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[Refurb, eBay Plus] Dell OptiPlex SFF 9020 Core i5-4570,4GB RAM,500GB HDD,3mth Warranty $176.80 Delivered @PCstoremelbourne eBay


Just listed this and found that after applying the discount code PANTHER, the final price becomes $177 which I think is quite good. So, sharing this with Ozbargain community.

Windows 10 64 bit
Intel® Core i5-4570 Processor (6M Cache, 3.20 GHz) Up to 3.60 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology
4GB DDR3 Memory
500GB Hard Drive
Intel HD Graphics
2 x DisplayPort
Gigabit LAN
4 x USB 3.0 ports
6 x USB 2.0 ports
1 x Com port (RS-232)
Onboard Audio
Power cable included

It has 3 months warranty and free shipping.

Original Coupon Deal

ABN 45 975 754 766

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  • +5 votes

    HDD and only 4GB is a bit of a downer

  • Shame doesn't have ssd

  • no GTX2080 is disappointing

  • Could I use this as a cheap NAS/download box?

    • Yeah but it may cost you in power usage in the long run compared to a proper low power NAS.

      • +1 vote

        I get 20W idle load on a Dell 9020 i3-4130 - the i5-4570 kicks up to around 30-35W idle from memory…

        • From google on a popular NAS:

          The power consumption of DiskStation DS418 is around 26.5W when used and as little as 8.8W when idle.

          So your more than doubling idle power on the i3-4130, not to mention the i5. It definitely adds up over the lifetime of the product (say 10 years 24 hours a day?), to the point where you probably should have just got the correct hardware in the first place.

          • @Kill Joy: How much is say 40 watts or whatever the hypothetical idle and used difference using a dedicated NAS over a low powered pc for say 24 hours a day every day for 10 years in Sydney power costs roughly? Let's assume 90% full load usage 10% idle for overkill hypothetical sake

            Is the difference negligible (under $10) or massive (like over $1000) I am curious.

            • -1 vote

              @AlienC: It depends whether you factor in the solar rebate or not.

            • @AlienC: I dont know what the load Wattage is for the i5, so lets just compare 100% idle time. 8.8w compares to 35w. Thats 26w difference.

              28c per 1000w in Victoria.
              24 hours in a day, so thats 624‬w per day
              Making it 17.472 cents per day more.
              Thats $102.20 per year.
              Thats 1,022.00 over 10 years.

              And this is all assuming you never actually use it, you've spent $1,000 in EXTRA electrical costs over a fit for purpose NAS system. This figure might go into the 3-5k range given that the i5 system probably uses 100w+ under load compared to the much lower load power of the NAS.


                @Kill Joy: Oh yeah absolutely need to compare power usage - that's why i kicked in some ballpark figures…

    • It only has space for one HDD, so not really as a NAS. As a cheap download box, sure, but you'd want to combine that with your NAS. In terms of network/server operations, I don't see much use for a box like this. It might work as a pfSense router or something, but there's no need for an i5 4570 for that purpose.

    • Cheap NAS can do that anyway…


      FreeNAS requires at least 8G RAM, and there's limited space for HDD's - 3x SATA slots with one taken by CD/DVD, but there's limited physical space. I have a couple of Dell 9020's SFF's and can fit an SSD and a low profile 3.5", but that's it.

      You can always ditch the CD/DVD and velcro some fat 3.5" to the outside i suppose…and still have an SDD to kick it up.

    • +1 vote

      Earlier discussion re cheap NAS v PC-based systems here and here.

  • Does have COM port though :D

    • Also has VGA, PS/2 keyboard+mouse ports and a built-in speaker (for digital audio, not PC speaker).

  • Description says mini-tower, photo shows the SFF version?

  • Scored one similar to this from work, turned it into a pfsense router with an ex server nic

    • should use it as an ESXI host, that way you can multi purpose it, pfsense uses bugger all resources, think i have it on like 1CPU with 512MB of RAM and it runs fine.

      (thats how my microserver runs)

  • Does it have TPM?

  • This SFF version can fit a 1050Ti low profile.

    Just want to get it out of the way before anyone ask :)

    • This is not the SSF model but the MT model.

      And 1050ti will be bottlenecked on this gen i5, so waste of time and money.

      Only good deal if it comes with 8gb Ram and sSD. Hard pass

      • Which gpu is best paired with this setup with what amount of ram.. Looking for the optimal sweet spot.

        I run a i7-2600 GTX 1050Ti low profile with 32gb DDR3 1600Mhz ram and two SSD's and a shucked external HDD.. It is a bit of a weird build but I feel like the 1050ti is not bottlenecked.

        Oh and that is all crammed in a HP Compaq 8200 Elite with a WiFi N card and DVD combo drive and I think in built 240W PSU that comes with the SFF case.

        The reduction in size is amazing and in the blue mountains the cooler temperatures keep everything stable but I feel like the 1050 Ti Low Profile is a good pairing with the now more than 5 year old sandy bridge i7-2600 non K variant.

        I game on 1080p 1440p and 2160p on a bunch of different games and it is a beast.. Only 60Hz though (Crossover 404K Korean monitor).

        • It’s not really scientific to go by “feel”. Plenty of reviews will confirm bottleneck.

        • Yeah, BongoOB doesn't know what they are talking about. A 1050Ti will not be bottleneck by anything significant by that CPU in most circumstances, if you tried low settings, low resolution for Counter Strike or PUBG, than yes it would be a bottleneck.


