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Curash Water Baby Wipes 6x 80pk $16.56 Delivered (Prime) or $18.40 + Delivery @ Amazon AU


The price at $18.40 (+ Delivery) is already competitive and better than Chemist Warehouse ($19.99 currently), but with the current Prime offer of 10% off until 30/9/19, it becomes $16.56 delivered for Prime making it a bargain in comparison. Note the price updates automatically in cart with no coupon code required.

For price comparison, Chemist Warehouse used to sell them for $16.79 (13 July 2019) but are now $19.99 as at 21 Sept 2019, and I also paid $4.49 for a single pack from Baby Bunting (when we just wanted to try them out before committing!). This has actually surprised me as whilst I know single packages and Baby Bunting would always be priced at a premium, I didn't realise how much Chemist Warehouse prices swing and I previously had always shopped there on the blind assumption they were the cheapest… so always do your research if you want to be a true OzBargainer.

Background information

Curash Water baby wipes are the 99% water baby wipes which are great for sensitive skin. I personally can vouch for these and have moved to using these for the past few months with our newborn. The 6x80 box includes 6 packs of 80 wet wipes and it's important that they're individual packages so that you don't run the risk of them drying out (or becoming too soggy inside the package). These are different to the other Curash baby wipes which are not 99% water - the 99% water wipes are typically more expensive than the typical baby wipes/fragranced ones/etc. (such as those in recent Coles and Reject shop deals

For more details: https://www.curash.com.au/curash-product-range/curash-water-...

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    These get reduced to $2.75 a pack at woolworths occasionally which is around what this price is.


      Looking through OzBargain, it was recently $7.50 for the 3x80 pack (back in May 2019), so $15 for the 8x60 equivalent. Refer to: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/457612

      That's a better deal if it comes up again but currently Woolies has it on sale for $10 for the 3x80 pack (down from usual price of $15). So if you need baby wipes today and you're a Prime customer, this is still the deal to go for. Otherwise, you may get it slightly cheaper if you're willing to wait it out.


      I’m sure coles had these half price over the last couple of weeks. Which bring them down to mid-$2 a pack.


        Coles had the pink fragrance free ones for half price but the non pure water version is usually much cheaper. They also are a bit dryer than the simply water wipes. I know this because I bought them thinking it was a bargain but it’s not as good to use.


    My 10yo grandson's has server eczema and can't use toilet paper, he uses bio wet wipes which can be flushed but there are still residual additives in the wipes that cause pain.
    These water based ones seem perfect but I have looked up and can't see if they can be flushed in toilet, would you have any idea if they are…?
    Any help appreciated.

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      Anecdotally I have eczema and I've found it to be fine as it really is just like plain water, but in my research before I bought these a while back I remember reading that even though it's 99% water, some people have reported a reaction to anything less than 99.5% (or something like that). The challenge is as you get closer to 100% water, it loses the ability to hold shape/structure.

      As for whether it can be flushed in the toilet, I couldn't see any obvious answers to this (and there's nothing obvious on the packaging) but it feels like slightly stronger wet toilet paper so I'd imagine it might be flushable. Given the noise about flushable wet wipes in the past year or so, I don't think many companies would openly advertise it as a feature now.

      Might be worth asking them on Facebook > www.facebook.com/curash


        I don’t understand how the extra 0.5% water, can turn wipes from structural fine, to “lose structure”. I’ve grabbed some of my non100% water wipes and thrown them into water before, they don’t fall apart at all.


        From their FB:

        The Curash Water Wipes cannot be flushed down the toilet. They are also not biodegradable so the best option for disposing of them is to put them into a regular bin.
        Thanks, Curash Team.


      You might want to double check if they really are flushable, do a search for "Fatberg". Several court cases against manufacturers of "flushable" wipes.


    This had very much appreciated…I will get some at this and see what happens…I was also just thinking it might be ok to wash the dogs face as she's old an has a lot of dried drool.


      Aldi’s are Australian made, too.

      Clearly nobody could care less about that anymore though.


      I probably should’ve emphasised in the post more that these are water wipes. Regular baby wipes are quite different in composition and potential skin reaction on some babies.


        These are still very soapy for something marketed as water wipes. May work for some babies but at the end of the day, it all comes down to individual skin reactions.


    Curash changed the formula of their water wipes a few years ago. It is so soapy now that they shouldn't even be called water wipes anymore! The original, true-to-name water-based product is from WaterWipes, so gentle but always pricier. Also, it doesn't come with the handy snap-close lid like most other brands have these days.

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    Isn't there an active deal where these are $10 at the reject shop?


    People don't go to the shops anymore or what?

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      Your link is for the scented wipes.

      People don't read anymore or what?




        Like it makes a difference


          It makes a huge difference for sensitive skin.


      Different variant which is priced differently. Usually the pure water wipes (regardless of brand) cost a bit more than normal baby wipes.