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LG V30+ 128GB Mobile Phone Handset (Black) $399 @ JB Hi-Fi


LG V30+ $399 @ JB Hi-Fi

The cheapest I have seen for this handset so far.

Bought for $432 from Mobileciti, have used for nearly 5 months, can't complain.

Edit 24/7 8pm: Available online now

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      • Thanks for that! Had a look at screen protector.
        Est. delivery Thu, 08 Aug - Thu, 12 Sep 😳

        • Mine arrived in a couple of weeks maybe two and a half weeks at most. Bought a cheapo one from a local seller to fill the gap. Also good idea to buy one or two extra I think. Handy to have a spare if one cracks or something. Don't have to wait again.

    • I'm looking at this deal now because my wife just smashed her 4th phone in 2 years,this time a P30 thats just 1month old.

      • Have any credit card insurances that may help with a 1 month old product?

        • not credut card,purchased on Ebay during the 10% off.

          • +1

            @028: If you had the free Amex Essentials card it has smartphone screen insurance……Maybe apply for one now before you buy yet another phone.

    • If anyone is interested, picked up Spigen case from the link below.


      And a SuprShild LG V30+ Plus HYDROGEL from here


  • JB had put the IMEI on the receipt as a comments just under the price. I bought it one month ago…any possibility i can get the price difference back?

  • Is this better than the Huawei P30 Lite? If I don't really care for or need NFC?

  • +1

    i wish i still had my V30+. great form factor, slim enough bezels, curved but not curved screen with a nice screen ratio. throw on a custom launcher, gcam and a skin on the back, and it was an anonymous, slick looking phone with great performance, brilliant wired audio and 1.5 day battery life. i was constantly asked by onlookers "what phone is that???"

    mine was stolen, and i replaced it with a G7+… battery life is woeful in comparison, barely get through a work day, but the notched screen means i reclaim a tiny amount of screen real estate at the top (notch hidden with nacho notch, of course). still better than the huge notification bars created by the likes of punchhole cameras or bathtub notches. and at least it got updated to pie.

    but in hindsight i should have bought another V30.

  • how's does it compare to s8 interns of performance and battery during normal use and light gaming (pubg e.g.)

  • Any other midrange deals in catalogue? How'd you get hold of it early?

    • +3

      Nokia 3310 $79
      Opel Mobile smartflip $149
      Motorola One Vision $499
      Razor Gaming Phone 2 was $899 now $699
      LG K8 $199
      LG Q6 $249
      LG V30 $399 was $799
      Lg V40 $799
      Google Pixel 3 64GB $799 was $1199
      Google Pixel 3 128GB $949 was $1349
      Huawei Mate 20 $799 was $1199

  • +5

    I have been using one of these for more than a year and have yet to find an affordable alternative. I can't see any good reason to switch for now.
    My favourite aspects of the v30:

    1. Piece of mind with local warranty. Au LG warranty claims were fast and straightforward in the past for me (repair G2)
    2. Light weight 158g with a flagship build. Great in the hand for a 6 inch screen. Larger screen phones are more cumbersome.
    3. OLED screen is a gem. I'm sensitive to screen weirdness, and this one is a keeper.
    4. Battery is great. Seems to keep up, accubattery showing 88% capacity and the phone is around 18 months old.
    5. Wireless charging has been such a pleasant surprise. I have a wireless mount in the car and in the house. It just works and is effortless.
    6. Headphone jack with the DAC. If you get the chance to listen to your favourite music on some nice headphones on the v30, do it. For me it was a revelation.
    7. NFC for Google pay is nice and convenient if I don't have my wallet.
    8. On Oreo, the v30 bootloader can be unlocked easily. Good xda support for ROMs and mods. This may change with the Pie update though.
    9. Band 28 means great network compatibility with Telstra (and Optus etc). Volte works.
    10. Rear cameras for me have been great. Wide angle gets used more than you think.
    11. Fast UFS 2.1 128gb storage has been enough for me, but I can add SD cards when I need more.
    12. Rear fingerprint scanner is the perfect location for me. Unlocks fast.
    13. Haptic hardware is first class, and can be tuned just how I like it. Most other phones vibration feel agricultural in comparison.
    14. IP 68 water resistance means another thing not to worry about.
    • I love Android One. How do you think this phone compares with Mi A1 of Xiaomi?

