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Plex Pass Lifetime Subscription $99.99 (Was $159.99) @ Plex


Found this code on the Plex subreddit and it worked for me

Not sure how long it will last or if targeted

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  • Great deal!!

    • To the people who are tossing up if they should get this: !!!!

      If this is legit, an offer like this available to everyone is so rare, and even rarer to not miss.
      I and donens of people ive spoken to waited years at monthly fees or worse for something like this.
      I waited two years then finally got the targeted email!
      Jump on it if you need it, dont delay, it only leads to regret!

      Obvioisly its only people who want Plex, that i cant help with. If you think you might want it though, better to do it than not.
      The NBN & Smart devices in our life has opened up this software like nothing else!

      • With smart devices, which setup have you used plex with?

      • donens of people ive spoken to waited years at monthly fees or worse for something like this.

        If you are spending $6.50 each month for years to wait to save $60 then you can't be that smart!

  • I have an already existing subscription, it tells me that the code isn't valid when I try to upgrade my plan.

  • +3 votes

    Great timing. I was just thinking of getting this yesterday!

  • From here: https://www.reddit.com/r/PleX/

    "Apparently it is only if your account is flagged for a discount, but a friend of mine that did not received the mail was able to use it… so give it a try !"

    Subredit link:

  • Cheers OP - worked like a treat ! . Excellent package for the price. Works out to be $67 USD

  • What’s the benefit ?

    • For me, being able to save and sync files to devices.

    • +10 votes

      See the included features of PlexPass here:

      Live TV and DVR
      Hook your local Plex Media Server up to a compatible tuner and digital antenna to let you watch and record free, over-the-air broadcasts available in your area. Record content into your library to gain all the benefits of other content: beautiful metadata, access anywhere and any time, and more. Or watch content live, wherever you are, on tons of devices.

      Related Page: Live TV & DVR

      Plex Home (Parental Controls)
      Control the media that your friends and family can access, both in and out of the home. Plex Home allows you to create customized, managed accounts, and restrict content those users can access. Restrict based on content ratings, or share specific items. Buy one Plex Pass for your home and share benefits like free apps.

      Related Page: Plex Home

      Mobile Sync
      If you’re flying across the Atlantic, taking a subway to work, or even just relaxing in the park, you can still play your content! Use Mobile Sync to load copies of your content on your phone or tablet so you can use it when you don’t have internet access. Mobile Sync also helps make sure you always have the next episode of your favorite show ready for your commute.

      Related Page: Mobile Sync Overview
      Related Page: Mobile Sync

      Premium Music Features
      Take your music experience to eleven! Enjoy better artwork and artist bios, automatic lyrics from LyricFind, loudness leveling, sweet fades, visualizers, and more.

      Related Page: Automatic Lyrics from LyricFind

      Premium Photo Libraries
      Make your personal photos and videos pop, with Plex. Auto-tag your photos, get location information, and more.

      Related Page: Auto Tagging of Photos
      Related Page: Places (Location-Based Photos)

      Camera Upload
      Wirelessly sync photos from your phone or tablet to your Plex Media Server. This makes sharing special snaps with family and friends easy, lets you stream those photos to other Plex Apps, and allows you to free up space on your mobile device.

      Related Page: Camera Upload

      Hardware-Accelerated Streaming
      When using a compatible device or processor on the Plex Media Server, subscribers can make use of hardware acceleration when content needs to be converted (transcoded) during streaming. This can be faster and more power-efficient for users.

      Related Page: Using Hardware-Accelerated Streaming

      Bandwidth and Transcoding Limits
      Plex Pass subscribers have additional control over processor usage and network/bandwidth usage when streaming.

      Related Page: Server Settings - Bandwidth and Transcoding Limits

      Early Access
      Users with an active Plex Pass subscription often get early access to new features or apps. For instance, both Chromecast support and Plex Home Theater were available to Plex Pass subscribers prior to being released for all users.

      Related Page: Early Access & Beta Releases

      Preview Releases
      Get access to preview release versions of many apps such as Plex Media Server, Plex Media Player, and more.

      Related Page: Early Access & Beta Releases

      Free Access to Plex Apps
      Enjoy free access to the Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone apps on us!

      Related Page: Free Access to Plex Apps

      And Even More
      Subscribers have access to even more features and benefits. For instance, subscribers can have Trailers and Extras automatically retrieved for movies in their library or make use of Webhooks for notifications and integrations with other tools.

    • For me:

      • Being able to watch all my media in 1 place.
      • Convert suitable quality depending on device (TV/PC/tablet/phone) on the fly or preload.
      • Easily keep track of what I've watched.
      • Hardware decoding so my CPU doesn't melt decoding 4k/BDs.
      • The interface looks pretty and somewhat intuitive I can just do the initial setup and let my family view my media through Nvidia shield.
        • Being able to watch all my media in 1 place.
        • Easily keep track of what I've watched.
        • The interface looks pretty and somewhat intuitive I can just do the initial setup and let my family view my media through Nvidia shield.

        Could you elaborate on these and how they are specific/exclusive to Plex Pass?

