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Sony A7 III (ILCE7M3B) Camera Body + 24mm-105mm Lens Kit $2567.42 + 2000 Qantas Points Delivered @ Qantas Store


My first deal post so let me know if I've done anything wrong.

I think this may be a pricing error as the body and 28-70 kit lens is the same price.

The a7iii body went as low as $2000 from memory and the 24-105 went as low as 1500. So if my math is right this particular kit is the cheapest by approx $730.

The cash portion of the purchase also earns you 5541 PTS.

I'm not sure if the Qantasstaff code works (from the Sony WH-1000XM3 post), but if it does it could savd you another 10%.

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    Qantas store unwilling to do points refund for the 2,000 points top up citing their terms and conditions. Wasted too much time on this bs. Going to do a charge back with the bank and advised them of such.

    What a bunch of clowns the Qantas store is

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      took them that long to cancel orders with a lame excuse is bad enough, then refuse to refund the 2,000 points top up? I wonder how low they can go

      • Yup had enough of their bs. Will let the bank and ACCC sort It out. They refer to it as "the fraudulent order" haha

  • Does anyone have any thoughts on this other A7iii deal? It currently says out of stock until end of August and I know it's nowhere as good as the cancelled deal


    • The Sony sale ends same day, so I suspect they've just turned it off until then regardless of stock availability.

    • I bought that on Gumtree for 2350

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      Hahaha the funny thing is the lens in the photo is the 24-105 lol

  • I reckon this is not a mistake - They have a gained a whole lot of $$$ interest free the whole time (other reputable companies like Amazon do not charge until they fulfill the orders), sold a wad lot of 2000 points at 4 times their worth, and gained a whole lot of people to convert/link their reward points to QFF. I am not conerned I did not get the deal. Nothing gained, nothing lost, it was just an opportunity. But this is too much of a coincidence to QFF's benefits. QFF is well known as a big money spinner for the Qantas group, they know what they are doing.

    • Hanlon's razor. Though it's probably more ineptitude than stupidity.

      • Then why do they refuse to refund the people who purchased the 2000 points top up for the purchase?

        • At a guess, I'd say there's some kind of "don't refund points purchases" policy in place and the support people can't/won't bypass it, regardless of circumstances.

          Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way to get past them to a higher authority to get actual answers.

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            @omgitzrick: It’s in the T&Cs, purchased points are non-refundable.

            • @Poppin: Not surprised they would have T&Cs that cover their ar***, hence they can get away with this one. I am not losing sleep over it. You win some and lose some (been winning more than losing on OB). My comment is to raise awareness, consider who benefits most from the "mistake". if the deal looks like a pricing mistake or abnormally low, and costs you to get the deal other than the price of the product (e.g. purchase non-refundable way overpriced top up points), then AVOID. I'd be very wary of such Qantas Frequent Flyer deals in the future.

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                @Buy2Much: I don’t think the price is low enough to look like a pricing mistake, just a good deal. You’re right about buying FF points though, especially at an inflated cost. That was a bad idea.

  • There were a bunch of people (poppingtags, snvl, protagonist, joeyrr) commenting that they had been refunded the Qantas points used. Then subsequent posts have pointed out how "Qantas store unwilling to do points refund for the 2,000 points top up citing their terms and conditions."

    So which one is it?? Why are people having different experiences?

    Such a mess. What a disappointment from Qantas.

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      Two different things happening.

      People are getting their 2000 points back. Some people purchased the 2000 points. They get the points back, but not the money spent on said points.

  • any idea when we would be able to get our money refunded?

    • I got the cancellation email yesterday morning and money refunded to credit card today.

      • they cancelled my order on 20/08, refunded my point but not my money yet. hmmm

        • Same here

  • +1

    So it’s two days since people started getting cancelation orders. I still haven’t received one and had no refund of points either. I don’t even want it anymore but looks like it is going through for me otherwise surely wouldn’t take them 2 days to send out cancellations.

    • +1

      If you don’t want it I’ll buy it off ya!

