This was posted 2 years 7 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Mini Burrito (Credit Worth $8 - $9) @ Guzman Y Gomez via App (New Users Only)


An OzReminder for those hungry bargain hunters and neg warriors out there.
It's been just over 9 months since this deal was last posted.

Sadly it's only a mini burrito now but it's still a decent freebie.

Requires a mobile number and email address. Email isn't verified but the phone is via SMS. App seems to tie registration to the device ID preventing multiple signups even with a different number. YMMV.

iOS App
Android App

Credits to the previous posts here, here, here and here.

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  • +9

    Use to be a full burito

  • +1

    This credit likely has an expiry date. I signed up a number of months ago and when I finally went to use the credit last week it was missing from my account.

    • +2

      Guzman website says 3months, but it sounds like your one expired before then?

      • +1

        Thanks, I must have missed that in the t&c. It would have been about 3 months.

    • +2

      Happened to me, emailed cust support and they extended it by another 4 weeks

  • +4

    Two things if you have a dual Sim phone that allows for dual apps e.g. Xiaomi you can install sign up twice. Same thing applies for other apps that check device ID such as liven. Further factory resetting the phone allows you to further reinstall the app.

    • Do you mean if I clone the app on my xiaomi and sign up again with a new mobile number it will give you another freebie? Just tried it now, no dice.

  • I just registered, It shows me I need to order something to gt free mini burrito. Am I doing something wrong here. Thanks OP

    • +1

      Just tap Order, add mini burrito, during checkout activate the free offer (there is slider button) and discount will be applied.

  • +2

    if you wipe your phone completely they don't recognise your device and you can sign up again with a new number

    • +1

      That’s not completely true. I did everything I can but never got a free burrito after one account. Changed email, number, name, postcode, jailbroken iphone and cleaned the app data too.🙄

      • +2

        Factory reset, not just a cache clear

      • Hey mate, use "Apps Manager" from Cydia.
        Do it all day everyday to wipe app data and can use new sim

        • i did. somehow they always recognise my phone :( i even restored my phone to get a free burrito :D and set it up as a new device but no luck :( the best way i know right now is that if you install remix os (runs android on pc) which takes less than a minute to install on harddisk and sign up with a new number, email, name and everything then you might get one

    • Don't need to wipe the phone, just a new number.

  • +4

    Thanks OP! It is good when people repost long standing deals us newbies don't know about. All the necessary credits in the post, well played.

  • their meat is the only good thing tbqh. if zambreros stole their meat zambreros would win.

    • Could you not buy the meat from GYG then take it to Zam and when they ask what meat you would like, slap your meat on the counter?

      • challenge accepted.

      • +5

        Instructions unclear. Arrested for indecency

    • GYG: best chain mex, worst prices, small menu

      Z: very meh flavour and sauces, great range, price is ok.

      salsas: slow as (profanity), pricey again with mediocre food.

  • +3

    No joke, I thought their full-sized burrito was already mini. But I'm a bit of a pig.

    • na their burritos are tiny, i eat a big one and im not full, zambreros are bigger.

  • I think the mini's are a great size for lunch

    • kids lunch?

      • +1

        nah man, I have a sizeable appetite and for the price they satiate me enough.

        • Can confirm, they are pretty dense

        • calm down mr normal weight

  • +1

    the amount of security checks they deployed amazes me.

    • Surely it has nothing to do with data gathering and is only because they don’t want to get ozbargained…

      • for sure

  • After signing up when does it expire?

    • 3 months from an earlier post. Another poster said customer service extended it by 4 weeks.

  • Cannot signup. Says invalid token after I submit my phone number

  • +1

    I take advantage of this deal every time I go to Perth airport as the cheapest thing in the airport is a $9 sausage roll.

  • +3

    If you get a mini with a whole wheat tortilla (I think they only have one size for whole wheat) you generally end up with a regular size burrito. Not sure the staff even care and just fill it as per a normal burrito.

  • Signed up to a new account on my new phone and still no free mini burrito.

    • The offer will show up on the checkout screen for you to enable.

      • So I added a mini burrito to my cart, went to the payment screen and it’s still showing a charge is owning?

        • you must have used a phone that already had redeemed one

  • They left the free one out of the bag

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