      • I havent used a Xiomi MiA1, it looks to have similar exterior dimensions and weight, v30 a touch more compact with a 6inch screen, spec wise the v30 is an upgrade on most features, screen (AMOLED with higher resolution Google DayDream compatible, NFC, Band28, water resistant, wireless charging, standard + wide angle camera, Quad DAC audio)
        LG v30 is Android Enterprise recommended which gives it similar or more regular security updates (in theory) to what AndroidOne would have, although LG UX is not as minimalist/clean as Android One)


        • Yup.. In my experience, once you move to Android One UI (clean/ minimalist), you won't like any other Android UI ever.

  • This or Xiaomi Mi 9 128gb? I know Xiaomi will cost 50% more..

    • +2

      The Mi9 is much faster, and has superior cameras all round.
      On the downside, lower resolution screen, no local warranty, no water resistance, no headphone jack.
      Also, Mi9 delivers 370% higher radiation into the head (SAR)


      Possibly also downside: bigger, heavier, MIUI Android skin.

      • Also, Mi9 delivers 370% higher radiation into the head (SAR)

        Come again?

        • SAR 0.375 vs 1.389 W/kg into the head, European measurement.
          Link above

  • +1

    Galaxy S7 paid full price, never again.
    Axon 7 $299 Check
    Nokia Steel 8 $100 Check
    Handling and seeing the quality of this phone, I'm camping out tonight.

    • Or you can purchase it online and pick it up from your local store tomorrow ;)

  • +1

    Did these deals go live at midnight usually, anyone have knowledge?

    Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      They should have plenty of stock. It is a 2017 phone and regularly goes for between $400 and $500

  • is there some way to get it cheaper than [email protected]?

    • I don't think any of the big retailers stock it?
      Kogan will likely under cut it by $1 or something.

      • +1

        I meant at JB,is there some sort of discount code can be used?do JB still take offers for discounted item?

  • Good for PUBG

  • +1

    Don't know if Mobileciti will match the price, and combine with ebay discount to get lower price like last time.

  • +1

    not sure anyone posted but yes brisbane stores are having the same sale. i manage to get one put away.

  • +1

    I had the V10, the V20 and now the v30+. Up until now, i'd been spared the bootloop nightmare. 2 days ago my v30+ shat itself overnight, i've taken it to 4 different repairers and none say they can fix it. It will boot to the 1st logo when plugged in. Leave it for an hour or so and sometimes the second red LG logo comes up. It gets no further. They've all said it's hardware related…
    Could just be my phone and not an across the board issue. Up to now it was a great phone, had it for 2 years without a problem. Would get it again but saw the P30 Pro camera and am sold

    • Bootloop issue seems to be concerning, how common is it with V30+ model? 2-3 yrs back my LG G4 bootlooped, got free repair from seller, but it bootlooped again after 6-8 months, that time I decided never to touch LG again but was thinking to give LG 2nd chance but after reading your V30+ bootloop issue I don't think I should.. Thinking to get Mi9 instead now even though costly compared to this..

    • It can either be hardware or software failure.

      Have you tried resetting the phone to default. If you reset it and it's still happening then it is most likely hardware failure. If it fixes it, then it most probably was a software failure.

  • +1

    this or samsung A50 better?

    • Surely this?

      • this or a50?

        • Surely this?

          • @pyramid: so a50?

            • @striker5950: ok so i just picked this up instore, there i checked out the a50 and a70, feel cheep and plasticy, not to mention the lower spec processor, probably worst video recording and worst stabilization, and no waterproof, no dac audio, there was no display unit of the v30 so i just got one anyway but damn this phone is real nice quality. a huge upgrade from my s6 which is about 4 years and 3 months old, bought it on launch day, i also checked out the s10e there and it was too small, so i think this was a great buy. he said they go heaps of them in stock.

              does anyone know how to transfer stuff from an s6 to the v30 the easy way?

  • +3

    Managed to bite the bullet and purchase this phone online just now. Picking up at my local store tomorrow. Finger cross that I can get at least 1-2 years out of it.

  • +1
  • Just ordered, Thanks OP!

    • +1

      was there an option to pay by JB gift card?