          Above shows FarCry 5, a fairly new game being tested with the i5-4570 and the 1050ti, in it you can see that the GPU usage is 99% while the CPU usage is typically under 60%. If you lower the graphical settings you'd get better fps, and you could pair it with a faster GPU and still not hit a significant bottleneck.

          • @FabMan: I thought so so bongo is really bongo who knew.

          • @FabMan: Above shows FarCry 5, a fairly new game being tested with the i5-4570 and the 1050ti, in it you can see that the GPU usage is 99% while the CPU usage is typically under 60%.

            Isn't that the definition of the GPU being the bottleneck?

            edit: Oh Bongo means the GPU will be bottlenecked by the CPU, never mind.

      • I ran a 980 with a 4570 and the 4570 didn't bottleneck it.

        • 980 ain’t 1050ti

          • @BongoOB: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-980-vs-Nvid...

            According to this the 980 is 90%+ faster than the 1050 Ti so is it an architectural or design thing or just specific to the 1050 Ti?

            • @AlienC: Yeah he’s pulling your leg. Definitely will bottleneck on anything above gtx1050 based on online reviews where they tested it. Bottleneck removed on anything i7 4th gen.

              • @BongoOB: Would love to see these reviews. I upgraded from a 4570 to a 8400 and gained no frame increases in the games I play. If you want me to run some particular test, I still have the 4570.

          • @BongoOB: You are correct, the 1050ti is less powerful than the 980.

            Also your bottleneck information is useless without context. This CPU can bottleneck the GPU when aiming for low graphical settings and higher frame rates, however, if connected to a 60Hz monitor you can always bump up the graphical fidelity and the GPU would be a bottleneck.

      • not necessarily, depends on what your using it for… RE Games, some games are CPU intensive, some are GPU intensive and don't require much CPU at all.

        • even a 2600 will not bottleneck most gpus, linus did a test on older hardware and published the results, even my 1st gen i7 920 played battlefield 5 with a 6gb 1060 at 50plus fps no problem at all, upgrading to an 8700k with 16gb ddr4 and an m.2 with the same gpu only netted me an extra 20fps, proving its the gpu that bottlenbecks.

          the 4750 will be a good gaming cpu for at least another 5 or 6 years, so under 200 for this pc system is by my definition, a bargain, chuck some extra ram, a cheap ssd and a second hand gtx 1060 in here for an extra 180 all up and you will have a machine powerful enough to play anything on the market today for quite some time

          anyone who claims otherwise is talking sheet

          • @odgaf: 20fps is a pretty big upgrade in performance though, 40% increase is nothing to sniff at.

            • @FabMan: keep it in perspective tho, my actual system is like 300% faster and is 10 times the cost, yet i only got an extra 20fps, if i put in a new gtx 2080ti and turned everything to ultra i would get about 130fps and if i turned the settings down to average like my 1060 displays i would get close to 200fps the 1060, going from 40fps to 60fps was barely noticable, so thats why i stand by my point, the 4750 and even the 2600 will not bottleneck most gpus, and for 180 bucks, this is a bargain systemand for a few dollars more, a bargain gaming system, chuck a meaty gpu in and you will get 110 fps on this syetem

              • @odgaf: I agree that old CPUs can be still effective and used with some decent GPUs, but you've used the term bottleneck incorrectly. The fact that replacing your CPU gains you such a big increase, shows that the CPU was being a bottleneck. The CPU was probably at 100% utilisation before and is now at 33% (randomly picked number).

                An example is a system with a 2080ti with a i7 920 in most instances would not net you higher average fps than a 2070 with a i7 920, meaning that CPU is a bottleneck to the performance.

  • so is this deal for




    thank you

  • Can I use full profile VGA card?

    • You can on a mini tower I think

      • Thanks mate!

        • Listing photo shows SFF - which is smaller than Mini Tower, so it'd only take a low profile. Not sure where @BongoOB thinks it's listed as MT…

          EDIT: Found it on the listing. Now it SAYS Mini Tower, but almost everything else refurb on eBay is SFF (which matches the photo) so I'd be betting that's a listing text mistake. Definitely need confirmation from the seller though!

    • not in the case in the picture, best graphics card you can put in there is a low profile 1650 279 bux, but for the total price you might as well just buy one of the tower cases brand new "from that other mob what posts here"

  • A quick look at eBay shows NOT a bargain.
    If it really were the rarer mini-tower, it would be interesting.
    A few sellers have 8GB versions under $200 del.


  • throw in a 1tb samsung evo plus nvme and its a deal


    Hi All, sorry for the late response.There are 3 versions of that model- Desktop, Mini Tower and SSF. This is a Mini Tower. For details please check the following link and I am selling the middle one:



      There are 3 versions of that model…

      No there's not - there's 4 as was covered earlier. The middle one in your image is the SFF - the Minitower is on the left.

    • Your photo appears to be the SFF.

      This is the Mini Tower: https://www.amazon.com/Dell-9020-Mini-Tower-Certified-Refurb...

    • Sorry Skymstr, but you do not know your product.

      Mini-tower is on the left with the full-size Optical drive.
      The advantage is that they can take a full-size graphics card. But they are rare compared to the ex-office SFF models like above.



        Hi, thanks for correcting me.

        • Glad you came back here to verify this after fixing up your listing - always good to clear up the confusion!

          • +1 vote

            @Switchblade88: I listed this based on the info provided by my supplier. So, had to cross check with him before making any correction to make sure I dont make the same mistake again.


              @Skymstr: Always best to monitor posts if you can - especially early on - most issues get picked up pretty quickly on here and things can go pear-shaped…

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