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Huawei Mate 20 Pro 128GB (Australian Version) $799 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon have price matched JB Hifi's price but with free shipping. Don't forget cashback.

Not just a big screen: precise 6.39-inch Huawei OLED Display featuring an in-screen fingerprint sensor
Kirin980: our most advanced smartphone processor. Faster. More Efficient. Better.
The Best Smartphone Camera. The End. AI-powered triple Leica camera featuring a revolutionary 40 Megapixel Light Fusion sensor
Ultra Wide and Narrow Covered. Ultra-wide and telephoto lenses that let you capture more of life
See every bit of detail your eyes can't see. 2.5cm ultra macro shot

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • And can pay via amex.(no surcharge)

    JBs need to get with program and drop amex surcharge.

    • yeh when Amex gets with the program and drops their surcharge to retailers to something in line with others CC companies..

      • Sister company manages ok
        (Good guys)

        • so does the retail company i work for but when your markup is low like in electronics 3% can destroy the margin on your sale (assuming thats what Amex has tried to negotiate :) ) … our finance just went stuff it its too much hassel to have 1 card we pass on and not the rest…

          • @scud70: Well often big companies like JBs get kickbacks when they do enough sales…
            Anyway just my view as opposed to others i guess.

            • @snappy1234: Trust me from my side of things i totally agree, but i know how difficult American Express can be when negotiating these things with them, you are correct JB and other electrical retailers all work off the kick backs but yeh from cosumer perspective i used to be stupid amex mark up but now i know why .. i just dont use amex in those instances LOL

      • Amex merchant fees have dropped, thus why IKEA, Chemist Warehouse and others have started accepting it.

        It's also why points value has dropped.

        JB is just propping up their margin where they can.

    • As far as reward points go Amex is no longer competitive after the recent devaluation.

    • Wow downvotes for comment like this !

  • Very good phone actually

  • Cash rewards too.

  • how's cashback works?

  • For a complete phone newbie - why should one purchase this, say over Galaxy S10-series apart from the small price difference?
    I thought Samsung Galaxy S were top end Android phones.

    • I think this one has better camera

      • I would say the newest S10 updates keep it on par. I would also say the OIS on S10 makes much difference on videos.

        • I like my S10+ for videos, but the Huawei is definitely better in my opinion. Their night time shots, the AI features and everything make all the photos look far better. I've found my S10+ kind of struggles with low light shots with the stock camera, not Gcam by the way.

        • Do we have this in S10e? I'm considering s10e and Mate20Pro. S10 is well over my budget

          • @Averell: Gcam is a bit fiddly to get to work, I haven't tried it myself but I've seen comparison pictures and I think it performs a lot better than the stock camera, but in regular lighting they are about on par. They both don't compare to the Huawei camera quality those photos are so crispy and clear, their night shots are far better. Both are great cameras but the Huawei is just better in my opinion.

            Gcam is significantly better for the front camera though.

        • Huawei and Pixel are top of the tree when it comes to computational photography. if you don't care about Night Mode photography then S10 will be almost on par with the mate 20 pro.

          The only downside of the pro is the front facing camera, pixel is the best for the front/selfie cams.

          Id rate mate 20 pro as the 2nd best over all camera - just behind the p30 pro.

    • I bought an S10E about a month ago, and I'm seriously considering throwing it on Ebay and buying this instead. The only thing stopping me is the size of this phone. I was after a smaller phone, that's why I went with the S10E.

      However, I'm left handed and the power button on the S10E is right at top of the phone and it's an absolute PIA because I'm constantly flicking my phones on and off, and I have to grip the phone unnaturally near the top half of the phone to get at it. Also coming from a Nokia 7 Plus with Android One this Bixby crap on the S10E is an absolute joke, and something I'd never use. It's also a complete waste to have a dedicated button for it.

      I just wish the Huawei was smaller. :-(

      • Isn't the s10e only 2mm smaller?

      • You can remap the button, I didn't mind it after I set mine to a dedicated Camera button for my World Star shots.

      • @jimbler bro tell me about the battery life, im also left handed, but i really wna know about the battery..

        • Battery isn't great either on the s10e. I struggle to last the day with heavy use. That's the other downside, but I love the size, the screen and it's lightning quick. I'll probably hold on to it, but give it 10 mins and I may change my mind again. :-)

      • Use other 🤳?

    • I would get S10 / S10+. Unless you have to have dual SIM. Source: My partner and I both use this phone.

  • Which site is offering the best cashback currently?

  • My partner and I both have this phone.

    Dual SIM FTW
    Brilliant battery life
    Upgradeable to Android Q in the future
    Fantastic camera within the camera app. Stabilised video & amazing photos.

    Shit camera on other app, ie Whatsapp and Instagram
    Like, really bad. Video is super shaky as EIS is not on on other apps.
    Calendar does not sync well with exchange. Can't change from default Huawei calendar.

    My 2c, I would have gotten S10/S10+ but needed the dual SIM and long battery life.

    • Do you think the camera phone on this or the s10+ is better? specifically night shots and night selfie mode.