      • Yes

      • +1

        yes, I used a JB digital gift card successfully just now

        • did you pay less for the digital version gift card somewhere?

          • +1

            @028: I got it with Qantas points from Qantas e-store.

        • Is paying with Qantas points cheaper than using the points to buy flights? There's no 5% discount on it right?

          Also you can't claim TRS if you bought with Qantas points/giftcard?

          • @dofdaus: Sorry, I don’t know the answer to your questions. I had some old qantas points that’s all.

  • +1

    ok so the mate 20 pro is now $799,is it worth the extra $400 over v30?

    • +2

      Depends on how heavily you use your phone. I'd say for 80% of people the V30 is good enough. Saying that I would argue the mate 20 pro is better in every way so there's that if your budget allows the mate20 is an awesome phone but you won't really be held back by the V30 in much

  • If you have the spare disposable $, why not.

  • Wow. I bought this for 1.2k more than 2 years ago. got rid of it 6 months later for 800.

  • Great specs for the price you're paying. Would definitely get this if I didn't already have an S10e.

  • +1

    Upvotes target is price.

    • +1

      Couldn't have said it better with the myself.

  • Just ordered online for pickup tomorrow. Thanks op!

    • Are you concerned that since they don't process your order until they open, that they may process your order too late and they will all be gone?

      • How can they all be gone if they are not open over night? Where would they all go?

        • If they open at 9am and they don't process the online orders until 9.30am, they could be all gone between 9am and 9.30am. My local store only had 8 phones.

          • @frazel: I assume that once you pay online and you nominate pickup store, the phone that you paid for online is not a floor stock anymore in that store and they cannot sell it.

            • @loropy9: In the order email it says…

              We've received your order. You'll receive a follow up email with your order confirmation when we process your payment.

              So nothing is confirmed yet.. it appears that online website orders are not connected to their stock system.

              • +2

                @frazel: Then, refund and Xiaomi here I come:)

              • @frazel: Ordered my phone this morning at 8am and received an instant order confirmation. Five minutes later, received an email notifying my phone is ready for collection at nominated store. Pretty quick!

                • +1

                  @jcccen: I ordered last night and got the confirmation and the collection emails from JB before the store opened this morning. So, to answer the above conversation, JB processes its overnight online orders before store opening hours. There.

    • Just got the order confirmation, looks like they are starting to be sent out

  • The only thing sweeter than getting this for $399 was funding $100 of that with 5*$20 vouchers I found in my E-mail. :+)

    • +1

      you got it for free?

      • +1

        Just Vouchers I forgot I had from Surveys and stuff. :+)

        • What surveys?

        • Yeah what surveys.

  • Just pulled the trigger, anyone getting screen protector?

    • +1

      No. I got a receipt.

      • +1

        Wow, do you mean you can get a refund?

  • Just got another one.

    Wife wants a flip case. Anyone have any recommendations?

  • Can’t stop Thinking about Buy this phone or wait for 5g phone. :(

    • +3

      5g is long way away.think NBN.

  • Still using my Q6 daily and going strong, enough for everything that I need to do, should I waste $ and upgrade to this?

    • +1

      no if it's enough for everything you need to do.there will be another flagship at low price when you need it

  • This one or Xiaomi MiA2?

    • +1

      I'd buy this.

  • What case is everyone else getting? I was looking at this slim case, what do you folks think? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Case-For-LG-V30-Luxury-Full-...
    Whats the usual shipping time from Aliexpress?

  • Not allowing me to do checkout?

  • Just dropped my S8+, $275 for screen replacement. :(

    This or Mate 20 Pro or S10e?


    • +1

      You're asking $400 vs $800+ phones…

      Nobodys opinion will decide whether you spend double the amount…

      • From a value for money proposition :)

        • +1

          I was asking the same question.Im thinking I might get the V30,I know mate 20 is newer,surely its not twice better?

        • This. Honestly to me, there's not much different within a couple of years except for bragging rights.

          • @Caped Baldy: what about p30?$400 to replace the screen,buy v30 or replace the screen?

  • +1

    350 posts. This must be the most talked about phone.

  • Just got an E-mail saying my
    Your order JBXxxxxxxxxxxxx is prepared and is about to be picked up by our carrier. Toll is the Carrier.
    So very impressed with the online ordering.

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