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20% off 125 Selected Sellers (Inc Appliance Central, Videopro, Sony, Tech Mall) @ eBay (Max Discount $300)


Another day, another ebay sale. Still waiting for that elusive sitewide sale.

Search link - thanks Murpha

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00am (AEST) on 3rd September 2019 and ends at 11:59pm (AEST) on 12th September 2019 (“Offer Period”).

Conditions. The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at Selected Sellers, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in five transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

“Selected Sellers” means the participating sellers listed at the end of these terms and conditions, as amended from time to time.

Selected Sellers means:
Acqua Bathrooms
Appliance Central
Aquaholics Aquarium Supplies
Aquaneo Pool Store Online
Ausu Tek
Auz Retro Gaming N Collectables
Bargene E-store
Bestart Australia
Bubble Grow Hydroponics
Camera House
Chalet Online
Crazy Victor
Custom Home Theater
Dollars Warehosue
Domain Appliances
Eastlakes Electronics
Elegant Showers
Fab Living
Flex Fitness Equipment
Flora Livings
Futu Online
Games We Played
GFL Marketplaces
Global Export Online
Golf Globe National Discount Centre
Golf Mate Ebisu
GraysOnline Australia
Green Concept Lighting
Hardware Shop to You
Hasbro Gaming
healthworth Australia
Hobby Warehouse
Home Online Superstore
KG Electronic
Knives Online
KNN Computers Pty Ltd
Linen Dreams
Luxury Bedding Melbourne
Manchester Plus
Mansfield Hunting & Fishing
Matchbox Australia
Mazuma Mobile AU
My Phonez
NES Printer Supplies and Services
Outbax Camping
Pet and Live Stock HQ
Planet Linen
Press Play Audio
Radio Parts
RepoGuys NSW
Saloman Australia
Shop Now Australia
Shopping Square Australia
Simple Homewear
Smart Flash
SOBRE Smart Living
Sony Australia
Sydney Mobiles
Systemax Online
Tech Mall
The Calculator King
Toys R Us Australia
Treasure PC Online
Trigger Brothers
Trinity Connect
True Blue Bargains
Videopro Australia
Work Leisure Play
WORX Power Tools Australia
Xhunter Australia
Zzz Atelier Outlet Store

Related Stores

eBay Australia
eBay Australia
Appliance Central
Appliance Central

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  • +9

    at max it would be 10% off due to price jacking

  • +17

    Max Discount of $300 is a letdown…especilly with Jacking!!

    • +7

      Settle down bro

      • +1

        Hi, Jack.

      • Sure. If you say So.

    • Bit harsh to blame it all on Jack here.

  • +7

    I'm getting pretty jack of the jacking

    • +13

      I don't like your attitude either, but it is what it is

  • Grays seems to be “away” and have nothing for sale… or is it just me ?

    • +4

      They'll be back in a week.

    • Nerf have been doing this as well

  • Any cosmetic/beauty brands or dealers?

  • +89

    Came here to warn people about (they're the same mob)
    - Discount Brands Australia
    - knives online
    - Chalet Online

    Even though they have heaps of positive feedback, check their ebay negative feedback about providing a fake tracking numbers via couriers please then sending a dummy parcel with tracking via auspost to a random address in your suburb so eBay sides with the seller.

    I tried reporting them to eBay but they continue to operate…

    Also see
    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/387117 and google knives online for their google reviews.

    *Mods - please sticky comment, thank you.

    • +1

      19 reviews ?

      Mods will certainly give you a sticky .

    • Urgh…

      Just bought a Leatherman Skeletool with them 30 minutes ago :(

      • No, I think you bought an empty envelope? Your local Library thanks you.

        Cancel it?

      • I think it’s still likely to arrive, albeit later than expected.

        I bought a set of Global knives from chalet I believe. As per OP, the tracking number was dodgy. I contacted the company (who never replied) and the courier (who investigated). Ultimately the package arrived, as described, and I didn’t pursue further.

        The main issue is the dodgy tracking number they provide which makes it seem like the package has been shipped expediently. YMMV but I reckon it’ll arrive okay.

        • +1

          Yeah…I've bought quite a few knives and whatnot, and always got my orders from them, but they do have the consistently crappiest service of any eBay seller I've dealt with.

          You'll get a good price, but there's a chance it may take two weeks to a month to show up. I've also received a knife from them that was obviously split off from a set - it eventually arrived in a carved up blister pack (obviously just the bit of the box that held that particular knife).

          I've resisted buying from them again, though they have some great prices for sure.

    • Bastards.

    • If they're located in Australia, report to ACCC

    • +2

      " fake tracking numbers via couriers "
      welcome to every single ebay/aliexpress chinese seller I've bought from in the last year+…
      seems like standard practice nowadays

  • "Maximum $300 discount" - F outta here Ebay…

    • +4

      That's not uncommon with these deals. The bigger issue is the jacking.

  • Hi guys, i'm in the market for a new iphone 8+ x or xr and i'm not familiar with any of these phone stores listed. Can someone please tell me which store is the best and cheapest to buy from or am i better off waiting for another deal to come up somewhere else, thanks.

    • +7

      You’d actually be better off waiting. Next week the new models are announced (Wednesday Australian time), so older models should drop in price.

      • WHat he said

      • Actually they tend to drop just before the announcement, afterwards they trend back up for a few months or so

    • Though that depends on what you want, you’ve specified the previous 3 generations, so 8 will be 4 generations old next week. If you buy this 20% deal, it’s best off the XR as the latest generation available and not the 8.

      • +1

        Thanks just much appreciated

    • I bought from ausluck before and they were fine. They jack price during the discount period but overall it’s good price from my experience

  • +4

    any sony a7 iii ?

  • +1

    Any decent tv deals?

