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Greyhound Australia Adult One Way: Sydney ⇄ Canberra $5, Brisbane ⇄ Toowoomba $3 - Multiple Dates Available


Departing Sydney Central Station, Domestic Airport or International Airport to Canberra City and vice versa. The trip usually takes around 3 hours depending on time of day. Good for a weekend away!

Features: Free Wi-Fi, in-seat USB charger, panoramic windows, real-time GPS coach tracking online and Reclining Leather Seats.

Also Includes free seat selection, 1 item of hand luggage, and two luggage items stored under the coach.

$5 Sydney ⇄ Canberra: https://www.greyhound.com.au/coach-travel/popular-routes/fro...

$3 Brisbane ⇄ Toowoomba: https://www.greyhound.com.au/coach-travel/popular-routes/fro...

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Greyhound Australia
Greyhound Australia

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  • Going end of September to Canberra. Thanks

  • What dates? Can't see any

    • Not hard to find!
      SYD - CBR from Wednesday [email protected]$5
      BNE - TWB from tomorrow [email protected]$3

      Booking further in advance - often more seats / times available
      SYD - CAN 1Oct 12 seats, spread across all 6 services

      Choose route, click Book, select date, look for cheap fare on that date. Can check date before or after by clicking at top.

      0 - 4 seats available per bus on dates I checked - less available at popular peak time like early Monday morning.

      Good for those travelling by themselves, with a flexible schedule.

      • Which departure stations did you choose from Sydney?
        I chose from International Airport and Central Station around beginning of October and could not see any $5 tickets.

  • Just flew Jetstar Gold Coast - Adelaide Return for $1 each way (deal last year, only taking carry-on) - hard to pay this much😉

    But free baggage allowance, free WiFi, panoramic windows, & city departure are a definite bonus!
    Your ticket entitles you to 1 item of hand luggage on board plus 2 items of baggage per person to be stowed under the coach.

  • +14 votes

    Lol, being Sydney, it’s going to cost me more to travel locally from my suburb to Central, than Central to Canberra (the second best city in Australia IMHO)

  • +2 votes

    How'd you get the arrows like that in the title :) ?

  • I should take advantage of this and go see my cousin but I don't think I'd ever be able to step on a bus for a long distance trip ever again.

  • Even though it says 3 hours Syd-Can, it would usually take a little longer than that. Be prepared for 3.5 hours if you need to be at a destination at a certain time straight after arrival

    • Yeah traffic and delays, like the bus breaks down at Leyland brothers world at 2am and you have to wait there till 5 am for a new one.

  • checked dates through from September to Jan 2020 - 1 seat available at $5 on each service, hardly sufficient quantity to warrant the promotion. Can't travel with another person and only suitable for a solo traveller.

    What I wonder is if I booked 1x $5 ticket would another be available for another person; meaning I should just book 3 x separate transactions for my 3 travellers,,,or if they literally only opened up one single $5 seat per bus trip….. :/

    • Can't see how that would be a problem.
      I'm seeing if my uncle wants to come up for my dad's birthday. He always catches the bus anyway and this would leave more money for beer

    • Come on, for $5 you might just find the love of your life sitting next to you, Dammit man a little adventure awaits…..

    • Can't travel with another person


  • After the $5 allocation is gone for any particular service, it increases to $15. Even if there is only one left, getting two tickets for $20 is still good value IMO.


      That's better then the airlines, if there's only 1 ticket left and you want to buy two, they charge 2x more expensive price (in this case 2 x $15)

  • They cancel buses last minute and then message you two hours after you were about to board.

  • Nice, the $15 tickets are a good deal too. I slightly prefer Greyhound to Murray's as there's typically less people on the bus. I've been on services where there were only 6-7 people on the service, makes for a very pleasant ride.

  • Great deal, competing with Murrays for the Sydney <—> Canberra leg!

  • +5 votes

    Awesome, corporate travel have been whinging people wasting money on flights, I'm going to suggest this! I'll expect to be the CFO by new year.

  • Why so cheap? How are they making money with these rates? Govt. subsidies?

    • This is best way of advertising, more like cheap advertising.

    • +1 vote

      Freight & Govt subsidies

    • Probably taking losses at the expense of higher losses ergo better to have a full bus of discounted paying customers than a barely packed bus of full normal paying customers.

      Or yeah free advertising and promotion.. I was not even aware of these people or deals / offers until now.

      Advertising can be very powerful.. don't play the cycle for free on the epic store.. it's not a good free to play game at all /s ;)

  • No SYD-MEL :(

  • Wow what a deal! Thanks a lot!

    I go about $60-$70 per trip of petrol. Managed to book 4 trips for $70!

  • Any accommodation for $5? (Without couchsurfing)

  • Calling all 9/11 flight phobiacs

  • Cool. Toowoomba to Brisbane return is great for working a day in the city office, once you factor in fuel and parking. Also excellent for getting to the airports as long as the timetables line up. Thanks OP!

  • Jeez. They are trying anything to get people to go to Canberra ;)

  • what about brisbane to sydney?

  • Merged from $5 bus fares Sydney - Canberra @ Greyhound
    Go to Deal

    From website:


    With several daily services and luxurious features that come standard on every coach, a Greyhound bus is the most convenient and enjoyable way to travel from Sydney to Canberra.

    A bustling and vibrant world city, Sydney is home to many of Australia’s most recognisable landmarks, from the internationally renowned Harbour Bridge and Opera House to the waves of Bondi and Manly.

    But Canberra isn’t short on landmarks, either. In Australia’s capital city, you can take a free tour of the architecturally inspiring Parliament House; enjoy 360-degree views from the top of Telstra Tower; go for a stroll around the lovely Lake Burley Griffin; and explore national treasures like the Australian War Memorial, National Gallery, National Museum, National Library, National Zoo & Aquarium, Royal Australian Mint, Australian Institute of Sport and more!

    You’ll spend the three-and-a-half hour express bus trip from Sydney to Canberra relaxing in your reclining leather seat in air-conditioned comfort with free WiFi, an in-seat USB charger and panoramic windows.

    Prefer aisle or window seats? There’s no need to queue – with our seat selection feature, you can reserve your favourite spot when you book your bus trip from Sydney to Canberra. You can also keep up to date with with service delays and expected arrival times with our real-time coach tracker.

    (what gets me is I did long distance from SYD to CBR for 3 years on Greyhound/Murrays and never saw one of these sales…)

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