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15% Triple Cashback at AliExpress (Was 5%, $50 Cap) via ShopBack


Hi Guys,

We've been working closely with our friends at AliExpress and wanted to give you this Friday treat with triple cashback of 15% for AliExpress orders.

To ensure that cashback successfully tracks, only save coupons and add items to your cart after clicking through ShopBack. Cashback is not applicable to GST, postage and other fees, so perhaps filter searches to items with free shipping. Capped at $50 cashback per transaction.

Pro-tip: AliExpress items are slightly cheaper on their app. Click through to the AliExpress app through the ShopBack app to get this perk.

Any questions or issues? Reach out to [email protected] and we'll help sort it out.

Thanks as always for all the support.

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  • +21 votes

    I hope you plan on doing the same with the sale in 4 days :)

  • How long will this deal last?

  • Might be good for the people want to buy Redmi K20 pro

  • anyone know where i can find decent usb C to usb C PD cables? need ones that can fast charge the new note 10 and is 2m

    1m is just way too short

    i assume you need at least 4Amps

  • Does AliExpress charge international transaction if we use credit card as they don't accept PayPal?

    Never used AliExpress as I need to give credit card details to the company instead of PayPal and no buyer protection similar to PayPal.

    Any payment method on AliExpress is similar to PayPal, secure and provide buyer protection similar to PayPal/eBay?

    • They used to but the last few months it comes up on my card as AliExpress Melbourne so no extra charge. AliExpress has their own buyer protection, it’s very easy to open a dispute. Usually you need to provide photos or a video as evidence to get tricky disputes (doesn’t work as intended etc)

      • The fun one is when they want you to provide photo evidence that a parcel didn't arrive!

        • Absolutely correct! I'm just going through a dispute right now which is exactly that.

        • If the tracking doesn’t say delivered they usually don’t ask me for a photo when I open a dispute (including one I claimed last week and was refunded). Maybe take a screenshot of the tracking?

          • @Akya: In my case tracking says it was delivered.

            Seller apparently has sent another one. I never agreed to a replacement being sent. I just wanted a refund and not deal with them again. I'm not the only one this has happened to with this seller saying it's been delivered when it hasn't.

            • @Ralphi: if delivered. contact your post or courier for proof of delivery. I had one where was delivered another suburb and post office contact centre said it went to a different LPO which I get them to send me as proof. So I argued they gave me the wrong tracking number and was never sent.

              • @duketing: That's a bit of trouble to go to considering I know nothing other than a suburb (presumably) that it was delivered to. It was AusPost that delivered so I guess I could give them a call and get the delivery address.

        • Aliexpress dispute process is a nightmare. I opened a dispute last time because my order never arrived, the seller refused to refund on the ground No Return No Refund. It took nearly a month to get my money back

          • @xiangtan: But you got your money back still?

            I've had issues but I always got my money back, some sellers are problems but honestly I find AliExpress are much better at sorting problematic sellers than eBay is.

    • Hit a miss for me.. had one from Singapore last month. rest was Melbourne payment gateway.

  • I am a platinum member at aliexpress and seems like my luck shopping there started running out lately.
    4 out of 5 orders that I placed back in May did not arrive and until recently I got all my refunds.

    Be vary that some sellers are pretty sneaky. They will just extend the already long (45 - 60days) protection period if the item did not arrive in a hope that you will forget to ask for refund in future. I mean come on if an item did not arrived in 2 months' time then 99% of chance it will not.

    I somehow suspect that they did not even send them out at first.

    • Because they don't use Paypal and with my recent experience I'm on the verge of never using AliExpress again tbh.

      • I've given up on AliExpress for all but the smallest throwaway items costing $1 or $2. My first order was rejected as fraudulent (it was not). My second order was rejected as fraudulent (also was not). My third order was for a Rock Car phone mount which keeps falling off (but this is the only order I'm vaguely happy with). My fourth order was for a $23 Nohon phone battery which has a worse battery life than the worn-out 2 year old third-party battery that it replaced, and when I opened a dispute with screenshots to prove that it was only lasting 7 hours with very minimal use, AliExpress denied my claim but offered a refund of $0.00 and said that I could keep the battery as a gesture of goodwill (gee, wow, really, thanks so much!). As a site, it's by far the worst shopping experience I've had, far far far worse than eBay (which certainly has its moments), but as you say, eBay at least has PayPal protection. There is no way I would ever buy anything non-trivial (such as a mobile) from this site - you have essentially zero recourse or protection in the event of any quality or warranty issues. And for the record I was selecting sellers with good ratings. Strongly suggest buying elsewhere (I've had good success with Banggood, for example, things I've bought from there have generally lasted well and been good quality). Not associated with any of these sites, just find it remarkable how rubbish my AliExpress experience has been, and frankly baffled that this deal has so many positive votes.

    • Likewise I have been finding items not being delivered.

      Everyone has been sent by Yanwen Mail.

