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Ryzen 7-2700 | RX 5700 8GB Gaming PC: $849 + $29 Delivery @ Tech Fast


Hi all,

We're clearing Ryzen 7 2700 CPUs starting with the RX 5700 8GB (dual fan models only, mixed brands from MSI, Gigabyte, Asus) starting at $849. It's offered at a base spec with:

AMD Ryzen 7 2700 | AMD Radeon RX 5700 8GB | 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 | 120GB SSD | Biostar A320 MB | 550W PSU | White Leaper Pro RGB or Black Esports Pro Case
$849 plus $29 delivery

Upgrade options are available on most lines and the OzB community generally recommends upgrades to the B350 motherboard, 16GB RAM and storage. But if you're interested in the base spec system, Dual Fan RX 5700s are retailing for $629 (+ delivery if online) atm, and the R7 2700 is somewhere between $250 (our lowest individual price [now expired]) and $300, so you are getting an entire system built and delivered for less than those two combined, which hopefully gives you some room for those upgrades!

I believe the generally accepted benchmark for the RX 5700 8GB is RTX 2060 Super performance levels.

R5-3600 | MSI Ventus RTX 2080 | Biostar B350 | 16GB 2400MHz | 240GB NVMe | Min 700W PSU | Leaper Pro White or Esports Pro RGB Case: $1528 delivered (inc $29 delivery fee) after discount code R53600RTX2080


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  • +4

    Solid deal. Worried about Mobo and psu however.

    • +6

      well, as per what OP said, the total price is less than what you need to pay for the CPU and GPU combined. Think of the mobo and psu as free gift..

    • MoBo should be OK if you don't plan to overclock.

      Upgrade the PSU in 11 months before the warranty on the system runs out. A 80+ branded 600-650W PSU should be around $100-$150.

    • Does upgrading the Mobo to B350M from A320M help?

      I have a youngish 700W PSU from my computer that I can transplant over, along with the SSD, HDD and wifi card.

  • -1

    Can we have this without graphics card (I already have GC) and with upgraded MB, m.2, PSU, RAM.

    • +7

      Sell the gpu from this build on gumtree?

      • Solid idea

      • -5

        Ozbargain in me thinking Luke will deduct the sale price of this :)
        On the serious note.. why would I go thru all the hassles of selling on gumtree if he is willing to take GPU out of the system. Was just asking a question.

        • +2

          You'll end up paying a higher premium on the parts you are buying from techfast if you get them to sell you less stuff and/or different parts.. the reason it's so cheap is because they are clearing all those exact parts..

    • +3

      Hi mate, can't split this one out sorry.

  • +1

    oh my that 2400mhz ram will be holding it back

    • +3

      Just update to higher clock one like I did. But just to note, please check which mobo you'll get first because some might not support clock higher than 2666 without OC.

      But def can vouch for the price and support you get from these guys. 👍👍👍

    • -1

      oh my that 2400mhz ram will be holding it back

      No it won't, it will be unnoticeable in almost all situations.

      It barely does anything when it makes a difference eg. 5% faster compression.

      • +3

        Are you getting confused with Intel? This is a Ryzen build mate, and it definitely makes a difference. Plenty of similar examples out there.

      • Made about 15% of a difference in fps for me.
        Faster ram = lower inter-cxx latency with ryzen.

  • +4

    Damn you Luke and your extremely tempting bundles… you guys win this purchase!

  • Hi Luke, any of the 5700's really short? Thinking of buying this then transplanting into my ITX system…

    • +2

      I'll check for you. Can you pm me to remind me?

  • Nice deal Luke.

  • ….

    Edit- Ooops

  • +2

    I'm not buying, but I just wanted to say that your descriptions continue to get better and better.

    • +40

      If you really wanted to make me feel good you'd buy it

      • New age guilt trip marketing strategy in full force

      • Hahaha

    • +5

      But I appreciate the feedback!

  • +1

    Can I order just the parts without assembly and / or specify a motherboard (AB350M Pro4)? Happy to pay a bit extra if necessary.

