Belong $40 Starter Kit - $20 @ Officeworks


Needed a SIM quicker than mail could provide so visited Officeworks at Capalaba and saw Belong had the $40/15gb plan at half price. (Belong web site has it at full price).

  1. Spent $20 for a Belong credit of $40
  2. When connecting, also entered a referral code and obtained $20 additional credit (both referrer and referee receive $20 credit each).
  3. Selected the low use $10/1gb plan and not the $40 plan (the $40 credit can be used against any plan)
  4. Now have $50 credit remaining toward future months - on whatever plan that might be.

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    Thanks OP. Note, if you start off with the $40 option, you’ll get heaps of data (2x 30GB for the first month if I recall correctly) - then bank that data indefinitely and switch down to a cheaper plan.

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    too expensive whilst one can get $10 for 3 months worth (20 GB per month)


    Great timing, just about to come out of Telstra post paid contract.

    Modeled some 13GB/month 12 month total cost of ownership scenarios with Belong $1.72/GB, Aldi (L value and occasional $99 super packs) $1.39/$1.41 and Boost $135 occasional special at $1.69.

    The initial double data that Belong provides in the first month works out at $0.48/GB for the first 4 months, so it's well in front (and reduces that 1.72/GB rate to $1.30). Then of course there is potential for additional referal credits and data gifting. It's also more granular than the other MVNO's above, which means you are less likely to need commit to purchasing data that will be unused. Belong minimum likely cost was $210 (167GB), whereas the next most favourable was Aldi $99 super pack (only available certain times a year) worked out to be $219 with 155GB. Most readily attainable offers are $300 such as Aldi Value L (216GB) or Boost 2x6 months giving 160GB.


    Can i use prepaid credit card to make a payment?
    Only1giftcard is a VISA starting with 464556


    I did not see the referral code option anywhere when I created the account via the website. I was looking out for it, thought it might have been at the end of the process but the only message was just "wait ~4 hours for activation". The sim is not yet activate. Any ideas?


      Edit: I can see an option under "Get a SIM" but not under "Activate your plan".


        If it helps anyone I found it, step 3 of "Activate your plan". the "Enter Promo Code" box was down the bottom, off the screen for me and I missed it by not scrolling down enough. I did register the email address first via "get a sim" first and entered the promo code there as well but I doubt it makes a difference.


    With this referral thing, if I already have NBN with belong (just NBN), will this below works?
    I give my referral code to a friend to join belong mobile. We both get $20
    I join belong mobile with my friend referral code. We both get $20 again.
    Total each of us get $40


      That should work.


        ok will try next week. but just see something weird. under my account and "offer"

        Introduce a Friend Terms and Conditions
        Introduce your friends to Belong broadband and for every friend who joins online using your unique promo code, you'll get a $20 credit to use on an upcoming invoice. Maximum value of the offer is $200 credit (incl GST). Once your friend's service is active, you'll receive $20 off your next invoice.

        it says broadband only nothing mentioned about mobile? (maybe because i dont have mobile service yet) will my NBN referral code works for a friend who applying for mobile service?


    porting out from Belong
    I have 16GB data, leave me PM so i give it to you