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Acer Swift 3 Notebook - AMD 3.3GHz 4GB RAM 512GB SSD 14" FHD $581.03 (Was $699) @ Bing Lee via eBay


Acer Swift 3 Specs:
AMD Athlon 300U 3.30 GHz
512GB Solid State Drive
14" FHD Display
Windows 10 Home

PROCESSOR SPECIFICATIONS: 2-Core, 4M Cache, up to 3.30 GHz
SCREEN: 14" FHD 1920 x 1080
OPTICAL DRIVE: No Optical Drive
VIDEO GRAPHICS: Radeon™ Vega 3 Graphics
WIRELESS & NETWORKING: 802.11 2x2 AC + BT Combo
BACKLIT KEYBOARD: Backlit Keyboard
CAMERA: HD Camera (Mic x 2)
BATTERY LIFE: Up to 10 hours
SECURITY: Fingerprint reader
PORTS AND CONNECTORS: 1 x USB 3.1 Type C (Gen 1), 2 x USB 3.0 (1 x Offline Charger), 1 x USB 2.0

Decent notebook for the price. Should be able to support most games at low settings but you might want to upgrade RAM.

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    Cannot be sent to country Victoria.

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    this is some weird combo here, 4gb ram with 512gb ssd?

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      I was about to say the same thing HOWEVER my Lenovo e485 has 8Gb and 120Gb ssd and I'd rather have this config for obvious reasons.

      The problem seems to be the CPU… its a dual core w/ HT and according to benchmarks its a bit faster than the Intel Core i5-7200U @ 2.50GHz which I guess is ok?

      My Ryzen 5 2500U isnt the fastest thing either and thats already 4c/4t - I guess this makes a good disposable school laptop?

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    old leftover ram sticks?

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    Ram may be soldered on and you can't upgrade.

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      I find the model numbers confusing but I think this has 4gb built in, and one empty slot.

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        Did some digging and found that there's 4gb of ram soldered with an additional port that supports up to 8gb (12gb in total). The closest model I could find was the Swift 3 SF314-41-R80D, the only difference is the size of the SSD.

        • That's a win. Anyone know if you can charge this laptop via usb c?

          I have an Acer Swift 1 14" similar to this but lower specs, also has nice FHD IPS screen, has usb C but can not charge the laptop with that port. This is what they say from Acer in listing:

          "A single connector can be used for ultra-quick data transfer, video streaming, and battery charging/power. USB 3.1 is 10 times faster than USB 2.0."

          • @ozhunter68: It MUST charge via USB-C as there's no traditional barrel port like on an old laptop.

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              @tonyjzx: If you look at the photo on the left side of computer at the screen end past the HDMI input is a small round power input just like on my Swift. it is a really narrow port about 2.5 mm barrel smaller than the 3.5mm. headphone/mic input on same side.

              There are currently still lot's of brand new laptops for sale with propitiatory barrel or other charging, and many also still do not even have usb C in the below $700-$900 range in retail stores.

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            @ozhunter68: I believe it can be charged by USB-C only if it has the right power adapter that they sell with the correct specs, that it doesn't recognise lower power or anything like that.

            • @kees2000: That would be really handy for people thinking of getting this if correct and makes this model

              more attractive. Can you go into more detail where you read/heard that from as often even shop

              staff or live chat does not always have correct info regarding USB C PD charging as it can be

              complicated with many variances.

              So needs to be only one voltage And only a Set Wattage for charging via USB C, is that right from what

              you believe? If correct some Power Banks could also duplicate that via PD.

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                @ozhunter68: I saw this on community.acer.com, in a number of posts. It seemed to me that enough people were confirming it.

                I must add, not all specs on this are the same as the older models (see below, the screen is more non-reflective than it was last year), but sense this might be the same (screen cover is somewhat cosmetic).

                They sell a charger (not supplied with it FYI) 19.5V 2.25A - apparently if the charger doesn't meet that it doesn't get recognised for charging.

                I did buy this laptop from Bing Lee in-store, so have it in hand. USB-C would have been ideal as a backup charger option.

                Still fast charging is a bonus.

                • @kees2000: "kees2000" How did you go so far with your new laptop. Did you find out if it has an IPS screen and does it get bright enough for regular indoor usage ( I usually turn down my brightness for my eyes and battery lol ).

                  Have you attempted to charge laptop via usb c yet with any suitable devices or power banks?

