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[Various Conditions] iPhones 7 32GB $271, iPhone 8 64GB $463, iPhone 5 16GB $64 at Smarter Phone via eBay


Did not sight this store listed on the main eBay store listings, however thought I would add a few items given it has some decent pricing taking into account the current eBay 20% promotional discount.

A few example of pricing listings post 20% below,

iPhone 5 16GB - $64
iPhone 6S 16GB - $159
iPhone 6S Plus 64GB - $287
iPhone 7 32GB - $271
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB - $391
iPhone 8 64GB - $463

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  • I actually bought from these guys when I needed any Iphone for some app stuff. Phone had a few scuffs but as described due to refurb. What I was impressed with was when the phone mic died - which apparently happens to some phones after an IOS upgrade (good one apple, stress test your phones on upgrade to kill some off). I called them and they organised a replacement satchel and phone, was too easy. Good customer service and 6 months warranty.

  • Thanks mate got the iphone 5 for 64. Says C-grade so we'll see what it's like in terms of scratches etc when it arrives but the feedback is really good for that item so fingers crossed

    • How do you see the grade for the specific one your ordered?

      • well the ebay page only had the option of c-grade so that's all that's available i guess? Im just talking about the one i looked at of course which is the iphone5

    • Just wondering what you gonna do with iphone 5 ???

    • i genuinely believe the iphone 5 was probably the best iphone ever released (although i didn't own one). it was lighter than the 4/4s and felt like holding a candy bar. it was the perfect screen size and fit nicely in the hand.

      the scuffgate was a bit of a downer but it goes with the territory of not using glass backing (which would make it heavier)

      i'm seriously considering buying one as a lightweight small screen travel phone where i won't care if it gets stolen/smashed.

      • Iphone SE's go for pretty cheap these days, unless you're looking for an absolute burner that costs less than 100 the SE goes for about 150-200 and they're one of the best small phones you can get in that price range.

      • Keep in mind iphone 5 stops at IOS 10.3.3, so some newer app versions may not work.

        • yeah that's the biggest downside and why my older iProducts are pretty much useless now. if they install sometimes they just crash altogether. so i didn't bother buying one in the end.

        • subway app definitely won't work, needs min. ios 12 ;)

  • All phones I tried are only available in C grade.

  • It seems some of the seller's listing does not have or indicate the grade


    Not sure if the seller forgot to put it on or it is the D grade :) sure wont be A grade

  • Good price though

  • Super tempted. Never had an iPhone for more than a few weeks.

  • Anyone know what kind of state the battery would typically be in? That would be my main concern with an old smartphone. The description mentions testing "Battery Health" but doesn't say what the results are…

    • From their website:
      “All of our batteries have at least 80% of its original battery functionality. Please note all software updates will affect your Smarter battery performance.”

      Doesn’t clarify between grades.

  • eBay is pretty clear about what refurb means:

    An item that has been professionally restored to working order by a manufacturer or manufacturer-approved seller or retailer. This means the product has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to meet manufacturer specifications and is in excellent condition. This item may or may not be in the original packaging. See the seller’s listing for full details.

    Seller's description:

    Back housing: Minor signs of wear. Screen: Scratches, invisible when the device is on. Product: 100% functional, fully unlocked. Warranty: 6-month warranty. Accessories: NEW Charger and adapter included!

    Neg for this reason.

  • Seems like these guys are owned by Brightstar Logistics.


      yeah have a look at what they offer for trade ins, hence these prices.

  • I’ve been considering upgrading from 6s Plus to 8 Plus but prices are still too high. No stock from this seller anyway

    • If I were you I wouldn’t upgrade. I upgraded my husband’s phone from 6 plus to iPhone 7 Plus. It was so slow and battery had degraded quite a bit. . I was debating between 6s plus and 7 plus. I wasn’t even considering the iPhone 8 Plus. It’s made all of glass, so if you drop more chance to break. My husband has butter hands and keeps dropping it.
      Eventually you will have to upgrade to an all glass iphone (I have the iPhone XR) but at the moment 6s it’s still a great Phone and has iOS 13.

      • +1 vote

        If he’s that bad get him a good case and glass screen protector . They all have a glass front.

        • +1 on a good case and screen protector, get him a case with a flap on the front. I’ve never broken a screen or dinted a phone but mine are fairly well swaddled. I’ve still got my 6 plus but it is beginning to get screen disease. I’m not sure what the logical replacement is. The things I’ve read say wait until next years model, but isn’t that always the case? I was thinking about the Huawei but “thank-you Trump”.

          • @try2bhelpful: Hi guys, of course he has had screen protectors and case (flip leather) but still managed to break the front screen screen on the 6 plus. So it made sense to just upgrade it as it was getting slow and battery was pretty bad.