      Some items that I did receive had different tracking numbers, looks like mail was sent from China to Philippines, Cambodia and even Vietnam, where a new label and tracking number was stuck on top.

      My guess is this means this Yanwen mail isnt going to be very secure and trackable,

      So far all non delivered items have been refunded, maybe, as I have been Aliexpress member for years and once reached highest level

      However its not why I buy from Aliexpress, I want delivery not refunds, I am now becoming reluctant to order as waiting 2 months to see if it may arrive, then get refund, still means I have to buy the unit. No amount of refund helps in that case.

      • I’ve found that most sellers will have additional shipping options - the China Post Registered Air Mail option is extremely reliable and is often only a couple dollars more. The tracking works very well the whole journey and usually only takes 2 weeks max to arrive.

        • Good point, but for items costing a dollar only, a couple of dollars more isnt the solution in that situation. I just wish we knew what mail method was being used when quoted free shipping, as some come directly via China post rather than yanwen

      • Yanwen Economic Air Mail is the worst shipping carrier. Pick China Post Registered Airmail. It's very secure and trackable

      • I had one in May ("Seller's Shipping Method" - Yanwen) and one in June (Yanwen) not show up, but my order placed 3/8 (shipped 5/8) was delivered this week 20/8 and was also sent by Yanwen. Still had to put a dispute in cos the bloody thing wasn't straight (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32935200782.html) but was sorted the same day.

        I too have been using AliExpress for about 5 years, and reached Platinum as my highest level (currently Gold cos I buy more on Amazon now). I agree that they seem to try and keep longer and loyal customers happier.

    • Something happened to the shipment of the orders from May. It's not the sellers. I still haven't received my 3 orders either.

      • same here… i wonder if the container fell of the boat or something?

      • Same here. One from May still hanging. Order after that, came.

      • Wow something must happened in May because my order and some of my friends' order didn't arrive. The buyer extended the protection period but I just asked fo refund via AliExpress. Took months though

      • Not sure if yours was shipped by Yanwen. My last order in May was and it never arrived.

      • Same I had a few orders in May not turn up.

      • I'm getting this a lot too now.

      • Same thing happened to me with 8 orders in may and june. All sent via Yanwen and all went through Philippines.
        1 has been refunded and still hasn't shown up yet, 4 have arrived in the past week and 3 more yet to arrive.
        I suspect Yanwen collects a container full of parcels and then ships them via a country that has the lowest postage
        rate at the time (In this case Philippines which seems to be super slow even for Yanwen standards).
        All these packages had a new postage label (In english) plastered over the original one (In Chinese).

        I'm also starting to be reluctant to order using Yanwen if its going to take 2-3 months in the future.

        • Same same, but I’ve had no problem getting refunds. I’m a Platinum Member (100s of mostly small purchases). I’ve probably disputed a dozen or so times, most refunded by the seller without question, and the other few AliExpress stepped in (possibly the seller had gone bust) and refunded, also no question. The dispute rate has been increasing recently, from almost none 2 years ago. I have also had a few very late deliveries from both AliExpress and EBay, like 100 days after order, arriving after I was refunded. I feel for these sellers. They seem to be shipping from Vietnam and Myanmar.

          Edit: sorry, should have been reply to Skid

    • Definitely agree there is something wrong with shipments in May. I have placed around 15 orders at that time and only 3 or 4 arrived. Haven't disputed all of the items as it would seem like I am misusing their policy. In my previous experience, some items take 4 months to arrive so I'm positive that it'll come some day ..

    • +1 vote

      Can't agree more. Their shipment seems took longer and longer and some suplliers keep extending protection period. I am not going to wait for more than 60 days for nothing. Better buy from ebay. Paypal will refund once the expected shipment date has lapsed. No more extension.

    • This is starting to happen to me quite frequently too. I've used the platform for years without issue but lots of them are starting to play the "Wait and hope they forget game"… When I raised a dispute and requested to see where my item was, was immediately given a refund since they never sent the item… Had been waiting over 30-40 days for it..

  • Cheers OP, been waiting for a deal, finally picked up a couple of pairs of Sabbat E12 earbuds :)

  • Thanks OP but above comment good enough for not dealing with AliExpress. I was going to buy $100 worth of smart band but now need to wait for better deal on eBay.

    Please arrange bigger cashback with your [email protected] 😀

  • Got an email saying payment successful, only to find out 10 minutes later the order is closed due to potential security fault. Now the money is already deducted from the card (not pending, it is actually deducted!), and they said it will took up to 21 days to refund. What about The currency conversion fee and the interest on my money ? I will never buy from them again.

  • Just a few issues with aliexpress based on my past purchases recently:

    1.If you click through an affiliate link like SHOPBACK, the aliexpress website (not sure about app) will omit some cheaper items in your search. Already confirmed here:


    2.Some sellers in aliexpress are using fake tracking numbers where it will show items arriving in Australia but to a random post office (not your postage address). This will then be marked as item delivered in aliexpress and you have to pray and hope that the item arrives. If you try and dispute this transaction aliexpress will take the side of the seller because in their system, item has already been "delivered".

