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Jetstar Get Overseas Sale: Honolulu Return Direct ex Melbourne $305, Sydney $308


A cracking sale from Jetstar. Plenty of overseas destinations & date availability right now, but Honolulu stands out as the best value in my opinion. Safe travels, and enjoy :)

Sample screenshots:

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  • Great prices. Thanks for sharing!

  • Brisbane deals?

    • Click on the deal & take a look. BNE is not a major terminal for Jetstar international flights.

      Most BNE flights on sale are via Sydney & Melbourne (eg Honolulu $268 one way). Only direct flight is Bali $189 one way.

      Try Gold Coast for direct flight deals:
      Auckland $139
      Seoul $199
      Tokyo $209


      Nothing too exciting $341rtn to Bali over Anzac Day period.

  • Didn’t know jet star flies to Korea

  • Great deal to Hawaii! Recommend. Booked this twice before.

    • Any accommodation recommendations?

      • would also be interested

      • +13 votes

        1 day accommodation would cost just as much as the flights lol

        • Within 3 blocks of the middle of Waikiki you can get well reviewed and modern fitted out studios/1bedders with pool attached to complex for $200-$250 AUD on airbnb. Granted still pricey but imo its the sweet spot for comfort and convenience. Welcome to PM me if got more queries.

      • Depends where in Hawaii you go, but accommodation is expensive. You can easily spend the cost of the flight on the nightly room rate. They generally all have daily resort / amenity fees now which can be US$20-50/night in addition to the room rate.

  • Seem to be very limited seats - lost of routes already showing as sold out or slaw prices gone

    • It gave me a list of dates with the live prices alongside each date. I chose the date I wanted and it came back with no availability. Stupid site.

  • Has anyone been successful in having Jetstar price beat Malindo Air on the direct Australia - Bali service? Having trouble with them currently and neither the call center or online chat will assist.

    • On what basis are they unwilling to assist?

      • I submit the online price match form and it automatically takes me to a live chat. I have tried 4 times and each time it takes me to a live chat and each time the agents inform me that a price beat cannot be completed in the live chat and i must go back and complete a price beat via the website form.. I called Jetstar and they told me the same story that it must be done via form online to price beat and they cant assist me.

        In the past it has been very easy. I assume the problem is because Malindo is not in the list of airlines on the price beat form, i simply select other and it automatically takes me to live chat. Considering Malindo Air competes with them direct on 4 routes in Australia im confused why the airline is not included in the list.

    • Yes, no hiccups

  • +4 votes

    For those uninitiated with Jetstar, this fare is 7kg carry on only, no seat selection, no meals, nothing but a promise to be on the scheduled flight.
    If you want that stuff its $100 extra each way.
    But even at $508 return to Hon it's a great price!

    • Bring your own food on flight, so much better

      • +1 vote

        I agree. But they don't split that with the $100 one way for checked luggage (which I think is mandatory if travelling any more than a few days).

        • A decent osprey carry on bag to warm destination is pretty easy for savvy travellers. Checkin on return for stuff if shopping at the outlets however is inescapable.

        • I only travel with carry on - for 4 week overseas holidays, don't book seats & bring on own food. Done that for last 10 years on Jetstar & other discount airlines.

          It depends if that suits you. Usually easier for males, sole travellers, & travelling to warmer places. I originally thought I could not do it. But found travelling light is very freeing🎒 No waiting for luggage! Can't imagine lugging around a heavy bag again!

          Discussed many times in discount flight deals.

          • @the INFIDEL: you're lucky you're female, if male you'll be stopped at every customs at airport.

            • @funnysht: No - much easier at customs as very little to check.
              I'm an Infidel with a political past - but have no problems.
              As I'm a regular traveller, I'm quickly processed & out - often while others are still waiting for their bags.

              • @the INFIDEL: well speaking from friend's experience:
                30s causaisan going to UK for 3 weeks but on carry on= 1 hour questioning with customs officials.

                • @funnysht: Size of luggage is irrelevant there.
                  Some countries including UK are suspicious of anyone it seems. Was questioned even with 25+kg bag…

                  Main issue "Are you here to work?".
                  It's more about your capacity to support yourself & not overstay - not be a problem for them. A large bag may indicate you intend to stay! A scruffy appearance may indicate you can't support your stay - so would be a risk if allowed to enter.

                  Same issues for people coming to Australia.

                  Officials are just doing their job, so make it easier for them! Looking as if $/£/€ won't be an issue is their concern. Dressing & presenting well, having name of respectable locals to vouch for you, plus name of accommodation, and a job here to return to - works in most countries. (I don't meet all on that list.) Officials in UK then quickly let me through. And I'm a very frugal traveller, travelling in UK for months.

