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Sony A7 III (ILCE7M3B) Camera Body + 24mm-105mm Lens Kit $2567.42 + 2000 Qantas Points Delivered @ Qantas Store


My first deal post so let me know if I've done anything wrong.

I think this may be a pricing error as the body and 28-70 kit lens is the same price.

The a7iii body went as low as $2000 from memory and the 24-105 went as low as 1500. So if my math is right this particular kit is the cheapest by approx $730.

The cash portion of the purchase also earns you 5541 PTS.

I'm not sure if the Qantasstaff code works (from the Sony WH-1000XM3 post), but if it does it could savd you another 10%.

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        I claimed $5k last time I left the country and declared it when I returned 2 weeks later. The customs guy filled in the paperwork and specified 60% depreciation for my honesty, so I only had to pay 40% of the full GST amount. Of course many people get through without declaring, but he said the ones they do catch go through a lengthy delay and they whack an import fee and a fine on top sometimes. I asked how they know who to check, and he said that passports are flagged in the system when claiming on the way out, but he didn't say what the limit was that they start flagging passports lol.

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    Interesting that the other Sony camera with the 28-70mm kit lens has status "READY TO DESPATCH" so perhaps they did intend to sell the 24-105 lens as it had 10 days to ship

    • Interesting that the other Sony camera with the 28-70mm kit lens has status "READY TO DESPATCH"

      it was out of stock this morning

  • Does anyone's order status say anything other than "In Process"?

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      Don't think so. If someone's status has changed pretty sure they will put it here.

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      Tomorrow should be the day that we will find out if it's going ahead or not, fingers crossed

  • Now that the QANTASSTAFF coupon code isn't working, does anyone know another one that works?

    • jumping on, looking for new code

  • Notice my ff points have been deducted and money taken out of the credit card… looks good so far

  • Day 4, still no certainty…

    • I think at least some people are going to get the cameras. If they were going to cancel all orders, I suspect they would have done it by now?

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    The worst part about this if it gets cancelled is that I had never heard of the Sony a7 III before this and never had any interest in getting it. If it gets cancelled now I’m still gonna want it. Haha. I’ve got the ozb disease!

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    If it gets cancelled, I'll probably be relieved I didn't spend so much ahaha. I'd like to start moving away from mirrorless cameras and lens and go simple gopro or phone lol.

    • Gopro and phone is what I use now. I’ve always had interest in photography though and have been thinking of getting a mirrorless camera but was more looking at the 1k-2k mark including lens, so Sony was never on my list. However at 2.5k seems like to much of a bargain to pass up considering a cheap Olympus would have cost me nearly 2k.

    • Hit me up if does get honoured and you decide you no longer want it.

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    Called Qantas Store and they told me my order has been put on hold and flagged as possible fraud. This is despite they’ve taken my points and charged my credit card. Order status has always been “In Process”.

    They have approved the order now. You might want to check yours.

    • How did they go from possible fraud to approving your order?
      And did your order status change after they approved it?

    • Is your status still "in process" ? And did you use the QANTASSTAFF code ?

      • Status remains "In process" at the moment. Was really surprised about the hold.

        They had to approve it manually in their system. I called them for another matter but the customer service insisted to talk about this camera order.

        Used the code, but staff did not mention anything about it.

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      I just rang to comfirm this wasn't the case, luckly i did. You are right, it was marked as fraud and on secure hold. All fixed now. She said i should receive tracking in 1-2 business days.

    • Now I want fried bananas

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    Yep, best to call to confirm. They put "high dollar items" on hold for some reason. Not telling us is a pain, but I called, got through right away and my status is now "ready to ship".


    • Damn when did you order and when did you call?
      What's your estimated delivery date?

      • Midday Sunday… Delivery estimated for Sept 3. Hope if arrives a little earlier though as I'm going away on Aug. 29 haha!

        • Looks like you might be the only one with a status of "Ready to Ship"?

          • +1

            @cyrax83: Status hasn't updated on the store, but got an email after I hung up:

            "We have released your order SONY A7 III With 35mm Full-Frame Image Sensor with Full Frame FE 24-105MM F4 G Lens With Optical Stabilisation. It is set to be delivered on or before 3 September."

            • @thrillho: ahh gotcha

            • @thrillho: Interesting, I cleared the security hold - but I haven't received this email. Did anyone else clear the hold but not receive an email confirmation?

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    I called and had to go through security questions to confirm order was not fraudulent. Was told that estimated delivery on call center operator's screen was 3rd September. Highly recommend calling if you want your order to go through. Now to sell my old camera gear!

    • I'm raising a chat request now!

      • From Qantas chat:

        Alright. I'll give you a call back within 2 minutes so we can release the security hold on your order.

    • I would be holding off selling your old camera at this point in time.

  • Thanks to all for the tip to call through - same thing here a security hold - and a load of security questions but other than that vert straightforward. Same as others order now saying processing and estimated delivery 2nd September.

  • Dang looks like everyone's trying to call through, I've been on hold for a while now!