  • Thanks gotyourback!

    If I'm buying items that will go over the $50 limit, can I split this into multiple transactions with $30 + $30 cashback?

    Clearly this wouldn't help with single items over $333, but I can't see any reference to a transaction limit for this offer.

  • Are store coupons and aliexpress coupons allowed?

    And how many transactions allowed?

  • Anyone know if Aliexpress has the new Aqara T1 sensors?

  • Great timing. Just waiting to buy some torch from Aliexpress :)

  • Anyone tried HK Goldway or Dreami shops for phone purchases recently??

    Bought the old Redmi Note 3 Pro from Dreami and considering an upgrade to the Mi 9T.

    • If your budget allows it wait for Mi 9t Pro or buy K20 Pro. It has higher end snapdragon chip.

      • No gaming and for another $150 - $200 I don't see the attraction given that appears to be the only upside of the Pro version.

        • I mean, it only realistically 60 AUD dollars difference between K20 Pro vs non pro versions.

          The seller seem to be putting a larger price difference due to PRO popularity it seems.

  • Wow just what I needed thanks!

  • Can this be combined with - Select_Coupon_Brands_Shopping_Week_Coupon_Center +US $2.00

    ShopBack mentions AliExpress Coupon: US $3 off (US $30 Min Spend) or US $5 off (US $50 Min Spend), but I only managed to get the 2$

  • Might be time to get a mi band 4

  • the few things I looked for are pretty expensive compared to else where. It looks like it should be cheap - but it isn't. I can vouch for fasttech - they are cheap and good to deal with. They've refunded me for something that arrived broken - I sent in photos, that was enough.

  • Purchased via the Shopback app. Now just praying to God that my amount does not come up as pending for months, which is pretty annoying.

  • Does aliexpress charge tax? It looks like they do. I just went through the process of buying and they charged 10% tax. Where are they based? Does the australian government get this? Hah, this looks like a scam. They charge us tax, but there is no way that gets to the government. They are not based in australia, therefore can't claim tax. Unless there is something I don't understand here? Yep, they're based in china - what a scam.

    • It is a joke. Blame Gerry.

    • Amazon, eBay…they all collect tax on countries too…

      • They operate in the countries they charge in - they're all connected. Aliexpress doesn't - they're just in China. They have nothing to do with the Australian Government. This tax scam has already been discovered by others - people are still having to pay tax to the real tax collectors. It isn't universal; customs only checks random items that come into Australia, and seem to rarely apply tax. You're paying tax to a chinese business based in China!

  • Hi Rep,

    If I have items in my cart and then log in through shopback, do I still get the cashback?

  • I decided to forego this offer as I'll wait till 26th when the coupons work as well as the prices being cheaper then.

  • How long does it usually take for the transaction to be tracked and recognised by Shopback? It says two days, but still haven't received anything for my Friday transaction.

    • Mine hasn't either - which is unusual. So I tried to place missing cashback claim on ShopBack AU site.

      But when I go to enter the AliExpress Order ID on the form it comes up and says "Your order ID is not in right format."

      I noticed the Order IDs are one digit longer than my previous orders - so maybe that's why it thinks it's invalid.

      Maybe their software is confused?

      • Same here. AliExpress didn't send the order confirmation emails either.

        • Same, no confirmation email, no tracking, also get invalid format error on missing claim, credit card charged, and still not shipped.

      • Mine didn't track either, I also suspect it's the same thing regarding the new Order ID number format

        • Made new orders yesterday and they tracked instantly (with longer Order ID).

          So don't know - I've e-mailed them about the claim form problem anyway.

      • Hi all,

        Thanks for flagging this - there appears to be a new order ID format with AliExpress orders so we've now reconfigured the form to accept the new format. If you're still having issues submitting the form please let us know.

  • mines also not tracking. Though item hasn't shipped yet.

  • Mine also did not track. I ordered 2 items. No email from Aliexpress recently when purchasing for some reason. How do i proceed in claiming cashback since its claiming the order ID is invaild?.. @gotyourback

    • The e-mails from AliExpress can be turned off. Go Account -> Account Settings -> Email Notifications and see if they're turned off..

    • I also found that weird, no email notification when you make the purchase.
      my notifications are enabled as well.

      I also found it weird that there was no confirmation page for the payment and didn't allow you to select payment method, I still haven't worked out how to change payment info.

    • I turned notifications off a while back, so wouldn't know.

      But it seems it's not just you guys not getting the e-mails:

      One person says no payment confirmation page as well.

      If you don't get the notifications, perhaps ShopBack doesn't get notified about your purchase either.

      • Even without email confirmation Shopback has tracked before so i'm not sure what's happened this time. I've always had issues with SB cashback. Cashrewards tracks better imo. This is with no extentions or blockers at all.

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