    • I’ll take it too :) we needed this deal

      • Most of the guys who have their order cancelled, have told Qantas..they will lodge complain with ACCC so they are delaying to cancel rest of the orders. If you don't use PROMO CODE there is a chance you will get it. But when i call them (After my order was cancelled) they told me they won't be able to fulfill any orders, even for the one who don't use code as the supplier do not have any stock. They are still waiting response from supplier.

  • Still no email or refund of points. My order still shows as processing/in process, with no ETA. No idea what the hell is going on and I don't really want to call to find out… Quite a weird situation really.

    • I would take that as good news

    • Did you use the code? If you did they will cancel

  • my order on 11/08 has been canceled. my dad one on 12/08 still in processing, no cancellation email, no estimate delivery time. he ordered with the code .

  • Still no refund. I wonder how long Qantas will hang onto my money.

    Ordered on Aug 11, 1:56pm
    Ordered with the code
    Got the cancellation email on Aug 20, 7am
    2000 points have been refunded (I did not purchase this)
    Order status says cancelled

  • Hey I need some suggestions
    Will Chargeback with credit card be any helpful if not why waste time as I was Looking to call my bank. So far have not received and refund. And also I have screen shot saying my order was placed with supplier etc and later they cancelled the order.
    Any suggestion would be highly appreciated
    Cheers mate

    • why you got neg

    • Refunds can take a long time, up to 10 work days in some cases. It also depends on the bank. A chargeback is pointless and could potentially cost you money. Generally a chargeback will take up to 30 days from lodgement anyway.

      • And it may potentially have your QFF account suspended/banned.

      • Make sense thanks for ur suggestions.
        Already purchased Eos RP and 2 lens with for almost same price. But this deal really made me upset. Also lost 86 in points purchased.

  • Qantas refunded $$ and 2000 QFF for the camera but not yet refund $$ for the Sony earbud

    What a ride !!

  • Anyone know why they would refund in 3 lots? $900 + 900 + change?
    I imagine they are trying to do something sneaky..

    • probably some sort of internal limit that automatically flags it for manual approval if they go over it. So for large scale refunds like this, probably easier for head office to authorise this as a workaround rather than manually authorising 1500+ refunds. just a guess lol.

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    Just wanting to post this link again for those who purchased the 2000 points to be able to place the order and want their money back instead of the 2k lousy points (only worth around $10-20 but cost $80+).

    Make a complaint to the Airline Customer Advocate rather than initiating a chargeback (which will potentially be declined by the bank due to Qantas having a good reputation with the banks, and also Qantas potentially destroying and blocking your QFF account forever due to the chargeback).

    Main reasons for this - Qantas will have to pay to have the complaints investigated and will likely end up being forced to refund the points purchase by the ACA. It's pretty low of Qantas not to even offer us an apology or some points as a goodwill gesture. Make your voice heard and talk to them in the only language they understand - revenue loss.

    You will need to have a quick webchat with Qantas and take a screenshot of the reply from their customer service when they refuse to refund the points transaction.

    If you really want to stick it to them - request in the chat with Qantas that they honour the camera order. Then send that complaint to the ACA as well!


    • I was going to do that, but the first question is "have you also lodged your complaint with a governing regulatory body" and if you click yes it says you are ineligible to proceed. I lodged a complaint with ACCC about the Camera but not the points.

      • +1

        What grounds did you use in the ACCC complaint? Hopefully it works for you.

        • +3

          They accepted the order when it was available, sat on it for 10 days then cancelled with no comms. The fraudulent coupon crap is bs.

  • My refund has been processed this morning. Also part payments. Just be patient guys the refunds are coming

    • +1

      I have a feeling you're affliated with qantas, as I've gone through your posts and recent account creation.

      Either way, thanks for the info.

