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Google Pixel 3XL White 64GB $673 Delivered @ Mobileciti


Ripper price on the Pixel 3XL. Available only in white. Australian stock with local warranty. GST invoice with ABN is included, and TRS eligible. Shipped same/next business day, or can collect from their Parramatta NSW store if convenient. Apply coupon code PIXARSE at checkout for the discount. Ends Friday Sept 20, unless sold out prior. Enjoy :)

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    • You could argue LG is better. But Google's camera app is great for those who only use auto and software updates matter to many people. As a LG G6 users the slow downs and no update support makes me hesitant to go with them again but the price the V40 is dropping to is tempting as personally like my manual camera controls and headphone jack.

  • Ripper deal indeed, TA.

  • Thanks TA 👍🏼

  • +3

    Pixel 3 notch makes the iPhone notch much better. If it was not for the notch, I would have jumped long time ago.

  • +2

    Got it, thanks TA.

    For those on the fence there are 30 days returns. Don't forget cashback!

    • +1

      Unfortunately no cashback. Mobileciti will not pay on unlisted codes.

  • +ing because fantastic price

    I don't need it right now so a skip from me, but absolute ripper of a price

  • +1

    Good price. Should always be this price, they would have sold 5x as many

  • Isn't this like the Apple version of pixel similar features as previous and less then the Samsung range

  • This one or Huawei Mate 20, any suggestion?

    • +1

      Huawei for sure mate. Get the pro

    • Mate 20 is an excellent phone, the P3XL is average at best.

    • Not sure about mate 20, but my P20 pro is starting to lag :(

  • Good price

  • On the edge with this. Have a s8 plus n got the Samsung wireless fast charger but read that if i buy this, it wont fast charge. Is it true it has to be google products to fast charge?

    • +2

      Needs to be a "made by google" to fast charge.

    • Try get the discounted s10 or note10s from the edu/Epartner promos.

  • Nice deal, thanks OP! Been waiting for the 3xl at a decent price. Cheers

  • Super deal OP. Is there likely to be anything coming up on the regular Pixel 3?

      • +1

        Seen it and already bought one yesterday :)

        • good, Thanks!

  • +1

    Thanks for the deal TA!

    But people how do you even manage with 64gb anymore? I have 512gb note 9 and memory probably 3/4 full.

    • Deal on the 128gb 3xl would be great. I'd buy a 3a if it had more storage.

    • Had my 64gb s8 for nearly 2yrs now an haven't needed to throw an SD card in just yet. Think I'd want at least 128gb going forward though.

    • I'm in the same boat but in response people say everything is on the cloud or expandable storage.

      • +2

        Cloud uses my data and I want stuff at my fingertips without any delay. Expandable storage I have to plug in. Only way I want to go is either in-built or micro SD slot.

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    How on earth do they price their products?

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    having owned the Pixel 2XL, I would've jumped on this if it wasn't for that notch and massive chin. Wasn't worth upgrading to another massive bezel phone

    • +1

      Same, I thought about switching from apple to Pixel 3XL but the notch was too big of a disappointment. Hope Pixel 4 will not be the same like iphone11

      • +2

        it's the same deal with Pixel 4 XL. I don't know why Pixel is so obsessed with notches and bezels. it's 2019!

        • They have to push their shitty 'radar' BS, which needs more cameras.

  • For click and collect, do they send an email first saying its ready to be picked up or am I able to just go and collect it right away after the purchase? Will I be able to click and collect this today?


    • Hi Evilbargain,
      Yes we will send you an email/call to notify you when it is ready to pickup, just checked all the orders today/yesterday and they are ready to pickup :) Thank you

      • I missed out on the deal?!?!
        Any chance I could get this deal?

        I'm also looking at buying Huawei p30 lite as well as I'm in the market for 2 phones

  • +3

    Thanks TA, impulse bought this to go from Apple back to Android… hope i don't have any regrets.

    • thinking of trying that idea out too…

  • Whoah 4gb of ram still

    • Only noticeable difference is that browser tabs get dropped quicker.

  • Upgrade from Pixel 3a or not ?

    • No

  • I compared iPhone XR with Android today and Duh 😒 Alphabet lost again.

    • +1

      Which one you're comparing?

  • I have a Pixel XL 2 and love it.

  • Thanks for the deal, just ordered two.

  • +4

    Thanks OP, picked one up an hour ago.
    Second phone I've bought from them at a really sharp price (got Mate9 18 months ago which went for a swim last week).
    What I like with MobileCiti is that you pre-order online but can pay on collect. Gives a chance to inspect the goods before money changes hands and a nice trust from them that I haven't seen anywhere else for C&C.

  • Nearly pulled the trigger on this as my Mate 10 pro is on it's last legs (camera unit broken and fixing it would cost more than it's worth).
    Decided against after reading reviews and noting the following:
    *only 64gb- huge downgrade from my 64gb which I still somehow still max out
    *the fast charging standard is meant to be one of the slowest. Another downgrade from Mate 10 pro
    * Battery life not meant to be that great

    I am sad to be missing out on the phone though, as the camera and UI looks great. Think I will need the 128gb on special to pull the trigger. Otherwise I think I'll wait for a Mate 20 pro special.

    Many other options in the $6-700 range?

    • The camera unit itself is cheap, maybe diy?

  • Jb hifi in Melbourne cbd just price matched for me

  • This or the V30+?

    • P3XL is amazing. Can't go wrong.

  • don't forget cashback at 2%

  • Thanks OP. Just bought one!

  • shame the ram on these pixel devices are horrible :( Whenever i'm running a game and alt tab it happens to restart the game. Other than that issue its a bloody good phone.

    • I don't do any gaming. Only difference for me compared to OP6 with 8gb ram is that it drops browser tabs quickly. Performance is the same

  • 0_0

  • +1

    Will this deal be coming back soon? Missed out :(

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