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Westpac Altitude Platinum: 60K Altitude, Velocity or QFF Points with $3K Spend/90days - $0 Fee First Year ($50 QFF/Velocity Fee)


Get 60,000 bonus Altitude, Velocity or Qantas Points with the Altitude Platinum credit card, when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval. New cards only.


Uncapped points earn rate: 1 Altitude Point or 0.5 Velocity or Qantas Points per dollar spent on eligible purchases.

Annual card fee: $0 for the first year, currently saving you $150+
Annual rewards fee: $0 if you choose Altitude Rewards; $50 if you choose Altitude Velocity or Altitude Qantas

  • Variable purchase rate: 20.49% p.a.
  • Variable cash advance rate: 21.49% p.a.
  • Interest free days on purchases: Up to 45
  • Minimum credit limit: $6,000
  • Minimum income required: $30,000

Economy X Seat Upgrade Vouchers
If you choose Altitude Velocity you'll also get 2 complimentary Economy X Seat Upgrade Vouchers each year to use on selected domestic Virgin Australia flights.
Available when you spend with Virgin Australia on your Mastercard.

Similar deal is also available for black card.

Update 7 Aug 10:40am: Westpac have advised that the offer is only existing customers who have received the offer by email.

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    How does this compare the St George one also with 60k bonus points?


      I think both are of same value with St. George having 2k spend to get bonus points. Better yet, you can apply for both of them..

      • +1 vote

        so… St George is better?

        • +12 votes

          St george's customer service is just crap. To apply a supplementary card, me and my wife should physically come to a nearest branch to get it processed. Moreover, to get the card, i have to collect it again when ready instead of sending it to my home. After waiting for a month i didn't receive the card nor news from them. Called them and they told me to follow it up with the brach that i have requested. I say fine, what's the branch direct number i asked. Their response is, you can't call them, you have to visit them again. After that call, i cancelled my card immediately. What a joke! Any other banks are able to apply online for a supplementary card and post it once processed. Never had any problem until i try st.george. Westpac is good. Pretty efficient when i'm with them. The only negative is that their statement doesn't categorize the primary card and the suplement card. It's all mixed up in the statement. No biggie but.

          • +1 vote

            @Volution: Not sure why yours wasnt sent - our supplementary one was. Other than that, I agree it was annoying having to go to the branch.

            Only allowed a total of one supp card too. Not even a fee for a second card. I was told if I wanted a second supplementary card, I would have to apply for second credit card. What the?! Is that normal? Or have I been living the life with multiple Amex supp cards?


              @aragornelessar: St George's system is very weird indeed. I actually decresed my limit from 15k to 5k via online. It worked fine until i requested an increase to 10k. Then for some reason, my credit card was frozen. As usual the phone customer service said i need to go to a branch. What's with going to the branch for every little action. Yeah, i've been with amex and very happy woth them. Gladly pay the annual fee with them. Never ever again will i apply for st.george. just not worth the hassle.


              @aragornelessar: "I agree it was annoying having to go to the branch."

              Funny how things change - 15 years ago, it was annoying to have to go to the one branch in the city that was open on a Saturday morning. Which you had to do for most things.

          • +1 vote

            @Volution: There isn't any St George branch in VIC.

          • +1 vote

            @Volution: I had a very similar experience with NAB. Took about 6 months to get the supp card.

            If we weren't stuck with the card (part of the home loan package, and at least it earns points on mortgage repayments and groceries) then I wouldn't have bothered.

    • -3 votes

      The upfront fee on this is half. St George costs you $99.

    • +3 votes

      You could try and wait for a better offer. St George amplify has had 80-90k QFF points for zero annual fee in the past, 4k spend. Anz FF black is also similar.


        yes, typically towards the year end.


          Is St George the same as BankSA and Bank of Melbourne? They seem to have the same bonus points offer.


        thanks! will probably wait out for this one then.

        • -1 vote

          Remember, even though St. George and WestPac are from same banking group, you can apply for their credit card offers individually.


            @ravendr: Didnt work for me. When I applied for SG, I held a Westpac CC….SG declined me and when I called, it was because I had Westpac already, and that I could only appply for SG after 12months without Westpac under my name,

            • +1 vote

              @mhs m0nk3y: If your credit was fine and there's no overlap as a parent company, they would open the card for you as that's no risk to them and give you the bonus points. If they really do care about the company overlap, there would be no reason to also open the card and just not give you the points - benefit to them.

              Unlikely they decline based off what credit card you have, more likely they declined on your credit history or current credit limit is too high for second card.


                @bs0: Unlikely since my credit rating is in the 800s, I have paid everything on time, no debt at all.

                Credit card limit has always been the minimum allowed - usually $6000 only

  • +3 votes

    Can someone please advise how much in dollar value 60k Qantas points worth just to decide to get into or avoid the hassle

    • +5 votes

      I reckon around $600.

    • +12 votes

      Generally, for economy flights, it's around 1c per point, so $600. For business and first class, it's better value, for things other than flights, it's worse value.


      Depends on route. I've seen some regional connections which are $250+ each way end up as only 8k + $30. In that case, you're looking at well into the thousands. This is especially helpful when flying a route to/from a regional area involving ADL > MEL / MEL > ADL. The flight is only a few hundred miles, meaning you can tack on an entire regional flight for no extra points cost.

      For typical flights (major city to major city), typically around 1c/pt. For example, $180 return flight becomes 16,000 pts and $20.

      Upgrades are sometimes good value, but I'm personally not a fan. The cost required for upgrading, you could've literally booked another economy flight with that value. Typically costs 1.25x the points cost of booking a flight.


    damn cheap cheap easy money those points worth $600 minimum


    do you have to call them up to cancel before 365 days is up to skip the annual fee on 2nd year on?