      • Mate I wish, I’ve been long time stalker on ozb but only created my account for this deal as I really needed this camera deal. But I shot myself in the foot using the code lol .. oh well sony a7r iv it is :)

  • ordered on the 11, 2pm, got my refund + points back. i paid off my credit card already now i have 2.5k sitting in there… not happy

    • I am in the same position, i have paid my bill too and now have a $2.5k credit in my credit card

      • +1

        same here, I am with ANZ and I called my bank to reverse the transactions I made. They said if it's plus/over your credit card limit you can transfer it to your account and it won't charge cash advance fee as long as it is not below the limit.
        I just transferred from my credit card and it didn't charge anything. There is warning saying it will charge they said to ignore that. maybe just call your bank and double check.

        • The thing is mine is a Qantas Amex so its not really linked to my bank account.

  • +1

    Refund came in either late last night or early this morning. Good luck to others waiting for their refund, hope you get it soon.

  • Hello, it's me
    I was wondering how's going for those didn't use the code
    To go over everything
    They say that camera supposed to ship ya
    But I ain't done much hearing
    Hello, can you hear me?

  • +2

    Quick question for people who got a refund, and this me trying to get something out of a crap experience. Normally when I’ve had something refunded it shows up as a cancellation of the previous purchase in the credit card statement, which means we don’t get CC points. This however just shows up as 3 credits, 2 of $900 and one of $767. This means we should at least get a couple of thousand points from this deal???

    • good thinking

  • Any updates from people who did not use the code?

    • Have been told I should receive it before 4th September. Not holding my breath.

    • @dragonballz

      I used the 10% off birthday code since my birthday was in August.

      I called them today, as they advised me to call them again if I didn't hear from them during my phone call on Monday.

      I got the same template response: it's in process and we'll contact you when you there's an update.

      I do believe it's out of Qantas's control and more in the hands of their supplier, which I think is Harvey Norman.

      In the event I receive a refund I will be writing a complaint to ACCC.

  • Just bought myself a new lens to compensate for me not getting this deal. :(

    • +1

      Same page. But bought a GH5s instead. Bye Sony.

      • +1

        Did you consider the Lumix S1 deal? That is a great alternative and more capable than the A7 iii IMHO.

        • +1

          Yes, I did. However the lens selection is a bit limited now, will be changed once Sigma’s L mount range coming out but still in a while.
          I mainly shooting video so Panasonic is more friendly. The best thing in Alpha System is Auto focus, but in videography world I prefer manual focus. Both are great cameras.

  • Raised a dispute with the bank will let you guys know about $86 points purchase

  • I’ve made a complaint to Qantas. Doubt anything will happen, so keen to look at new sony camera’s launching next week as well as the Olympus EM5 Mark III likely to launch next month.

  • +3

    I’ve filed a complaint with Qantas and requested they reinstate my refunded order or i’ll be going to the airline ombudsman. I’ll be following up tomorrow and giving them one week to respond. At least it should cost them a few hundred bucks. Not cool having a massive surplus sitting on my credit card and being stuffed around like this with no apology.

  • -2

    Not a Qantas staff.
    They just canceled the order with no explanation in advance.

    • As in you didn't use the QantasStaff code?

  • Still no refund for the headphones, received my camera refund but no headphones, what a mess… I hope the manual refunds cost them a bit, they deserve it

  • +2

    At the end of the day, the term too good to be true is what i follow. Almost all of you knew this, but yet are so angry. Threatening them with legal action. I believe it is morally wrong to take action. Guys, chill out. Do understand they have many refunds to process. This take time as it is not automated.

    • Yeah, agreed. I'm really surprised by all the 'complain to ACCC and ombudsman' comments. It was a classic pricing error and obviously ridiculously cheap. Definitely awesome to have a go and hope for the best, but it's not worth being angry about it.

      • +6

        It was a classic pricing error

        can you share the qantas email that states that it is a price error?

        • -3

          Oh please. It's the same price as the A7III + 24-70 kit lens. Exactly the same price. Some staff member was manually typing in the prices for the thousand time that day and misread the entry. Easy to miss.

          Qantas ballsed up the handling though afterwards, sure. But an pricing error it was.

          • +3


            Oh please. It's the same price as the A7III + 24-70 kit lens. Exactly the same price.

            You failed again. It wasn’t

    • +6

      It takes 10 days to determine that they can't fulfill the order with 0 communications, then blame it on a "fraudulent code". Give me a break. Someone as big as Qantas should know better.