                  Travelling light doesn't mean looking like you will be a risk to the country you're visiting. Always act respectfully & you'll generally be welcomed.

                  As you travel - you learn.

                  • @the INFIDEL: Very much agreed. I was questioned for about 20 minutes last year because I decided to go to England to watch a bunch of musicals as a gift to myself for my 30th Birthday.
                    When they asked me "purpose of my trip", the custom's official didn't like my answer of "Here to watch Hamilton and whatever else I can get tickets to", and wanted to see my Hamilton tickets, why I'd be so interested in American Political History enough that I'd watch a musical about it.

                    • @mparf: Always practice the regular responses, so as not to arouse suspicion. That was far too obscure!

                      (Learnt that the hard way as was detained by military on entry to a country long ago!)

                      Arriving to watch the Aussies play a Test match is always a good line as the officials will be too busy ridiculing our losses to question you😱

                      Learn from the 2 Russian operatives blamed for the nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury. They say they visited UK to see the Salisbury Cathedral spire - even knew its height… no tourist is that interested.
                      Although another Aussie I met & I found ourselves entranced by the ancient clock mechanism in the Cathedral.

                      Hope you had a great time, for your birthday treat 🎂

                • @funnysht: Technically .. the majority of Pakistanis are caucasian!

                  • @Wally: Yes, most people incorrectly think of just Northern Europeans as caucasian, but also can include some people from Africa as well. It surprised me.

                • @funnysht: Shrug, done many trips of 1-5 weeks with just carry on. It's never caused us problems with customs. And that includes going through the UK.

          • @the INFIDEL: Disagree with bring your own food

            I prefer to bring food from a lounge that you gained free entry to

          • @the INFIDEL: I have a backpack that weighs an almighty 0.4kg, allows me to carry 6.6kg, with everything else worn and pockets full I totally agree with you, only way to go.

        • I wear a big jacket with lots of pockets and put the dense heavy stuff in ziplocs in there. Take jacket off at the xray.

          Edit: Disclaimer: white older woman, do not get stopped.

          • @kiteo: A good idea for those not used to travelling light👍

            Lots of big pockets, jacket with extra pockets, wearing heaviest clothes on (usually double layers) - removing extra clothes on board, phones & heavier gear in pockets… 7Kg is possible.

            No one has checked my carry-on weight, now there is web check-in. Have been told by Jetstar staff "as long as its under 8kg". Jetstar can check weight at gate, although haren't seen it done. (Watched Tiger uses scales at gates, so I don't fly Tiger!)
            Also learn how to lift carry on luggage as if it is light.

            Thermal underwear is a weight & size saver if weather is likely to become cool. Fits unobtrusively under most clothes.
            Regularly washing (cheap laundry services in some countries) cuts down on amount of clothes needed.
            Supplies of basic toothpaste, etc is available at destination, so no need to bring.

            Lots of ideas on travelling light online.

        • Wow. 9-10 hour flight and they're not required to feed passengers?

    • We take a family of five annually for a month with only hand luggage. Booya! I can hold in the palm of my hand the clothes I take.

  • Damn it i bought these last year :(

  • Any tips for accommodation in Honolulu?

    • We stayed here: https://coconutwaikikihotel.com/

      It's one of the few places that don't charge a resort fee if you book direct.

      Simple breakfast included daily (waffles, toast, cereal, fruit)

      Apart from that, take a trip to Maui, much better than Honolulu and less touristy.

      • +1 vote

        I stayed 2 blocks east in the Ambassador Hotel Waikiki. it was pretty reasonable. we had a place on the 14th floor great view -galley kitchen. had a nice pool. easy walking to everyhere.

        toptip - do all shopping at costco - souvenirs, novelties & party tricks. including duty free booze

        agoda are having a sale ATM and prices are from AU$181 per night for a studio appt.

        if I were to go to Hawaii again then I'd rent a car and do a circuit of the island staying at several different places and then last 2 nights stay in waikiki central .

      • We stayed at the Coconut on our honeymoon. It's ok amenities wise and the location and price are right versus other Waikiki options.

    • Airbnb, vrbo if you are willing to stay in apartments. Most apartments in the centre of Honolulu are older so dont expect anything pristine for the price you are paying.

      You don't need a car to get around, maybe rent one for a day to go up north

      • $200-$250 a night on airbnb will get you a good size modern studio with pool attached to building. Below this price you tend to make significant compromises. The key however is to be booking well in advance (as Americans do).

    • Airbnb in Kailua/Lanikai area (anywhere that's walkable to the beach). Easily the best part of Oahu if swimming/amazing beaches is your forte.

