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Free Property Valuation Report Victoria Properties


Free Personalised Property Valuation Report Valued at $49.95 for Victorian Properties.

Possibly for the last time so please show your support if you appreciate it. In most cases reports will take under 30 minutes to be emailed to you.


  1. Please take care when entering your address particularly select the street type and not type it in
  2. Not all properties can be found because for different reasons but 90% are. Possible reasons is split blocks, new developments or properties with no sales in 30 years so limited property data available
  3. You will receive an email with the report link, you do not need to like us on facebook for the download link to work but by doing so you will be able to see when future report offers come up
  4. Questions will not be read or answered on here cause of trolls so please email
  5. If you get a fail message i will try to get the report manually so all hope is not lost

For the trolls
1. Why did we not post all the states at the same time? Our system cannot handle the load!
2. Don't like the sample don't request one and move on
3. Is this a deal? Yes, they normally cost $49.95 and you are getting it for free!

……….. and finally i hope the report is useful to you

UPDATE - Just to be very clear you do not have to like us on facebook but we do appreciate the support:-)

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  • Don't even go out to look at the property

    • Can't have everything for free! :P

    • interesting how anyone would rely on this type of report at all, and actually pay the $50 quoted value.

      there's more to a property's value than its location and recent sales. what the improvements are can greatly influence the value- both inside and outside.

      even though a real estate agent's appraisal is just that (not a valuation), getting a number of agents to come out and actually SIGHT the property will give the owner a much better idea on likely value. it's also free, and more than likely more accurate than the above report.

      i can't neg the above deal, because it is actually 'free'… but I highly question it's 'rec retail' value.

  • "For the trolls" - I like it :)

  • 3rd time in 7 days is what i call SPAM

  • you have to LIKE on facebook to see report this says you do not

  • +6 votes

    For the trolls

    This is a community-moderated site, which relies on the opinions of its users to sort good from bad deals. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on OzBargain, and one shouldn't be be castigated as a "troll" for merely voicing their concerns.

    For the record, I didn't comment in any of your previous deals, but I too was concerned that it could be seen as exploiting the goodwill of this site to post the same deal over and over again on a state-by-state basis. I also didn't think this is much of a bargain, when the same RP Data "valuations" are freely and easily available elsewhere without having to submit personal data to a third-party.

    Don't like the sample don't request one and move on

    Don't like our comments don't advertise here and move on.

    • tell me how I can recieve the report WITHOUT liking you on facebook. U NEED TO "LIKE" THEM ON FACEBOOK TO GET THE LINK. FALSE ADVERTISING

  • The report's not telling me anything I can't already find out on realestate.com.au. I really can't see how people would pay to get a report like this. Sorry, even at "free", potentially selling my identity for marketing purposes is still not worth this "deal".

  • I agree with everything jump22 posted above.

    • ditto…

      Reps that continuously SPAM the same deal over and over should be banned…

      • how is this the same deal? it is for a different state. And if you read the post above you can understand why we do it this way.

        • -1 vote

          how is this the same deal?

          because it's the SAME REPORT for the SAME PRICE within the SAME WEEK

  • I don't use facebook, so now I can't get to my report either!

    • Peter as per the post above you do not need to like us on facebook. Just click the green step 2 image and that will download your report.

    • Well it seems I can't - un-neg the vote, but I have now been provided with the link and have downloaded the report.