    • +3

      Just bought a Samsung 65 RU8000 for $1515. Missed out on the $60 shopback last week which would have made it $1455.

      Also they just called me and it will be delivered this afternoon.

      • Appliance central?

        • +1

          yeah $1530 including delivery less 1% shopback.

          • @Kouki: Thanks. Having an eye on this TV and Hisense R8. Gotta get either of those

  • +4

    Anyone been kind enough to create a search link please?

  • Just a dumb question here, how do we promote Ebay to sell more bulk food online?

  • Is Sydney Mobiles any good? Looking to buy a phone from them.

  • +2

    Search Link Thanks ?

  • +13

    How hard could it be for eBay to give us a proper search link.
    Bloddy useless.

    • +6

      I don't understand their rationality to create a barrier for their own promotions. Do people really browse each store individually and stumble across stuff they weren't previously in the market for and buy it? Surely people are more likely to not bother at all or get bored browsing/searching and end up not making any purchases than if eBay just provided a search link/function with the promotion in the first place. Or maybe I'm missing something…

  • +3

    Can a clever person make a search link plz!

  • +4

    I got neg when asked for search link last time. Can someone teach me how to create the search link so I can contribute to Ozbargain?

    • +9

      paste the list from the above on this link



      1. if there is error something like "One or more of the seller user IDs you entered was not found." then check the store names one by one or in a group of few to track down the wrong one.

      2. put comma in the end of each line (notepad++, find $, Replace with , and check regular expression > replace all)

      Please also read List of accepted formats on the site

      I hope this helps

      • +1

        I finally find some git buddy here. Followed and thanks.

    • Maybe this will work?


      173,490 results

      • Hmm… This might take a while.

  • Thanks OP paid $727 for Sony Rx100 VA refurb on Sony store.

    • Uhmmm… is this the same camera? https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07C7LVRK7/
      Item Model Number: DSCRX100M3

      • Different!

        The one you linked is the 3 while the one I picked up is 5A (update of the 5).

    • Do you have the link for that please? Thanks

      • It is all out now :(

        There were 5 for sale initially.

        There's still the M4 ($720) and M6 ($951) available as well as a M2.

        The M5A was on sale for the same price a month or so ago so it is worth checking the Sony store whenever these deals come up as it seems they randomly list them when they become available.

  • +4

    Any MacBook's on sale - new, without scratches and full warranty intact?

    Asking for a friend…

    • Sydneytec has them in this sale. Price is ludicrously jacked though, to the extent you might as well walk into an Apple Store and pay RRP.

    • Several Macs got jacked up. With $300 max discount, for your friend, this discount aint it chief.

  • +3
    • +3

      it says service unavailable

      • -2

        working perfectly fine here

        • +3

          Doesn't seem to work once you press search

        • +1

          Split it thanks .

    • I think it is returning less results than what I have posted above.

      • Yours above didnt work either for me.

    • Search error

  • +1

    Went out of there way and made a category one : https://www.ebay.com.au/b/Electronics-Sales/bn_7115869116?_t...

    • Perhaps I'm doing it wrong?
      I click that link, type something in the search bar, click search, open a result, add to cart, code doesn't work?
      So the search isn't actually applied to those selected retailers?

  • looking for cheapest GOOGLE HOME MINI… lol

    • +2

      Haha, that is funny.

      • Indeed.. Paying a company to peddle their own personal metadata and telemetry.

  • +51

    Search Links




    Due to eBay's incompetence, these links were a combination of auto and manual resolving, so I cannot guarantee they will work and/or that correct items are shown. Also note that 1 store is missing - I'll add it if I can resolve it.

    • +1


    • +5

      Got the missing store; camerastore-australia


    • Thank you. It works great.

    • Hey there - I’m just trying to search for Sony products, and can’t seem to..? Your (much appreciated) links go up to O-P… can’t find the rest?
      Sorry if it’s a dumb question.

      • +1

        Typo on my behalf, sorry. The link is from O to Z and Sony's ID, sonyaustralia, is included.

        • Ah, thanks heaps!

    • Why you stop at P?

      • +3

        Typo. Can't edit, but rest assured, it goes through O to Z


  • Any economic or less than $100 noise cancelling headphone anymore can recommend?

    Off topic is bluedio a quality brand for headphones? The price is good just don't know how good is their products.

    • +1

      I picked up a pair of Bluedio BT ANC headphones. They work well and battery life is reasonable, I felt the ANC is the least effective compared to my other ANC headphones - fine for commute, but you'll want better for planes.

  • +2

    I already can see some of my saved items price jack immediately, used to be $59.99, now $71.99. Is there really any good retailers won't price jack when there's 20% discount?

  • few price jack i can see…. better off with the 15% code for some items

  • Argh need them to increase the max discount. Anyone knows if they had more than $300 max discounts with the 20% off before?

    • not sure about 'selected sellers' but Bing Lee had 20% max 1000 a few weeks ago and Good Guys was 15% max 1000 last week.

  • +1

    Anyone know why ozplaza aren’t playing with eBay anymore? :(

    Of course when I want something from them they never show.
    Before that every sale.

    • same!

    • ozplaza do not require this kind promotion to boost up their sales. They already number 1 on ebay australia.

      this kind of 20% promotion will cost Seller more. most likely funding Seller 10%, ebay 10% + Final value fee approx 6%

      • But they’ve definitely been part of these sales before

      • 15% seller, 5% ebay. Unless that changed since this stuff began

  • -1

    I commented yesterday and again, hisense 55r7 for $814, got it from bing lee for $985 on Sunday..

    • Bought 65R7 for $1029 + del from VideoPro last week for a friend. Missed 65R8 for $1195 as they were OOS

  • +1

    Samurai Jack!

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