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Sony A7 III (ILCE7M3B) Camera Body + 24mm-105mm Lens Kit $2567.42 + 2000 Qantas Points Delivered @ Qantas Store


My first deal post so let me know if I've done anything wrong.

I think this may be a pricing error as the body and 28-70 kit lens is the same price.

The a7iii body went as low as $2000 from memory and the 24-105 went as low as 1500. So if my math is right this particular kit is the cheapest by approx $730.

The cash portion of the purchase also earns you 5541 PTS.

I'm not sure if the Qantasstaff code works (from the Sony WH-1000XM3 post), but if it does it could savd you another 10%.

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    • Damn…

  • well, this is it guys, time to say good bye~~

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      so, another 3-5 days.

      Wonder if they would honor the people that bought without any code

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    What a strange strange process this has been.

    So now after having fulfilled many many orders of headphones with the QANTASSTAFF code all last week, they this morning decide they are going to stop fulfilling orders, and will be advising remaining customers over the next 3-5 days.

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      its just an opportunity not to fulfill orders, they were never going to be fulfill them anyways

      • I'm certain I'll get 10,000 downvotes for this, but I wonder where it lands with the ACCC and accepting payment without intending to supply.

        • They made a mistake and advertised the wrong combo (A7 iii and the 24-105mm) it should have been something else. I assume they intended to fulfill but their cannot get suppliers to provide, i mean the camera sells for $2.5kish in stores and $1.5kish for the lens, nobody is going to sell them both for $2.5k

          • @adamm12: The page is still up with the original price (albeit no longer available), and the item you refer to (assuming you mean they meant to list it as A7iii + 28-70) was up the whole time at a different price.

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            @adamm12: Some people used birthday code, some didn’t use any code. Will see what happen to those

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              @snvl: @snvl
              I used the birthday code. I'll let everyone know what happens to me.

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    I’ll happily pay the 10% extra, I got the code from a qantas staff member assuming it is a friends and family promo. If it isn’t than that’s not my fault.

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      I'm sure we all would, but they don't want the extra 10%, they want a way out of honoring their deal.

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    The wording of that email is terrible for an official communication from a company like Qantas.

    "we have reason to believe that the promo code used for this purchase QANTASSTAFF is INVALID" - you have reason to believe it's invalid? It either is or it isn't, and nobody can know but Qantas… and if it's invalid, then why isn't your mechanism of validating promo codes stopping it from working?

    "was acquired from unknown sources circulated from the website" - THE website? What website?

    Just a cop out. It'll be interesting to see what's done with the orders that didn't use the code.

    • +5

      For context, that email is a reply to a bloke who reached out to request specific colours for his headphones order.

      Lots and lots of punters who ordered, and then just sat back and waited, have already received their orders.

      Food for thought.

  • To me it wouldn't make sense as a business to rather lose 100% of the sale for the sake of a 10% discount. Especially when collective sales of the camera are in tens of thousands of dollars at least. Unless of course they are making a loss or unable to fulfill the order.

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    I would feel much better if they just cancel my order and refund my money right away than keeping my hopes up and keeping my money for over a week then cancel my order. Not happy :(

    • SAME :P

  • That's some bs if they decide to cancel after this long. I'd be demanding interest payment and refund of purchased points

    • That would be a nice $3 interest for 14 days at 3%

      • +1

        Damn straight

    • +2

      More the fact that they held on to the orders for so long indicates deliberate acceptance of the sale as a contract. Yes price errors happen and thats fine if they are refunded asap but accepting these orders and then waiting a week to see if they can profit off it before deciding to come up with excuses to backtrack is not above board. Using the code as reason to cancel is also dodgy, after fulfilling many other orders making use of the code.

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    If anyone receives the "QantasStaff code was used, you're not getting the camera" email - could you please update us if your order status changes from Processing/In Process to something else?

