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Telstra Prepaid 12 Month SIM $200 (150GB Data, Unlimited Calls/Text, Intl Calls to 20 Countries) @ Telstra


First time posting so be gentle.
Just noticed that Telsta is trying to stay competitive with Boost etc.
Original price $300 - slashed to $200 for a 12 month Plan, with 150Gb of data. 20 Countries with unlimited international calls.
Seems to be a very good deal considering that Boost is actually more expensive (but… less data).

Unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers.
$100 Extra Credit for international calls and texts, roaming and premium SMS.
All inclusions for use in Australia

btw - You need to scroll down to see the offer.

Anyway, Enjoy.

Critical Information Summary pdf

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    $50 extra for 70gb extra data is a great deal! Nice first post OP!

    • $60 if bought from coles

      • +4

        $65 if bought from coles a few mths ago

        • $65 if bought now with a Coles gift card

      • Link?

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          Comparing with boost deal from Coles catalogue

        • -3
          1. How to get the list of 20 countries to display, ie
            the ones I'd get Unlimited standard international calls to…?

          2. What's the latest date, by which, I'd have to -start- my 12 mon's?

          3. Any option in buying 2 [at same time] (to get deal over 24 mon's)?

          4. I see the Boost offer has Data-Rollover… [Why] Does[n't] Telstra?!?

          5. Are calls to O'seas lands connected via:

          • lower quality VoIP -or-

          • High-Quality connections?


      • +1

        Not sure why they negged you for stating an active deal

    • How do you get the $50 for 70gb?

      • he's comparing it to the boost deal posted earlier. By getting this deal, you're spending $50 for 70GB of data

      • +21

        He meant to say

        Boost's is $150 with 80gb data.
        Telstra's is $200 with 150gb data

        So pay $50 extra for the Telstra plan and get 150gb (thus 70gb more)

        Cole's deal by TA

        • +8

          30GB more.
          With boost $100 6 months plan you will get 60GB data. So, $200 12 months you will have 120GB.
          But anyway, Telstra still wins this time.

          • @skycood: Good catch. Does the boost mobile sim have 6+ months expiry? Also, you never know whether the deal will exist after 6 months :)

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      Do people really use that much data on mobile though? I feel like at worst I only use 3gb/month because I use WiFi waaaay more with my phone, and in public, I don't watch bandwidth heavy content like YouTube…

      • Same. I use a lot of data, but most of it on WiFi. I only use 2-4gb / month on 4G. Work and home I sit under WiFi, so it’s only really needed in transit or when out and about on a weekend. I just don’t need my current data limits - so this plan slashes my monthly bill (for my wife and I) by about half.

        Question: Does Telstra Prepaid support One Number for Apple Watch still? How do you pay for this with prepaid?

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          I don't think they do one number for pre paid. Only post paid plans are allowed for one number.

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        I use 20-50g per month

      • +4

        We don’t have a broadband connection at home. We just use our phones as hotspots.
        Currently use around 20-30gb per month on my phone.

      • +1

        I spend 2 hours a day on a train getting to and from work. I chew a lot of data

      • Yes

      • Our MyRepublic service failed &
        it took almost 1 mon B4 we could use it again.

        I used a bit of mobile data
        during outage, I assure you.

        'nice to have "I'net Plan B"

  • A great deal. Thanks for sharing. Btw AFAIK Telstra owns boost and they have access to the same network.

    • Does boost have international calls included?

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        • Thank you.

      • +2

        yes. 30 countries

        • Thank you.

      • the list of countries are different on boost and telstra..

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      Boost is a separate company - it's not Telstra owned like Belong is - however they have a unique agreement where Boost plans/offers live in the same billing system as Telstra's own prepaid/postpaid plans, and have full access to the Telstra 3G/4G footprint, along with VoLTE and WiFi Calling.

      (unlike other MVNOs like Belong/Aldi etc, who only get a Telstra Wholesale footprint)

      TL;DR Telstra don't own Boost, however has equivalent footprint and 'features'

      • +4

        But when I bought my sim pack I was billed by Telstra…..

      • Thanks for the detailed and useful info, BG!

