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Panasonic Viera 65” OLED 4K PRO Ultra HD HDR TV TH-65FZ950U $2499.98 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Saw this at Costco Casula. Has not seen this model under $2500 before considering it's 65" OLED with dual tuners and Ultra HDR. Spoken to the store manager and been told their head office has asked them to clear out old stock to make room for new 2019 stock and as I walked around I could see the new Samsung 2019 QLED R series on unpacked pallets in the back isle. Stock is very limited as only 1 unit left at Costco Casula. The manager has told me they're not allowed to make reservation or payment for members over the phone so if you want to buy one then better make a run for it. Call your local Costco warehouse to check stock before you head down. Good luck to anyone who try to beat this deal at their local HN, JB or TGG.

Good luck everyone!

16/4 update - The display unit at Costco Casula is still available for $2,200 yesterday arvo. Link to photo

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  • +1

    Insane deal. If only I had Costco

    • $60 year membership

      • Membership can be returned any time within the 12 months period and can get full $60 back.

  • Hows this oled compare to LG and Sony? Not many reviews out there and never owned any Panasonic before. The software onboard any good?

    • +3

      Can't beat the Panasonic. Love mine!

      Intuitive interface and easy to use controllers

    • +9

      Smart features are quite poor compared to others. Picture is probably the best out of all OLEDs, at least the FZ1000 was over the Sony and LG. Don't believe there's any difference in PQ between FZ1000 and this one. Sony is too dim even for OLED but has the best motion, LG has very oversaturated colours and poor motion. Panasonic is the best all rounder.

      • +1

        That's great thanks for the write up, more positive on Pana now. My understanding is all OLED TV's are using LG screens as LG are the only manufacturers. So PQ is down to the different electronics in each brand?

        • +1

          maybe check out the comments in https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/449818

          there's some good discussion about HDR and dolby vision (which this tv lacks)

          • +5

            @ideasman: Don't worry about DolbyVision if you are thinking about going Sony instead of this. The Sony TVs implementation of DV is completely flawed and looks worse than on the Panasonic even though the panasonic only does HDR10. HDR10+ is coming in a firmware update.
            The Panasonic colour is so accurate, we use them as grading monitors, and they perfectly match our $30,000 Sony monitors as far as colour reproduction goes.
            If you like accurate colour, the Panasonic is the best of the bunch, brighter than the Sony, and better colour than the LG.
            The sound is good, but not as good as the FZ1000, but really, if you are going with a TV of this calibre, surely you will run a decent surround system to go with it.

            I'd couple it with an AppleTV 4K and run the apps via that anyway, Infuse on the ATV4K lets you run UHDRips flawlessly.

            • @Scrobo:

              HDR10+ is coming in a firmware update.

              market spoke - 2019 models have Dolby Vision.

            • @Scrobo: Solid info. Will be getting a Pana when I upgrade now.

      • Agree. We love ours, but we can't "talk" to this TV. Searching Youtube videos is still 90s. No casting support either.

  • +2

    For reviews see this old post- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/403374

    The only difference in the models is the Technics sound bar in the more expensive version. Picture is identical in both models.

  • Costco Casula has sold out their floor stock. The manager advised that they usually mark down the display unit with 10% less than the already discounted price which will make it $2,249.98

    • did you confirm with the manager this deal was nationwide?

      • +1

        Yes the store manager confirmed this is nation wide as they're expecting to make room for new 2019 models from Samsung and Panasonic. You should get the same discount at any Costco warehouse for the same item if stock is still available.

  • Almost bought the 55" fz950u yesterday price matched at jb. After using it there I found that the user interface is dated as is the remote. Also noticed burn in on the demo monitors albeit after 10 months of the same watermark but it was quite severe. I'm going to go samsung qled for interface and longevity if I can ever get a good bargain!

    • +1

      The interface just isnt pretty or smooth like lg … but its functional and snappy. No lag like in android units.

      I would definitely not get a display model oled.

      • Yes neither would I, this was for a new one. I also didn't buy because I couldn't find if it provided apps or functionality to natively play google play movies and also if I did have some sort of internet TV box, we are known to leave on accidentally from time to time and the chromecast screen saver HUD could cause burn in after time.

      • I would only if the price is right and they let me check the hours.

