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DeLonghi Dedica Pump Coffee Machine (EC685W) $187.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Brew your Espresso and froth your milk like a real barista in just few seconds, this machine heats up in just 40 seconds and thanks to the Self Priming System is always ready to use
Compact Design, just 15cm wide chassis to suit even tiny areas without renouncing the comfort of a home-brewed coffee
Thermoblock Technology to control and set the perfect and desired temperature for your coffee, Flow Stop Function to personalise your coffee length
Brew a wide range of milk based beverages thanks to the adjustable Cappuccino System
Brew your coffee with your favourite powder, or use coffee pods for extra convenience
Create extra space for your mugs and cups by simply removing the drip tray; Cup Warmer on top and Descaling Alarm included

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  • A favourite

    Best heat block coffee machine imo
    Small as a nespresso without the waste

    Great modding potential too for basket, portafilter, and steam wand

    • Won't disappoint?
      What do I get out of these mods?
      Thanks OP, just got one with 12% Cashback.

      • Ditto.
        Hopefully more reliable than the entry level Sunbeam units we've had (3 in 3 years).

        • Was it the Cafe Espresso II by any chance?

          My first one lasted 18 months. Second one less than 4 months. Both ended up smelling like an electrical fire!

          Decided not to replace the second one for obvious reasons.

          • @DaddysBelt: Yes a Cafe Espresso MkI/II.

            The first one had the magic smoke escape. It was 18 months old.

            The 2nd one from the Sunbeam Outlet in Redfern simply stopped. It was only 14 months old but I wasn't around and the GF's house guest bought unit 3 in lieu of "rent" and they threw the old one in the bin which annoyed me a lot as I could have got statutory warranty on it IMO.

            The 3rd one from TGG stopped steaming after 4 weeks so it went back for a refund last month.

            On the bright side, it's got some nice brass bits and a big heavy aluminium heater head thingy so there's about $3 of scrap in it.

            Really happy with this purchase as she has white DeLonghi toaster & jug. Early birthday present sorted.

      • the panaerello milk 'frother' isn't for everybody so there's lots of tutorials and youtube vids on how to attach a rancilio silvia v2 steam wand instead. I haven't done it to mine yet because I dont have milk with my coffee and am just making average babychinos with the panarello right now. But it's on the to do list for sure.

        non-pressurised baskets give you a more genuine espresso pour
        As for the portafilter, bottomless is handy so you can asses how good your grind/tamp skills are
        Here's the modded portafilter and unpressurised basket https://i.imgur.com/cIkqSRm.jpg

        if you want a custom tamp it's 51mm fwiw

        • @ndftz, Just wanted to ask where did you get the spare portafilter from and how much was it? Have you tried taking the panarello part off the wand and just using that as a manual type steamer? Cheers

          • @cvas: Panarello underneath is a rubber tit thing. Might work but not sure , looks pretty dumb haha

            Extra portafilter came from eBay.
            Honestly just mod your original one as I never use the other one now

            • @ndftz: Cheers mate. Yeh I have taken the fitting off and the rubber tit works well. Can get the good "microfoam" but doesn't look as glamorous. Thanks for the reply

    • Thanks for reminding me about the steam wand mod, just ordered one.

    • love this machine. do you mind elaborating on the mods you've done to it?

  • Get onto this one people if you need a coffee machine.
    It's excellent and the price - it's a steal !

    Love my one, it's quiet and pumps out a good brew…

  • I've been waiting for a sale on these but the wife wants it in black to match the rest of the delonghi items we have :(

  • Ouch, just bought a pod machine a few days ago but would've been interested in trying this instead :(

  • 12% cash back at Cash Rewards https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/479878

    I have one of these. It's very compact. With the right settings and coffee and beans combo, it makes a decent coffee. Not amazing, but enjoyable coffee.

  • Had this for two years, works great, highly recommend! In any colour ;)

  • Shit! I just bought it for 210 at good guys. No chance of a refund?

    • Don't worry…just enjoy it

    • Maybe you have credit card protection.


      Did/can you buy concierge?


      Concierge membership offers peace of mind shopping
      If the price of your product drops at The Good Guys or an approved competitor within 30 days of purchase, Concierge members can claim back 120% of the difference via the quick online claim form.

      • Amazon won't be a approved competitor as it's not bricks and mortar


          You’re right

          Concierge 30 day Price Guarantee claims are not available for …….items sold on marketplace websites such as eBay and Amazon or any brand it sells on behalf of a third party supplier under an agency agreement.

          Approved Competitors
          Appliances Online
          Big W
          Bing Lee
          David Jones
          Harvey Norman
          JB HiFi
          Joyce Mayne

  • Great little machine. Have been using it everyday for nearly 1.5 years. Bought from Amazon on 30/3/2018 for $117.20. No regret.

  • Been using mine for about a year and a half. Multiple coffees a day. Still going strong and making good coffees. I recommend swapping the basket out for a non-pressurised one though if you're keen.

    • Can you give me more info about swapping the basket please.