      • I just chatted with the support chat on the Telstra site, asking about this sim, when I finished I got a survey asking me how my support query was and everywhere it should say Telstra it said Boost, last question was would you recommend Boost to your friends (-:

        • Did you have the Boost website already open, or open recently? I forgot to mention Live Chat is also provided by Telstra - since the Boost plans/offers live in Telstra's billing system, but you don't get Telstra's retail support (eg, if you need a SIM swap) if you are a Boost customer.

          • @BeauGiles: Boost (and Telstra prepaid) customers also miss our of being able to get Visual Voicemail for iPhone as Telstra only offer this on their postpaid plans. Not sure why given that almost all plans have unlimited voicemail inclusions these days, seems like an archaic policy that has continued to carry over with all plan refreshes…

            • +1

              @pavlos: Considering that's more of a postpaid vs prepaid (rather than Telstra vs Boost) thing, I left it out. :-)

              Fair point though, since Vodafone (and Kogan) offer Visual Voicemail for their prepaid customers (but then again, Vodafone do VoLTE and no WiFi Calling, and Kogan do neither for prepaid)

          • @BeauGiles: ah, pretty sure I had Boosts website open a few hours ago, that must be it. Thanks.

      • Nope they are 100% Telstra run (maybe under a licence or some other agreement?), they stuffed up my port from optus took 3 weeks to sort it, got TIO involved and was totally handled from start to finish by Telstra. with a $500 compensation to boot.

    • +1

      Telstra doesn't own boost.

      Edit: BeauGiles beat me to it :)

  • any cashback reward?

    • +9

      No, cashback available only on 12 & 24 month postpaid plans.

      • thanks

      • +2

        Still looks like a great deal even without discounts/cashback.

        It works out to be (roughly) $17 per month, for Unlimited Call/SMS with (roughly) 12GB Data of 4G+.
        Or more approximately $15.39 per 28 days (1/13 months) for 11.53GB's Data, about $1.33 per GB.

        The other deal is also very tempting: $20 for 28 days use for 20GB's Data.
        Which works out to be $260 for the year with 260GB's ($60 extra for +110GB's), about $1.00 per GB.

        • +1

          "Get 10GB bonus on your first three recharges. First recharge by 2 Sep 2019, remaining recharges by 25 Nov 2019."

          so it is 260$ for 20*3+10*10 = 160GB (13 recharges per year)

          • @bigsov: Ah, really?
            I couldn't open the Critical Summary page for any of them, kept crashing.
            If that's the case, No Deal.

    • Cashrewards gives you 7% cash back with new boost sim recharge only, still better off with telstra I think !

  • Good deal

  • +18

    My 12 month contract expires in November. How long do I have to activate the plan once I receive the SIM?

    • They're missing a trick not releasing these at the end of the iPhone billing cycle

      • It’s deliberate. They don’t want to at iPhone time.

      • What's an iPhone billing cycle? Isn't the billing cycle whatever plan you're on?

        • When iPhones get released every year October

          • @CI: Ah, OK. He means at the end of the product cycle I guess. But with Android having more than 80% of the market worldwide, why would anyone care about iPhone releases?

    • Refer to this

  • +1

    Im devastated. Just paid 180 today for 60gb with Optus. Annoying AF

  • +3

    How does this work with existing Telstra prepaid plan? Do I just buy from Telstra website and recharge using this plan?

    • +1

      I want to know as well. Can anyone help?

      • +1

        Need to order a separate new sim kit as told on live chat.

        • How does it work?

        • +4

          Hmmm…. I just got off a Live Chat. The Telstra rep said that prepaid sim kit cannot be used with an existing number. It can only be used to activate a new number.

          Which suggests that a sim kit CANNOT be used to :
          - recharge an existing Telstra prepaid account
          - port an existing number accross to Telstra (would need to ask them for a blank SIM for this, I believe).

          Anyone have any better info to add?

          • +4

            @ihavok: This SIM kit includes a blank SIM, when you process the activation online you can choose to keep your existing number (port) or choose a new number.

            • @hutsy: @hutsy & @Adroso Thanks. I was hoping the rep was wrong. So from what you're saying, you would be able to activate + port your existing number over.

              But I'm still not sure how you could use this to recharge an existing Telstra prepaid account. Might have to port out to something else, then port back with this kit?

