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STANLEY FATMAX FMCK467D2-XE18V Brushless Hammer Drill + Impact Driver Combo Kit $216.35 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seen this come down from $359.00 to $165.74, been tracking it on camelcamelcamel for the last few months, seems like a pretty good deal.
Comparable set is available at other online retailers for $250+

Edit: Looks like they've hiked the price up a bit to $198.88

Edit: And price hike strikes again, now at $216.35

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Great deal

  • Agree jump on this people

  • Bought Ozito two weeks ago. Is it possible to make a refund at bunnings?

    • +1

      yes you can.

    • Only if you have a receipt and havent used it. Otherwise store credit.

  • Anyone got this set? Is it any good?

    • prefer Ozito, light and easy replaced lotsa other stuff, only Ryobi has even more to choose inside the easter bunny

    • +4

      I bought these during the Master closing down. I've used them a bunch for projects and around the house. Still look and work like new.

    • Bought during masters deal. Great set, done a few dozen projects by now

    • Great tool as others bought it at Masters 3 years ago during sale, did couple of projects still going strong as new. Battery hold the charge well, hammer drill is awesome 👏🏼

    • Yes. Got it a few years ago (ozb) and it is flawless for the simple home jobbies I use it for.
      It can stay in the cupboard for months and battery is fine.
      Plenty of power.
      build is solid and quality.
      Bag is great to keep both drills, batteries, and charger - and to easily transport.

      The only thing to be careful of is it has a sensitive trigger. To get low speed you need a very light touch.

      100% recommend.

      • +1

        To get low speed you need a very light touch.

        what she said

        • Yes, light touch, go easy.

          I bought Dewalt DCF887 as it has got 3 speeds.

  • I've never owned a drill haha. Would this be good for basic stuff around the house like drilling holes in walls? Thanks for answering my noob question.

    • +2

      Sure would, plus you get a lot more capability that you might need down the track.

  • Looks like it has jumped to $183.43
    To pull the trigger not not…

  • Expired after 22 minutes or is it just me?

  • Showing as $183 for me

  • Looks like they've done the classic price hike :(
    Still a somewhat decent deal considering it's still under that $250 mark

  • +1

    And it's gone up again

  • +6

    Bought one at 165, omg never have I got on a deal early enough. THanks OP.

  • Showing as $216.35 for me.
    Looks like they are increasing the price over time.

  • Is Amazon even allowed to increase the price 4 times in 30 minutes?

    • +1

      It's their platform they can do what they like.

      • Yeah that's BS if you ask me I understand prices change but four times in 35 minutes

        • no legislation in place to say they can't. they're allowed to haggle or auction off items if their platform supports it.

        • -1

          Supply and demand.

          • +1

            @spaceflight: with this model, deals would expire in a matter of seconds lol

  • +2

    lol , abit like the sharemarket

  • lol price keeps changing everytime i refresh the page.

  • +1

    Maybe they're testing out auto-OzBargaining routines which jack the price on the order rate. Heh reminds me of Economics 101 where it'll hit a price where demand and price is balanced out.

    • Amazon Surge Pricing™
      holy mother of price jack

      • This is really another level, beat eBay's normal price jack routine whenever they doing a sele !Good on ya Amazon

  • $261.66 lol

  • $309 now, at the rate it is going, soon it is gonna beat sydney house prices ;)

  • 309.78 now lol

  • +1

    amazon price-demand algorithm at work.

    would've got one at the initial listed price simply because i don't use it enough but good to have around.

  • Like 'heards of sheep' they follow each into thinking its a good deal for an inferior quality hammer drill kit. Try Bosch Blue, Makita, DeWalt, Hitachi etc and you will find much better quality at a similar price or slightly higher.

    • thought black and decker was the one that went downhill. Stanley maintained their standards?

      • They merged quite some time ago, the company is Stanley Black & Decker. They own lots of brands, Dewalt included.

        THe B&D branding seems to only be used on the low end tools these days. As an equivalent to say an ozito.


        In the USA Porter Cable is a well known brand. Not really here so they have rebadged them using the Stanley FatMax branding.

    • I have had this set for a few years now (edit, actually the non hammer drill version). They have been decent.

      They are sold as Porter Cable in the USA. They are a Stanley B&D brand, along with DeWalt.
      EG: https://www.amazon.com/PORTER-CABLE-PCCK600LB-20-volt-2-Inch...

      • If it is same as Porter Cable, I will stay with Ozito Power X. Have a set of Porter Cable for ten year, replaced batteries, still working. But the built is just so so. It's a entry level brand.

  • +2

    I have a kit from the great Masters deal years ago. They are good enough quality, but once you buy this kit you are locked into their lineup (if you want to use the same batteries), and I'm not happy with their other cordless tools, at least not for the price. Pay a little more and buy into a better line of tools.

    • Any suggestion for better line of tools? A drill and an impact driver. Thanks

      • +1

        AEG ( High DIYer or trade ) - we use em at work 6 year warranty and its a drop off at bunnings


        Ryobi - larger range of skins and you do get specials more often at bunnings unsure of how warranty works

    • but once you buy this kit you are locked into their lineup

      I don't think sticking to the same batteries is really that big a deal. Especially if the other tools are nothing flash. I find over the times you'll come across kit deals across other brands there is point just buying one brands skins anyway.

    • I bought the masters kit as well. Also grabbed the recip saw from masters which has been solid and quite handy.

  • So sad, I was looking for a drill set

  • +1

    Showing as $358 now …

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