      • Thanks, I have seen these. I'm self employed so no access to epp.

        • +1

          Turn on PM? Or PM me

      • +1

        some good deals there, but I much prefer OLED over LCD

    • What price were JB going to sell it to you before you decide against it?

      • 1730 recent eBay offer including shipping

      • The LG oleds I thought had a better interface, it can access Google Play movies and came with a magic remote (mouse pointer style remote). The recent lg b8 deal was the best recent oled deal IMO https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/447364

        We tend to keep TV's for longer than 5 years so I'd still go qled for longevity and no colour fade.

    • +1

      I don't mind the basic interface. It's lean and snappy and does the job. I've already got an NVIDIA Shield and that takes care of any smart functionality.

      • -3

        'cept itunes

  • +1

    Auburn Costco has 4 units available.

  • +1

    I would definitely consider Panasonic TV in the future after having issues on 2 Samsung plasmas. Back in the plasma days I believe Panasonic is the only brand which have fan installed inside the unit. At least it is taking initiatives to make sure their TVs will last longer unlike samsung which used cheap capacitors making their plasma started having issues after 3 or 4 years of use

    • +1

      Oh that is so interesting. Thanks for that. Currently have 2 x 55 inch panasonics that are never going to die as they both perform so well. Might continue on the panasonic bandwagon when one of these eventually dies and I let myself buy a 4K. Thanks, great information.

      • +1

        yeah i have a 2008 panasonic plasma, with 4 fans on the back of it. doesn't look like it wants to die still…so i need to wait :(

        • I too have a Panasonic 65 inch plasma and the picture quality is still the best after viewing some TV broadcast contents on the LEDs at the good guys on Thursday. They wanted $2.5k on a Samsung 75 inch lcd screen. I love the size but the picture is a let down.

  • crazy!!! OLED!!!!

  • +2

    Great Deal! Bought one of these 6 months ago for around $3,600, amazing TV to replace my 6/7 year old reliable 50" Panasonic ST50A Plasma. I'm a huge fan of the Panasonic TVs. Once you go OLED, you can't go back to LED/LCD, or anything else for that matter!

    • I would def. get this deal if I didn't have a perfectly nice ST50A myself and can't justify ditching it (and the fact that I have no costco here)

      • Getting rid of mine was so hard, but 4k and 65" vs 1080p and 50", it was time to upgrade. At least a friend bought it who would make good use of it!

  • +2

    I just bought the last one at docklands! (Unless they sell the display… That is still there…)

    • Damn, you beat me to it! Congrats :D

  • $2249 on eBay with 20% off code PEACE from GraysOnline - pickup only, Moorebank NSW

    • Condition? Repaired/Refurbished?

    • +1

      "Condition:Manufacturer refurbished"

      Great price, but not apples/apples

    • Don't mention it if the stock is inferior.

  • Ringwood sold out

  • 750 nits peak brightness is 'ok' probably best to wait for a 1000 nits though to cover HDR10+. All these mixed standards are so annoying and misleading.

  • +1

    The display unit at Costco Casula is still available to purchase for $2,200. Check your local Costco warehouse if interested.
    Link to photo here: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/21740/68436/img2019041...

  • +1

    Got a Goodguys price match for $2600 delivered, great value

    • Where abouts mate and what did you say? They never matched the Costco price when I tried…

      • +1

        Auburn Goodguys price matched for me
        Cost for them is $2550 apparently, literally just asked on the phone was super easy

        Last I checked Costco Mardsen Park has 4 in stock

        • Hello,
          Would you please please please be willing to give me a photo of your receipt?
          I have now asked at three stores in Victoria and none will honour it.
          Thanks for your time!

  • +2

    Good Guys "north lakes" priced matched this with little to no effort… makes me think I should've asked more off :D. Still happy…

    • Would you be willing to give us access to the receipt?
      I just tried two Good Guys stores and they wouldn't sell it to me for that… one said I could take the display model for 2500 though 🥴🥴🥴

  • +1

    Picked one up over the weekend for $2495 at Good Guys in WA :P

    • Would you be willing to give us access to the receipt?
      I just tried two Good Guys stores and they wouldn't sell it to me for that… one said I could take the display model for 2500 though 🥴🥴🥴

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