          • @ihavok: So you get a new phone number if you purchase this deal, even if you are already a Telstra mobile customer?? That sucks :(

            • +1

              @jsilbz: It's no problem. Buy a $2 Vodafone SIM, port out and then port back using this deal

    • +4

      I have my version of Live Chat, They said, An option is to get the kit, then get a blank sim card (free) then have your current number added to the blank sim card, and then have the $300 credit transferred to the new sim card.

      So it seems like the process may be a bit longer in this case, but doable.

      In an interesting note, on the purchase page it says "Keep your own number or get a new number", so maybe the chat analysts are not informed yet, but there might be a different process with these kits to keep an existing number?

      Anyway take this information as you will, I just bought one, with an existing pre-paid number so I guess i'll find out soon.

      • i did asked the online chat rep as well, they said you cannot choose to get your existing number if you are with Telstra. Then i called Telstra and spoke to someone and he said i'm able to still keep my number. I'm confused too.

      • Analysts? LOL.

    • +1

      I would like to know as well. Anyone have any info?

  • Excellent deal! Better value than the boost I bought last May.

  • awww just signed with boost 2 weeks ago :(

    • i just signed with boost 1 week ago… so annoying

      • Bought this for another mobile

    • Just signed with boost an hour before this deal was posted :'(

  • Anyone about the expiry date for activation?

    • +1

      I asked on chat but no definitive answer could be given as it depends on when the SIM card was made and it’s expiry.

  • but after 12 months we need to pay $300 to continue using it.

    • Port out, port back

      • +27

        Something new will come up by then.

    • We’ll be in a 5G world by then… who know what will be on offer

  • When does this offer ends? Very nice, but just sign up on Amaysim.

    • +4

      $30 SIM and $300 SIM offers: Online only offer available to customers who purchase by 5 August 2019 11:59pm AEST. The discount is applied at checkout. Limit 2 per customer. Offer not available for commercial or resale purposes. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash.

  • +4

    It seems that you have 365 to activate this, based on the critical information summary.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    • +1

      Interested in this too

      • +1

        +1 interest!

    • +9

      From Telstra Live Chat (TL;DR you can ask for a long expiry):

      Me: "Can I buy it now, and activate it in December 2019, and it won't expire until December 2020?"

      Rep: "Each SIM cards has its own expiration. As long as the sim that you will purchase is with good till dec. Then you can definitely activate the SIM in Dec."

      Me: "I haven't purchased one yet. How do I purchase one that's good till dec ?"

      Rep: "You can leave a note when you purchase the SIM that the sim you want should expire in 2020."
      "If you activate the service on dec 2019 the expiry of its credit will be 365 days from the activation date."

      Screenshot of Transcript

      • So how long after the purchase do you have to activate? Like i need it for the end of january 2020, would that still be okay?

        • +6

          Actually I just had another chat (an attempt to "leave a note" on my order as per the previous chat). According to that rep, "the simcards that we release has an expiry of 1 year " :

          Me: I'd like to ask that I get a SIM that can be activated in January 2020 i.e. 6 months from now
          Rep: May I know when did you place the order?
          Me: Just today
          Rep: Got that. let me just check
          Me: I chatted with one of your colleagues first to ensure that this would be possible
          Rep: Sure.
          Rep: Both orders are placed today?
          Me: Yes
          Rep: can I have the second order number?
          Me: <gives order number>
          Rep: Thanks'
          Rep: As I have checked, the order has been successfully placed but it is not yet appearing on our system since it has been placed just today. Nothing to worry, I will own your concern and once the order appeared on the sytem, I will leave a note for your request.
          Me: Is that the case for both orders or just one?
          Rep: Also, nothing to worry, the simcards that we release has an expiry of 1 year :)
          Rep: For both since both orders has been placed today.
          Me: As in, I have 1 year to activate and then I'm connected for 1 more year after that?
          Me: (to your previous comment)
          Rep: yes, you are correct.
          Me: Oh very cool, thanks Rep

        • +2

          Don’t buy 6 month earlier than needed. It’s like buying beer to drink next year..

          • +1

            @financialminimalism: Mate for this kind of bargain you sort of have to.

            • @Unbreakable: Look don’t miss out on it if this is exactly what you want, but I reckon they’ll have something similar within 6 months. They are shaking up all their plans at the moment. Christmas is another good time to buy telco.

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