    • @seibmoZ niagraB
      At no point up until now they have stated it was a price error.

      • Agreed. QFF cancelled without saying it was a price error or a simple apology for the inconvenience. The price was not too unreasonable to be true. There have been promotion discounts of similar magnitude in the past, especially when clearing stock for a replacement model that is about to come out. And it's not like they missed one digit ($3000 item advertising for $300).

        • -4

          You are talking about an award-winning highly sort after Sony A7III camera here, not some mediocre low-end Canon or Nikon cameras. We knew this price was too good to be true when this deal was posted 2 weeks ago, even though the new A7IV is coming soon. We win some, we lose some. You took the punt but you lost this time.

      • @Ausdave Any update on your order using the Birthday code?

        • +2

          Unfortunately no update. I'm planning on calling them on Thursday and update this thread then.

          There is no point for me calling any earlier, because if there was an update they would contact me instead.

          My issue is they're holding onto a considerable amount of my money without any confirmation of fulfilment or cancellation.

          Mind you I already own the Sony A7 iii, I just planned on selling the camera and keeping the lens.

          It's definitely a good camera, I hope people don't get too disheartened from this experience.

        • +2

          I called them for a follow up today (have not used any code).

          After initially verifying that I have not used the code to order they put me on hold for about 15 mins while they tried to track down the status of my order.

          They then came back with the following:
          - They confirmed that since I did not use the code my order was legitimate.
          - They said that they have spoken to their retail warehouse team manager and were told that they can't get any stock as none of their suppliers have any and that at this stage they can't give me a delivery date.
          - He then said that he will escalate this order to the retail manager who will call back with options on how to proceed from here (basically what can they offer in its place)
          - This was at 2 PM today and have not heard back since.

          So it seems like Qantas is not really calling out a pricing error but are facing a real stock issue.

          Anyways, at this stage I am not holding my breath for the order delivery date of 3rd of Sept.

          Will update once I hear back from them.

          • @dragonballz: Qantas Excusestas

          • @dragonballz: Bunch of clowns

          • +2

            @dragonballz: From ACCC (https://www.accc.gov.au/accc-book/printer-friendly/29527):

            Bait advertising and special offers

            Bait advertising is the practice of offering items for sale at low prices to attract consumers to a business.

            Bait advertising can be a legitimate form of advertising. However, it is illegal to engage in this conduct where goods or services are advertised for sale at a discounted price, and they are not available in reasonable quantities and for a reasonable period at that price.

            Legislation: Australian Consumer Law section 35

            You must state clearly if the good is in short supply or on sale for a limited time. For example, if your advertisement makes it very clear that goods are available at the discount price for ‘today only’, this will limit your obligations to that day.

            If there is not a reasonable chance the offer will be available at the advertised price, you may be in breach of the ACL unless you promptly offer a 'rain check', an acceptable substitute product or take other corrective action.

            Example: An electronics retailer runs a campaign advertising 50-inch televisions at a price of $799 for a week-long sale. The retailer usually sells about 30 televisions of this type every week. The retailer only stocks two televisions at the advertised price and refuses to take customer orders.

            When customers attempt to buy the television at the advertised price, they are told it is out of stock and offered a more expensive unit for $999. This is likely to be bait advertising as the retailer does not have a reasonable supply of the advertised television.

            • @g1: In the example, the stock requirement is in relation to typical sale volumes. I’d estimate conservatively the average weekly sales volume for this package is less than one. The second point in the example suggests that the retailer needs to be positioning an more expensive alternative to be seen as baiting or at least gain some financial advantage.

              Ultimately it wouldn’t seem like a case the ACCC would pursue, considering there’s very little damages since most people used a promo code they weren’t entitled to which really invalidates any contracts of sale.

              It is interesting to see read the discussions though.

              • +1

                @Poppin: If the typical fortnightly sale volume is 1 for full price and the sale price is highly attractive it would also be reasonable to expect the sale volume to be much higher.