  • +2 votes

    Gold coast to auckland is a great price. We booked months ago for two adults and 3 children on this route to leave in about 6 weeks from now and total all in was $850 return (no bags, seats or food). Looks like you can get similar once you factor in the 3 kids being at tad cheaper. Net cost to us was $85 pp each way. Bargain.

    • Cheapest I'm finding is $135 depart or $76.05 return which is 211.06 or 105.53 each way. How'd u get $85?

      • Try putting in for 2A and 3Ch. I booked when it was return for free sale and was supposed to be circa 210 per adult return but when I entered the kids it ended up being 850 all in for 5 return (210 each adult but kids were less bringing the average to 170 return or 85 each way). That adult price of 211 return was about what I paid in the return for free sale so am thinking it will work out about the same as what we paid once you enter the kids.

        • +2 votes

          my 3 kids are morphing in to the adult pricing range now. it's heartbreaking to see the total price now

        • Children over 2 cost less?? Wow, never realised.


            @kiteo: some airlines do 60 - 75% e.g. Fiji Airlines (at least they did when I used them last year)

    • shame air asia cancelled their flights to auckland. booked last june school holidays for $750 rtn for family of 5. Heaps of snow. I heard from friends this year slow ski season. Poor snow in school hols.

  • Access Denied
    You don't have permission to access "http://booking.jetstar.com/au/en/booking/select-flights" on this server.

    Site getting OzBargained?

  • Booked for Honolulu!

  • Booked for Honolulu too! Thanks OP :)

  • Any suggested options for a family of 5 (2 adults, 7yr, 4yr, 1yr olds) for a moderately affordable Hawaii trip…..or better to just stick to North qld and Bali etc?

  • Accommodation is very expensive in Hawaii

  • Bring a tent and sleeping bag for accommodation.

    • i hear u can airBNB park benches for 10$ a night

    • Done that many times in Japan. Slept in parks & on beaches. Woke to a turtle laying eggs on one beach. Locals even woke me respectfully to invite me for a coffee on another☕ Just took on light camping gear with carry on. Was a wonderful (cheap) experience👍
      But wouldn't risk it in most countries.

      • My main concern would be getting stabbed or robbed. Japan is a safe country I have heard but I don't think I would be able to get a proper sleep unless I had "one eye open" the whole time. Glad it was a positive experience for you.

        • Understandably!
          Experience is a great teacher.
          I wouldn't do that here, outside of National Parks & safe camping areas!

          After many trips to Japan, I know what will be acceptable & safe. (I speak only English.) People take me to their homes. The trouble is leaving as we have such a great time.

          And then there's the drinking!! I've woken up in a fisherman's house on a tiny island in Okinawa - not knowing where I was. His wife was cooking a huge breakfast for the honoured guest - which I couldn't eat. I had asked to leave many times the night before, but couldn't until I'd drunk with everyone on the island! Hospitality to the extreme - more like being kidnapped😀

          I hitchhike in country areas, stay with locals I meet, & have been given us$200 after a 2 day lift with 10 trainee tour guides showing me around!

          A rice farmer in a village of 200, in mountains north of Kyoto has become like a brother, after giving me a lift 10 years ago. He has invited me back to stay & eat the delicious crab & soak in the fantastic local Onsen (hot spring), after the rice is harvested. But I think he wants to show off his new Grandson😉

          Wonderful experiences👍
          But best done safely with local knowledge.

          • +6 votes

            @the INFIDEL: ^ this.

            Japan is so safe.

            I lived there for 4 years.

            people are mostly thoughtful and caring (mostly as there are always exceptions)

            though admittedly my ground floor apartment in tokyo was broken into. but the japanese guy who did it had this weird thing where he would break in to foreign peoples places (only foreigners I was told at the time) and steal weird stuff. he took a gas bill, a lonely planet guide for vietnam, and some minor other weird unnecessary stuff. left the laptop, left the jar of change, left Mrs Altomics underwear and mine,

            • @DisabledUser40191: That's weird. But in a land of niche interests & the weird…
              The downside of the Japanese fascination with Foreigners😱

              Currently slurping down a delicious Gyūdon after Takoyaki at local sushi place in Brissie. Enjoyed their small but delicious Okonomiyaki on a sushi train plate for $3.80. Dreaming of being back in Japan🎏

      • i woul only do this probably japan…

    • What are rules around camping in Honolulu? Because I'll totally just bring a tent if it's no big deal there.

  • nice TA :)

  • Thanks TA!!!

    massive bro hugs

    Family holiday booked!!!

  • Be careful because whilst flights might be cheap, accom is hawaii is pretty expensive imo. And the entire island isnt paradise so you cant just grab a hotel anywhere.

  • Great price. Pity it's with Shitstar though…