  • what to do now :'(

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      Start clicking photos with mobile phones and save the money for a better deal :-)

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    I expected as much. At least I was entertained by this thread. See you all again the next time there's a crazy pricing error :)

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    If the real reason for cancelling orders is the misuse of the discount code, then the logical response would have been to give customers the option to proceed with their order by paying the price that would have applied without the code.

    By taking over a week to cancel orders and then giving a disingenuous reason for doing so, Qantas has created a massive customer relations headache for itself. I hope that they are prepared for the avalanche of complaints that they are about to receive…

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    Upvote if you bought the Sony A7iii + 2000 Points + Staff discount code and don't want to message / call Qantas because you're afraid they'll cancel your order…

    But still we are left in the dark with 2.5k out of hand and are unsure of whether our orders are actually being processed…

  • This is just sad

    • Hardly. Everyone knew it wad a big punt. Gotta be in it to win it. There's really no reason to cry about the wait. Difficulty should have been expected

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    Lots of people still talking about price errors. I don't accept that it's a price error. The page is still up and the price is still the same (though the item is marked as NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON SITE). If you take an item of comparable price in points and drop the points contribution down to 2000, you get a similar points/dollars sum.

    The listing is still there, still has the same title, same description, correct photo, same Model Number "ILCE7M3B + SEL24105G" which correctly matches both the body and lens advertised. This isn't a $1 Mac Pro or some other obvious cock-up.

    This combined with the length of time we've been left hanging, and complete lack of any coherent communication, is infuriating.

    Perhaps the worst part is the longer it's drawn out, the more I want the stupid camera :( I'm probably gonna still end up buying one.

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      Perhaps the worst part is the longer it's drawn out, the more I want the stupid camera :(

      By the time we heard back from Qantas, the A7 IV is probably out already :)

  • +3
    • +2

      I haven't heard anything from Qantas yet so won't be touching ACCC yet… but if/when it happens I will look into it.

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    I don't know why I received an email and nobody else did.
    But all I know is this is a legitimate sale that their trying to back out of.
    I think they will honour all the non code orders first and then coded orders if there's enough stock.
    And the ones who miss out will be told their code was invalid.
    With what happen with the headphones I think if you bring it to their attention they may look into it and cancel the order so maybe we should all just lay low and hope for the best.
    Sucks it's taking so long and very poor on their half but some of us may get lucky so here's to hope!

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    My order for A7iii with 24-105 was finally placed today with supplier and now says delivery date before 5th September. Once I receive any tracking etc from unknown source will update you all. May be I am lucky or something don't know. But I was told to cancel the order but I told them have already sold my gear for loss now I want this anyhow despite of wait time. I have screen shots etc incase they change their mind in future.
    I hope best of luck for all of you.

    • The obvious question… Did you use the code?

    • +8

      Of course I used the code… I am proud oz bargainer

    • Well done, lucky you.

      How did you tell them that you've sold your gear? web chat?

      • +7

        Oh no, they are going to have 200 punters contacting them via web chat all saying they've sold their gear.

    • Has the status changed from in process to being delivered? Because some people have a delivery date but status is in process.

      • +1

        Estimate delivery time was added to my order but it still says processing.

        • +1

          I hope for everybody's sake it slides through and people don't start launching themselves at Qantas support with the same story, ruining it for everyone. If even ONE order gets through the rest of us have a real shot at getting it honored.

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    So I've just called them.

    I got excited that they told me the item is with the courier and she said she is looking up for the tracking number for me.. oh boy it's looking good at this point.

    But then she told me she is seeing a memo that says this particular product is under investigation and being put on 'hold', she doesn't know for how long and why is it under investigation. She said everyone will be notified by email if the order will be pushed through or cancelled.

    Damn girl was playing with my feeling, leaving me in the dark again.