    • +3

      I've asked the question previously and that's a yes to having it delivered in parts.

      Mobo upgrades are available too!

      • does that change the price if no assembly?

        • When I asked for it, it was so I could possibly have it shipped earlier, which wouldn't have little maybe 1 day at most faster. Was told it wouldn't affect the price. Same same.

          Feel free to PM the rep, Luke. He's super helpful and responsive.

    • +3

      Yep just request Unassembed from the Carr page notes field or via email after purchase. No change to price but it will save 1-2 days by being picked at the same time as other systems out hated on the day but not built/tested.

  • +2

    Dam I just spent $560 on just the 5700 XT
    - I could of gone a little higehr and got a new PC!

    • +2

      Note this is a 5700 non XT

  • +4

    You're putting gumtree sellers out of business hahaha

    • +1

      That is true.

    • +6


  • Hey Luke,

    What is the delivery time for all your Gaming Desktop deals to Perth?

    Also, should we wait for the Cyber Monday or there will be no change on price?


    • Current build time is 7 business days from order to ship for the vast majority of systems - there are some exceptions but that's the general rule. Transit to WA from Adelaide is 3-4 days.

  • Is pick up an option?

    • Yep! Leave a note on the Cart page and we can refund postage when you collect it.

      • Awesome. Where's pick up from and any chance I just take the parts instead of a built system?

        • Yep, you can request Unassembed from the Cart page notes field or after purchasing via email. We're off Port Road.

          • @luketechfast: Would you mind sharing which state? Looks like this road exists in at least 3 states.

            • @dosada: S.A. Adelaide according to the answer tp Ezaf just above.

  • Omg! Why this deal appears after I placed the order! Hi Luke, could you please look into upgrading my order? Thank you I have messaged you. Thanks

    • +4

      Can do. Will reply and organise tomorrow.

      • Thank you so much!!

  • Whenever I click on the link to the deal it comes up as $1200, has the deal ended?

    • +4

      I guess you need to use the code?

      • Haha just realised thanks

        • Just being dumb but what's the code for R7 2700 RX 5700 build? I tried R72700RX5700 doesn't work.

  • Luke, thanks for the post. The price is amazing. I really wanted to become your customer but unfortunately my current rig still going strong.
    One day…

  • Hi guys,
    New to gaming PCs looking to buy one for games soon for under $1k. I'm interested in playing games like Dota 2 and maybe other RPG games in the future. Something to last at least a couple years too. Is this computer suitable for my needs? Any other decent cheaper ones?

    Thank u, much appreciated

    • +3

      Overkill for dota

    • This will last a little while, but you really will want to spend a bit more and update the mother board now - you won't get much use out of this in the future so better to upgrade it now

  • Do these mobos/cpus have the ability to run displays if you removed the video card?

    • Just did my own research and it look like these don't have integrated graphics

    • Nope only the AMD APUs 2200G/2400G and 3200G/3400G

      So this CPU doesn't have any igpu

  • Don’t know anything about pc now days.. will these run every new game at perfection?

    • Most definitely. Depending on your resolution, you might need to turn some settings down but you should only be worrying about that if you're planning to on playing at 4k.

      • so its pretty much perfect on 1080p?

        • I'd say it's overkill - because it probably is. But for $900 I'm not sure that word really fits. It's cheaper then a 2600 + 1660 rig.

    • It will be a beast up to 1440p. Maybe even a little higher if going widescreen.

  • Can i get the pc disasembled instead?

    • +1

      Yep, just request Unassembed at the Cart page notes section.

  • will this run dota at max setting for 120+ fps?

  • +2

    Still waiting for that 2070Super bundle. Once that drops, you'll likely have me.

    • +1

      Might as well just buy a 2080 bundle. No chance they'll be cheaper then what everyone else sells the 2070 "super" from.

  • Hey guys and gals, is this good for Fortnight and Minecraft without lagging issues? What else do you need to make this work for those games? You can tell I’m just a dad who has no idea about gaming or gaming PCs!

