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$45.91 off $250, $91.83 off $500 AUD @ eBay UK (e.g. Wish Card, eBay Gift Card & Others)


Greetings everyone, just spotted this over at HUKD.

You can get a discount off sitewide @ eBay UK and works on gift cards!

The coupon on another item listing states that the expiry is midnight 22/9/2019 GMT, which should be 10AM 23/9/2019 unless otherwise cancelled.

Updated to just put the best discount

eBay Gift Card
Woolworths Wish Card
Other Wish Card Listing with $250
Paypal Digital Gifts Store

Available $200 value eBay Gift Cards thanks to ozzbargainer.

Wish Card Listings with $100 Availability:

Dan Murphy's
Big W

You will need to make a new account if you don't have an eBay UK account yet. And then put a UK address as your primary address when you sign up and change it to Australia afterwards to be able to add the gift cards to cart.

Coupon Terms and Conditions

Can also use Cashrewards to possibly get a further 0.75% back, however seems to exclude gift cards.

As always, enjoy!

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  • are these vouchers soulbonded to the ebay account or are they in code form where i can use it on my main ebay account?

    • Everything is code form.

  • +3

    Anyone got a "eBay Bid Cancellation Notice" email after went through with the payment?

    • +1

      the card details got sent thru eventually despite this notice

      • Thanks. I also got a "Your eBay account has been suspended" after that email so a little bit worried. So did you receive all the cards number after receiving that email?

        • +1

          yes, i got the same two emails, but received the card details after about 3 hours

  • After 46 mins on hold with paypal i got them to unlock my account (or whatever they do) and I could complete the order. I just had the phone on speaker and just got on with my day whilst i waited. I asked and their call centre is getting a lot of requests on this today.

  • Seems my order didnt work

  • Just bought $500 worth of eBay cards. Thanks.

  • Followed all the steps , https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/7756018/redir

    Still the payment wont go through , can someone please help me buy.

    Happy to do a pay id payment.


  • +1

    i'm so massively blocked…can't buy anything

  • Working with another PP order 10 sec ago .

  • Now I have a new kind of error lol

    This payment method isn't available to use on your entire order. Please pay for each item separately.

  • What's the average wait time for calling paypal? I get the feeling there are a lot of ozbargainers ahead of me in the queue right now.

    • It actually took me maybe less than 5 minutes (listening to the prompts took longer) and I had a passcode they gave me to make things faster (I guess cos they’ll have all my details). Also it said something like because I had “Funds Now”, my call was expedited or something.

      The guy wasn’t helpful at all, though.

      • Urgh I've been on hold for 25 minutes already, starting to wonder if this is worth it.

        • Me2

        • FWIW I gave up. Even my partner tried and he couldn’t get it either.

          Trying to tell myself I don’t need the gift cards anymore because I realised the specific thing I wanted to buy doesn’t come in the colour I’m wanting.

  • I can't believe nobody else is having trouble setting primary/delivery address. Been trying all day, always 'we are having issues, try again later' or javascript error or something else. Giving up on this deal now.

  • Bought $200x2 and $100x1, wonder if I should/can buy more.

  • +1

    After 50 mins on the phone, got a lady who was not at all helpful :(

  • POUNDSOFF doesn't seem to work on my ebay UK account?

    • Cart value is too low; add more items

  • Made a mistake and ordered ebay cards worth $200 and got $18 off….

    • +1

      Buy more to average out your savings lol

      • Lol. Can we return e-gift cards if not used or not even opened?

        • Nah the e-gift cards are non-refundable unfortunately.

          • @doweyy: Aah!!!Looks like need to sell it via classified.

    • Still a good deal?

  • +1

    eBay message..looks like you are using the wrong code?? Any ideas

    • +1

      Cart value is too low; add more items

      • Thanks will try, you are awesome!!!

  • Different design Ebay cards available I'm going 1st order 2 X $200 1 X $100

    2nd order 2 X $200

  • Tried everything. Deal isn't working for me.

    Maybe I should call eBay UK ? They might be able to help ? 🤔 🤭

    • +2

      Unlikely. The original ebay uk deal is 50 pounds off a 500 pound purchase. If you do the ozbargain way you are getting 50 pounds off a $500AUD purchase or similar

      • Should've added the /sarc tag to my post. 😀

        • Oh right my bad. Your emojis rendered as squares on my screen so the sarcasm went straight over my head.

