Motorola G7 Power $299 Delivered @ Motorola


Motorola G7 Power down to $299 from $349 on the Motorola Australia webstore.

Dual Sim, NFC, Band 28, 5000 mAh battery, AU warranty.

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    Considering the small screen of phones;

    Does the 720p really hurt performance?

    Im sure you could A:B with 1080p and higher and notice a difference; but if you're just using it; do you notice?

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      90% of people who buy the latest and greatest android just use 1080p as it is the default even though it’s capable of 2160p. To answer your question doesn’t really matter unless you have 30/30 vision. Or a microscope.

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        FYI: 30/30 vision is essentially the same as 20/20 vision. 20/20 vision means you see the the same details at 20 feet as the normal person sees at 20 feet. 30/20 would mean you see the clarity at 30 feet that the average person sees at 20 feet (better than average eyesight). 20/30 means the opposite.
        And that's only relevant for distance sight, not reading sight. I'm myopic, so I'm probably 1/1, but 20/60 or something as I can't see sh*t at distance…


        12/20 vision here, have an s8 and can confirm I've never noticed a difference using 2160p as opposed to 1080p. When I compare it to my old phone (Oppo f1s, 720p screen) there is a definite difference, but I think that's more to do with the quality of the s8's OLED screen vs the f1s's lower quality screen.

        TLDR: 720p screens are perfectly adequate, I'd look more at the quality of the screen (LCD, IPS, OLED) vs the resolution. Your mileage may vary tho

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          Definately, iPad lcd vs tab s sampled can really see difference when watch movies.


          I have an s7 and I've compared 1440p vs 1080p vs 720p.

          No difference between 1440p and 1080p. But could see a difference to words in 720p vs 1080p. 1080p was definitely sharper.

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      Upgraded to the G7+ with 1080p, from more basic 2+ year old G4 Play with 720p. Side by side - notice the difference when playing videos - sharper image. But there are other improvements & larger screen.

      Had considered the G7 Power. But bought the G7+ for $359 in deal @TGG last month.

      Main advantage with Power is the longer battery life from higher capacity battery & some lower specs. Would like a bit more battery life on the G7+ (3000 mAh), but easily fixed with it's faster charging & taking a power bank.


        I'd have owned the G7+ but…. battery life.


          I went with g7+ mostly for much better camera and specs. G7 Power is more a g7 "longplay" .
          Previous g5+ was my favourite phone ever…
          G7+ is not as good battery but still fine and mostly gives me 3 days, but I don't use much screen time.


    I'm looking at buying my parents a new phone, they are currently using the G4 for the past 2 years. Is this a good upgrade or is there another cheap sub $300 alternative?


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    $221 at Techobuy, may be able to price match at Officeworks.

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    Really want a good price on the Moto Z range


    5ah battery does it get any bigger

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    i have this phone for anyone asking

    2 day battery life (like actually 2 days with 10+ hours screen on time)
    Camera is decent (you can install GCAM to improve)
    Performance is reliable
    2 updates of software already

    Stock UI is a preference but it's lacking many features
    Charge times are fairly slow
    Display is just ok

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    Just in case it helps someone to decide, I have this model (bought from the Motorola store for $349) and here are some brief thoughts:

    720p display
    Lower res display is not an issue. Came from a Nexus 6p which had higher res screen and higher ppi, and to be honest the G7 Power is perfectly fine. Everything is sharp. It's not like you're suddenly going to a super blurry low res display and will be kicking yourself (this was my biggest hurdle in buying, now I realise it's no big deal at all). Wife has Samsung s10+ and while it's better, it's not $1k better to me on this point alone. Youtube plays at 720 max at it looks great. I just watched the final Joker trailer on it and it looks spot on, even though I've watched it a bagillion times on an iMac 5k screen as well.

    2.4ghz wifi only, no 5ghz. Don't know why they cut corners here, bit annoyed about it, but I still manage to stream hd plex at home without transcoding, so I only really notice the lack of 5ghz if I have to copy large files to and from the phone. Still, a stupid oversight.

    I'm with Telstra, and I notice the signal strength doesn't appear as strong as it was with the Nexus. Never had dropouts/disconnects though, so I guess it's not a prob for me.

    Yeah, I love it, main reason for buying. Get 10-12 hours easy, recharge once every few days at most, browse forever, videos, podcasts, calls go on and on. The TurboPower charging is super fast…almost like it's got some kind of speed fasterupper thingy that makes it more faster. It's quick. My charger died in the first week though, but Motorola support had a new one in the mail for me quick smart.

    Ranges from dogs breakfast to not bad. Standard Motorola cam app gives worst result, and the modified gcam apps linked at XDA give best. I don't use it a lot for photos, just the odd snap of my work or a nice sky, that's all, and it's fine for that. Can't compete with cameras on the high end phones, but you expect that.

    Build quality, size, weight etc
    Looks nice, good size, comfortable to hold. Plastic rear cover feels fine but naturally not as nice as the full aluminium back on the Nexus, but who cares when it's covered? Package includes a clear protective case, but it's very thin plastic that protects the rear from scratch but would probably offer zero protection in a fall.

    snappy, responsive, fluid - haven't noticed a slowdown or hiccup once yet in the months that I've had it.
    Slower cpu than the Nexus I think, but it does have 4gb of ram unlike the US model which has 3gb. Overall, it's never disappointed me, but I don't play games on it so your mileage may vary. Probably notice the slower speed most when it's processing HDR photos.

    Has been sporadic, but has improved. Android 9 August 1st security patch updated a few days ago, so good there, but let's see if they keep it up.

    Was a good buy at $349, is a great buy at $299. If the 720p res is a hurdle, go into Telstra and see one in the flesh. Odds are you won't care, like me. Might be more specced up phones for the same/less/similar but I couldn't be bothered working out which they were, where to buy them, and whether they were compatible with Telstra etc. This one is, works and is perfectly fine for me.

    Hope this helped.


    Performance wise will this beat Samsung Galaxy A20?


    I paid $250 at toby's deals although it was a grey import. probably worth paying an extra $50 for a warranty

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    Warranty: 12 months

    This is a deal breaker……

    I had endless issues with Motorola when my 16 month old phone touch screen died with a 'known' issue. They flatly refused to fix it!

    So I flatly refuse to buy another Motorola again. Wonder who got the better deal?


      Still 2 years under ACL?


        Yes tried all that, Moto wouldn't move and the ACCC are toothless, the best you can do is put a complaint in agaist Motorola via, which I did. Nothing has happened.


      Motorola makes terrible phones. I’ll never forget the V3x with dying 3G and Motorola doing jack to help customers. The solution was to disable 3G and stick to 2G. Poor QA.