    • +1

      Yes, more than enough

      • Thanks mate. My son wants to play them ion PC (not sure why PS4 alone isn’t enough lol).

  • +1

    This puts me in a tough spot… I prefer the specs of the 3600/5700XT build: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/479815 but this deal appears to be much better value.

    This is what I came up with using recent ozBargain deals/PC Part Picker for DIY of both builds:

    Ryzen 2700: $250
    5700: $450 (reference version)
    8GB 2400MHz: $60
    120GB SSD: $30
    A320 MB: $60
    550W PSU: $40
    Case: $40
    Total: $930
    Techfast Price: $849

    Ryzen 3600: $280
    5700XT: $565 (reference version)
    16GB 2400MHz: $120
    240GB SSD: $45
    A320 MB: $60
    550W PSU: $40
    Case: $40
    Total: $1150
    Techfast Price: $1199

    To DIY the Ryzen 2700 build is at least $80 more expensive, while the 3600 build is $50 cheaper.

    Luke, any chance there will be upcoming Ryzen 3600 builds that can compete with the value of this deal?

    • Both those TechFast PC's will come with aftermarket graphics cards which are noticeably more expensive compared to reference cards. Reference cards will also suffer from thermal throttling due to blower-style cooler.

  • I don't know if this has been said in other threads but if I upgrade from 8GB to 16GB the cost is $99, but I can buy 8GB 2400MHz ram for just less than $50. It's like the initial 8GB stick is not being subtracted from the $99.
    Am I missing something?

    • +2

      Not really missing anything, it’s just one of the ways Techfast make a little extra money.

      For what it’s worth, I bought a Techfast PC not long ago, upgraded the RAM, Mobo and Storage and am VERY happy with it. I recommend them!

    • -Deleted, said something incorrect

  • +1

    Man, my desktop has died and I need a replacement but I've also been spending a small fortune lately… Might need to buy a raffle ticket and stick it on the fridge and act surprised when the wife asks why some order from Techfast just rocked up at the house :D

  • So very torn, was ready to pull the trigger on the 3600 with 5700xt deal, but this being so much cheaper would I regret not getting the other deal performance wise?

    • Honestly dunno, thinking the same thing myself. Both items are noticeably faster, but the other build's 2 - 3 hundred cheaper.

  • hey Luke,

    I am unable to use the discount code and the price is shown as $1199. Has the deal expired?

    • Hi mate, I just checked and the 2700-5700 definitely still works on the R7 5700 build. Maybe try a different browser or clearing your cache?

      • Works after a hard refresh, legend. Cheers mate.

  • Looks like it's now gawn :(
    Is that right Luke?

    • Just purchased (my 10 yr old PC died tonight RIP) use "2700-5700"

      • damn, I tried and the code didn't work. Tried incognito etc to no avail.

      • My fault, I used R53600RTX2080 instead of 2700-5700. Thanks.

  • Has Anyone received these yet?

    Ordered on the 3rd of Sept.

    • +1

      Nope, still waiting. Although, Luke did tell me they "should" be ready this week.

  • Do they still come with the dual fan Rx 5700?

  • Is it possible not to have the case?

    I'm bringing the system overseas and will get case overseas to save luggage space.

    • +1

      From what I understand you can ask for the PC to be not assembled with "Unassembled Delivery", and they'll ship it in boxes. Worth confirming with Luke, but this comment seems to suggest it isn't a problem. Just toss, leave the case at home or sell.

      • Just toss,

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Just the CPU + GPU should worth the money?

  • Hi Luke,

    Just wondering what your GPU selection for this is still like? I am close to pulling the trigger but just want to confirm brands of your 5700's?


    • Hi mate, we are generally getting in MSI Mech (vast majority) or Sapphire cards at the moment, but as always it depends what is available from our suppliers so I can't specify any further, and other brands may be used.

  • I recommended my brother to buy this PC after seeing how popular Techfast is on OzBargain. However, not only did it take almost three weeks to arrive, but after one day of use it's completely dead…

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