                As far as the second point, there are plenty of higher priced, bigger margin alternatives on the website.

                Customer looks for a good deal on a camera -> hears about the A7iii kit sale and goes to the website -> can not purchase the kit but instead has other options presented to them. Very similar to example given by ACCC.

                Qantas can fix a lot of the issues presented by this sale by:
                1) Ensure they know the stock levels at their suppliers (this can be checked or contracted before a big sale)
                2) Advertise live stock level on the website when stock become low (ebay, Amazon, ticketed, etc do this)
                3) Have validation for promo codes (many e-commerce platforms do this as well)
                4) Stop selling items once they run out of stock
                5) Consider waiting list options for future stock

                In this case it appears that Qantas sold stock that they did not have, or could not guarantee. They accepted promo codes as legitimate without checks and/or T&C. Have kept people's money for unreasonable amount of time with no notifications or updates. There may be other issues but you would need to read all the comments.

                Overall, poor business practice by Qantas Store. A portion of it could be argued to be illegal. All of it could be fixed by addressing the shortfalls of their e-commerce platform.

                • @g1: Aren’t your two points contradicting? It’s not a bait because they removed the listing, it was not presented as out of stock and therefore no opportunity for up sell. Also the specific product was never advertised and therefore arguably not subject to the ACCC clause. The offer was x% off Sony if I recall.

                  I also don’t agree that personal responsibilities are absolved because there are no system checks for certain promotional codes.

                  Very interested to see what happens with the buyers using the birthday codes though.

  • +2

    I have update… not really a desirable update.

    Called Qantas customer service this morning.

    No update in terms of if it will be fulfilled.

    They advised to call back on 3rd of Sep, which is the stated estimated delivery date on my order.

    He did mention that other customers that ordered had an update from the supplier that it will be fulfilled in JAN 2020.

    I will update you all on 3-Sep when I call them again.

    • +1

      Thanks for the update.

      I called again yesterday and was told to please be patient, the supplier has your order, we'll email you, or they'll (supplier) email you when updates are available. No mention of the expected stock timeframe on that call though, I think they mentioned "end of august" on a previous call but I can't be sure.

      I'm not sure what to think about that JAN 2020 info they told you. If it's true I'm assuming the supplier has allocated stock to people based on when they received the orders and then allocated estimated dates accordingly, perhaps working backwards? If it's a fib then maybe they told you this in the hopes you cancel your order? Either way it's not really great news.

      • +1


        I don't believe anything they say anymore.

        We just need to routinely contact them until we get actual confirmation.

        Fun times

    • +3

      The claim of no stock is BS. Its just the easiest excuse for them to hide behind, to delay orders until most remaining orders are cancelled and you go away quietly. There’s also the chance between now and January (ridiculous ETA by the way) that they will eventually be able to get that price without losing too much money. The way this has been handled is an absolute joke and I will be making the biggest nuisance of myself for Qantas, with the minimum amount of effort: Escalate internally in writing to the highest level, go to the airline ombudsman, exhaust all avenues there, then report to ACCC. Even if only 10-20 of us do that, it’ll create a substantial headache for them without stressing out the poor low-level staff who constantly get whinged at on the phones and have no responsibility for this service failure or any ability to change the outcome.

  • Anyone receive a phone call from Qantas today? Managed to miss it, but have a feeling it was to do with this order.

  • I might jump to the newly announced A6600 as a result of this Qantas debacle

  • So not happy, I even bought some protectors and other accessories online! got my hopes up for no reason! I got my money and points back! but still so annoyed and frustrated!

  • +1

    I have returned their call and was advised cancelled due to stock. Ordered 12/08 early morning.

    Had no correspondence from them since my call to them on 13/08 and was advised order was sent to supplier (HN).

    • Did you use a code? If you did then which one?

      • QANTASSTAFF but was not mentioned in the conversation

  • I was pretty gutted that I couldn't get the points to get this deal.. I'm so glad I didn't.. This pricing error has turned into a real clusterf*$&k.. what a disaster Qantas.. Feel sorry for all the people with $2.5k tied up.

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