                  I have two Lenovo laptops that can charge via USB C ,one a Lenovo S300 Chromebook and 11e 5th Gen touch that both came with 20V 2.25A power adaptors. The Chromebook had a USB C adapter and only way of charging, but the 11e has a Lenovo rectangle proprietary connection and also same adapter. I can charge both of these with various usb c 240/12V car chargers as well as some USB C PD power banks. It does look like it has to support the voltage but for me Amp/Watts don't seem to be so important.

                  I remember reading somewhere that some chargers/power banks can slowly step up the voltage, but nut sure if it's completely variable and would do 19.5V for your needs.
                  I would try and get hold of a friends USB C PD power bank that is capable of 20V and see if it charges, should not harm your system if it won't charge.

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        If this is legit, I'd say it's worth it for the price

        • Looks pretty legit, why would it not be comming from Bing Lee via ebay. For my postcode regional NSW they just want $12 for freight and I do have ebayplus, I think that's fair.

          Acer have made some really nice laptops lately in the Swift range for decent prices with aluminium build, many with FHD IPS screens, some with backlit keaboard and really long battery life ( can get over 12 hrs on my Swift 1 14" ).

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            @ozhunter68: I've been looking at the their other ranges which go for more & it doesn't even have a FHD screen lol for daily use I'll be going for this.

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              @jimmytuan: Even the one with FHD has a dim screen though

              • @Laziofogna: True about the screen brightness, but having FHD and Backlit Keyboard and all these other specs at this price, and now for $22 cheaper than this listing is a pretty good deal.

                Still not sure if it is IPS screen or not though?

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    Do people still look for GHz as an indicator for performance / speed

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      Not a true indicator alone. Best getting a Passmark Score for the cpu model number and compare. Battery life is important these days with laptops, so lower Watts and multi cores and threads, and better architecture can mean more than GHz alone.

    • I'm actually surprised how so many do not care about the panel brightness and quality for media use

      • +1

        People do care. But they care more about getting a bargain and are happy to get

        FHD IPS/backlit keyboard/512GB ssd/decent CPU/Aluminium build/long battery life etc

        for this price and happy to make some compromises such as only 4GB ram ( upgradable )

        and not high brightness screen.

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    Its only 599. So 699 is bit higher on eBay

    • Went to Bing Lee site from your link above and there was a notification that this item had a 14% price drop in last 24hrs, so they matched their ebay price.

      This looks like a great laptop for this price, just upgrade ram when needed.

      Similar models with slightly better CPu's go close to $1000.


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        JB recently had the Swift 3, i3/8gb/128gb/4G-LTE/FHD etc model down to $699, which I thought was pretty good - had it been the price of this one, I might have upgraded


        Back to $999 atm

        Obviously the let down there is the SSD capacity.

        • +1

          That was also a good deal. Although that was a 13" screen ( better for some, not for others ), but more power efficient intel i3.

          looks like Acer has a lot of overlap in their Swift 1/3/5 range with various specs, and this one with the AMD Athlon ( although decent ) and only 4GB did not sell so well.

          Here are passmark results of all three CPU's they have in the lower end Swift 3 14":


          I got an ex demo Swift 1 14" from officeworks early this year for $480 and really like it as a travel laptop. It only has a Celeron QC N4100/4GB/64GB but is only 1.3kg, full aluminium build, FHD IPS, and the battery can go well over 10 hrs in real world use. No fan so completely silent and does not get warm. Has tiny bezels ( fits into a 13" chassis ), and has a nice large touchpad. It's fast enough to do what you need for most people when away from home.

          Similar to this one linked but with Windows 10 Home and in Grey.


          • +1

            @ozhunter68: Interesting and yeah, maybe too many Swift models, although choice can be a good thing.

            I'm still using an old 13.3" Asus rocking an i5-2410!

            Haven't been able to justify replacing it, as nothing around has impressed me in a similar price range ($600-700).

            And it's still going strong, ram & SSD added several years ago

            • +1

              @nismo: I would also not say too many Swift models as many oem"s do this and like you say, gives choice and hopefully sometimes good deals such as this to be had.

              I also still have an Asus U31F 13.3" with an even older ist gen. i5 480M from this old deal below, and after upgrading ram and swapping to ssd like yourself, still running well too. Even the top quality 8 cell original battery is still good after light use and keeping well maintained.


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    have searched online for review, but hardly find much out there. even little about Athlon 300U. Acer.au doesn't even have this model

    • +1

      Saw that too, but be not concerned as it should be almost the same as this model, but maybe a bit less battery stamina, only 4GB ram and double size SSD.