  • Now being told I can only buy 3 x $100 vouchers at a time

  • Called Paypal for 44 minutes. Solved in 2. Got my cards on the way, 3 x 150 and 1 x 50.

  • Been trying for a few hours and only got it working after I called Paypal… thankfully my Paypal is "Funds Now" so only had to wait a minute to speak to someone. All resolved after 30 seconds! Did the order, so hopefully will get the cards soon.

    • How do you your paypal status to "Funds Now"

      • +2

        I've received a lot of payments through Paypal for eBay sales, so my account was given that status… one of the perks is priority service, so that has come in handy today!

  • Tried the steps listed here and it worked perfectly.

  • humm my wish gift cards came through quickly. but my ebay gift cards shows payment pending? anyone getting that?

    • I ordered 3 cards ok, then another 3 and got "payment pending", the transaction was cancelled after a couple of hours, I assume due to ordering more than 5 cards in 10 days… Then I ordered another 2 which went through ok…

      (total over 5 cards ended up AU$750 for $612, a 18.4% saving)

      • yeah i just went with $300 and it went through. 15% is better than nothing.

    • Where are you looking to check if payment pending? Still waiting for my gift cards… ordered few hours ago.

      • +1


        Where I put the arrows is where it will say if "Payment is pending"

        Also, check your Paypal account, if payment has gone through all is ok, your cards should come through eventually… In the past they have taken up to 4 hours to come through for some people…

        • Aight, thanks mate. Mine says to check my messages (I assume on the ebay website) but there's nothing there. Will be patient and see how it goes.

  • How ebay managed to block me every time we have this kind of deal is beyond me.
    I have tried to sign up with new email address, new paypal, tried 3 different credit cards including one from my family. Also tried VPN. Paypal always blocks the transaction and CC always got cancelled after the order.

    I am ok for missing out the deals but as a tech savvy I never felt so challenged. How am I doing it any different than other people here.

    • You need to bypass eBay's Tech-Savvy Filter.

    • Paypal always blocks the transaction

      Call ebay and tell them to allow the tx. Worked for me and also a few others in this thread.

      • Got everything done then Paypal blocked it. First time I ever made a UK account. Had an option to call them but now its gone. I tried my mastercard also without luck. This deal has so many votes but for me a waste of time.

  • Anyone know if the following cards can be used at Woolies?
    Dan Murphy's
    Big W

    • Yes to all

      • Double check Big W. Yes to Dans.

        • Yes to all

          • @Shikha966: Have used Caltex and bigw cards for woolworths and is it onlinebas well as in store or only in store

      • Thanks! Bought 5x $100 Big W Gift Cards. Just waiting for the codes to arrive :)

      • I read from a post on here you can no longer use bigw cards at Woolworths this was 2016
        I have asked this question loads of times today nobody seems to know the right answer I was going to get bigw or Caltex cards but I shop online if left over I use in store can this be done with either cards

        • -1

          Section 6 of this document states that branded egift cards can only be redeemed at individual stores. If someone has experience with this, I'm all ears. https://giftcards.woolworths.com.au/medias/woolworths-store-...

          • -1

            @johnode: So there is my answer then you can't use bigw or Caltex cards at Woolworths good job I never got as be bit annoyed.

            BIG W Store eGift Cards can only be Redeemed at BIG W stores or online at www.bigw.com.au (excludes online photo processing);
            BWS Store eGift Cards can only be Redeemed at BWS stores;
            Cellarmasters Store eGift Cards can only be Redeemed online at www.cellarmasters.com.au or via Cellarmasters phone ordering service (1800 500 260);
            Dan Murphy’s Store eGift Cards can only be Redeemed at Dan Murphy’s stores or online at www.danmurphys.com.au; and
            Caltex Woolworths co-branded Petrol Store eGift Card can only be Redeemed at Caltex Woolworths co-branded service stations.

            • @bwatt72: Bought $100 Big W yesterday through Suncorp and used at Woolies today no problem.