            • @fozzie: Yeah, I meant more for your new phones. I’m certainly looking for a new one. Especially as the IOS upgrade won’t work for my current phone.

      • I think I'd be alright with an all glass phone. I've never dropped my phone before (hope I didn't just jinx it).
        Anyway, you're right in saying the 6s is still good but eventually I'll be going for an 8 Plus.

  • Bought the 7 Plus for $391.20 delivered, thanks OP!

  • For Refurbished iPhones, I think the Boost Mobile Refurbished Phones is a much better option, similar price and 12 month warranty.

    Edit: Didn't realise the 20% off, obviously this is much cheaper.

    • wouldnt they be network locked too?


        Where have you been, locked to what, iPhones/iPads are not locked at all it’s 2019. :) not in Australia anyway.

  • Thanks OP.. Great find. Bought a 6s.

  • +5 votes

    misleading seller as these phones aren't refurbished — just ordinary used phones and it's a lucky dip with what you might end up with in terms of condition.

    refurbished phones are refurbed to certain standard. they don't have "grades"

    • If you do a search, you will find many other companies selling ‘refurbished’ iphones with gradings eg Kogan.

      Yes, they are really just second hand phones checked to make sure they are in good working order then given a 6 month warranty. The blemishes/gradings are purely cosmetic. I think this is a safer bet than buying a second hand phone from Gumtree although you pay extra for that reassurance.

      The only company selling truly refurbished iphones is Apple, who use a new case and battery with each iphone. However, Apple dont sell refurbished iphones in Australia. They use them as replacement phones given out under warranty and are literally ‘as new’

      The 20% off makes this a great deal compared to other companies selling similar

      • +4 votes

        Yes I have, that's how I know how widespread this misleading practice is.

        If I'm buying a used phone, I want to see pics of the actual condition not some seller's subjective grading system.

        I bought a used 5s recently. Very detailed photos and honest description, seller has excellent feedback and the phone I got was even better than I expected after I gave it a more thorough cleaning.

        I wouldn't do business with people who don't know what refurbished means. Maybe it's honest ignorance. Bloody doubt it though.

  • Thanks OP. Seems good deal, bought a 7 128GB

  • Interested with IPhone 8, but price for a used still high

  • Does anyone have the link for the iPhone 5? Can’t find it :( I need an new iPod and for $64 that’s a bargain!!!

  • How low can I go if all i want is a iphone to use with apple watch 4 cellular?

    Is 6s good enough?

  • Being used refurb, will there still be gst on these phones?

  • Have anyone's phones been shipped yet? I ordered yesterday but they haven't marked the items as sent yet.

    • I already got mine. I got an iphone 5, it looks immaculate, not a single scratch. I haven't tested it out yet as in the battery etc but cosmetically it looks brand new.

      • Yep received mine today - an iphone SE and iphone 6S. Bought the listings which had no condition listed and both devices were near perfect aesthetically.

  • Yes mines tracking status showing It’s on it’s way Arrived at facility.

  • Should stress these are USED iphones.

    NOT NEW!

    The quoted price of $339 reduced to $271 for the iphone 7 is for one in very much used condition compared with a new one (MEDIUM GRADE).

    So its not a really good deal at the normal selling price nor with the 20% discount Im afraid to say.

    The only advantage buying from these guys is the 6 month warranty

  • With 30 days satisfaction guaranteed option, if we are not entirely happy can return and get full refund I think.

  • I just received the iPhone 5 and I'm very happy with its pristine condition, no scratches or whatsoever which I believed the previous owner had a case on 24/7. It was estimated to be delivered tomorrow or Thursday but came in early today,speedy delivery!

  • Received my iPhone 6s today. It’s immaculate. Also packaged nicely
    Very pleased.

  • Just a warning guys. I got the iPhone 7 Plus 256gb. On the outside it looks perfect but the screen has black areas around it meaning it wasn’t fitted properly. Pretty disappointed and I will be returning

  • I contacted smart-phone_au via ebay in regards to the iPhone SE.

    They guarantee 85% battery health (though their website states 80%?).
    They informed me that they are using all the original parts for the iPhone SE.
    And that all their Smarter Phone devices are AU model as well.

    I've purchased the iPhone SE and will be testing;

    -Check model number (A1723 is AU stock)
    -Check battery health
    -Checking for water damage (pop sim tray out and look for a white disk. A blob of red indicates water sensor has been tripped)
    -Weigh the iPhone SE. Stock weight is ~113g. Any heavier indicates aftermarket parts (e.g replaced screen). Ensure no screen protector/case are on before weighing of course
    -Check IMEI status
    -Check serial number

    • I will perform various test (upgrade ios, test findmyphone, dead pixels etc)

    This is my first iPhone so any other tips would be appreciated. My iPhone SE is due to arrive next week :)