      I can get the S10+ though EPP for $850 but I care about the camera the most.

      • I have S10+ and I think the Huawei is better because of the night shots, in good lighting they are about on par, but if camera is the most important I'd go for the Mate 20 Pro. Both are great phones.

  • officeworks pricematch?

  • This or Oneplus 7 Pro?

  • Damn, just purchased this 7 days ago off Prime day sale for $858 thinking it would be the lowest price for now, and I spoke to Amazon customer service this morning for about 30 min and they can't do anything for price difference refund (besides returning and repurchasing another phone) :c

    • same boat. they seem really strict now.

    • This is an instance where it would have been very handy to have used a price protection credit card. Useful for buying TVs, mobiles, whitegoods, bedding, luggage, basically any non-grocery physical product, where you can track the price online (e.g. using pricehipster, camelcamelcamel, visualping, etc).

      Price Protection is where they refund you the difference (as a credit on your credit card) if the price drops, and you bought it on that card.

      Coles MasterCard used to offer this (2 years price protection at same Australian retailer) but is now grandfathered for existing users, and 28 Degrees still offer this (1 year price protection against any Australian retailer). Both are opt-in, and there's a charge of 1% of the statement balance for this (technically it's an insurance) which you can avoid by paying the balance before the statement is issued.

      You can make multiple claims per item as the price progressively drops (and you should claim as soon as you can, especially on the Coles MasterCard, in case the retailer stops selling it). Limits for Coles MC/28 Degrees are: Min claim amount is $10/$0, and max per item is $600/$1000, and max per year is $2000/$5000.

      The Coles MasterCard and 28 degrees both includes Merchandise Protection, which is 6 months/12 month respectively of insurance if the item is lost/stolen/damaged, with no excess. [Cracked screen from accidentally dropping a new phone has to be top of the list of likely events]

      Personally, I have a very very strong preference to buy mobile phones or any electronics on this, precisely because they depreciate in value so rapidly, and for the damage insurance.

      • Do you know if you use the 28 Degrees Master Card through PayPal if price protection is available? Can you claim price drops with eBay and discount codes? Thanks

      • I have the 28 degrees credit card but never knew about this great feature. Is it something that you have to pay additional for or is it apart of the features?


      • Tried it with zurich and they said needs to be advertised on paper catalogue…what a bs excuse

        • You're probably thinking of Guaranteed Pricing. It's much weaker than Price Protection. Summary here: https://www.finder.com.au/credit-cards-with-a-guaranteed-pri... . Basically under Guaranteed Pricing it needs to be physical printed catalog, very limited time frame (e.g. 21 days), excludes internet purchases, etc etc. Lots of limitations, which together make Guaranteed Pricing kind of useless.

          These 2 tend to get conflated, but if you get it included for free/complimentary assume it's very probably Guaranteed Pricing, and if you have to pay extra for it (e.g. 1% of balance) it's very probably price protection. ; Price protection is what you want, it's an much stronger product. I'm only aware of 2 cards that have it (28 Degrees and Coles MasterCard), and for both you have opt-in, and pay extra for it. 28 Degrees is probably the stronger of the 2, as it covers any retailer, and has higher limits. The problem I have run into with Coles MasterCard is that sometimes the retailer stops selling the item well before 2 years is up, which means you can no longer claim. But if they do keep selling it, and remain price competitive, then the 2 year period for that is obviously preferable.

  • This will go down further once Huawei sets up a factory or two in Xinjaing. Made by Uighur, for (their indefinite detention) by Uighurs. Work sets you free.

    • The world is full of slave labour places. However, I’m sure you fully research every purchase you make to ensure beginning to end is fully ethically handled. I’m not happy with China, either but, as a country, we deal with murderous regimes all the time. There are very few “good guys” anymore and we certainly aren’t in the mix.

      • Roll your eyes if you like but the more people that lift off of their complacency the more companies and shareholders will do the research for us.

        • Not rolling my eyes, just pointing out that it is very difficult to actually buy ethically. You certainly wouldn't eat much chocolate or drink coffee if you were worried about the ethics. I try to be as ethical as I can, particularly for animal cruelty. I'm not a vegetarian but I do buy free range eggs, chicken, bacon etc and meat is usually a small part of the meal. However, it depends on the ethics of the people providing as to whether they are reporting accurately. If you can name me a phone manufacturer that is not using factories that are dodgy then happy to look at the phone, however, none of them are great. Personally I use iPhones but they've had their issues as well.

  • Seriously struggling to decide on this. Love my mate 10 but at this price the upgrade is tempting. I wanted to wait for the mate 30 but reality is the 20 launched at $1600 so I may wait 6+ months anyway haha (or use 28deg price protect maybe?)

    • Same here. My mate 10 pro still going strong. Camera still good and performance fast. I also waiting for mate 30 Pro or note 10+ but the outright price is way too much for me. Gonna go with the plan. Hopefully optus offer good deal

      • Been thinking just that mate as my Optus plan ended too! Have gone one of those cheap catch connect plans for 90 days to buy time to decide!

  • Can I claim back from TRS if I get this?