    • +4 votes

      All Banks must now provide the option to cancel your credit card online by law. I think cancellation is instant.

    • +1 vote

      I just closed mine from a year ago. You can cancel within the app, but I went into a branch. No questions asked, just done in the spot.


    If you choose Altitude Velocity you'll also get 2 complimentary Economy X Seat Upgrade Vouchers each year to use on selected domestic Virgin Australia flights.
    Available when you spend with Virgin Australia on your Mastercard.

    Does this mean you have to pay for the same flights (that you'll be upgrading for free) with the card, or just that you have to spend something with Virgin Australia on the card?

    If it's the latter, anyone got any suggestions for a way to spend something small with Virgin before flying? I've got some flights already booked I'd love to upgrade for free.

    • +2 votes

      You need to book using WestPac credit card.

      Economy X Seat Upgrade Vouchers Two complimentary Economy X Seat Upgrade Vouchers (for eligible domestic flights only) are available to Westpac Altitude Platinum Mastercard and Westpac Altitude Black Mastercard primary cardholders earning Velocity Points through the Altitude Velocity rewards program. To be eligible, your card account must not be in arrears for more than two consecutive statement cycles in accordance with the Altitude Terms and Conditions, you must have provided Westpac with your Velocity Frequent Flyer number and you have made a direct spend with Virgin Australia on your Altitude Platinum Mastercard or Altitude Black Mastercard every year from card open date. Economy X Seat Upgrade Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of issuance and will appear on your Velocity Frequent Flyer membership account within 10 business days of meeting eligible spend. Economy X Seat Upgrades are available to other passengers travelling on the same itinerary with the primary cardholder. To redeem, book an eligible domestic flight on your Altitude Platinum Mastercard or Altitude Black Mastercard, then call the Virgin Australia Guest Contact Centre on 1300 038 373 at least 24 hours prior to your flight to apply your Economy X Seat Upgrade Vouchers. You can find out if your flight is eligible by calling Virgin Australia on 1300 038 373.


    If I go via this link I get the free first year offer above.
    But if I go directly to the Westpac site and drill down to the altitude platinum i don't get the first year free.
    Does this offer originate from an offer on the Westpac site or somewhere else???


      I got this offer via an email from WestPac, however; I don't think that this offer/link is specific to any individual.


    Am I still eligible get these points if I signed up to the 120k QFF Westpac Mastercard and Amex Deal about 10 months ago? Thanks
    And if I do sign up to this CC will it bar me from any other offers later on?

  • +1 vote

    I just applied for the St George because I hadn't ever built any QFF points so I got the bonus 20k.

    I'm gonna apply for this too, 3k spend but I might wait a month. Velocity points are much harder to come by these days and alot of cards have 6k minimum spends.

  • +1 vote

    No Fees for The First Year + $50 Fees

    Oh OK, I get it. No fees with fees.

    (yes I understand the $50 is VA fee but the phrasing is pretty amusing)


    Good but waiting for the black card deals hopefully soon


    Is using qff points to buy something from the Qantas store a poor use of rewards points, even when they have a sale?

  • +1 vote

    Same deal but for the black card with 80k sign up bonus! only the $50 rewards program fee!

  • +1 vote

    Existing Westpac customers who currently hold an Earth Platinum, Earth Platinum Plus, Earth Black, Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black credit card, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer.


    What is the different between:

    Annual card fees vs Annual rewards program fee



      Annual fee is fee for having the card.

      Rewards Program fee is arguably a cash-grab to have your points converted to that reward program. ie. to have your points go to Qantas FF or Velocity FF. The banks own rewards program has no fee.

      They are two separate fees payable to the bank in this instance.

  • +1 vote

    Has anyone applied for an Amex to go with this (I'm interested in the Black, but there is also Platinum Amex), after getting the Westpac card alone?

    Eyeing off the 'blended' bundle and apparently you can apply for the Amex after you have a Westpac card.

    Doing it individually seems like you'll get both card fees waived too…

    Ie. Westpac Altitude Platinum: 60K bonus points, first year annual fee waived

    Once you're a customer, apparently there is a waiver of annual fees on the Amex if you apply for it

    (refer to comment in https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/473748)

    Whereas if you apply for the Blended bundle;

    -Westpac Altitude Platinum: 60K bonus points, first year annual fee $150
    - Amex fee waived if you're an existing customer, however bonus points are less (20k individually vs 40k in the bundle)

    "Sign in and get a little extra

    If you're our customer, we'll waive the first year annual Card fee on a new American Express Westpac Altitude Black Card (usually $199 p.a.) exclusions apply.

    Offer exclusively available when you sign in and apply via this link by 15th October 2019. T&Cs apply.
    Sign in"

    NOTE - The above link to apply as an existing customer is still broken, I've reported it to Westpac (unless I'm just unlucky)

    Would love to know if anyone can verify they could skip annual fees on both by doing it individually :)

    Or signed in once they have applied for the listed deal and see if the Amex fees are showing up as $0 for the first year for existing customers that got their fees waived on the Westpac Altitude Platinum


    Best way to burn $3000 without spending a cent?
    I believe it has been mentioned afore that you book a first class airfare then cancel???


      I'm not sure if that actually works, it might be a risky move.

      I generally spend 1k a month minimum with no effort, 3k should be little effort. Gift cards are always an option when available, and you can sell them.(Timing tho)


      How does it work please?

  • +1 vote

    For what it's worth, the SO and I both did this one this year (for the 60k QFF points). Neither of us were charged the $50 fee. Unsure if they've "fixed" it by now or if they do legitimately not charge the frequent flyer fee on the first year too.

  • Westpac has contacted us to advise that the offer is only existing customers who have received the offer by email. Deal description updated.

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