        • You can do broadcast TV in Plex as well as all your media so you never have to swap around in the settings (eg. HDMI or broadcast TV as input).

          Multiple users & parental controls means I can track what I've watched and other people can track what they've watched. Not a big deal if you don't share and it's just for yourself.

          The 3rd one isn't exclusive to Plex pass I just mentioned it though

      • You can do all of that except for hardware decoding without plex pass.

    • i have plex pass for; multiple user accounts on single login, hardware transcoding, mobile app viewing, and supporting the company.

      • I don't have plex pass and have no issues doing mobile app viewing but I think i'm under the umbrella of my father-in-law's family account, please confirm?

        • i believe plex pass would apply to the server. so if whoever is running the server has plex pass, then mobile viewing should be ok?

          maybe my information is outdated, and mobile viewing is not locked to plex pass anymore.

        • You don't need plex pass for mobile streaming if you

          1. Buy the mobile $5 mobile app

          2. Use the phone web browser

          3. Use other methods.

    • I don't actively use any of the plex pass features, however, I thought plex was so good, I've used it for years for hassle free streaming, I thought it was worth it to support the developers.

      Got massive benefits using there software, so much so that $100 was very much worth it for me to support them further.

      (as i had bought the app previously anyways)

  • Amazing software. Great deal.

  • Worked for me, thanks OP!

    I should mention I've had Plex for years and a trial of Plex Pass in the past.

  • Thanks from me too!

  • Worked for me when signing up as a new account (was planning to get this anyway so great saving).
    Thanks OP

  • Seems to work for my account, just not sure if ill get the use from it :/

    Anyone use the live tv/DVR feature?

  • I generally watch on streaming services. TV not much. Do you think its any useful?

    • The benefit of Plex is having it run a transcoding service on your existing audio/video files sitting on a hard drive so you can stream them to other devices around the home. If you are happy with the content on Netflix/Stan etc then it wouldn't be much use as you would have to download all the files you want to watch/listen to and then have the hard drive always on when you want to listen/watch.

      Regular Plex is free so if that sounds interesting I'd recommend jumping on their website for a look. Another benefit is having the Plex Media Server running allows other apps to see it and stream from, such as VLC which I find less janky for some files (and downloading on iOS).

  • Just tried to u/g my plan from monthly.
    Received this msg
    "This promotion code is valid only for new Plex Pass subscriptions and cannot be applied to existing subscriptions or for subscription plan upgrades"
    So no good for me

  • Great deal, thanks!

  • Cheers.

    Deal worked,
    Plex trial account for 3 months..
    I’ve noticed more and more limitations on the free account lately.

  • Also worked for me from trial account - thanks!

  • Very curious about why you would get one of these services.

    What's the point of it? What can I do with it?

    Does it stream free-to-air TV without the need for an aerial? I get poor reception where I live.

    • Not responding to your specific question, as I don't know (but I don't believe it does that), buuuut… 7, 9, and 10 all have apps that allow you to stream their digital channels for free.

    • It's a way to sort and stream your own media. It's designed for those who have a large library of files that they want to be able to access across all their devices, over lan or the internet. And no it won't stream tv without an antennae, but it can act as a DVR when hooked up to an antennae.

  • does anyone used paid plex server service?? if so which one works well in aus?

    • Run your own

      • Honestly if you don't already run your own, this is a pretty big ask.

        Sure if all you want is the latest episode which you can then delete, sure just chuck it on a spare computer or raspberry pi.

        Otherwise its quite a task to run server if you are just a regular person who wants to watch things.

        I can definitely see why people would rather just join an existing server.

        • Not really. You just need a Windows box you can leave on 24/7. The setup takes care of all the networking (home users have a good chance they have UPNP enabled on the router) and everything by and large and it’s an easy service to operate. Connections back into your network get managed by the service once you log into an account, no special network routing or VPNs required. I’d argue it’s not much more difficult than setting up iTunes on a Windows PC.

          Getting contents probably the more complex route depending on how you want to source it, but no different to any other local media player.

          For someone completely out of their depth I wouldn’t be recommending a Pi…a desktop PC will suffice and there might be some other easy solutions with streamlined setup and low barriers to maintain.

          • @Smigit: I think you might be a little out of touch with the average person who wants to watch things…

            Typical questions you'll get

            1. How do you download tv shows?

            2. What is literally everything you just said mean?

            3. How do I configure literally anything in the plex settings?

            4. How do I set up port forwarding?

            The list goes on and on.

            Its a big enough task to get people to use plex to join a server and watch things, let alone set up an entire server and fill it…

            • @samfisher5986: If they know what Plex is and are asking about paying to access an instance, therefore knowing such an option exists, then the individual clearly exceeds those people you are referring to that are completely ignorant when it comes to computers.

              I wouldn’t expect my mum to set up a Plex box, but if someone has an idea what it is, what to expect out of it and can install things on a PC then they can almost certainly set this up also.

              As above, they likely have a plug and play router that they got from the ISP with UPNP turned on and all the routing will be done automatically. One of the primary selling points of Plex over other options is it is significantly easier to set up and the user likely will have very little need to jump into the settings.