      More than likely a new model from OS that Bing Lee imports directly. Had same with my Swift 1, most reviews was from EU with slightly upgraded cpu and larger storage. Because it is an intel CPU there was info on that, but with AMD that is often harder to find.

      I would take the risk and grab a bargain if I needed this kind of laptop. Might suit some better than the lenovo Thinkpad E495.

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    according to reddit the 300u is basically a ryzen 3 3200u with a less powerful GPU: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/da4w3q/athlon_300u_vs_...

    based on that i'd say this is a great deal for the price…just remember to price up an additional 4gb of ram to slot into it!

    • Can we add more 4gb?

      • +1

        If this is the correct data sheet, then yes.

        Given the 'maximum memory' of 12GB it would seem 4GB are soldered onto the mainboard and it has 1 empty slot that can take up to 8GB.

    • with half the cores count ?

      • +1

        They're both 2c/4t parts.

  • Is this iteration likely to have a better diplay than the glossy non-touch screen with a dim and washed out panel of early the 2018 model? Because that one is pretty disappointing and very difficult to use in bright glary environments like public transport with lots of moving and reflections.

    • +1

      I actually think something is different. There are 2018 reviews on Youtube that show a black bezel and a flat glass over the top (Corning Gorilla glass?). Panel may be identical (no idea) but this one does not have that glass layer, there's a silver bezel with a bump down to a more matt screen. Brightness is dullish as they go.

      • Yep, thank you for responding. That concers with what I can glean/see from reviews and photos and it appears to be a matte instead of glossy screen which is a big improvement for me as having a glossy surface that is non-touch seemed like a sad triumph of form over function. The questions is whether the panel is also better because the dimness was a big downer for me.

  • Would anybody know if this would be compatable with and also charge from a Lenovo USB C dock by any chance. TIA

    • I believe not unless it exactly matches the Acer charging specs. I think it can charge from USB C from Acer's exact spec charger, but that it doesn't recognise something off-spec or with lower power.

  • Does this one have a touch screen?

  • Could i run dual monitors from this?

  • Tempting

  • Weight?

    • +2

      Approximately 1.50kg

  • Anyone know how this will compare to Ozbargain's favourite laptop, Lenovo E495?

    • I'll assume you're talking about the Ryzen 5 iteration.
      Basically, the CPU on this one is miles better (7957 on CPU Benchmark) and it comes with 4gb of additional ram (8gb in total). The screen has an anti-glare 1080p resolution as well. However, the SSD is only half the capacity of this one (256gb) and is thicker and heavier than the Swift 3. You can check it out at JW Computers and it's currently going for $922.

  • LOL Vega 3 graphics. Any good? Anybody know how much VRAM that integrated GPU holds?

    • Because it's integrated graphics, it shares memory from the system ram. You might want to upgrade the ram to get better GPU performance. Apparently, it's comparable to the Nvidia GT 730 2gb DDR3 from a few years back.

      • Damn that's actually pretty good then. Well at least compared to my integrated Radeon R5 graphics with 512MB of VRAM. OK then.

  • I don't get why the Acer website doesn't have models with these specs? Can't seem to find a review on it anywhere…

  • +2

    I bought this from Bing Lee in-store. I have a semi-fussy someone who wanted a $1500 ultrabook, and this has satisfied a lot of close-to-ultrabook credentials.

    (Specifically rejected the Lenovo that's on offer a lot)

    Horses for courses obviously, as that does have a better processor, etc.

    But in terms of build, this does look good (screen is thin, so when open looks good), not too heavy.

    Screen is definitely not bright, no prizes there for sure, but now non-reflective, not the glass covering in older reviews. It is fine of course, but in sunlight, it's not going to win.

    Fast charging is handy plus.

    Works surprisingly well on its 4gb (genuinely surprised, as used to 16Gb myself). I have ordered 8GB of extra ram, and it looks like I need a Torx 6 or Torx 5 screw to open it. Ram cost $57 - I guess the trade-off on the bigger SSD. Will get that through the week.

    All laptops have their trade-offs, but this ticks a lot of boxes. Also handy that available in store for basically the same price so you can see it.

    I probably could have negotiated in store, but forgot Bing Lee do that. I reckon you could probably talk the delivery off it.

    [EDIT]Current HP Elitebook deal would have been tempting.

  • +1

    Thank you very much for the heads up on the deal and all the useful comments. I have just bought one for my son for school.

  • Doh, waited to go check/see one in-store today and the deal appears to have expired back to $699 from $599 unless I'm doing something wrong?

  • +1

    Just got mine delivered yesterday. Does look and feel quite premium.

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