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R9-3900X | RTX 2080 | X570 | 16GB 3200MHz | 240GB NVMe | 750W 80+B Desktop $2466 Shipped / 3700X/2080 $1828 @ Techfast


Hi folks, we've secured a limited number of Ryzen 9 3900X CPUs so are doing the following deal:

R9-3900X | MSI Ventus RTX 2080 | X570 (varying brands - MSI/Gigabyte or equivalent) | 16GB 3200MHz | 240GB NVMe | 750W 80+ Bronze PSU | Leaper Pro White or Esports Pro RGB Case: $2466 delivered (inc $29 delivery fee) after $562 discount code R93900X-RTX2080.
Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-9-3900x-rtx-2080-...

New Upgrade options:
- Vanilla MSI Ventus 2080 to MSI Ventus 2080 SUPER: $199
- Vanilla 2080 to 2080 Ti 11GB (MSI Ventus GP): $599 (dropped from $799) - available on all other configurations as well
- 32GB 3200MHz RAM available on website - 64 and 128GB kits available on special order - PM me if interested for pricing/spec/timings
- 240mm liquid cooler (Corsair H100 or equiv) in Esports Pro Case only

Reminder about other popular deals - ENDING END OF AUGUST:
R7-3700X | MSI Ventus RTX 2080 | Biostar B350 | 16GB 2400MHz | 240GB NVMe | 750W 80+ Bronze PSU | Leaper Pro White or Esports Pro RGB Case: $1828 delivered (inc $29 delivery fee) after discount code R73700XRTX2080
Link: https://techfast.com.au/collections/amd-systems/products/amd...

R5-3600 | MSI Ventus RTX 2080 | Biostar B350 | 16GB 2400MHz | 240GB NVMe | Min 700W PSU | Leaper Pro White or Esports Pro RGB Case: $1528 delivered (inc $29 delivery fee) after discount code R53600RTX2080
Link: https://techfast.com.au/collections/amd-systems/products/amd...

Let me know if there are any questions!


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  • +1

    I've been keeping an eye on tech fasts posts just waiting for the right purchase to make.

    Anyone have any knocks against this $2466 system (supplied storage not a relevant concern for me)

    • Yeah, you need a 80+ Gold PSU given those are some power hungry expensive parts. The brand is Thermaltake which is great but I would definitely upgrade to 80+ gold.

      I would also get a better cooler, currently it is the stock cooler. This is especially important for the 3900X as it will generate a fair bit of heat, especially if overclocked. The RAM is fast, but i would invest in something that can either be clocked to 3600Mhz or running native at that speed, preferably with CL 15. See Ballistix range with the E-die kits as the new gen Ryzen's performance is heavily impacted by RAM speeds and timings.
      And finally i would change the case. The current one is not bad, but personally not to my liking.

      • +12

        The 80+ gold won't make any performance difference over the bronze. Maybe 3% more power efficient, but means jack otherwise.

        Cooler definitely. If you're buying this, then you're likely planning to use it hard.

        • Precisely, the extra power wasted is converted into heat and guess where that heat will contribute to?
          Plus some say that the gold is not only efficient but more reliable. and for a $2500 PC I would personally upgrade.

          • +2

            @parallelparadox: When you say the extra power you don't mean that the unused power is converted do you?

            So there's no misunderstanding, unused capacity is not drawn by the computer and as such no 'extra' heat. This PC will only use around 350w unless overclocked, even then sub 500w. PSUs are at their most efficient at 50% load and having the extra headroom is good for sound levels.

            • @AEKaBeer: No, I mean the power that is lost due to inefficiency.
              Plus it can be agreed that if something is efficient it is also somewhat more reliable.

              I would personally upgrade the PSU to gold, if I have spent $2500 on a system.

        • Agree with Salmando. Upgrade the cooler definitely. Even you are not planning to overlook ryzen works very well under cooling as a stock settings. The PSU is irrelevant with you are not planning to upgrade the system example putting a bunch of HD increases memory, or a proper water cooling system, etc. The psu is enough for your pc. Since Tech fast want risk the pc blow up or even has lack of energy. The Gold psu uses the energy better but to be honest is the last thing you need to care about in that case.

    • It's hard to tell tbh since they dont list the exact parts. Bronze PSU isn't that great but doesn't matter that much.
      The mobo is listed at $270 and thats on the low end of pricing for an x570 and it says no wifi under networking so youll have to get the $20 wifi option if you want that.
      case only comes with 2 120mm fans and the front of the case looks kind of restrictive for airflow.
      only stock fan, but the stock cooler is good enough if you arent looking into overclocking.
      Youll have to buy windows 10, but you can get it for cheap as if you look around.
      memory is probably 3200 cl16 and probably mediocre quality since a second kit is listed at $160 so you won't be able to go much lower for timings or higher speed.
      2080 would almost certainly be a dual fan so not a lot of overclocking headroom.

    • What would be a breakdown of prices of the 3900x build if we build it ourself? Anyone done some research?

  • +1

    Fk this is a good deal that I can't afford right now

    • +1

      thats why the smarties at Techfast have Zip pay as a payment option… for those who want it and cant afford it this minute hehehehe (i dont condone any form of these payment types.. :P afterpay,zippay lattitude etc)…

      • +9

        Yeah. Ok CEO of Zip Pay Larry Diamond and/or Peter Gray, nice try

        • +11

          …. evil laugh smoke bomb n dissapears …

  • Any comments on whether this system would be particularly noisy? I'm tempted with this system but wouldn't be interested if it's really noisy.

  • shows $2,706.00 without shipping

    • Motherboard pricing error - fixed now, thank you.