    • +2

      This whole 'investigation' thing is BS. If they were dealing with it properly, they'd have removed the 'hold' on all the orders by now because it's clear they aren't fraudulent (nobody has asked for a refund due to fraud - you think not a single person would notice $2500+ missing from their account?). At the very least, they'd be actively contacting everyone about what they are looking into, the reasons, and what the timeframe for said investigation would be. Also a 'thanks for your patience while we sort this out' would be nice. It doesn't take a genius to see they are just stalling. One can only hope they are stalling in the hope of fulfilling orders, not just because of laziness and whoever's in charge 'putting it off til later'.

  • +6

    Little birdy over the phone told me that there were approx 1500 orders. :( My hopes are down.

    • So Qantas owes ozbargain community appx $3,825,000.

      • Wonder what would be the profit for them by interest rate alone.

    • That's like $3-4 million in sales. They better work their ass off to fulfill them

    • I doubt anyone in the call centre would have any idea of how many orders there were.

    • Lol that's a lotta Brodening

    • Earlier in the thread when we were guessing the number of orders, I think the general consensus seeemed to be 200-800 or so. I still think only around 400-500 PEOPLE placed these orders, but 1500 cameras makes sense if you factor in some idiots ordering 5-10 units (or even more). I'm sure there are people who ordered 2-3 units for legitimate uses (pro photographer, one for themselves, one for their kid / gift for a partner etc) It would be great if they would work to at least fulfil one order per person :)

    • +1

      Hah and you all laughed when I said 1000+ orders

      • +1

        it's like those competitions where you guess how many jelly beans are in the jar lol. correctly guess how many A7iii orders and your deal gets honoured 😂

    • Little birdy over the phone told me that there were approx 1500 orders. :( My hopes are down.

      No need for ‘investigation’. No way they can deliver. Wonder why is taking so long to cancel

  • Wondering if they would have probably fullfilled if it the total orders were less than 250ish.

    • It’s all speculation. I think it would be closer to 250 orders. If there was 1500 they would have cancelled most of them by now. It has been over a week now. If they cancel now then they will get some huge complaints.

      • They don't really care about complaints.

  • +1

    Ok for my sanity, I need to make plan B (if the order didn't go through)

    Anyone knows a good deal for Sony A6400? OZ Bargain price of course.

    • I was looking at APSC camera too :)

      • Wait for the new APSC camera to be released end of Aug ‘19 and combine with Amex offer with SONY if you can

    • @Ferazzo
      There may be a couple of new APSC sony cameras coming out in the following months. You can google it.

      This will hopefully drive old camera models down in price in the near future.

    • I’ve been reading good things about the Fuji XT30, which honestly probably suits my needs more than this deal.

  • Dear Schema,

    Thank you for choosing to shop at the Qantas Shopping Rewards Store.

    Unfortunately, the promo code that you used for a recent purchase was invalid, and we have had to cancel your recent order - Q.

    If you believe this was done in error and would like to discuss your order further, please call us on 1300 662 859 or complete the form here.

    Qantas Shopping Rewards Store

    I ordered 6:20PM on the Sunday.

  • Party is over boiz. Got the mail too.

    • +1

      hey now, hey now the dream is over.

      got it as well.

  • Yeah I got the cancellation email too

  • mine got cancelled too. anyone didn't use the promo code and got it?

  • +1

    Did anyone who didn’t use the code get cancelled?

    • more importantly where is the actual refund?

      • -1

        Exactly you keep our money for over a week

    • +6


      I haven't received the cancellation email (yet), as I used the birthday code.

      Mine may be still be fulfilled but I'm not holding my breath.

      • How's your order going @Ausdave?

        • +3


          No email, so I called Qantas customer service ~4pm today.

          Was advised they were following up with the retailer.

          They also emailed me after the phone call:

          Dear Mr. ____,

          Thank you for contacting the Qantas Rewards Store Contact Centre.

          We're now communicating the matter to our retail partner.

          Please allow us 3-5 business days (usually earlier than that) to work on this request. We'll keep you posted for any updates on your email.

          We thank you for your patience.

          If you have any questions, please reply to this email or call us between 8am and 7pm (AEST), Monday to Saturday.

