Pass for PC) $15.95 @ Microsoft (New Subscribers)


67% off the full price and $6 cheaper than the last deal.

A 3-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes:

Xbox Live Gold
Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass for PC

Thanks to BA for the title/info and to the member who sent this deal in. If there is anything missing let me know/hit report.

Doweyy's $1 1 month deal is also still available I assume, if you haven't grabbed that yet.

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    100% worth it, they're announcing more games today so keep an eye out.


    Will this stack on my existing sub?

    Edit: Looks like for lapsed/new subs only


    Is the offer to upgrade existing subscription XBL Gold + Game pass to Ultimate on 1:1 basis for $1 (36 mth maximum) still operating for Aussies?


      Also keen to know this!


      Yes. I did it yesterday 1:1 basis mine now expires June 2022 after upgrading to ultimate for $1. I would be quick as originally was only meant to go for til 4 July but was extended further

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    Looks like it's AU$26.95 for three months (44% off) for active members.


    Does this stack with the AMD promotion? I haven't redeemed my coupon code yet.

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      The code from AMD promotion cannot be stacked according to AnandTech:


      I reckon Microsoft will come up with some tempting Game Pass and XBox Live Gold (or Game Pass Ultimate) offer(s) when Gear 5 is released. They've done that for every first party title released in 2018.


        I think that means you can't stack multiple AMD promotions, meaning you can't redeem more than one AMD promotion for a single Xbox account.

        That's what I got from the article anyway.


    So can I cancel before it starts charging $50 per month?

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    Reposting my comment from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/462527 here for anyone wanting to make the most of the Xbox Live Gold conversion to Ultimate Game Pass subscription.

    Note: Works best if you don't have an active Ultimate Game Pass subscription as the conversion after taking up this offer seems to be worse than before taking up the offer. (I did it personally with the PC pass, not absolutely sure about the Console pass but will likely work).

    I just did this today, got 35 months worth of Ultimate for around $153, which works out to $4.37 per month.

    A 72% saving for Ultimate Pass @ $16/mo.
    A 60% saving for PC/Console Pass @ $11/mo.

    I utilised the recurring payment method mentioned above to get a free month for each XboX Live Gold subscription I bought (3 total free months).

    I then got my 36th month using my Microsoft Rewards points.

    This is everything I did:

    • (If you don't know what the recurring payment method is, read some previous posts in this thread.)

    • I already had the $1 normal PC pass (not ultimate) that I got a week or two ago. This gives you 1 month.

    • I bought 2 x 12 month Xbox Live Gold @ $56 ea.
      I used a free TunnelBear account for this and set it to Brazil, using their chrome extension in Incognito mode (first I had to allow the extension to be used in Incognito mode in Chrome). It was pretty easy and straightforward. Turned off recurring payments after each one to get the free month for both.

    • I bought 1 x 6 month Xbox Live Gold @ ~$39 ea. (Use discount code MORROG for 3% off)
      This website was pretty good, got my key straight away through the website no problems. Paid with PayPal. Use discount code MORROG for 3% (~$1.30) off, this will help offset their "operation fee" when checking out. PayPal had the cheapest "operation fee" I think, about $1.60. The rest were around $3-$4. Got a free month here for setting up recurring payment.

    • I redeemed 1 Xbox Live Gold month from Microsoft Rewards using my points I had accumulated over the years.

    • Lastly, I bought the $1 Ultimate Pass which gave me a month of Game pass and finally converted all those XBox Live Gold months to Ultimate Game Pass months.

    • Just as clean up, I turned off recurring payments so I don't get charged in 3 years unexpectedly.

    EDIT: You can get the 3 month deal for Ultimate for $15 as well if you've already got a few some Xbox Live Gold months on your account. Just make sure you do the maths on your months and buy the Ultimate last as that is what converts the Xbox Live Gold to Ultimate Game Pass.

    This gives me 1+12+12+6+3+1+1 = 36 months (including the 3 free months from the gold subscriptions).

    My subscription ends on 8/7/2022, 2 years, 11 months, 22 days from today.

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      Thanks Keveira for your detailed post!
      Got a little stuck on using the Brazilian Xbox Live Gold but all sorted now subbed for Ultimate until April 2022 - woohoo!

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        hey same here, what were you stuck with? mine was at the payment page. it just redirected me back to payment page again once it i pressed submit.

        mind sharing on how you did yours. ta


    Hi, will this stack up if I have 3 months of gold and 3 months of game pass? So after I get this deal, I will have xbox game pass ultimate for 9 months?

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      That is correct. If you anticipate using Gold and Game Pass for longer than nine months, I would consider extending your Gold subscription as much as possible before the conversion to Game Pass Ultimate (keeping in mind the 36 month cap).


    I've been waiting for an Xbox Gold 12 month deal so I can stack it up a bit before converting to Game Pass. I half suspect no such deals are coming :)


    Grabbed the Brazil 12 month for $56 then the 3 months on this deal so all good until xmass 2020.

    Didn't want to do the maximum as next gen will have started and no guarantee that Sony wont have their own version of game pass which is more appealing.