              • @Smigit: I suggest you go over to the plex shares subreddit and you'll quickly see the kind of people who want to join servers.

                If it was so easy a decent server on your own, people wouldn't be paying $20 a month to access certain plex servers.

                • @samfisher5986: I’ll admit I haven’t been there but I’m guessing most, not all, people are paying $20 for access to pre-populated libraries that people will continue to expand, and removing the need to have storage of their own or to run a PC 24/7. I imagine they’re just paying for a Hulu/Netflix substitute.

                  If they’re using the client to connect to the service they aren’t skipping a lot of config.

                  Anyway, some people not being computer literate doesn’t mean it’s hard or someone with basic computer skills can’t set it up and get going with a base install.

                  • @Smigit: What you are referring to is what I'm understanding willsun1423 is referring to.

                    Once they get an invite to their email its basically like netflix, no config required.

                • @samfisher5986: Ultraseedbox have plex servers preinstalled on their servers for most levels, and it is negligible effort to set up. Having said that, there would still be value over and above that in buying someone else's, as it will already have TV/movies on there for you. Content is the harder part, IMO.

      • use 300 dollar free google compute credits and a one line setup like plexguide and you're good for months free

    • Check free plex share on reddit.

    • I am not interested in running my own. Im happy to pay 15 bucks a month for a few hundred TB of 1080P content. That still beats Netflix by a mile. But i just fell like the connection speed/reliability for some of the services ive tried can be improved.

      • I've tried reading up about Plex Passes & that but don't understand what the benefits are if you already have Netflex & Stan? I'm definintely a novice in this area & I've probably just asked a really stupid question..

        • Since the content is all pirated you don't have to worry about licensing agreements and can watch movies/tv shows from any studio rather than Netflix/Stan having to make agreements with studios and also on Plex you would get the latest episodes of series as they are still airing and the movies as soon as they hit DVD/Blu-ray rather than waiting 6+ months for a chance that they might hit streaming.

          • @Agret: So basically if I get the lifetime Plex Pass, theres no need for me to use Netflix or Stan anymore & won't need to pay anything else to watch these newly dropped TV episodes & movies? Is that right?

    • It's against the Plex TOS to sell access to a Plex Server. So pay at your own risk.

      Iv'e received this email before:
      "We have recently found a Plex user who shared media with you (***********) in violation of our Terms of Service (https://plex.tv/legal#terms). Their account has been disabled for paid/commercial usage and the share to you has been removed.

      In order to protect the millions of people who use Plex every day and ensure that it continues to be available for everyone, we occasionally need to take steps to ensure that our Terms of Service are enforced. "*************" is not affiliated with Plex, Inc., and you will need to contact them directly with any concerns relating to this action.

      Your Plex account remains active, and if you haven't already, we invite you to set up a Plex Media Server of your own so you can access your media whenever you want, wherever you are, on all sorts of devices. Take a look at our Getting Started information (https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/categories/200007268-Gettin...) for details on how you can do so.

      We appreciate your understanding and thank you for using Plex!"

      • I guess at least if you pay it monthly you're only out a months purchase cost?

  • Worked for me, from an account where I was just using the free version. Usually $160, so great deal!

    Fantastic piece of software that makes my media so much easier to view.

  • I get "Code not valid". I may have subscribed for a month a few years back…
    No downsides to making a new account I suppose?

    • I have previously done 2 free trials and 2 single months of paid when I was traveling, but the code still worked.

  • Cheers..worked…

  • +4 votes

    Great deal ;)

    Pro tip - for those looking at getting Plex Pass for Hardware-Accelerated Streaming, it's not actually required when using the Nvidia Shield (or the WD My Cloud Pro PR2100 and PR4100 models) as the Plex Server, as it's turned on by default:

    On these specific devices, a Plex Pass subscription is not required. Hardware-Accelerated Streaming is turned on by default for everyone on these devices.


  • I have both Emby paid and Plex pass and I would not give Plex another cent. they continue to remove provided features and replace with extra cost replacements. trakt and epg etc, add unless features that no-one wants and never fix long standing bugs. Emby is by far better in these areas.

  • I will skip. Happy with free edition on local network.

    U torrent downloads movies then Plex auto update library with subtitles download.

    Meet my requirements as I dont need other fancy features.

    • Only reasons I found to upgrade:
      - There are a few people who want to stream from the Android app, so you don't have to pay like $6 each to unlock the app from playing only 1 minute.
      - Your files are encoded in x265 AND your Plex Media Server has at least a 7th gen Intel processor (or an nVidia GPU I think?) that you want to enable Hardware Transcoding on.

    • The main reason I upgraded a few years ago was to have separate logins for the wife and kids. I don't want my on deck and watched histories screwed up by other people.

      • Haha I know it's so awkward when your western wife realises you're watching Asian porn and then she gets jealous finally realising you married her for her discounts

        Hypothetically of course

      • Apparently you can do that already with the free Plex you just need to create some Plex logins through the website and then share access with your library to them