              • @Akya: In store or online I need to be able to use online and if left over in store,I also have suncorp but I only but the select cards for store I need.

                • @bwatt72: In store

                  • -1

                    @Akya: Ok so no other woolworths gift cards apart from wish and woolworths egift cards can be used online that's a shame as that means I can't use this deal on big or Caltex as in store only.

                    • @bwatt72: Sorry, no clue at all about online. I don't shop online with Woolworths group

  • ONLY 150 and some quite small value left for Ebay Gift card! Best bundles (150+100) are gone!

  • +1

    Okay, so finally got the payment, couple of tips

    1. If you select paypal at checkout and it greys out and tells you paypal can't be used, it's time to call paypal themselves
    2. The first time I spoke to paypal (15 min wait), they said they couldn't do anything
    3. The second time I spoke to paypal (25 min wait), they said it's an automatic security measure and to verify my details and allow transaction, they sent me an sms with a code that I read out to the helpful paypal person on the phone
    4. I could then login to paypal at the checkout screen and the transaction went through
    5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123327162187 these are still available in $100 increments (can be used at Woolies)
    • Can they be used online as I do my shopping online and if any left over in store

      • Yes….according to my wife!

        • Online or instore or both?

          • @bwatt72: Both

            • @deeeno: So why do I get this:

              BIG W Store eGift Cards can only be Redeemed at BIG W stores or online at www.bigw.com.au (excludes online photo processing);
              BWS Store eGift Cards can only be Redeemed at BWS stores;
              Cellarmasters Store eGift Cards can only be Redeemed online at www.cellarmasters.com.au or via Cellarmasters phone ordering service (1800 500 260);
              Dan Murphy’s Store eGift Cards can only be Redeemed at Dan Murphy’s stores or online at www.danmurphys.com.au; and
              Caltex Woolworths co-branded Petrol Store eGift Card can only be Redeemed at Caltex Woolworths co-branded service stations.

              • @bwatt72: Not much else I can say, we buy BIG W gift cards (5%) consistently from Suncorp for usage at Woolies.

                The actual Woolies cards themselves are only 4% discount.

                • @deeeno: I just ended up buying 5 x $50 ww gift cards it was still a saving of $46 odd,i just was unsure if bigw or Caltex cards worked online at Woolworths so did not want to take the chance,at least I know the Woolworths ones will work and least I got some sort of discount I did want more but I have never tried other cards on woolworths online before and was told different from various people. They probably would have been fine but they all sold out the amounts I needed,but $50 ones where still available.

    • +1

      The idiots rejected to do anything for me 3 times.

    • Aussie phone number?

      How did you justify using the UK site?

  • Just bought 5 x $50 woolies egift cards for $204.09

    Thanks, very happy with the 18.3% discount

  • is anyone still waiting in excess of 3 hrs to receive their card codes? I have authorised the transaction on paypal but no updates since…

    • I ordered at 1600
      Received 5 egift cards at 1606

    • i'm yet to receive mine, been about an hour

      • Email?
        Got mine in 5 min

    • yep, been waiting a similar amount of time to you for wish gc's…

    • Yes for my 2nd lot places around 1pm

      • How long did you have to wait for your 2nd lot of cards to arrive in the email?

        • Still waiting… how bout u?

          • @Calmerancer: Same, 1st lot arrived pretty fast, 2nd lot almost 2 hours now still nothing

  • 2nd order should be going 1 X $150 + 1 X $100 . Just woken up :)

  • Thanks OP. Received my gift cards 10 mins after ordering.

  • +1

    Don't be put off by long paypal wait times. I called just a few minutes ago and got through in less than 2 minutes. Block removed.

    • what did you say to them?

      • I just explained the paypal checkout error I was having and they removed the block. They will stay on the phone with you while you complete checkout just to be sure.

  • +2

    Third call in (to PayPal) and I've given up. Was told that there is no possibility of my account being validated, because the system is entirely automated and there is no manual override. All they can do is wait. Anyone who called successfully 'supposedly' when they tried to validate the account, there weren't any issues. Supposedly once I'm stuck in the pending validation loop, they can't do anything.
    Also, waiting times for me were:
    45 mins, 15 mins, 40 mins.

    • Same, 3 times no luck

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