  • Can confirm that there was a security hold. The lady on the phone was unable to advise me of an ETA.

    • How long did it take you to get through to the call centre? Been on hold for nearly 15 minutes now.

      • Let me know what they say. This security hold is just whacked if true.

        • Still on hold, 20 minutes and counting…

      • Was on hold for 20 mins, Had a chat with a guy (Michael), there is no security hold in my order but the ETA for shipping will depends in stock. Orders will be fulfilled by Harvey Norman.


        • Harvey? Oh shiiii…..

        • Harvey Norman is a little worrying for the lens. Adding the body and lens to cart on harvey's website shows this for delivery to vic :

          Sony FE 24-105mm F4 Full Frame Lens
          Out of Stock: 6 - 14 days delivery

          Sony A7 Mark 3 Full Frame Camera Body Only
          In stock: Typically dispatched in 2-4 business days or choose Click & Collect if available and pickup in store

          So that's promising for the body, not so much for the lens though.

  • After calling Qantas to lift the security hold - queued for 20 mins, order status is still processing, but shows Estimated delivery 02 September 2019 now

  • Just got through their call centre after a 20+ minute wait. Can confirm that they had a security hold, which has now been lifted. They were unable to provide a delivery estimate and I was instructed to await further updates via email.

    My account still shows the order as 'In Process', and lists an estimated delivery date of 3rd September.

    • Same same, my order was put on 'security hold' for some reason when I called them. But received an email saying that the order has been released from 'security hold'

      Day 4, let's hope for the best guys. My order still says 'in process' as of this morning.

      • I still haven't received an email confirming that my order has been released from security hold, despite getting confirmation from the call centre :/

        Hope it actually has been done.

  • wtf.. so what happens if you dont call them? they cancel? how the hell do they expect to sell high value items then?

  • Like everyone else I contacted the call centre about my order. Was on hold for about 20 minutes and was told the same thing, that it was on hold and the order needed me to verify a few details.

    The person I spoke to approved the order and told me that it would be delivered by next week. But given that everyone else was told early September and my order still says processing, I'm doubtful it will be delivered by next week. I would love to be proven wrong and delightfully surprised though!

  • Has anyone received an email saying that the guild had been removed? I haven't.

    • Looks like at least one person has, I called and had the hold removed but I haven't received an email confirming this.

  • +2

    Called Qantas Store was also a "Michael" answered, verified security question, told me have submitted a ticket to the security team to remove the hold.
    Asked for a receipt, was told to request one after the order is fully processed in case it is cancelled(?).

    No email no estimated delivery date shown yet.

    PS1: Estimated delivery 02 September 2019 under Item status: Processing - didn't notice if was there before

  • Got through the call. They said checking with supervisor with the head management team to confirm whether this is valid or not. Have told to call back later.

    • Oooh boy. We might have been caught out.

  • Just called and they say they have to validate the promo code before proceeding any further. Was told I will be contacted later during the day.

    • Had you called them previously to clear the security hold?

      • Nope, that was my first/only call.

  • Just got a call from Qantas saying that they had to temporarily cancel my order because of suspected fraud. :(

    • how can they temporarily cancel the order? …

  • Seems there's a few "explanations" going around. The one I got was that this product is under investigation and that if everything is deemed ok, I'll get a confirmation email, no timeframe on that…not looking good.

  • 20 mins on hold, then spoke to "Hazel". Answered 20 questions then put back on hold. They advised that they need to "further investigate" and they "will contact me tomorrow so please call back after an hour". Clear as mud. Asked to speak to a supervisor, which was refused.

  • Do the people who are waiting for the head management team have an estimated delivery date showing up in their order yet?

    I rang and spoke to a lady who asked me a heap of questions, and now when I click into my order its showing estimated delivery date of Sep 3rd.

    She also said an email would be sent to me which I haven't received yet.

    (I ordered at about 11:30am on Sunday and used the staff code.)

  • A7 III With 35mm Full-Frame Image Sensor with Full Frame FE 24-105MM F4 G Lens With Optical Stabilisation

    Option: Black

    Estimated delivery 28 August 2019

    still in processing after answered the security questions

    But he promised that I will get it befor ETA

  • On hold for 27 mins and then I answered some security questions. Then they confirmed that it is on hold and they have to check something or other. Kindly wait for the confirmation email etc. Good luck to anyone who gets theirs but I'm going to assume that I won't get mine and just be pleasantly surprised if the order goes through.

    • Is your Estimated delivery 28 August?

      • That's what it says in the email that I got shortly after placing my order but there is no ETA when I check the order details on the Qantas site.

  • SONY
    A7 III With 35mm Full-Frame Image Sensor with Full Frame FE 24-105MM F4 G Lens With Optical Stabilisation Qty 1
    PTS 2,000 + $2,567.42
    Item status: Processing
    Estimated delivery 03 September 2019

    That's what's in my order details screen now ^^

    • After security hold removed?

      • Yeah that is what it now shows post my phone call.