          Thank you for being one of the best Qantas members.

          I will call them again on Friday if I don't get a response, and update this thread as soon as I have an update.

          • +2

            @Ausdave: Thanks for the reply, that's interesting. One of the best Qantas members hey? I might give them a call tomorrow and see what they say (I didn't use the staff code).

          • +2

            @Ausdave: Just got off the phone - I essentially was told the same as what your email says. No mention of being cancelled, just that they've received a lot of orders for this particular item. So we'll see what happens, fingers crossed! I was on hold for 30mins before I got through, so I think they're taking a bit of a battering today (the poor guys).

  • Thank you for choosing to shop at the Qantas Shopping Rewards Store.

    Unfortunately, the promo code that you used for a recent purchase was invalid, and we have had to cancel your recent order.

    If you believe this was done in error and would like to discuss your order further, please call us on 1300 662 859 or complete the form here.

    Qantas Shopping Rewards Store

  • +1

    Got the email too wondered if they would honour it if I hadn't use the code.

  • It was fun OzB! Mine got cancelled too.

  • 5am email from the Philippines is hardcore.
    spare a thought for our hardworking overlords

  • +2

    What a load of shit

    • +1

      "When you've gotten the market that cornered, customer service is just in the way"

  • Thanks to all those that called up….. oh hai guys… can I get an update on the order with the unauthorized code…?

    • see below headhunta post (and my previous posts) there wasnt enough stock to allocate, nothing to do with ringing up.
      no one would supply below cost anyway.

      mark thread as impossible deal.

  • +1

    No email yet and my order is still processing. Wonder if they’re doing it in batches.

  • +1

    No email yet but I am sure I will get one soon. Take out your mobiles and start enjoying world photography day :-)

  • Rang then and asked if I could still order without using the code, was told supplier has no stock and they cannot proceed with any order even if they get rid of the code

    GG :(

  • +1

    Received the email so called them as soon as they opened. They said all orders have been cancelled and they’ll be unable to supply due to no stock from suppliers and the use of the code. If we were to wait it would be until November for new stock and their system won’t allow them to place another order without code due to unavailability.

    Refunds will be processed within 3-5 days.

    Edit - revoked my +1 for this deal 😢

  • +2

    Was fun while it lasted.

    Not going to bother ringing up and having a whinge. Not like the call centre staff are authorised to change the situation anyway.

    Good luck to those who ordered without the code, hope it works out for you.

  • +1

    Call centre staff can't do anything. Manager "in a meeting" but will call back later. No refund in sight. No option to pay without code.

    Overall piss poor effort from Qantas.

    I'll do a charge back if they don't refund the 2000 points I purchased for this deal.

  • R.I.P. Camera that I never owned but already miss so dearly. This has been such a disappointing experience - I would be interested to know if people who didn't use the code got their orders fulfilled.

  • Got the cancellation email as well. I doubt it will go through for anyone.

    • Did you use the code

      • Yup used the code. I think the problem is the stock I’m happy to pay the 10% extra without the code. The deal was great even without the code.

  • +1

    Has anyone's order status changed? or is it still the generic "Processing"?

  • +9

    I think this is a breach of the Australian Consumer Law

    Accepting payment without intending to supply
    Under the Australian Consumer Law, businesses must not accept payment for products or services if:
    - they know, or should have known, they would not be able to supply the products or services within the timeframe indicated or if no timeframe was provided, within a reasonable time.


    • +4

      This. Worth making a formal written complaint to their actual complaints department. No need to spend more than 15 mins on it, and no point waiting on the phone and hassling the poor call centre staff on min wage. Formal complaints get investigated internally and even tho we are unlikely to get the cameras, they may very well fix their BS processes for the next time they screw up like this. If you’re really unhappy and can spare the time, make a complaint to ACCC and/or the relevant ombudsman. Otherwise just move on and don’t stress too hard. Live by the bargain, die by the bargain.

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