      • Get one of these.
        You'll have to remove the plastic divider insert in the bottom of the portafilter because it's deeper than the supplied baskets. You'll get great crema with the right grind and tamping pressure.

    • I have done this as well but I must admit it's annoying that there is no non pressurised single cup basket.
      Sometimes that makes me want to change to a machine that comes with non pressurised basket from the factory.

      With mine, right hand side produces less coffee as well which is annoying…

    • The pressurised basket is great for both noobs and average coffee. I.e. you can use older coffee with a non perfect grind size and enough pressure will build up to get an okay extraction. I upgraded from this machine (which I loved) to a Breville Barista Express (love even more) which has both pressurised and non-pressurised baskets. The non-pressurised baskets really give you an appreciation for the difficulty of "dialling in" your grinder, tamping and the beauty of freshly roasted beans. Coffee is life. Good luck to all.

  • Have been using it for overt a year, as others have mentioned you can swap out the basket to a nonpressurised which gives you good results,

    Just know you'll have the screw hole to deal with in the center but it pours fine

  • Wish they had the Bambino at this price….

  • Man i purchased one of these 2 months ago for $250 - good machine

  • How is this machine as a first coffee machine? Easy to use?

    • As with all manual coffee machines there will be a learning curve. But once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature.
      It'll be quite the transition from a pod machine though!

      • I haven't even been using a pod machine so far! Just regular, Moccona instant coffee has been getting the job done for me. So I'm assuming I'm up for an even greater learning curve!

  • This or the Breville Creastia Uno?

  • This is a hard recommend if anyone’s looking for a new coffee machine. Ours gets a serious workout, 6 or more coffees a day, 7 days a week and still pumping out great coffee a year later.

  • hey guys, whats a best pairing grinder to go with this?

  • I've had one of these for about 2 years. Love it. As good as, or better, than most cafe coffee. Had a delongi nespresso machine before. Will never go back.

    You do need a decent coffee grinder to go with it, though. We have a Breville bcg820. Makes for great coffee with minimal effort.

  • Can I ask what comes in the box? Do I need to buy a milk frother attachment and milk cup?

  • Second hand or this…

  • What's its coffee like without mod?

    • pretty good, fake crema from the pressurised basket but looks good and tastes good IMO

      • how do you define 'fake crema'? you mean it's just not as smooth or fine as crema from a commercial cafe machine?

        • its just made from tiny bubbles coming out of the little pin shaped hole at the bottom of the pressurised basket
          its all good honestly, just less colour texture to it I guess.

          It's more consistent but also not a true reflection of the beans/pour etc that you'd get from a nonpressurised basket.

          TBH if you drink coffee 'morning medicinally' like me, you wont care.

          Just know that this coffee is way way better than pods, and draw your snob energy from that fact alone :)

          • @ndftz: Haha yeah, i feel like i'm at least some kind of low-level coffee snob now. Tried the Aldi beans as they were highly spoken of (for supermarket beans). Absolute shite for hot coffee, no flavour or aroma whatsoever! One redeeming feature of cold brew is that all beans taste pretty much the same (not terrible). And I always keep a batch of cold brew on hand for when I'm in a rush and just need to pour and go.

    • Really good. My wife and i are pretty snobby with coffee and we love ours. You need good quality beans and getting the grind right takes some learning.

  • bought this last year, dexent coffee machine at thia price range.

  • Snagged. Thanks OP.

  • Sweet, this is only $165.43 after cashback, when combined with the 12% Kitchen category cashback today! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/479878

    This promo link proves the coffee machine is part of the kitchen category: https://www.amazon.com.au/b/ref=HKDAY?node=6809297051

  • Got this for $100 last easter from amazon, no regrets. You'll have to descale it twice a year depending on usage.

  • Looks great, however it looks like it is currently unavailable on Amazon, I must have just missed out :(

  • Andddd as usual, went to pull the trigger and now its gone :(

  • hows the sunbeam lineup for coffee machine?

  • Nooooo gonnnnnnne.

  • Was about to pull the trigger :( Guess it wasn't meant to be…

  • Was looking for this for sometime now, even set an alert for this, but didn't receive any alert. :(

  • An absolute unit, there's a whole community built around this entry level machine!

  • Also bought one in a previous deal. Only hiccup was it developed a leak, causing water to pool under the machine. Delonghi organised the repair, including postage, no problems at all.

    Apart from that, been a great little machine in our small kitchen. You'll need to pick up a couple of relatively cheap accessories (decent tamp, knock box, milk jug), but apart from that, your good to go.

    To other owners in this thread that use this with a breville smart grinder, what settings do you use on your grinder? (Just out of curiosity)

  • Was waiting to buy this oh no

  • Is this cockroach proof inside? I bought a nespresso creatista before ans all of sudden there’s a cockroack inside where you putting the pods. Argh

  • Love our Dedica. Does anyone else have to turn it off at the wall everytime after you froth the milk to allow you to do the coffee. (Our 1st one and its replacement have same issue)

    • you don't have to do that, after frothing it needs to let out excess steam. rotate the lever for steam when the steam light is flashing and it will let out excess steam (use the frothing mug) and cool down for coffee use.