        • I rang to check mine, it's being on hold for further investigation…

    • Same here - although I suspect they might be looking into the orders placed with the code now.

  • We are getting busted for all using the promocode.

    • Very strange considering all the sony NC headphone orders seem to have gone through and shipped without issue.

    • There are people who used the code who now have a shipping date, so that's not it. More likely they flagged everything after a certain time, or amount, as potentially fraudulent. So early orders (before the flagging) will go through and the rest will be reviewed. After that, who knows.

      • Yeah, but people who have the shipping date still have their order status as 'In Process'. They could just as easily cancel all orders placed. I suspect it has everything to do with the promo code being used on a high value item in a vast numbers.
        The Sony NC headphones aren't anywhere near the price of the camera bundle, so would have likely slipped under the radar.

        • Sure but they now have an estimated delivery date. Of course the order is processing, until it's processed.

          If they had concerns about the value then they would set exclusions when setting up the promo. Just seems like they are determined to handle it poorly at this point :)

      • +2

        I got an estimated delivery date. 2nd of September - still got phoned to say that it's under investigation.

  • +2

    Called… 30 min hold and spoke to Hazel. Security questions blah… she said the fraud department is looking into it. I said is there something wrong with my order why is the fraud department involved, she said they are investigating ‘these’ orders…. don’t think this is good news

  • +3

    I have been advised that all orders are currently on hold and under investigation. Will receive an email in 5-10 working days.

    • +5

      Mmmmmm I'm not willing to cop that. 5-10 days of uncertainty while they hold my (our) $2500 is not really acceptable.

      • I'm sure they'll happily cancel your order if you call them.

        Either have your cake or eat it monsieur.

        • +1

          Cheer up, grumpy pants!

  • Also strange that they would take this long to cancel if that is what ultimately occurs.

    In the case of the Mac Pro being mistakenly offered at ~90% off, orders were cancelled and emails were sent to all punters within 24 hours.

    If they'd detected a huge spike in use of the STAFFCODE promo, you'd assume that would have been flagged on the headphone orders too.

    Will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

  • I called once, was on hold for 23 mins then got told she can’t hear me so will call me back. Another 30 mins of hold because no one called me back and I get told nothing can be done and order is on hold and being investigated. I think like the others if she was able to hear me clearly on the first call I would’ve ended up with a delivery date but not things aren’t looking so promising.

  • +1

    Interesting. Someone mentioned it's fulfilled by Harvey Norman. On Harvey Norman's website, the 28-70 bundle has the 24-105 in the photo. It has the correct 28-70 description though. lol


    I won't be devastated if this doesn't happen, but I'd really like an answer sooner rather than later.

  • Like Gerry is going to fulfill these. Ukh. :(

    • If there's a pricing mistake it will be Qantas who eat it, not HN.

  • +2

    Too many calls, that's why

  • Yeah I'd imagine the qantas store getting 25-50 calls about an item in a morning would raise suspicion.

  • Just finished chatting with one of the CS …. he said "they can not warrant any sales of this product and you will receive an update on the investigation whether you order got thru or cancelled"….
    He also told me that its a known issue with Sony camera order. They're investigating it since theres a code come from unauthorized source…

    So….fingers crossed to us …can only hope n pray….

    • I don't think the code is the problem, I am doubting they will honor any sale, even the people that bought without the code.

  • +3

    Here's what I think we've learned:

    1. The Qantas Store operations aren't the most sophisticated
    2. They don't seem to have systems to pick up the misuse of targeted discount codes
    3. All of our orders were placed on security hold (for an unknown reason)
    4. Some of us managed to clear the security hold by calling up, but the status is still 'In Process'
    5. The inundated call centre probably picked up that there has been an influx of security clearance requests for this product and flagged it for further investigation
    6. The Sony headphones have shipped with the coupon code

    I suspect what could follow is:

    A. All orders are cancelled, we receive 2000 points for any inconvenience caused.
    B. We are provided the option of purchasing the camera WITHOUT the discount code.

    • +1

      Sounds about right. I'd be fine with that. I just don't like long periods of not knowing WTF is going on.

    • +1

      All of our orders were placed on security hold (for an unknown reason)

      They called security hold, but it is just they don't dispatch by error.

      Some of us managed to clear the security hold

      I think they are sill holding it up

      The inundated call centre probably picked up

      there are people that can wait a few days.

      All orders are cancelled


      • Spot on.

    • +2

      So assuming option B is offered, we can still agree it's a good deal?

  • i just spoke to a lady over the phone, she asked me if i used a promo code (i did use a staff code) she said its on hold under investigation. will get an confirmation email in a few days to see if it got cancelled or not. I bought on the 11 Aug around 2:30pm

  • +8

    We are our own demise. No one should have called. GG.

    • +1

      dont know why people call for… im sure they have process in place for the security checks…

  • +1

    Again call and call and call.

    Just forget it. I'm sure Qantas store will reject all

    Hate it.

  • +1

    I'm starting to lose hope on my order ;(

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