  • When I choose the 850W psu for the 3900X system, the price increases to $3387 before discount, even though it says the upgrade cost is only $119

    • The error was in the motherboard pricing - fixed now, thanks.

  • The white case is beautiful 😍

  • +3

    Uh oh

    789 Ryzen 9 3900X
    899 RTX 2080
    139 16GB 3200
    45 240GB
    105 750W 80+ Bronze
    259 MSI X570
    39 Case
    2,275 Total
    2,466 TF price
    191 Over

    • +4

      Can you link me to the $899 2080?
      Is the 240GB SSD NVMe?

      • yours is probably better card but can be had on sale https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/471221
        Not Nvme but is only $25 more

        • +6

          Gotcha. That deal expired a month ago though. Not sure there's much if anything else around the pricepoint now. Think we're pretty competitive here.

          And yep we're running MSI Ventus on the 2080.

        • +1

          $39 for case? Pretty sure op isnt using a $40 case…

    • +3

      Do all these prices include shipping?

  • Any upgrade Recommendations on the Ryzen 3600 deal aside from the RAM? Looking to play primarily Destiny 2 and Apex

    • Probably just better RAM is all it needd. You can add more storage like a SATA SSD or HDD yourself.

      It's a shame they don't offer 600-650W bronze/gold PSU upgrades. Consider upgrading to a better PSU before your warranty on this expires.

  • +6

    Good Value TechFast
    Tried to replicate the build and the total came up to $2445. But if you factor in delivery and assembly cost, it is well worth it.

    • Nice.. I was looking for this

  • +1

    Can this run minecraft?

    • +4

      I don't know man. An RTX 2080 is really cutting it close.

      For Raytraced Minecraft, that is.

      • For those unclear, this is /s.

        You'll have no issues running Minecraft with even a 2060 with raytracing :)

        • -1

          Raytracing isn't even out for Minecraft?

          • -1

            @NoGiveJustTake: It is in third party implementations. And it's Minecraft, it can run on a toaster. With one of the most powerful graphics cards available, a 2080, you'll have no issues whatsoever using it to play Minecraft, even with RTX on.

    • How do I tame a horse in Minecraft?

  • More info on the case if anyone is interested.

  • What kinda power consumption would this be?

    • Not overclocked, this will only pull around the 350w range during gaming.

  • +1

    Customer Service has been good so this is not a bag out post but just FYI for those that want it NOW, I thought I'd get mine delivered within a week but I'm still waiting after two weeks from the last deal they posted. My computer is about to die because I'm about to kick it so I'm itching for this delivery! I did get an update today saying early next week though…

    • +1

      PM Luke, I'm sure he can take a look for you.

  • any chance the Intel version will be going on sale soon? have a friend waiting for it

    • +4

      Your friend is missing out if they're waiting for intel.. they're selling themselves short :)

  • Recently bought from them, responsive and efficient.

    I think they had a shortage of RTX2080 though so you might have to wait a bit

  • If I upgrade the Ram to 3200mhz would the b350 motherboard actually benefit from it?

    I read that most b350 boards don't even support 3200mhz ram.

    • +1

      I have the Biostar b350 board and can confirm that 3200mhz ram runs perfectly at full speed. You just have to select the correct XMP profile in the BIOS

      • Thanks I will look into that.

      • Hey how would one go about doing this? My 9 year old PC has just started dying on me and I'm thinking of grabbing this deal with upgraded RAM but i'm not sure what the correct XMP profile would be.

        • It's pretty simple.

          Press DEL to enter the BIOS menu when your PC starts. Navigate to the "O.N.E" tab, select Memory Clock Mode and pick XMP1 3200, press F10 to save and restart the PC and you should be good to go.

  • Hi Luke,

    Are you able to advise the following:

    Regarding your $1528 deal, what brand is your:

    16GB DDR4 [3200MHz] (2 x 8GB)?
    240GB NVMe M.2 SSD?
    2TB Hard Disk Drive?
    700W Power Supply?

    • +2

      From their website:

      RAM: TeamGroup, Crucial, G.Skill, other TechFast-approved brands
      Solid State Drive: Usually: Allied Occasionally: Western Digital, SanDisk, Crucial
      Hard Disk Drive: Usually: Seagate Barracuda, Western Digital, Toshiba
      Power Supply: Bundled 550W and 750W: Allied, TechFast-approved 850W 80+ Gold: Antec, Thermaltake, Corsair

      That's how they're able to provide this value. They use what they have on hand at the time, you won't know the brands until it arrives.

      • Thanks man!

  • +2

    Hi Luke, Im sure this has been asked many times. But is there any option to upgrade the SSD drive?

    240GB is quite small. I rather not add an additional SSD, as just want 1 larger SSD for OS boot drive.

    • +1

      First time I think actually. We got a bunch in for another deal and haven't sourced any others yet. Let me see if I can get it added next week.

  • Is the 3900X bundle sufficient enough for gaming, streaming and video editing (uploading to YT)? Or would it need a number of upgrades? Planning on playing Cyberpunk, along with some other games from E3, games i already own, indie games etc, but also streaming from consoles.

    • You will need more storage for editing, otherwise this is more than sufficient for your use case. Down the line you might want to go to 32GB ram but it's likely not necessary in the short term.

  • Hey All,

    My Only dilemma is, should I wait for Cyber Monday which is almost 3 months away to get a better deal or go with this one.

    Will there be any dramatic changes on the price or the latest models of the equipment with the same price.

    Any suggestion?


  • Had a similar system from them about 6 months which now has a problem, been without a computer now for about 4 weeks and sent it back to me still broken, very slow support responses and I guess will now have to wait another month. I guess you get what you pay for

    • +1

      This is the first I've heard of this. Could you please PM me the details?

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