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Panasonic VIERA 65” OLED 4K TH-65FZ950U $2399.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Seems to be a good deal at Costco Bundamba(QLD).

Sold at Good Guys for $3984 —> https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/panasonic-65-inches-165cm-ole...

Previous expired deal -> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/450314


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  • +10 votes

    Seems like an amazing price for a 65" OLED.

    Sometimes I hate living in WA lol.

  • There's a Costco at Bundamba? I did not know this. Will go for a drive.

    • https://www.google.com/maps/place/1+Wood+Street,+Bundamba+QLD+4304/@-27.5907755,152.8183594,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b96b3569d653e11:0x72472fcef1e85001!8m2!3d-27.5907755!4d152.8205481

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    Don't suppose anyone knows if it's the same in the Melbourne Costcos?

    • +5 votes

      For anyone wondering I contacted Costco Epping, Vic and they have none in stock and won't be stocking any.

  • Not bhed. Good size. Good price.

  • A phenomenal TV and a price to match. I have one…don’t hesitate if you’re on the fence

  • Paid a few hundred more than this a few months back and don't regret my purchase for a second.

    Great picture, however the "smart" features are somewhat lacking if that's something you care about (I prefer to use a Shield which I can upgrade over time).

    • Our Panasonic Viera Link 3D 50" (TH-L50ET60A) was one of the first "Smart" televisions available; 6 years old. Been disappointed with the smart features since the outset, always trouble connecting to wifi etc. No other problems; easy set up and functionality. Bought a Chromecast recently so happy now. The previous Panasonic Viera Link 32" (about 15 years) it replaced is still working well.

      • Thanks for the info JediJan. I wish the idiot who negged your comment would explain why?

        • Thank you. Perhaps either don’t like Panasonic or the age of smart tv’s. Tend to stick with brands if I have had a good run with them. Ours was the only “reasonably” priced one in Good Guys at the time. Quite a few people did not like the 3D presentation on the tv but we have been pretty pleased with it. Also have had a well used Panasonic Viera link DVD recorder for some time too, but tend to watch those catch up tv programs now through chrome cast (elderly mother likes to receive dvds of programs she has missed). Just changed the background colours for the TV guides so I wasn’t trying to record on the tv one, as look identical. Wouldn’t mind upgrading at the great price of the current deal but I cannot justify buying another tv at the moment … I only bought the last one when son’s Samsung became faulty so I gave him the 32”. We also have a Panasonic blu Ray player too.

      • Smart TVs have been around quite a bit before 6 years ago (2013). I have a 2012 model Samsung plasma that's smart, and I think there were even some in 2011?

        • I still have my Samsung Plasma 50" PNC50C7000, going great bought in 2010 has all the apps, but i use firestick instead which i find better than inbuild apps…

      • Mine is also 6 years old with the Viera link, everything is now so outdated nothing supports it anymore for me. YouTube etc. I just use a MiBox.

        • Same here, I was furious when Youtube stopped working/being supported on my Samsung a few years ago. My set was literally 5 years old when that happened. Wtf?!

          • @AussieZed: Chromecast works great so don’t bother with the “smart” features of the tv. Throw anything from my mobile or iPad at that; usually catch up tv apps and YouTube too. No lagging etc. There was a good deal on it at GoodGuys a few weeks back.

  • Does this come with the Technics soundbar?

  • Can you arrange delivery in store from Costco? Or do you have to pickup yourself?

    • Organise your own transport. That said, they've helped me with my heavy appliances, such as a dryer, and getting it into the van

    • Yes, you can arrange delivery from Costco.

      • How did you get delivery? Business?

        From their Costco FAQ:

        Do you offer delivery or online shopping?

        Costco is a cash and carry warehouse club and does not currently offer an online shopping service or a delivery service. Business delivery is available at our Docklands Warehouse.

        • One of my old coworkers had purchased a Fridge and a BBQ separately 4-5 years ago in ACT.
          He told me that Costco arranged delivery via Toll. Toll picked up items from Costco and delivered.
          I guess it is not direct delivery via Costco but there are options if you don't want to pick up items yourself.
          I am not in touch with him anymore otherwise I would have provided more details.

  • Not a fan of the Panasonic software they use but at this price you would live with it. Great deal grats to those that pick one up.

  • I guess I'll have to join up to Costco then.

  • Did not see this at Docklands when I was their a couple weeks ago.

    • Costco changes rapidly. You can walk out most nights at closing and walk in at opening the next day and everything will be in a different location.

      Source: lived near Costco, went most days to check for bargains and eat samples.

  • Did you happen to note if they have any other TVs on sale or just this one? It's frustrating you can't get prices online, and it's such a %#*&^ to get to auburn

  • Is the price drop because the GZ series is out?

    • Yep, the FZ is the 2018 model.Compared to our old sony KD-55X9004A, it has an amazing picture, but no sub woofer…. it needs a sound bar/system for the best enjoyment. JB cleared these for $1910 the other week.

  • Anyone know how this compares to LG OLED generally on picture quality? I know LG make all the panels, but others like Sony have better image processors. I had a B7 and loved it, including the software. I think LG has the best OS.

    • Panasonic has the best colours out of the box, Sony has the best motion but the Panasonic is very close to the Sony in this regard. LG got the best Dolby Vision implementation. Overall they all have their strengths and weaknesses but for the price I'll go with the Panasonic.

    • LG has Dolby Vision which this doesn't , made the difference for me

      • Hmmm, that's huge. Pretty much only getting a new TV that has Dolby Vision.

        My LG also had a Dolby Vision effect setting, made things look great when a title didn't have any sort of hdr. Worked really well imo.

  • Must resist. My wife will kill me

  • Has anyone experienced burn in issues with OLED tvs? Can you set a screen saver for these tv to avoid it?

    • It has setting for it screen saver and auto turn off after a few hours of remote inactivity.

  • OLED or a holiday arghhhhhh decisions, decisions

  • Are there any left in NSW?

  • Wow!! This the TV I have and I paid well over 3k for it haha ouch! Amazing find.

  • No Dolby Vision a draw back for me.

  • What sort of minimum viewing distance should be considering, for a 65 inch tv ?

    I remember being told years ago, that you should multiply the size of tv, x 1.5 or 2.5, and that is the closest anyone should be.
    It was my understanding that it was something about the field of vision, ie. If you are too close, and screen is large, you cannot properly see the full tv all at once. So you are having to move focus constantly to properly view all parts of the tv (because some section are in your peripheral vision, and cannot see 100% of screen at once).

  • How does this TV compare to the Hisense R7 65"?

    • This is OLED is blows the R series out of the water. If you are loooking for the R7, jb in Belrose is hounouring the 75p9 for $2360.

      • Totally agree…go for one of the better brands, as it is not just about being an OLED. The Hisense OLED has an awful picture. You get better picture quality from better brand low end LED than the Hisense OLED.

  • Any 75" version?

  • Anyone have any luck with price match at TGG?

  • Anyone had any luck finding this at any other stores ? There's no way to check store stock

  • How does this compare to Hisense OLED?

  • No stock in any of the Victorian costco's. Keen to know if anyone has managed to price match?

  • 2 left in Bundamba store tonight around 7pm.

  • It had been sold at $1988 at JB HI-FI for Ex-display units